EMIRATES FLIGHT COMPARISON: First Class vs Business vs Economy

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Nick tell us it's very early in the morning and we're not wait to do by app and we're flying to Stansted Airport in London I'm fighting the first classify excited in a year first person sweet then is going to be flying in economy and sure got a little look at yourself it's flying in business color boozing squats [Music] yeah so just this Airport is enormous we are in Terminal 3 in Dubai and looking for the economy checking area I'm going to London Stansted please so I've got my boarding pass I am in seat 20 for a for this flight now there's no lounge access with an economy ticket and I don't have any status with them whereas either so no lounge for me today so I'm just going to head through security and find somewhere to sit sorry no go away [Music] George Oni let's go okay I am in the separate section of the terminal where first class passengers check-in I can see a sign here which is pointing me to go over to this area which looks like the place I'm gonna go check it looks really quiet not that fancy actually then I was expecting little red carpets but not the gold bling of Emirates that I thought they might be here how do you check-in experience business Pass desk check-in experience was fast I had some problems acting in my bag it because it's too light we managed to get through and let's go sir the launch so our flight is departing from gate a6 so we're going to take the train to the a gates no separate Rangers into the area [Music] so while Nikki and John get to go to the business in first class lounges I'm flying an economy which as you probably know doesn't come with any lounge access so for me looking at duty-free and just finding somewhere comfortable to sit and wait till botting business class to floor Nikki where we going first-class lounge plus I have just come into the first-class lounge but it's not really a first-class lounge it's almost like a first-class world so we walk through the check in parts of the lounge and then all of a sudden you're in I saw duty-free area and there's just endless endless amounts of space shopping I mean there is nobody around it feels like you're just in another part of the airport terminal which is kind of bizarre actually I mean there I'm looking around there is literally not one person anywhere [Music] [Applause] [Music] Lake moustache me that was really great you get 15 minute complimentary treatment when you fly first-class day area is really packed not a lot of seating and so I still fall says people actually sitting on the floor so hopefully fantasy let's check hold the business class this business class lounge is fast lots of options lots of different restaurants ice cream they have a shower but it was really busy was queue of nine people in front of me and one cool thing that I've realized was that you can hold from the lounge straight to the gate I have never done this before so I'm looking forward to do it so this is the boarding day there are buses waiting just here separate bus for the first class so I've been asked to take a seat for some seating here the such a funny place isn't said this in the same areas everybody else and a lot of people are waiting to get economy buses too because the these ones before so I'm just gonna sit tight and wait for the first are supposed to come and pick me up and take me to the aircraft well we look here it is so nice just to go to the very gates of nice way to go and add an experience though see [Music] thank you [Music] so can we go and sir there becomes a very see soup control a required mode like that mode and then playing for when you go to land a control that you can use to control the incredibly large table screen but you also have this massive iPad so I pad that is bigger often than you get as a screen on the normal place and over here is this giant giant screen probably the biggest it is the biggest screen I've ever seen a little a joint music section without this playlist RV it's a vita we get BBC news of the big screen line which is just incredible let's look at some other stuff I have an account though is counseling headphones Bowers & Wilkins okay run later when I watch Velma not the most luxurious first-class I must have ever seen that nice and soft Jersey cotton yeah that's okay got the best one ever under slip at all nickname very comfortable in the console a towelette facial toner eye cream hello mist sleep oil and a lovely peddler look at that beautiful leather hood that's super cool and one more thing I so they spot that privacy [Music] welcome to Emirates okay right next to my seat we have this little bar with some refreshments it's very Pepsi country hearing sort of coca-cola from a glass [Music] that's very cool so there are really three screens here this is very big one here then there is establish then the remote hey I do [Music] [Music] [Music] boy is this citizenship I wish I'd known they want to stay here really my sheets much nicer this is nice it is very nice lot of nice sliding I wanted to have a look [Music] I can see them then see that's the biggest thing I've found about the survives you've got Liggins blazing here cuz not snacks record Satan but oh yeah [Music] very very busy spot and glad ago tht liquor Buddhists what [Music] gingka anymore first class hopefully the data again [Music] selection of pots [Music] [Music] mushroom soup traditional the main course chicken professionals and chicken and cheese might go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] which spiced chicken rice and pistachios crispy fried [Music] fresh [Music] kinda delicious I like hundred-pound sips just okay [Music] well I am in bed and this is only become here's better everything in the sky that thick mattress that feels a little bit of a slant don't nothing that affects it too much the pillars you should come the pajamas ready love trees if I was on a night flight I know I would be an incredible person this is just the truth this cabin has it been control change colors as lessee what we do we're at yeah aqua [Music] sean has but looks very nice up here oh it's your place ah so we are back in London we landed at Stansted the fact that to my bags that we lost I'm feeling great my flight was fantastic actually fantastic food the seats probably become fierce time ever sat sit in the sky the bed way was made into a bed which was so incredible I just absolutely adored the experience across the board on the ground and Dubai wasn't hugely impressed compared some other stuff but actually the onboard product it's a winner Ben yeah the different checking was really quick easy Terminal 3 to buy Airport is really nice terminal I think that was a bit unlucky having a seat with some are very broad next to me it's very narrow seat in that configuration and a bit of a tight squeeze glad the flight wasn't much fun but it was but food is fantastic great range of IFE and staff really good I'm just economy Kevin once jeez Sean how was your experience Emirates business class was fun really comfortable seat very felt kind of look jurors in a way one of the best foods I've ever had in the sky I just saw service was really slow and took over an hour to get my lunch and in between courses was really really slow what else oh yeah in a minute two kids I kind of missed that they don't give they flights finding a minibike otherwise really good play [Music]
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