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working your land will change anybody's life there's a proverb that says he who works his land will have abundance but if you chase fantasies you lack wisdom and people say well what's your land your land is what's in front of you if you're in the seventh grade work your seventh grade land if you if you're the cameraman work your land if you're a janitor work your land if you're a single mother work your land your land is what's in front of you so I started studying the law of the harvest of working your land to get a harvest you got to plow the ground you got to plant the seed you got to water the seed and then you reap a harvest and I think that most see in the age of social media people see guys like you and Gary Vee and others and they think that they can go from BAM - BAM it's not gonna happen you got to work your land you've got a plow plow plow plow plow plow plow and you got to plant the right seeds see if we go back to your life somewhere somehow somewhere somehow you were planned some good seeds and one time and if I bring up Oprah once a while because I love her she's my real sister we were just meeting her in her backyard and she goes I love the work your land because she goes it's right I planted the right doggone seeds see every day you got you got negative seeds and positive seeds and and people that are selfish man you just planting negative seeds and they're not gonna come back positive so when you plow and you plant the right seeds and you water which is repetition it doesn't look like it's gonna grow come on man you're working at Taco Bell making gorditas taking care of the Chihuahua doesn't look like it's working and all the sudden man payday is on its way and that harvest just starts to kick yeah that concept of the seeds like you've got a bag of seeds every day and are you got a plant you know good seeds you're gonna plant negative seeds that's interesting and I love what you're saying about water is repetition repetition once people understand that to me I think the whole game unlocks for them that and when I read about bamboo I found that really interesting so bamboo plant a seed for five years doesn't look like anything is happening but it's it's developing this huge ball of roots under the ground takes five years and then in something like three weeks it'll grow 30 feet above them it's crazy but you have to have planted the seed water to water watered it for five years yeah knowing that this repetition will pay off yeah great great illustration and then at that case no matter what spirituality you have you have to then walk by faith and not by sight your brain is divided into two halves positive and negative good and evil they don't function all nothing else and on neutral ground in your brain it's either positive and good or negative and evil each half of your brain has millions of factory workers on each side you got a million factory workers on the positive side you got a million factory workers on the negative side at the forefront of each one of those factories in your brain is a foreman you got Foreman positive and you got Foreman negative you are in charge you're the boss of the factory let me show you how this works you got a remote control you go to your house tonight and you press that power button and you press it when you point it out the TV what do you expect to happen you expect TV to come on no you don't nothing must listen to me you press the power button you expect the TV to come on if you want to watch HBO and HBO is channel 300 and you press 300 and then you press select what do you expect to come on that TV and what comes on that TV okay you follow me now they got this concept from the Bible because God said a man is as he thinking and since he created all of us in His image guess what we are how we think if God said let there be light it was like if he parted the waters from the land it was done so he gives you the same power to produce you can't make a world but you can make your own world so now since your brain is in two hands let me show you how this works you wake up in the morning and you say man I don't feel myself today I got up on the wrong side of the bed I'm not a morning person pharming negative heard hears that he steps to the front he said what did you say you say I said I woke up on the wrong side in a bad day I'm not myself I'm not a morning person he says you got it right away he said hey the boss just woke up said he's not a morning person he's having a bad day today and he ain't feeling itself let's get to work the million factory workers start producing thoughts to justify what you just said so now guess what man I hate my alarm clock went off this morning I got to get out here in this traffic I will drive down here today I own him like these people on my job I can't stand this confident get in this one shell wish I had a new cop and I'm driving this raggedy-ass car and on and on and on and your day starts tumbling into what you ordered at the top of the day you could wake up in the morning and you say you know what today is gonna be a great day today I expect something really good to happen for me today man thank you Lord for waking me up this Lord he said what did you say you say I said I'm having a great day today I expect something good to happen to date thank you Lord for waking me up forming positive turns around ago I let me have your attention Steve's having a great day today he's expecting some wonderful things to happen and man let's get it going and they start manufacturing thoughts same brain man I can't wait to go to work today it may not be the job I won't but at least I got a job I'm so grateful I got a car to drive to work today hey man at least I got a check coming in I so want to thank you Lord for this roof over my head today I appreciate the fact that I don't have a car but at least I can walk to the Train man this is gonna be great today that's how your mind works 24/7 it never turns off you have got to change the way you think it is the whole determining factor of where you go in life we are all where we are today because we thought ourselves to this position if you don't like the position think yourself out of it change your attitude you change your altitude I've always found neuton's life super fascinating because not only was he like one of the smartest guys ever but when you read about his life like he was a total head case like had a very traumatic childhood suffered a lot of abuse and just was very antisocial and emotionally dysfunctional his entire life and so I thought it would be really cool to kind of use him and his life as an example to demonstrate a lot of these topics that we're talking about you know in terms of identity growth self discipline etc and so I took his three laws of motion and I basically just created emotional analogues of those so the first one was a for every action there's an equal and opposite emotional reaction and this is basically just the idea that every emotion is simply a response to either pain or the absence of pain so when you remove pain from life a positive emotion emerges in reaction and if you add pain into life a negative promotion emerges the second one self-worth equals the sum of our emotions over time so you could even you might even say like identity equals our emotions over time so basically let's say something traumatic happens in your childhood that that pain early on in your life causes a lot of negative emotions and one of the things that I talked about is that anytime we feel an emotion it compels us to to do what I call equalizing which is like if I'm angry at you I'm gonna continue to be angry at you until I either get you know retaliate or you apologize like something needs to happen to make that anger go away there needs to be some sort of like equalization between us and if there is no equalization that anger just kind of simmers sits there forever and one of the reasons why childhood traumas are so debilitating for people is that essentially these extremely painful experiences occur to our feeling brains while our thinking brains are still undeveloped and don't know how to explain or create meaning around that pain so let's say something really painful happen to me now I'd be like oh well you know he meant well and you know [ __ ] happens or whatever but if I'm like a five-year-old my explanation for it only gets as far as like I'm a bad I'm a bad boy I'm a bad person and the world hates me you know like that's and that will stick because it doesn't get equalized and it'll stick for the rest of my life and the problem is is that we forget that that painful thing happens so we just kind of go through life with this feeling of inferiority and pain that lingers that we can't really put an explanation to or explain away and so the process of therapy is basically unraveling a lot of our experiences until we get back to that original experience and with our adult thinking brain we can now put meaning to that pain that is helpful to us essentially so that's the second law is that our identity is is the sum of our emotions over time and then the third law is our identity will continue to be our identity until new experience acts against us so to use the music school example I was a musician I would introduce myself as a musician and then I got to second semester music school and and had my ass and suddenly I'm like oh [ __ ] I'm not a musician and he cook you know and now I have to go around and it's like I'm not a musician I don't know what I am but it required there was some new contrary experience that was required to create that shift within me and and this is why identity change by definitions needs to be painful and uncomfortable because if it's not painful or uncomfortable nothing's changing nothing shifting there might be a perception of a change but ultimately the only way our values change is that life knocks us on our ass a little bit and causes us to question everything we understand [Music] you
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