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hi this is Fred and this is my bar and these are five Easy Bar magic tricks if you like this video please click on the link below and at the end of this video please look for all of my other bar and restaurant related videos thanks for watching okay for this first trick what you're going to need is you're going to need a dime like it heads up two pieces of paper and a high bowl or a rocks glass and first let me show you the trick and then I'm going to show you how to do it and by the way this always works good that's why this bar magic is people are usually drinking at the bar and it works so much better when someone's had a a couple drinks in them all right here we go with the dango right there all right let's do it again one more time if you haven't seen it alright let's put it back real quick alright so pretty easy trick it's not really magic at all what you've done is you've taken a highball glass and you've put a piece of paper on it like that too to make it look white and then when you put it over the dime magically Boop the dime disappears so it's all how you move your hand and how you cover it to make it look like it's vanishing so I like doing it that way I've seen other people put a towel on top of it and half the glass and then the time disappears but this is how I learned it and enjoy all right for this for this next trick you're gonna need two regular straws let's give them editor plastic oh actually I have one large and one small straw let me go fix that let me get it actually will do with this so I want straw that's slightly bigger than the other but that's no problem so let me show you the trick and then I'm going to show you how I did it I'm gonna take this draw us I'm gonna tangle it tie that one around that one that's one around that one and now you've got the two straws totally intertwined Alakazam and the two straws are not broken and yet they're apart pretty cool magic trick not really magic let's show you how to do it for this trick you got the your two straws you're going to then take the first drum and make it t put your thumb there and you're gonna wrap it around too completely so it actually looks like bent just show you so you see how that's around that and just show you the bottom just like that so then you're gonna take this next one the bottom piece you're gonna wrap it to the right all the way around and come back and grab it like that then gonna take these two and just pull them over like this what it's actually doing is its untying itself so it looks like a mangled not there and then you should twist slowly twist come right apart super magic but not it's actually a really cool trick and anybody anytime anybody tries it they really get it tangled in a knot so pretty cool trick for this next trick it's a it's a card trick and this is the easiest card trick I know it's probably the very first card trick I learned when I was like 6 so I guess I wasn't even in the restaurant of our industry yet so I'm gonna just shuffle our car and then you're going to you know have your person they pick literally randomly pick any card so they pick what's just a card deck down that's your car don't let don't show it to me that's your car so then they put it on top of the deck you're gonna take the deck you're gonna put it behind your back you're gonna show them the card and say is that your card and they're gonna say no it's not you go okay so you put it back 100 you're back you cut the deck just say is that your card and they're gonna say no it's not so then you're gonna say okay give the car you give the deck to the person you're doing to trick trick to and they're gonna shuffle it or do whatever they want you can tell them to shuffle it you know look through the deck to make sure you didn't mark the deck or mark the card you can shuffle it a million times whatever and then they'll look for the card in the deck they'll give it back to you and say yes their cards in there you can cut it again or do it every one and you're going to flip through the deck and try to find their card and then you know once you have it set up you're gonna say you know what was your card and they're gonna say it was the seven of clubs and you go yes it was so a pretty easy trick I'm gonna show you how I do it but I'm gonna show you from my my side my view I'm actually going to show you this way cuz I can't seem to get my camera to to move from there so you're literally gonna shuffle the deck and there are randomly gonna pick any card in the deck so you hold the card they could pick whatever one they want so let's say it's that card so they're gonna look at the card which I'm gonna show you and then they're gonna here and put it on the deck so they're gonna put it on the deck when you put the deck behind your back so now this is behind your back you're just gonna take the top card and flip it so you see the card which their card is the six of diamonds but when you show them and you pull it behind your back you're gonna show them the bottom card on the deck and say is that your card and as you're looking as they're looking at this card you're looking at that card so you can see it and then you go okay so that's not your card they don't know when you put the deck behind your back you're just simply gonna flip that card and just cut the deck you actually already know what they're they're carter's then you show them and say is that their car and they're gonna say no you're gonna say here right it's not your card put the deck down let them flip through it let them shuffle let them cut you already know what their card is and then you do you know whatever you want to get the car to the top of the deck go whichever way you may may want to get the card so I personally like flipping through it and you know making a few cuts when I see their card and I get it in my hand I just cut it to the top so it's right there and when I cut it I just put it on the top of the deck now do a couple more and then when I put it down and say what was your card and they go who is the six of diamonds there's their card and literally you know what the card was before you gave him the deck okay for my next trick and by far this is my favorite trick of them all and if it works it really knocks the socks off people so for this trick you're going to need to make a pyramid of fives so you have 1 5 2 5 3 5 4 5 s & 5 fives and what you're going to do is ask your friend who you know when we're doing this completely concentrate it's gonna sound funny we're gonna need you to say the fives outlaw out loud the row but in the middle of everything I'm gonna stop ask you a question and you need to give me the very first answer related to the question that pops in your head and like I said if this works it works and it makes them go crazy so so what you're gonna do we can actually try this at home or you could try this at home I'm gonna point to a row and then you are going to say the row out loud and then I'm gonna start from the top and go straight down and then I'm gonna randomly pick and like I said in the middle of it I'm gonna ask you a question and you're going to answer the question so again you need to really concentrate on this for this to work so let's start at the top yeah 555 555-5555 and 55555 five thousand five hundred fifty five fifty five five five hundred and fifty five fifty five thousand 555-5555 five five hundred fifty five fifty five five thousand five hundred fifty five fifty five 555 555 thousand 555 555-5555 thousand five hundred fifty five fifty five five what's the first vegetable that comes to your so then I'm gonna hold this up and say now if that worked on you whoo and then if they say another word which is another vegetable that has that color which would be tomato it works really good it's a great trick I'm going to tell you how this works and how I said how I you know set it up you're gonna actually have the fives and you are really going to randomly pick fives so from what I have been told the number 5 is related to the color orange in your head so when you're just thinking about 5s 555 555 and the rows of 5 and then you ask them a question what's the first vegetable that comes to their mind pretty much 70% of the time they say carrot or tomato so carrot being the number one answer tomato being the number two answer so what I usually do is put carrot I have it written on a piece of paper have it in my right pocket and I have tomato written on a piece of paper in my left pocket and if they say a carrot and you pull it out it just totally blows their mind if they say tomato same thing it totally blows their mind now like I said it works 70 percent of the time but when it works it's amazing so give it a shot on your friends but remember they need complete concentration all right for this this next trick you're going to need a a pen in a piece of paper so I only need one so what you're gonna do is ask your friend and this could be a this is a very good group trick if you have more than one person two three four people it works but since I'm here by myself we're going to use a deck of cards here to randomly pick a four-digit number so we have a deck of cards and we're just gonna flip through and say okay to can't use jank I see one two four six clean seven so two four six seven is our number two four six seven now being the magician than I am I'm going to write the answer down right now before the trick is over I'm going to write down right that's the answer hold this over I'm gonna leave it right where everybody can see right okay so now for the second part of the trick to continue we already have the answer written down you're gonna ask another person for a four digit number so let's pick some cards Jack we got eight ten five so we're gonna use the ten in that one I should have used those as ten so we have a eight one zero five and let's pick a few more numbers three nine eight so three nine eight four all right three nine eight four so those are all the random numbers that that we've picked or your your friends have given you I'm just again using a deck of cards to to make this work so now I am going to use my exquisite math math my exquisite magical skills to to make this work so I'm going to pick a four digit number myself I'm going to pick one eight nine four and the next number I'm going to pick is six zero one five and now let's add these up and hopefully when I add all of these these five digits up they're going to total the magical answer so let's try this so we've got 10 18 25 we got 1026 we've got 1024 we've got 1022 so the answer I came up with is 2222 462 let's see if the magical answer see if you can see that one two two four six two so I'm gonna show you how to do this trick now actually I have a Freudian slip before it is mathematics it is a mathematic trip so let me show you how to do it now you're going to ask your your friend for a four-digit number and if it's a group you could ask someone for two digits and another two person for two digits the only rule is the four digit number they give you can't end in 1 or 0 it cannot end in 1 or 0 so I'm going to use 6 5 4 3 as a number so there's your starting number and now you're going to write the answer down to get the answer what you're going to do is you're going to subtract 2 from the final number and put that 2 in the front so the magic answer for this one would be 2 6 5 4 1 so again 2 6 5 4 1 will be the answer I'm gonna write that down on another piece of paper 2 6 5 4 1 so that is going to be the answer to this trick now you're gonna ask them for another four digit number and then you know first you're gonna wrap that up and say okay I have the magical answer if you can put it in someone's pocket you can put it on the you know on the bar under a glass so there you go and then you're going to ask for another four digit number so they can give you it at this point time you could use any numbers you want so one six seven two and another number could be five three one four so now for this next part what you're going to do is each one of these numbers individually you're going to make equal nine in your four numbers so for the first number I'm looking at as this one so my number is going to be eight the next number is six so my number is going to be three seven my number will be two and two my number will be seven so let me just show you how that looks 8/3 - seven okay so and now I'm going to make this next line the next four digits one two three four those I'm going to individually make equal nine so five is going to be 4 3 is going to be six one will be eight four will be five so let me write that down to show you so we've got four six eight five and just to show you arrows these are the numbers then I'm making equal 9 the reason I do it this way is so they can't see the way I'm making it equal 9 if you do all their numbers in a row so you're making this number equal 9 7 2 and then this number you're gonna make 5 plus 1 equals 9 4 3 plus what equals 9 6 etc etc now if we add this all up it should equal our magic number so so we've got 10 21 you've got 10 24 we've got let's see 6:12 21 22 23 24 25 this last one we have that city can 25:26 so that's the magical answer - six five four one and surprisingly - six five four one magic or mathematics well thanks for watching we appreciate it remember if you like this video please click on the link below and at the end of this video which is right now please look for all of my other restaurant and bar related videos again thank you for watching and remember new video every week subscribe you
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