10 Unsolved Mysteries That Cannot Be Explained (Part 8)

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[Music] [Music] number ten Peter Gibbs great molera mystery flying has often been described as the safest way to travel typically this statement is made to reassure someone that has a fear of flying or boarding an aircraft for the very first time when a flight does end in an accident everyone wants to know what happened on Christmas Eve 1975 one particular Cessna piloted by Peter Gibbs departed from an airfield and jacent to the Glen Force a hotel on the Isle of Mull Scotland and has left us with many perplexing questions that have yet to be answered this story would come to be known as the great muller mystery the red and white Cessna f150 H of vanished minutes after taking off Peter Gibbs was at the controls Gibbs had a lifelong passion for flying that began in the final year of the Second World War the 55 year old businessman had forged a reputation in property development as a managing director of Gibbs and Ray rather than winding down in time for Christmas Gibbs spent the day working on an investment in a hotel on the Isle of Skye the day ended with a dinner inside the Glen force' it was at the end of this meal that Gibbs revealed his desire to take the plane out for a quick night flight but Gibbs had another facet to his reputation he was a man that was driven and determined and took no nonsense from anyone when hotel staff insisted that the night flight was not the best idea he dismissed their concerns by adamantly stating that he was not asking for their permission the veteran pilot insisted that he didn't require any landing lights and ignored local regulations that ban light flights even the dark and moonless night didn't deter him his counter to all of us was to have his girlfriend Felicity Granger stationed on the airstrip with a torch to provide him with a visual reference it was 9:30 p.m. when the couple headed for the airstrip a hotel guest watched as the light aircraft made a perfect takeoff the witness David Howard didn't detect any signs of a malfunction or other problem Felicity waited for approximately half an hour before returning inside and telling hotel staff that Gibbs had not landed sleet was now falling heavily which made visibility extremely poor for flying the hotel staff called in local police officers when they arrived on the scene they inspected the airfield for any signs of trouble that could account for the disappearance they found nothing unusual the assumed flight path failed to resolve any hint of a problem the decision to call off a search for the night was taken on Christmas morning the authorities launched a full-scale investigation Peter Gibbs still had not returned while Wrath and Navy Air Service helicopters scoured the waters with sonar hundreds of volunteers searched virtually the entire island neither Gibbs nor the aircraft could be found for the next four months speculation was rife as to Gibbs true fate this ended during the following April when local Shepard Donald MacKinnon replaced one mystery with several more on a hill about a mile from the Glen force' he discovered the fully clothed body of Gibbs about four hundred feet from the base of the hill Gibbs was in full view of anyone that might have ventured onto the hill this made police really think the hill was part of the original search effort but nothing had been found in the four months between the disappearance and the discovery none of the local Sheppard's reported anything out of the ordinary barely a day went by without farmers or Shepherds occupying the hill at some point it was simply not possible for anyone to have missed such an obvious sight is a deceased man missing for several months after MacKinnon found Gibbs the authorities initially believed that this was just another unfortunate case of a lone pilot having to ditch in the sea and swimming to shore further investigations cast serious doubt on this conclusion the official cause of death was exposure Gibbs had no injuries apart from a minor cut on one leg one of the major problems in the investigation was how Gibbs ended up in the location where MacKinnon found him assuming that the plane did crash into the sea Gibbs would then have had to swim to shore climb up a sheer cliff face crossed the road that led to the hotel and then had a quarter of a mile uphill only to lie down and suffer the effects of exposure as improbable as all of that sounds there was no trace of seawater or marine microorganisms found on his skin or clothes there was another theory but this one didn't make any sense at all some people speculated that Peter Gibbs left the aircraft in flight somehow as his body showed no signs of major trauma they believed that he may have bailed out on his own accord for some reason perhaps the plane developed a fault during the flight however there were no signs of a parachute anywhere near the body if he did parachute out of the Cessna then what happened to it it doesn't seem feasible that Gibbs would conceal a parachute and then return to lie down and die and how come he didn't seek help or at least tell Felicity he was safe one of the main questions is what happened to the plane itself even though Gibbs showed no signs of submersion it was likely that a Cessna was sitting on the bottom of the sea somewhere it would take 11 years but hopes that the plane would be found were boosted in September 1986 when a pair of clam fishing brothers Richard and John grieve came forward and stated that they found a small red and white plane 100 feet down on a seabed about a kilometer off the coast of amon according to the brothers it had the registration number Gav TN and as best they could tell the cockpit was empty both insisted that the wings had been sheared off and the condition of the plane was severe the hole was found in the windscreen and one of the wheels had been ripped from its housing the engine was found a short distance from the fuselage the entire scene strongly and okay did that the crash was a violent one both doors of the cockpit were apparently locked from the inside the only way out was via the hole in the windscreen when salvage teams learn of this discovery they set out to retrieve the plane unfortunately they could not find it the only evidence that the brothers had found it at all was some blurry photos however none of these showed the registration number ever since the Peter Gibbs Cessna disappeared numerous theories surfaced one idea was that Peter was actually murdered this theory suggested that Gibbs killer somehow managed to conceal him or herself on board the plane without anyone gibbs included knowing about it either during or shortly after the textbook takeoff the killer struck having done the deed the killer then faced the problem of disposing of the body the obvious solution was to simply open the door and let gravity handle the problem somehow the perpetrator accomplished this without causing any additional harm to the corpse locals that used the hillside on a daily basis all missed the body lying out on the open now all the killer needed to do was to abandon the aircraft with both doors allegedly locked from the inside whoever was responsible decided to stay on board while the plane broke up on impact with the sea according to Bob the hamster from Bob's blog theories abound but perhaps the most feasible is the conclusion that he lost sight of the airfield and carried out his stated plan in such an event which was to fly as low and slow as possible and jump out while waiting for police to rifle isset II Granger Gibbs girlfriend mentioned that just before taking off Gibbs had said to her that if everything went wrong he would throttle right back and jump to safety from the moment Peter Gibbs revealed his intent to indulge himself numerous mysteries have surrounded this flight even before he took off there were reports of a second set of torch lights on the airfield Felicity swears that she was alone during the take-off the take-off itself seemed to take long than was necessary could Gibbs have been distracted or busy with something another aspect to this whole incident that cannot be readily explained as the condition of Gibbs body it was in remarkably good condition no signs of decomposition or animal interference but he had died on the night he disappeared everything that is known are assumed about the great mole our mystery defies all attempts at explanation even now forty years later there is question after question and no real answers how did Peter Gibbs corpse end up on a much you still four months after disappearing was it Gibbs plane that was found by the brothers and if it was then how did he survive such a violent impact with barely a scratch where was his corpse during the first few months of the year in 2013 the Royal Navy did admit to the discovery of a downed aircraft in the sea off amon supporting the brothers earlier claims however this wreckage was estimated to be largely intact either the brothers were mistaken or Gibbs plane is still awaiting discovery number nine the peculiar Coral Castle of Florida one small man's huge feet the town of Homestead Florida is renowned for an attraction that is as peculiar as the pyramids of Gizeh and Stonehenge this mysterious creation is called the Coral Castle but was originally named rocky Park by its diminutive inventor and builder Edward Leedskalnin in secret construction of his masterpiece began in 1920 and took two decades to complete somehow without anyone's knowledge lead scanning managed to haul in carve and seemingly defying gravity by moving and erecting huge blocks of coral incredibly some of the slabs weighed more than 30 tons just how this one man all alone accomplished such a huge feat is still a mystery at Fir the complex might be an amazing place for visitors simply because of the material Leedskalnin used everything within its boundaries is coral but when you learn more about the history of the site and even more astonishing backstory emerges the main reason construction took as long as it did was that the whole park was the work of just one man that might be an accomplishment in itself but this one man was just 5 feet tall and weighed only 100 pounds born in the stammer in a parish in levia in 1887 Leedskalnin was by nature a very secretive an introverted person according to legend Leedskalnin proposed marriage to a woman Agnes kuffs when he was 26 years of age for some reason she broke off their engagement Leedskalnin decided to pack up his life and head for New York he arrived there in April 1912 unable to find any regular work for the next six months he opted to relocate once again this time he headed for the Pacific Northwest and took full advantage of the lumberjack boom that was happening at the time accounts suggest that Leedskalnin headed for the warmer climate of Florida when he was diagnosed with tuberculosis it was there that he bought a plot of land and began working on a home fit for his former fiancee who he referred to as sweet 16 many people believe leads Galileans love for Agnes cuffs was the definitive motive behind the Magnificent creation of rock Gate Park without anyone really taking notice of his methods Leedskalnin korede transported crafted and constructed around 1,000 blocks of coral for the walls of his new home a number of those blocks purportedly weighed in excess of 30 tons neighbors have gone on record saying that he transported at least some of them by truck from the quarry ten miles away but that doesn't explain how the truck was loaded and unloaded the contents of the truckloads were not just materials for his home Leedskalnin also used an additional 100 tons of coral to construct ornaments and furniture within the ground one of the incredible features in the park is an obelisk weighing 28 tons and a single coral block that X is a door this block weighs 9 tons and can be easily moved with a single finger as the mysterious creator did all of the work during the night without the pressure of prying eyes people can only speculate how leads gone and created the Coral Castle there are stories of curiosity getting the better of some of his neighbors who took it upon themselves to have a peek one night these neighbors suggested that Leedskalnin placed both palms on a block of stone and started to sing the slab reacted by levitating even if this report was accurate it still sounds way too fanciful to have any credibility this is the likely reason that skeptics have dismissed this claim an alternative theory existed that suggesting that lead Scallon and mastered hidden powers of the mind perhaps telekinesis and was able to move every block that way others came out and flatly asked the man how he did it all that he revealed was that he used simple leverage in gravity in the way that the ancient Egyptians supposedly constructed the pyramids Leedskalnin also hinted that he had harnessed the power of both magnetism and electricity and was fully aware of the secrets behind the construction of the pyramids was Leedskalnin just being a nag manic or was there something in what he said sadly we may never answer that question Leedskalnin took all of his secrets to the grave back in 1951 some people are more sensitive to energy fields than others while using or standing within the archway of the gate some visitors have reported headaches science has tried to make sense of all of this and some of the data gathered during these investigations have led to certain conclusions at key points on the site telluric energy has apparently fluctuated according to Wikipedia at telluric current or earth current is an electric current which moves underground or through the sea tell a recurrence result from both natural causes and human activity and the discrete currents interact in a complex pattern this may mean that Leedskalnin designed and constructed the whole site specifically above a convergence of an energy lane when two or more of these ley lines intersect some unusual effects might be detectable is it possible that one of these effects could be a form of anti-gravity or could it have an effect on the natural magnetism of Earth renowned rock star Billy Idol visited the Coral Castle in the 1980s he was so impressed by what he saw there that he wrote and composed a song about it the title of it was sweet 16 and it became a major hit on both sides of the Atlantic quite rightly Coral Castle is considered to be an engineering and architectural marvel number 8 blair adams one of the most bizarre and solved mysteries blair adams story first aired on unsolved mysteries on April 18 1997 the events that transpired prior to the mysterious death of the British Columbia resident seemed to make no sense at all he had suddenly exhibited an acute case of paranoia and thought someone was trying to kill him authorities who later investigated his death believed that his fear did not stem from anything real but then how and why did he end up murdered thousands of miles away was it really just psychotic paranoia or could someone have really tracked him all the way and take his life in cold blood this is the strange mystery of Blair Adams Adams was the foreman of a local construction company everyone liked him and none of his friends relatives or coworkers had a bad word to say about the young man he was always friendly and optimistic and he always wore a smile it seemed that he didn't have an enemy in the world but in the summer of that year things begin to change the genial and cheerful outlook began to disappear and was slowly replaced with mood swings and anxiety Lee's mood swings were described as frequent and wild whatever the source behind this radical change within him it started to affect his sleep and he was getting less and less as the summer wore on Blair's mother noticed the changes taking place with her son and she asked him what was wrong he told her I don't think I should tell you about it and he left it at that on July 5th 1996 Adams went to his bank and withdrew all of his cash totaling six thousand dollars he also removed the contents of a safety deposit box that included thousands of dollars worth of jewelry gold and platinum two days later he arrived at the canadian-us border and made efforts to enter the USA officials were suspicious of all the cash and valuables that were visible inside his vehicle border agents suspected that he might have been a drug mule or trafficker and they denied him access he was forced to turn back the next day he quit his job and then bought an airline ticket for a flight to Frankfurt Germany which was due to leave the following Tuesday immediately after Blair booked his transatlantic flight he made his way to a friend's house when he arrived there without notice his friend quickly saw that he was highly panic-stricken he proceeded to ask her if she could take him back to the border to help him get into the states because someone was trying to kill him however she was unable to help and Adams left at the airport on Tuesday Adams managed to get his ticket refunded instead of boarding the plane he instead rented a car and once again made his way to the Canadian American border this time he gained access and drove directly to the Seattle Airport where he bought a ticket for the first flight out which took him to Washington DC after he landed early on Wednesday July 9th the first thing Blair did was ran a vehicle a Toyota and drive all the way to Knoxville Tennessee over 500 miles to the southwest nobody in Knoxville saw the traveler until the early evening when he stopped at a gas station with apparent car trouble the attendant at the station diagnosed the problem in an instant the key that Adams was attempting to use wasn't the correct one for the car he was driving they searched the immediate area and inside the car but found no sign of the Toyota key Blair suggested that they tow the car to a local motel where he could stay while he waited for another car key from the rental company meanwhile Adams hitchhiked to the motel CCTV cameras in the lobby of the motel recorded more on behavior on unsolved mysteries season 3 episode 6 the guest services representative from the motel described Blair's behavior the best way to describe him would be paranoid nervous agitated expecting someone to come in on him even there wasn't anybody there I don't know who he was waiting for but he was waiting for somebody to walk in for him Blair Adams entered and exited the lobby five times over the course of an hour before he finally asked the receptionist for a room while it appeared that he was perhaps trying to convince himself to book the room or not it was evident that he was in a state of agitation he repeatedly checked behind himself on more than one occasion after Blair finally booked a room he left the motel at 7:37 p.m. without ever using the room that was the last time anyone saw Blair Adams the following morning his body was discovered inside a parking lot about half a mile from the motel as odd as his final few days of life were the crime scene evoked even more questions someone had ripped open his shirt and had removed his pants both of his socks were inside out and there was around $4,000 in Canadian American and German currency laying around his body police also discovered a bag of gold and jewels at the scene the Toyota car keys were laying on the ground about ten feet away from Adams his body exhibited a number of cuts and bruises but the cause of death was a hard blow to his abdomen which ruptured his stomach Blaire Adams seemingly haphazard final days are just a single unknown on this utterly bizarre case when they learn of his passing none of the immediate family could understand why he would be Knoxville at all according to them Blaire didn't know anyone in Knoxville and he simply had no reason to be there it is possible that he may have had some connections in Germany perhaps in light of whatever he thought was happening he believed that fleeing to Frankfurt might have been in his best interests maybe he thought he could lay low in Germany while his problems passed but then why ask for a refund for the airline ticket clearly he thought nothing had changed since he continued to zigzag across two countries trying to outwit someone was the murder a simple spur-of-the-moment crime police theorized that he was running from something imaginary was he having a paranoid schizophrenic episode there was no motive for the murder all the cash and jewels at the crime scene ruled out robbery or a drug deal gone bad did someone follow the fearful man halfway across America who would go to all that trouble and why why did the killer rip open Blair's shirt and turn his socks inside out everything about the story made no sense into the state nobody seems to have any answers number seven the stolen airliner TAA G Boeing 727 - 2 3 n 844 AAA on May 25th 2003 a Boeing 727 2 to 3 aircraft registered n 844 e a took off from quatro de fevereiro airport in Luanda Angola not such an unusual action except that nobody knew for certain who was at the controls clearance for takeoff was not requested or given in effect the boeing had been stolen from under the noses of air-traffic control to this day this remains one of the strange and explained mysteries in aviation this airliner was built around 1975 it began its service life with American Airlines before being sold on to Miami based company called Aerospace Sales and Leasing the aircraft was leased buying gola Airlines but was not used in over a year during this time ta AG ended up owing a tidy sum of four million dollars and airport fees along with another aircraft at the same airport it was being converted for use by another airline IRS airlines at the time it took off the plane was described as an unpainted silver color with strips of blue white and red all of the passenger seats had been removed from the interior and was also outfitted to carry diesel fuel prior to the takeoff a man who was seen entering the plane this man was Benjamin Charles padilha and he was contracted by the airline to do some work to the jet the maintenance that he was hired for was apparently not a one-man job as Padilla's assistant John McCole met aunt who was also said to have boarded the plane while it sat on the tarmac both engineers were supposed to work on bringing the aircraft back up to operational standard in readiness for the upcoming handover neither of the pair could handle a plane of this scope matando was simply not a pilot and padilha was only licensed to fly light aircraft according to press reports shortly after matt anta boarded the boeing it began to taxi towards a run away without ever acknowledging the air traffic controllers on duty at the time the transponder signal had been switched off and it was showing no navigational lights either the entire takeoff was done by someone who had no real knowledge or experience of a Boeing 727 as the movement was best described as erratic this could suggest that Benjamin padilha was the one at the controls but there is a problem with this scenario a Boeing 727 is essentially best operated by a team of three all three members of the cockpit ought to be properly trained although the operating manual caters for an emergency flying procedure for a crew of just too many insistent operating the aircraft with just a two-man crew is next to impossible it is generally assumed that a third individual had gained access to the aircraft but it is not known who when or how just who it was that stole the 200,000 pounds aircraft is one facet to this baffling crime another and perhaps greater mystery is why coming hot on the heels of the terrorist atrocities of 9/11 it was an obvious motive that both the FBI and CIA centered on months of painstaking investigations and intelligence from within the African continent failed to determine what if any terrorist organization had commandeered the jet initial fears that this 153 footlong aircraft was taken as a potential weapon against Western targets in Africa were reduced when satellite images found little evidence that the aircraft was still anywhere in Africa this would be backed up my official reports that indicated the aircraft was last seen flying across the Atlantic Ocean another mode of that was proposed could be considered a more sound one overall but still leaves the problem of the whereabouts of both men considered to be on board at the time if this hijacking was just a scam to collect on the insurance then where did attempt to on Benjamin padilha go perhaps both men can be found in around Conakry in Guinea it was there that a sighting of the missing plane was reported in July 2003 the u.s. Department of State has outright dismissed the sighting as reliable or credible but it was not the only one made another sighting was reported a month later also in Guinea the purported fate of the aircraft an 844 AAA and its occupants was published in the South Florida Sun Sentinel newspaper the sister of padilha Bonita padilha Kirkland told reporters that she was concerned that her brother either crashed into the ocean or was forced into stealing the jet and was being held against his will she did confirm many suspicions that her brother was indeed the man at the controls after it took off that day the plane and whatever crew was on board have not been seen since number six Madonna with Saint giovannino painting with a UFO Madonna with Saint giovannino is a 15th century painting at the center of a debate that has been going on for decades ancient alien theorists believe there was clearly a UFO in the background sky other historical paintings also depict strange objects in the sky and this say alien theorists supports the argument that aliens have been coming to our planet and interacting with humans for millennia domain eco Carolyn deo is most often credited with painting the Madonna with Saint giovannino during the 15th century Ghirlandaio was born to a family in Florence during the Renaissance period in 1449 his father was a goldsmith and became well known for making the metal garlands that Renaissance woman wore around their heads thus the family acquired the name Ghirlandaio garland maker domain eco Ghirlandaio started out as an apprentice under his father Giorgio Vasari an art historian who lived during the 1500s said Ghirlandaio used to paint the people who would go into his father's shop however he later apprenticed with master painters and eventually set up his own art studio his style of blending everyday scenes with religious themes such as the one in the Madonna with Saint giovannino made girl and Al very popular he eventually became one of the most renowned Renaissance painters and was especially popular for his beautiful frescoes although most articles credit Ghirlandaio the true painter of a Madonna with San Giovanni know is in dispute two artists also named as possible authors of the painting are Jacopo del Sol EO and Sebastiano Minardi Minardi was an apprentice and brother-in-law of Garland AO who supervised Minardi as his master their close association might explain why there is some confusion about the true artist the Madonna with Saint giovannino depicts the Madonna with the infant Jesus and st. John in the background there is a man with his hand held up to his face as if shielding his eyes from a bright light by his side is a dog with its mouth slightly open both the man and dog appear to be looking up at something in the sky the object appears as a dark oval structure with light rays projecting out from all angles the painting currently hangs in the Palazzo Vecchio in Venice as part of a collection known as the lozer bequest the American collector Charles Alexander lozer generously left his collection of art to the city of Florence after his death in 1928 some people believe that the UF or when the painting is just one of the many representations of the gospel passage shepherds abiding in the field keeping watch over their flock by night and lo an angel of the Lord come upon them and the glory of the Lord shone round about them gospel of luke chapter 2 verse 8 other paintings from the Florentine Renaissance period depict a similar nativity scene with a shepherd and dog looking at a celestial object in the sky the objects were most commonly angels and stars as the Annunciation or announcement across the land often accompanied the nativity scenes however across different times periods God angels and other divine entities have often been portrayed in various ways in the form of fire stars or comment like objects clouds were on golden chariots flying through the sky here are two clear examples of angels that appear to be coming down on a heavenly cloud the angels are emitting beams of golden light these pieces are excerpts from the Nativity and the adoration of the Christ child and were painted during the fifteenth century during the Renaissance by Vincennes Oh father whatever the artist intended there will always be those who insist that the strange object in the painting is an ancient alien spacecraft after all there are no wings or body of an angel which was the typical way to portray angels is it really alien or is it just misinterpretation and a lack of understanding of religious iconography throughout our history if these types of images really depict true alien spaceships why were they so often shown within religious contexts when in the past the Catholic Church has shunned science and anything that may have conflicted with the Bible recently the Vatican has acknowledged the possibility of life on other planets and indicates that they too are God's creatures so now concepts of religion and aliens may be able to coexist in our modern world but what about during the Renaissance what do you think about the Madonna with Saint Giovanni no number five the Emerald Tablet Mayhew at the secret to making gold in ancient times people allegedly used the Emerald Tablet aka taboo lost Maradona and smearing Dean table a brief document in their quest toward finding the Philosopher's Stone the Philosopher's Stone was the legendary key to turning common metals into gold Hermes Trismegistus is the author in the texts of the tablet the name means Hermes the thrice greatest although it is unclear if such a person actually existed or whether the name has some special meaning in the context of the tablet researchers are not entirely sure of the origin of the text of the Emerald Tablet but the commonly accepted theory is that it originated in Arabia between 500 to 700 C II scholars and alchemists later translated it into Latin English and other languages the earliest version of the tablet still in existence is found in a compilation of ancient writings called the book of the secret of creation and the art of nature from the 700s the most expansive document about the tablet is a document by the otherwise unknown alchemists Ortolani's aka portal artists written sometime in the 14th century see not only did he present the text of the tablet but he also wrote a detailed commentary on the text which is still available for scientists and the the tablet also captured the attention of mainstream scientists such as Isaac Newton Newton's translation of the tablet from Latin is now housed at Cambridge University and reads tis true without error certain and most true that which is below is like that which is above and that which is above is like that which is below to do the miracles of one only thing and as all things have been in arose from one by the mediation of one so all things have their birth from this one thing by adaptation the Sun is its father the moon its mother the wind hath carried it in its belly the earth is its nurse the father of all perfection in the whole world is here its force or power is entire if it be converted into Earth separate thou the earth from the fire the subtle from the gross sweetly with great industry it ascends from the earth to the heaven and again it descends to the earth and receives the force of things superior and inferior by this means you shall have the glory of the whole world and all obscurity shall fly from you its forces above all force for advances every subtle thing and penetrates every solid thing so was the world created from this aren't you come admirable adaptations aware of the mains or process is here in this hence I am called Hermes Trismegistus of the philosophy of the whole world that which I have said of the operation of the Sun has accomplished and ended later researchers have attempted to discern concrete meaning from the cryptic text and have presented theories that the Emerald tablet contains coded words or double meanings that would lead to the ability of changing base metals into a golden treasure number four Nazca lines relics of the Peruvian desert the Nazca lines of Peru are collection of jiya glyphs on the Peruvian desert floor they range in complexity from lines to geometric shapes to stylized animals such as birds spiders and lizards the glyphs are most visible from the guy due to their size however many scholars believe that ancient people created them sometime between 500 BC and 500 AD long before the development of human flight it was revealed that these designs were simply made it involved brushing the reddish pebbles and rocks from the desert floor which would reveal the white colored sand underneath because of the lack of rainfall and dangerous winds these drawings had remained unaltered and could very well be centuries old the first written description of the Peruvian glyphs is found in a 15:53 book by the conquest adorn and chronicler Pedro chaser de Leon he believed they were trail markers the lines did not attract much interest however until toribio mejia xesspe a peruvian archaeologist rediscovered them while hiking in 1927 twelve years later he described his finds at a conference in Lima Paul calls out a professor of history from Long Island University was the first scholar to conduct a serious study of the lines during the early 1940s while researching ancient irrigation systems Kasich observed a large glyph of a stylized bird after watching the sunset exactly over some of the lines he concluded that Nazca had designed the lines to serve as a calendar that would help them determine when to plant in harvest crops after World War two a German mathematician named Maria Reiche made the first formal survey of the geoglyphs she also believed they served as a calendar other scholars have hypothesized that the lines where irrigation plans works of art to be seen from hot-air balloons inca roads and even landing strips for extraterrestrial spacecraft the last hypothesis was popularized in the 1968 book Chariots of the Gods by Erich von däniken rank also fiercely protected the geoglyphs from outsiders and her successors have followed that policy sense her death in 1998 since 1997 however the nazca Palpa project has been conducting a multidisciplinary study of the ancient Nazca people in their culture that naturally includes the Nazca lines of Peru the ancient Nazca had lived in the coastal areas of southern Peru and northern Chile which is one of the most arid regions on earth their culture had developed in a small and protected Basin fed by ten small rivers the climate was erratic and the rivers ran dry when the rains stopped one River the Nazca River runs underground for about nine miles it Reimer jiz as a spring near Kawachi the capital and religious center the projects members believe that the lines and geoglyphs were used in religious ceremonies and that making and maintaining them was a communal activity akin to building a cathedral the researchers also determined that the Nazca people did not create all the glyphs some turned out to be over 2,400 years old and thus predate their culture the para cos people probably created these older geoglyphs which often depict humanoid figures therefore different groups of people made the lines of very different periods of time some glyphs were created on top of other lines the ancient artists had erased some parts and added others which makes interpreting the lines even more complicated researchers from Japan's yamagato University have uncovered 100 more Nazca lines of Peru and they reported their findings at the annual meeting of the Society for American archaeology in 2015 they also categorized the images into at least four distinct styles and found that many tended to run along routes leading to Kawachi the researchers also found artifacts that suggest pilgrims traveled to camp Watchi and made offerings there the geoglyphs could therefore have guided travelers to the temple like the researchers with the Palpa project the yamagato university scholars found that at least two different cultures had created the peruvian geoglyphs including one that continued making trapezoids and straight lines after the temple collapsed number three the sinking of the Mary Rose most people when thinking about King Henry the eighth of England think of his obesity the number of his wives and his being the first head of the Anglican Church but his earlier life showed them as a warrior King frequently in vinyl with England's enemies he was also a military strategist who led campaigns and armies into foreign countries in hopes of expanding his realm when he started his reign in 1509 he inherited a few military ships and a few more commercial ships that could be changed into warships in case a battle Henry felt that this was not enough and began to build the navy of ships that could go to war with enemies mainly the French the first two new warships constructed specifically for battle were the Peter pomegranate and the Mary Rose popular theories about the naming of the ship state that the former was named for Saint Peter and the Aragon Queen Catherine whose badge featured a pomegranate and the latter named either after Henry the eighth's sister Mary Tudor or named after the Virgin Mary the Mary Rose may have been initially mentioned in a 15-10 document outlining the payment for a large ship of 400 tons or in a later document which states that Henry the eighth paid for moving the ship to London from its construction sites in Portsmouth the new fleet was under the command of the Lord High Admiral Sir Edward Howard after Henry's establishment of a naval presence there were now almost twenty warships and crews that added up to over 5,000 sailors of differing rank in 1512 Howard led the ships to the area of Brittany in France where they easily defeated the local military and resulted in the British soldiers capturing 12 enemy warships and the pillaging of the area once the English had landed in another skirmish in 1513 the fighting at sea began anew with Lord Admiral Howard boarding an enemy ship but falling overboard and quickly drowning due to the heavy armor he was wearing but the crucial event in a mysterious episode of the Mary Rose took place during the 1545 battle the Solent a stretch of sea near the Isle of Wight just south of England on the night of July 18th 1545 King Henry the eighth turned over the command of his Navy to a seaman by the name of George kuru kuru soon took the fleet near the Isle of Wight and encountered French ships he went into battle the fact that the mary-rose sunk during that battle is not disputed the reason why however is the topic of debate that goes on to this day the official website of the Mary Rose trust states that the Mary Rose's demise may have been due to four reasons although a combination of them could also have been the cause one the Mary Rose could have doomed itself by having unskilled seamen on board that didn't correctly maneuver the ship during the battle with the French human error could also have caused the sinking by insubordination or mistaken judgment about the strength of the French fleet to some theorists believe that the weather may have caused the ship to sink surviving eyewitnesses claimed that a sudden strong wind may have struck the sails at just the right angle to turn the ship over this wind could have been a contributing factor to the sinking three the ship could have had too heavy a load of cannons and sailors also it seemed that the cannons ports were open in preparation for attack and if the ship leaned too far to one side water would have come rushing through those openings and sunk the ship for probably the most common-sense theory but which was later disproved is that the French weaponry sunk the ship and a perhaps overly patriotic French Calvary officer did state officially that the Mary Rose was struck by enemy fire and damage to the ship was severe enough to take the Mary Rose under all but approximately 35 of the 400 man crew died when the ship sank the wreck of the Mary Rose would be discovered 426 years later in 1971 by undersea exploration it showed no sign of being hit by enemy fire opposing the theory that the ship sank after being hit by French warships the remains of the ship were brought on shore and are now the feature of a Museum in Portsmouth the city that built it it has now come full circle number 2 the strange mystery of author Eugene is he having spent all of his life living in Chicago it isn't too surprising to learn that author Eugene is he wrote his fiction in the classic hard-boiled style made famous by the likes of Mickey Spillane and Dashiel Hammett and his life is he never reached the heights of Fame that his predecessors for his writing but is arguably more famous for the way that his life ended December 7th 1996 was a busy Saturday in the run-up to Christmas just before noon a man that was walking down Michigan Avenue happened to glance upwards and became embroiled in a mystery that has yet to be satisfactorily solved 14 floors above street level a man was dangling outside of a window when the police arrived several minutes later they breached the door and discovered a puzzling scene the victim was identified as Eugene Izzi and the surly man had asphyxiated by the news around his neck the other end of the rope was tied to a steel desk a fully loaded handgun was found on the floor but had not been used Izzie's pockets contained several items that really only posed more questions than they answered 481 dollars in cash a set of brass knuckles a can of what was assumed to be Mason notes regarding a batch of threatening phone calls as he was dressed in a bulletproof vest when discovered for about a month after the discovery detectives hit a certain detail about the scene in addition to the items found in and around the office and inside Izzy's pockets an 800 page manuscript was also found it was a draft for a new novel that as he was working on Avon books Izzie's publishers were not even aware that it was in development contained within these pages might have been a premonition or even an inspiration one detailed scene in this manuscript outlines how a Chicago based author is thrown out of a 14th floor window attached to a noose this victim had brass knuckles and mace on him at the time the draft reveals that Indiana militiamen are responsible for the act of violence all during the Christmas period much talk was about what precisely happened friends family and fans all wanted to know one thing how did as his life and opinion was divided those that subscribed to murder were happy to accept that the racist militia that as he was rumored to have infiltrated for research staged a murder to look like a suicide a suicide that almost wanted to be noticed by everyone if this was a murder then how come the gun was not used it would take a very large and determined person to hoist a burly 220 pounds man through a window another suggestion made was that this was exactly what it looked like a suicide is he wasn't an author that openly and consistently promoted himself but it was known that he had battled drug addiction and alcoholism perhaps things got too much to handle and this seemed like his only escape On January 15th the official answer was delivered the Cook County coroner's office ruled Izzy's death to be a suicide his family accepted this finding but not all of his friends did given his distaste for publicity committing suicide in a style such as this does seem a contradiction that strikes some of his friends as odd neither of these ideas can conclusively end the debate either one is as plausible as the other a new suggestion was made afterwards perhaps this was not a murder or suicide at all could Eugene Izzy have been acting out the scene from his manuscript and something went horribly wrong if this is actually what happened then it would seem to be a little extreme even for someone that was known to have suffered from serious issues this would not explain the firearm that was found accent suicide-murder it isn't likely that an answer will ever come to light number one the last flight of Cecil grace most people know of the disappearance of the plane and the two people on said plane of Amelia Earhart in 1937 many also know of the missing planes carrying musician Glenn Miller in 1944 but earlier planes that vanished into thin air may not be as well remembered arguably the earliest instance of a plane whose pilot and the plane itself went missing is the 1910 disappearance of an aviator named Cecil grace he was an adventurous man who came from a well-to-do family his uncle having been the mayor of New York from 1881 to 1882 and 1885 to 1886 it should be noted that 1910 was only seven years since the Wright brothers landmark flight at Kitty Hawk North Carolina in those few short years air flight had grown by leaps and bounds and resulted in motor-driven planes and famed for early aviators soon there was money to be made from flying and an early prize was Morris to forests Baron to forest prize of two thousand pounds to the first Englishman who could fly across the English Channel in an English built airplane and land as far into Europe as possible the amount was later doubled by a French airman the amount of money was nearly a fortune in the first decade of the 20th century and grace probably didn't need the money but so much fame was riding on the prize that many amateur English pilots attempted to win the prize on December 22nd 1910 grace managed to fly from swing gate downs near Dover to Calais in France he wanted to go further into Europe to claim the prize so he decided to fly back to England and try again he left France early in the afternoon and headed west in a journey that should take about 30 to 40 minutes a passenger plane today can cross the 21 mile channel in almost a matter of seconds he did make headway a Coast Guard ship the North Goodwin lied ship spotted an airplane approximately six miles at sea near the coast of Kent England and it most likely was Grace's but when grace did not land back in England by 3:30 fellow pilots at the destination airfield began to worry the natural conclusions were that he had either crashed into the channel or due to bad weather turned around and headed back to France the full mystery continued until January 6 1911 when a pair of aviator goggles in demands cap washed ashore on a beach in Belgium many weeks later in mid-march a body was found near the same beach that might have been Grace's corpse but it could not be positively identified as grace due to advanced decomposition later that same month grace was officially declared dead but doubts lingered he was later heralded in both England and France a stained glass window in East churches All Saints His Church and a monument at Clay contain mentions of grace in their memorials and he was a ward of the British Royal Aero clubs gold medal after his death did he crash somewhere into the cold waters of the channel the body found in March of nineteen eleven was far from Grace's last sighting near Kent and could have been that of an earlier man who went overboard in a boat or a tragic suicide in court it is doubtful that the body washed ashore in Belgium would be efficiently and definitively identified as grace grace and his plane may still be undiscovered [Music] you
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