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in the beginning there was nothing nothing but the silence of an infinite darkness but the breath of the Creator fluttered against the face of the void whispering let there be light [Music] you [Music] since the dawn of humanity people have been looking for explanations about things beyond their power of understanding thus demons gods ghosts or other fantastic creatures appeared in their beliefs the entire planet bears the footsteps of these entities who have left their mark on the culture and folklore with peoples that have been contacting puma punku Chechen Itza the Pyramids of Egypt the rooms and tunnels under the boot Shh mountains which are said to have been built by a race of giants some of them representing the source of stories or legends about space visitors or winged angels who fought in the name of the Lord [Music] Earth has a much deeper prehistory than what we read about in textbooks today you can read that puma punku-- t Onuaku for example was built between 500 and 800 AD some archaeologists have suggested that puma punku and TR as 12,000 years bc so around 14,000 years ago literally the whole life of ancient cultures was conducted under the direct guidance and participation of the gods our ancestors described them as real beings even though many historians consider them to be just primitive fantasies the ancestral character that prompted the avoidance of the normal presentation of his important activities was the antediluvian patriarch in ik e nope is not part of the Bible in the Bible in the Old Testament you find maybe just one phrase about Enoch that's all but among the apocryphal texts there are volumes and volumes if you know them you find the Book of Enoch you know is the first person in antiquity who writes in the first person I did I here I was there according to the Bible the first man to be taken in heaven was Enoch the seventh patriarch after Adam one of the most enigmatic religious figures mentioned for eternity by the Christian Bible but not only the Old Testament briefly presents him in the succession of Adam and forerunner of Noah Enoch appears in the Hebrew sacred writings where he is called hanok and for things to be even more complicated the Quran the holy book of Islam includes him among the patriarchs calling him address which in free translation means the savant he was taken up to the sky up there he meets the highest the so-called highest in religion they call it God he meets the highest and the highest faith to his servants you teach this young man in our language and then you teach him writing so he writes books of course he knows all these foreigners by name he quotes them by name he knows their profession he knows which of these extraterrestrials was the astronomer so Enoch is the only in first person thousands of years ago who gives some of the names of the extraterrestrials and give some of their professions how is this possible we have an eyewitness and nobody speaks about it apart from the holy texts of the three great religions antiquity has preserved the Book of Enoch a corpus of apocryphal writings not accepted by the official canons if in the Hebrew mythology the seventh patriarch Enoch was the first man to have reached heaven the same it is said about the seventh Sumerian king and men Dharana Sumerian myths claim that in men Dharana was taken to heaven seven times by the God shamash and ad odd to learn the secrets of heaven and earth the religious system of Mesopotamia was polytheism which means that they worshipped hundreds of different gods both male and female often depicted in human form having personalities very much like people do and these gods were arranged in a kind of political hierarchy that in many ways mimic the political systems of Mesopotamia itself and what this means is that you had the high Gods the heavenly gods and you also had lesser gods who inhabited earth and the underworld now according to the Sumerian text the heavenly God's the Anunnaki were the supreme deities the higher deities [Music] the Chinese also keep the memory of 10 antediluvian rulers called the great ten the ancient Egyptians kept lists of deities that reigned before men philosopher Plato wrote in the critius dialogue on Atlantis a powerful Kingdom led by ten sons of Poseidon and mortal Cleo the Arabs also spoke about ten mythic kings who left Babylon and reigned before the flood here we meet Idris a prophet mentioned in the Quran which the Islamic tradition claims to have been raised to heaven without dying although not generally accepted Idris was identified with a Hebrew enik because of the similarities between the two as a further consideration if the Jews had the Book of Enoch which was said to have been written by the prophet in Ptolemaic Egypt there was top of the thoughts book written by the God himself a cultist edgar cayce claimed that Hermes or Thoth was an Atlantis engineer who built the pyramids of Egypt chapter 33 of the hatak collection says that Hermes Trismegistus tars about the coming of the flood for which he ordered the Giza pyramids to be lifted hiding treasures writings of the learned and all that remained saved from extinction also the learned Ibrahim B wassouf so a Khatib wrote about Egypt and his miracles King Saud had a dream in which the earth turned back with its inhabitants terrified the people fled stars were falling and they were hitting some others making a deafening noise the 130 of his predictors interpreted his dream saying that the world would be destroyed by a flood Sarah decided to build the Great Pyramid where all Egyptian secret sciences were in bed constellations were drawn on them including science arithmetic and geometry about this King saw it he taught says it was Hermes whom the Arabs called Idris just as in swords legend chapters 54 and 89 of the Book of Enoch claimed that Enoch learned by a vision that the flood would come and decided to build the Great Pyramid of Egypt to protect all the knowledge of mankind all over the world we have giant statues and carvings of people's faces and heads in all of these places the locals are saying yes these are our ancestors these are the people who came before us the more we uncover it will all point in one direction we are not the first and we never have been and extraterrestrials pre civilization existed before our recorded history and this truth will be revealed within our lifetime nobody has been able to explain the interior design of this pyramid it simply doesn't make sense according to our logic we've had every University archeologists anthropologists every engineer we can think of nobody has been able to explain the purpose of the shots viewed from the perspective of a modern man the material evidence of those beliefs seems at least as bizarre given the level of technological development we have reached today we can associate all those ancient sources with the more recent UFO phenomena but if all those ancient or medieval proofs talk about aliens or not we'll let you decide the Sumerians became the first civilization to determine the accurate length of a year and they possessed an advanced understanding of astronomy mathematics and language their understanding of time gives a detailed perspective to the ancient writings referred to as the kings list the original Anunnaki supreme rulers began the chronicle of rule after a great flood and are said to have descended from the heavens in a kingship [Music] according to the ancient writings the Anunnaki have been on earth for more than four hundred thirty thousand years before the discovery of any evidence of recorded history it is hard to imagine this amount of missing time from the limited experience in our history as it is six thousand years in total from Mesopotamia up-to-date in recent years the theory that humanity has been visited by aliens has received more and more followers several ancient writings which speak of beings that came from heaven seemed to support this hypothesis among these supposedly extraterrestrial beings are Anunnaki the deity worshipped by the Sumerians Annunaki is believed to be a group of deities in several ancient Mesopotamian cultures such as the Babylonian Sumerian Assyrian and Akkadian the name Anunnaki is a derivative of the names heaven Anu and earth King however some groups translate them as princely offspring or those of royal blood the Sumerian legends and the ancient texts used the word Anunnaki to refer to a group of gods who came from heaven they were considered as the main gods of the Sumerian Pantheon the Sumerians worship these gods long before the great pantheon of ancient Greece and before the ancient Egyptian gods the Anunnaki descended from an the Supreme Being that reigned all over the sumerian gods the Babylonian myths of creation say they were three hundred Anunnaki who kept the heavens and 300 others who guarded the underworld these deities were so important that they were also mentioned in the Epic of Gilgamesh the development of sumerian civilization occurred in the persian gulf while growing to strength over time the plain of the land of Shinar is the territory that was renamed to Babylon after 2,000 BC these people lived in the Middle East on the territory we know as Iran and Iraq today the Greeks gave it the name Mesopotamia and which was commonly referred to as the land between two rivers most of this region lies in the modern state of Iraq the tendency to make all gods into real people is not at all new even though it may seem novel that the ancient gods later became aliens it is a tendency mostly known as Eve Marissa which claims that the gods of various cultures were in reality assorted heroes warriors kings and queens whose lives were turned into fairy tales according to the mythical stories about Anunnaki it is believed that they originated from another planet to civilize mankind but is this true or is it just an erroneous interpretation of myths thousands of years old the ancient astronaut theory suggests that aliens visited planet Earth in the very distant past and modified primitive man genetically resulting in the modern human race we see today [Music] this theory was dragged into the mainstream by the book chariot of the gods written by Erich von dΓ€niken he cited several ancient megalithic ruins such as the Stonehenge Nazca lines and Pyramids of Giza as being of extraterrestrial influence or origin in addition the ancient astronaut theory expresses serious doubts relating to evolution and its role in the development of human beings according to these theories aliens modified the DNA of mankind possibly mixing in with some of their own this somehow explains the missing link in our current timeline and why we evolved from primitive to thinking man the translations of Sumerian mythological writings in Zecharia Sitchin's book give more information about the planet of Naboo row planet X the Anunnaki are sometimes depicted or described as reptilian and are said to have genetically engineered mankind by copulating with earth females according to Sitchin's book it is believed that their main intention was to create a slave race in humans Anunnaki descended from on the superior being that reigned over all the Sumerian gods according to Sumerian mythology on was referred to as the God of heaven the sky god the king of gods and lord of constellations on dwelt in the highest regions of heaven and had the power to judge those who had committed crimes he was depicted as a jackal in art and the stars were created as soldiers to destroy the wicked on was the oldest god in the Sumerian pantheon and he was called Anu by the rulers of Mesopotamia and the Akkadians [Music] Enki was a deity in Sumerian mythology that was later referred to by the Babylonian mythology as a and key was the deity of water creation intelligence and the Lord of the app so the name a was written using two signs which signified house and water and ki was the sole keeper of the holy powers known as me and was considered a god of life and replenishment in art he was often designated by the streams of water that would flow down from his shoulders most shrines and temples were built in his honor at places such as Babylon Nineveh ger su and neap or [Music] Enlil was the chief deity in the Babylonian religion and served as the god of wind or the sky between the heaven and earth Enlil was banished from dilma home of the gods when he was a young God he was sent to the underworld curb after assaulting a young girl and was allowed to return to Dillman after fathering three more underworld deities Enlil is mostly associated with the ancient city of Newport and had a chief temple known as whore which signifies house of the mountain the titles and attributes of Enlil were transferred to Marduk following the political rise of Babylon as a great Empire this forced Nippur to yield his prerogatives to the city that was presided by Marda the Babylonian God [Music] [Music] [Music] according to the interpretation of Sumerian cosmology by Sitchin Nibiru is a hypothetical planet that follows a long and elliptical orbit that reaches the inner solar system after every 3,600 years it catastrophic Li collided with another hypothetical planet called T amant between Mars and Jupiter the collision is said to have led to the formation of planet Earth the comets and the asteroid belt although Tia Mott was outlined as a goddess in the ANU ma ilish Sitchin gave a different opinion that Tia ma may be what we all refer to as Earth this is explained further that Tia Mott split in two after being struck by one of the moons of the planet Nibiru this scenario has been disputed scientifically despite the little evidence provided and mythological aspects of the theory such in supporters hold on to the fact that the split explains the peculiar early geography of Earth because of cleaving from the celestial collision such as a giant ocean on one side and solid contents on the other side it also explains the reason why the earth is layered in sediments such in further describes that Nibiru used to be a home of Anunnaki which was a human-like extraterrestrial race with technological advancements called Nephilim in the Bible there are people who believe that the things that have been written on ancient clay tablets of Mesopotamia our actual descriptions of otherworldly beings that descended upon the earth thousands of years ago others believed that the ancient Anunnaki are part of a creation myth embraced by ancient cultures like the Babylonian Sumerian Assyrian and Akkadian the a giegi are said to be the ancient astronaut gods of the younger generations even before the alleged creation of mankind by the ancient Anunnaki they were the servants to the mighty Anunnaki whose mission on earth was to mine goal such an supporters claim that he is one of the few individuals who have read the Sumerian language and that he must be interpreting the data accurately since he understands their way of communication however the assert a ssin that Sitchin may be one of the few scholars of Sumerian is not true and is just a specious argument [Music] there are different views annotating the Annunaki creation myth some claim it is a great evidence that supports creationism while others provide negative views of this myth people who are against the anunnaki regime view them like Ammon Evelyn trace that wanted to enslave mankind most scenarios of their ancient past have been linked to different stories in the Bible without any supportive evidence of the connection Sitchin maintains his perspective that Anunnaki engineered the Homo sapiens genetically by combining the extraterrestrial genes with that of humans the human race was meant to be slave creatures that would be forced to work on the gold mines this might explain why human beings evolved from primitive to thinking man and why we are missing the huge link in our current timeline [Music] [Music] you
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