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how do you say egg in Japanese oh my god tamago together tamago tamago tamago tamago tamago alright today I'm with the Japan we're gonna be trying three delicious egg dishes at three vastly different price points to find out which egg it's the most worth its price we went to a local convenience store you got a bunch of egg snacks because I have effect for you imma go mama Dookie on average Japanese people III hundred and twenty eggs per year making them the third highest consumers of eggs Wow you know what into let me guess China your clothes Korea no India no Malaysia what and Mexico I'm so mad at myself we have a delicious egg salad sandwich single serving hard-boiled egg this egg salad sandwich that is a pizza on top yeah and a sandwich has two our bold egg halves in it depending on us how about the best one no I did you will get the pizza one this is a really good first stop we're going to the Tsukiji fish market let's go coverage on my route aqui - oh no he Tony Soto my give up your mascot is one of the coolest I've ever seen can you tell me the story behind it oh there they usually might just donate toys tortillas and I take it off like I took a corner like that you might even a Kincaid a high tempo todo o Yanna between some Calabasas no yo Maximus day no Joe cada Amaya a Kieran's Hakeem associate could start a cure that's me Nicholas my kid Santa you know buddy I did so today where's the cumbia day yeah I told you Matthew what do you think is so great about eggs - yes ma a.m. my ee-yaa-ee-yaa-ee-o start on those EBC oh hey yes hi guys it soon a I do you eat the tamagoyaki everyday feminism as you know I do my mascara oh here the marginal Cara like up to kanji that's me oh you know bank you're here effort thank you very much we're at this Tsukiji fish market and it's been a bucket list item for me for a long time did you think you'd be coming here to eat eggs no ho which is the crazy thing get a little souvenir while I wasn't looking as soon as the interview cut the owner pulled this out and just and to me is like you're gonna want this and now it's now I shouldn't be because I'm about to eat this delicious omelet this is the one dollar slice that you can get a delicate golden finish to it like creme brulee but the size of a Twinkie like butter you do talky moss I get mine oh wow oh wow I actually did not expect a flavor that came from this sweetness yeah but still savory it's almost like a soy honey glaze you get on a chicken wing I think the best part of this egg for me is the texture I'm chewing it with my tongue all right because I don't so I can get maximum flavor almost first a little bit you know caviar it's very juicy with the added sweetness the touch of savoriness this is very much like a little slice of cake it will be fitting that eggs aren't such a large component of cake this could be dessert it could also be a meal mm-hmm I want to eat this whole thing yucky mas good thing you ate the rest of it right there what do you think about their automation their system they have here it's an assembly line but everything done by hand cuz they're churning out the omelets here but every one is made by an individual guy who's taken a lot of time to perfect it eggs not just for babies and old people anymore we are at the Sanrio store right now and we're checking out one of the greatest enemy dictators of all time gudetama ria what is good at Thomas today it's like maybe hired tamales from chemical Oh entomology I'm ready to look at some good at tie my stuff oh yes in the airport with this thing look at that Hey look Andrew gouda caviar do we have good at dumbest but good eh but this gudetama has a little bindle like he was hitchhiking somewhere and then he just gave up gudetama hamburger pen I'm gonna tell my toothbrush gudetama lanyard for my ID at work get that FBI freeze Steven look look towards me thummell go mama to see the shade of yellow or orange that an egg yolk has is dependent upon the chickens diet however the color of the yolk does not say anything about the nutritious value of the egg interesting ok typically Japanese egg deal feeds very orange like your a t-shirt color oh yeah that's totally why award today I want yellow to just I left out Oh popcorn good it telephone oh it's of it you see the counter oh wow God is quick to be lazy well good at that my son oh wow now we have a snack for the train because we're on our way to Kyoto have a very special egg dish [Music] [Music] watashi wa Yukimura motor Kitty listen um I was that eyo Sakuya ticket what type of restaurant is this Bioshock una no there Feyenoord Hamburg lemma omurice day but Anna neon there guy coca record a high ticket atmosphere tomorrow yone sorry God or syncope day Doka Doka no my feminine update the money they take kokyunage or adapt and ska Domo America Cara catch up to your mana hi there chiming no Hornet doing her all that picked up do you know what you're so cool this man this morning really hey no no no go ahead you okay what separates your omurice from the original recipe so I understand that it's typically made with ketchup ketchup alright first demo c'mon mark on the other you don't have my fun picking different even know what I see you know so could eat a hot day what they mean is also a G dip Emily it's almost a very AutoStick they would have thought they'd take your flute today putting the armor on top how does that enhance the taste of the dish hello honey I believe Cara NGO community normally meet they are sorry to talk some today with unilateral dinner ready yeah mother no skin died so to creamer canary Co veto such the speedo Knopf cetera hey okay sorry ma Coco got big little did I know to do it then DiMaggio change last person sorry Cara Maria Teresa de mama you know knock our Honda cool Maria it's my inner Akita who's sweet tamagoyaki knees knocking about always good night ready ready make it sing more MORE good conduits by actor Tom Tom Tom hey me nothing Tom Tom yoni Lucas no more tyranny come on this guy Somnath SUNYAC I need king Dyson or you know sit there I thought she was giving them wha you don't do this yeah okay you can yeah the way that you make this omurice er is very theatrical what do you think that yeah look laughs the audio fluid today okay come on you're you me oh the audio pterin unit you may always show by that - you told me is your siren dammit yo yo cetera Duncan was overnight you will not enjoy suru koto de dun da heat hi Catherine sorry Dougy Quixote Cudicini not be do you think that the theatre helps the food tastes better what's wrong of course la moto moto Tunisia who knows you know enjoy Shannara do that screw [Music] ox times to particular number one this is the number one day yeah almost famous number ah number one number one yeah I love it yeah so we're taking a little detour from eggs because this is part of the process of making a demitasse it's the same base but different ratio for beef stock okay and it's similar for 96 hours so I'm gonna taste the sauce first yeah Cheers did that give us hmm holy crow I need another one because that was too complicated to understand on the first bite this is like unsweetened chocolate syrup style of bitterness it's very delicious tongue is one of the most underrated meats can come off a little scary because it's the tongue yeah anything is part of something's expression is scary to eat but it tastes good wow that's wonderful that itself well so soft Adam actually loves chung more than everybody on this show oh boy little taste of the Deming laws and now the main event oh yeah oh yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] full disclosure being this before it never gets old no every time it puts a smile on your face it's like Disneyland exactly mas you did a game on not having to chew is a luxury here at the restaurant they only have spoons available because that's all you're gonna need huh the egg is almost like an icing for this rice but the textures are still distinct and interact with each other very well you know it's not just one creamy steak the genetic well the magic of this dish it's really the happy body watching him make this dish he's having fun he's been making this for many years to do something over and over and over again and still have the same joy is incredible and I get to be a part of that what is your secret you have this amazing energy this friendly disposition aura and that I got another note all of them what I'm gonna hop you know we'll do that what I'm happy depends on the customer by you guys are also very excited and he kind of absorbing your happiness so that makes him happy that's actually a very good lesson how to be happy can't do it by yourself you have happiness my happiness oh no your happiness my happiness this is very delicious thank you so much thank you we're here in Kyoto and I wanted to have a little sweet treat to round out the day we a recommended that we come up here we are here in March a house I love this place my traits my favorite flavor you to arrive Andrew you're trying magic Jamison and Stephen you are having puffs a parfait is my favorite pizza I already had 2 or 3 affairs through my trip already it's anybody looking for puffy ambassador they should choose me oh oh look at how it only lava was it so yeah shut up and put the much in your mouth isn't it creamy sure let me see you've ever have yeah it's so good alright parfait part a parfait the matcha is so smooth here come on Mizuki in the Oh wha Kidani Valley or great boiling valley there's a certain egg delicacy known as glue roto Mago famous for their black exterior that develops from being boiled in volcanic water ray have you ever heard of this I just told the reate something about eggs in Japan that's the beauty of the egg fact everybody learned something egg fact really I'm ready to be your parfait apprentice yes maybe a Terra me too I'm a sous-chef yeah Terra me sous-chef yeah okay that does it on Kyoto off to Chichibu [Music] too much in Arizona Akua policy with the most affectionate icono I like the least of this you're just gonna die touching on this I know it's his eyes totally muscle kayak - you should know come on oh oh gosh oh gosh I see tax day to me what makes this egg so special it's to understand they're gonna come out on it - oh cool it's gonna keep getting Latino Kodomo Landers I didn't know Coco Chanel skiddo I don't put a Sun side risotto kini boku no tama what's good tic-tac-toe kotatsu they do no more time about screwing the other bad curry want any holy I don't know what's gonna I talked to Monte she there Scott across it go to Coney cuz i a Kiki time ago I thought I know you don't know khaki acid it's good that olena know the capital Dawkins image the demons know they're pretty shiny crystal if they want to kill the snake so what is how old you know original that's to do good tomorrow if I ate a NGO Jones a stable come over America just told me to connect communities Godot as you got no corn and as you know cosa got there Oh mommy daddy and it's the yolk color unique hundred oh no kidding a whole lemon and on your way was kidding do I have to get it over spicy nine lenient avataric are either skied all the authority Emeka tinnitus to come up when you are sort of - I like you know ducky this how do you think this egg is best sir number the Arabic Allah never like you money I'm pushing there we should why is it that in Japan you can eat eggs raw give me it you need if you own Coco God keep you seen this skinny guys implicate items which came first the chicken or the egg balloon watch out that I'm a longer darling that make sense yeah we're now back in Tokyo the eggs took a little train ride with us so what are we gonna be eating today react it's called tamago kake Gohan we call it pkg tamago egg cockades / Gohan's rice Thank You sake for the okay damn uncle got gay Gohan tamago kake Gohan we did a better ba it's pretty I think it's a tie look at this this is like how nice bottle of champagne usually gnomes this egg name is karai Aki kebaya keeps like sharing his son's name is Hikaru also same Kanji character mmm his son was like when am I gonna get an egg yeah he's like alright not that open let's get this TKG RTG what that mean ready to go okay [Music] thank you so you just crack egg on top of the rice few drops of soy sauce mix with it and enjoy my heart is racing because I don't want to mess this up it's like when you take thousands of free-throws I've cracked thousands of eggs in my life preparing for this one moment cheers Stephen James nice Wow look at that no orange the yolk is very impressive but the white has so much structural integrity on its own look at that Oh like a ball a white doesn't normally look like this no my Tonto come on a raisin bullet no oh oh oh my goodness oh the color is getting even richer it looks like I put ketchup on this rice you do not it is that you miss that's Wow so rich it tastes like an egg based dessert it's really bitter a yeah I really like the texture of it it's not like a sauce right it's kind of like a custard that easily mix it with your rice compliments to the chef who is the chicken Adam to like to show you how viscous this is that's the word viscous it's like eating Tide Pods Steven no no you know it's good because it has an abbreviation I'm gonna be saying this all the time I need an abbreviation TKG yeah like I might be mmm NBA CIA BLT oh yeah as an actual food what I really like about TKG it's like sushi you have a delicious ingredient over this pallet of rice it allows you to enjoy it the best you possibly can [Music] which egg dish was the most worth it to you at its given price point well start with Rea today I have to say kitchy kitchy it's almost amazing my winner is also Kuchiki G's on the rice soup I saw that one coming his omurice ooh is so unique to himself I think it's a dish that you could travel from the other side of the world for eg eg omurice it's not whether that's a threeway chichi chichi yeah matter fest I mean come on come on come on Adam worth it winner that's four for omurice ooh Annie who's you're worth it winner we have one more special Japan location that's gonna sneak up on you in a very unexpected way goood it diamond ah [Laughter] all right bye oh yes
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