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i love you i like rimshah i will marry with rimshah My name's [don]. I'd really like to be the next Madonna so lots of the opens That's why I'm here today So what's your name? And my name's don. So just tell me a little bit about you dawn. [I] was [am] [an] apprentice Jockey [yeah], what an apprentice jockey a disc jockey no race and [rockier] hmm [wtf reaction] ? What's the funny way? It's just different us What's the funny brother? Just [alisa]. I just can't see [you] riding a horse Sorry about that. Can I just look at the words good? Yeah, absolutely and you then will it going? So tired of broken [hats] And losing at this game. Sorry. I'm gonna Louie to leave the [robot] Louie. Just going late. Oh your thing Huh? This isn't going well is it no just turn up the volume a bit off you go? So tired of broken hearts and losing this game Sharon Louie leave the table, please why because she's trying to sing Madonna You know what you two should just go next door and let this girl sing like being serious Go on off you go leave the table. She's not okay. Okay. You judge the power line. How would we know is that better? Americas Got Talent 2017 Thank you good. Oh God, I couldn't stop try shot ah Should we just go to the Chorus? I don't think we're ever gonna get there Cherish the strength you yes the power Make me feel good. Oh, baby perish the thought No, it's exactly the same in danny. You should leave as well So try it again, or? no Maybe next year, maybe next year Anton and so I said what makes you different from everyone else in the charts today Well, we got a wrong style, [but] if it was if we had to say one, [we're] probably like p diddy in an usher Okay, but when he sings on his own he sounds a bit ghastly as well He sounds a bit like a ghastly as well, right so I play daily. Oh sure and rick astley, okay? It's good mix and guys zoom you think you can win what happens when you win? What's the next stage? Well want to be world wide selling artists okay, off you go okay, um whoaa whoaa whooaaa mysterious Girl move your body close to mine x2 come on move your body I Stop and stare at you walking on the shore I try to concentrate [a] My mind wants to explore to explore the tropical scene aren't you? [takes] me up above and girl when I look at you. Oh, I fall in love No doubt you look so fine. Whoa girl. Wanna make you mine. Yeah come on Just leave me be we won our woman not the love Nachos the only man whoa, nothing like I can't yeah, I just let me be with the woman that i love *Judges Laughing* [where] do I stop I mean it's more like anton death. It's just come on say now guys come on Come on. We know. We've know a good enough simon no disrespect but [we've] [you] and we're pretty good Hello, Anton said I mean it was just crazy bad this chance. We will prove to you with a front Yeah, I mean ominous poppy singh will expect oh 32 year old Spaniard Penelope has been living in Ireland for the past nine years. I'm very nervous [what's] your name [Happenin] [away] another p. Co meath you spanish? I am yeah from back the Law Now, Valona and Ok penelope and what you going to do for us today. I'm going to sing for You and [alright] of the rainbow okay more with that over the rainbow [oh]? Okay What's got into Louie? What's the problem? [oh] my God? Start again, [please] Okay Okay, okay haha hahahah lololol Yes, but I don't believe I'm doing what is this stop it once the song feels about me. I love [that] song I Don't know what's happened today. Look very bad. Just just sing sing fields of goat *laughs so much that she falls off her chair* We don't get many Spanish singers Are you ready I can filter culture gold gold cumin you remember me as [there] ways we move Upon the Fields of Barley You forget this turning his yellow sky as we welcome please Sharon yes, or no.. I'll come back to Sharon Louie. Yes what yeah, I think I gotta throw she's quick. [I'm] different She entertained me. It was great fun. Great great fun same. I'm Gonna say no I'm gonna say yes, I forgot okay I'll take [the] break well done go join the other girls [hey], nice. Couple to meet you. What's your name David [alright]? Why are you here? I'll asked you when I saw the final and yes obviously saw shine performed so well [I] thought well if he can do it why [don't] I give it a go and see what can happen why not off you go? by the look [in] your eye I can tell you're Gonna cry is it over me if it is save your tears for I'm Not worth it you? see For I'm the type of boy, who's always? [online] [oh] Wherever I lay my hat that's my home. I'm telling you. That's my home Good well, that's the worst we've had today Can I just ask you one question david who was the person that told you you could sing? Some somebody works homie. I've got a good voice Was it a bloke yes? It's [whining] you [are] there is a real vocal problem There honest you kind of say simon yes, or no no Sharon no cola. I'm sorry David. Sorry it's a no bye oh What's your name andy, okay? What are you gonna? Sing today, [ear] horse? That's like busted right? Good luck Airhostess I like the way you dress [you] know I hate to fly but a few much better occupy my mind Letting your love letter that mess my pants when we feel That's quite fabulous you #xfactor [What sounds like a dying seagull] It's fight I'm tired of crying And all [your] line That's why I am by our lips your true I changed all Just like I'm gonna stop something. It's not yours really. Sorry. There is a little bit of a Charisma problem, John. That's my main concern I don't think you would excite an audience You're looking for you know a different kind of seasoning or different kind of flavor [after] were like unbelief. [well], [I'll] get a good look I'm gonna give them the performance they've never seen before it's gonna be something. They're gonna remember No, no, nooooooo Woahh No Woah, again You Don't Love Me, Yes I know [no] Thank you Thanks very much hungry. Thank you Then see you later. Thank [ya], yeah. Yeah, you look [like] a crab good Happy [got] the [sauce]. This is good stuff. That's enough now the end is near and so I face the final Garden my the end I said [8:00] p.m. I said my kids Always, I'm Santa Hi, Minnie and I [search] for [I] draw each and every highway and more much more than this I did it my even Thank you very much. Thank you Thank you, very very well done so trischka. I'm gonna hand you over to simon Hmm. It was a little quiet. [tish] go [yeah], but you have a very very sweet voice and You're very cute Wants [to] take you home with him. You're like a little china. Doll. Yes. I might have to take you home with me - You think about that hMM? now uh knows That dreams are hard to follow, but don't let anyone Tear them away. I'll hold oh And there will be tomorrow In time you'll find all Like I've [Gotta] stop. This it is so way off Way off Mariah Carey [it] is My voice is what a whiny camber. No you Didn't hit a helpline Um my voice is very very strong simon yes, or no no Paula um no, okay, Charlotte no I'm not A number, I am a human being [late] it's A no for me follow you. You're very angry
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Oh my gosh, please let there be more of this. That was one of the best 15 minutes of my life, I’m hoarse πŸ˜‚

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