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The start of the lessons are not for Brad to beta That star Yeah I found that offensive. I Really hope you lose your voice this afternoon That's how the voice in Simon's head sounds we are about the more people I can hear you do an album of classics like ooh, I know desert is alive Going forward, what would you do I could do hakuna matata next Well, look if you're gonna do a Kuna Matata next I'm gonna say yes It's a big fat cold icy frozen No I've learned doing this job you listen to the audience behind you I'm gonna say yes Every little I am so upset. I was so excited well done Watch your were all a bit shocked to be fair. There's a destroyer of Disney. That's how I bid back I feel like it needs some kind of a warning When I heard it I thought he's actually gonna do a really beautiful version I froze them and then he just did it like Marilyn Manson Hi, what's your name Malika Carlo and twenty fairs of oats and do you have a job Luca? Yeah my bartending Okay, tell me why you've entered the show. I just want to make people help you with what I'm doing Okay, we'll listen best of luck. Thank you very much Kol Every day, it's a wonderful and suddenly This Marty Ever seen We're going to bring me down Lucca I'm not sure what just happened The split did you hurt cuz I you came down with why the crash Staying up We're gonna vote baby. Well, obviously yes Yes for me Absolute definite no I'm under but it's yes for me When I was ray, but definitely the singin will stay as part of the Act yes, you're great right spike That's entertainment Hello ladies and gentlemen Can we have a little chat before you start playing what could we have a little chat before you start playing? Can I just get your can I just say your name? Yeah, what's your name? Yeah What's your name? What's your name? What's your name? What's Your name what's your name seaweed is all About going up that Golly I'm sorry. How low do you retain? How old are you 25 and whereabouts you frog? Hi Hello and so, what are you gonna do for us tonight? Why we're doing everything backwards because we didn't get a chance to do the chat I believe all these nobody's gonna do we're gonna start pressing those buttons again, and I have the second Michael Jackson On the news everybody dog flag back shock back everybody : I wanna say Thank you very much About you Simon is funny. I just want this to him Don't do it. Don't do it again again. No, don't no don't do it again Thank you very much buzzer stupid we did Michael Jackson and I think I've changed my mind Oh Thank you. Thank you very much It was original yellows a wonderful color I'm going to kick this off with a yes. I Honestly, this is one of the worst things I've ever I don't know what you are thinking it was Listen oh, sorry Without you would listen to the people that people have spoken Simon Cowell. Okay. Yeah, but Great let's raise the bar Which is with Hello, welcome. Thank you actually reminds me of a little britain sketch Please could I have your names. I'm paddy. I'm nickel and what is the nature of your relationship? It's it a professional one And might we ask you your age. I will be 80 this July Do you think you for the win the show? Oh It would be very nice. But just as long as people enjoy what we're doing and we give people pleasure. That's the main thing Okay, well best of luck Buster's routine a magazine They go straight through the live shows Wow Well, I apologize For what I did because I did obviously buzz a little early This is before all the crazy things happened You know, it was all kind of like slow and normal and then it all went ballistic It was extraordinary You're an amazing example to Older people because you've shown me however old you are you can still be spectacular and beautiful and do something amazing She can or people can If you want to come How did you get into dancing I had been a dancer from the Age of two and a half like lots of little girls and I gave it up to get married I had four children then when did you pick up dancing? I went to live in Spain with my husband and Unfortunately after 18 months he died and for something to do I went to Nico's Dance Academy to learn something totally different and This is the result My grandmother is 93 years old and I just kept thinking of her when you were being thrown around that That man and I think she would wanted me to press my buzzer for you as well So me and my nan are gonna be right behind you and I hope you win Britain's Got Talent The fact that you did it for all those years and then and then had your lovely children Then lost your husband you gave up so much but when I started to do this I spoke with the family and I said What do you think and they said well you gave everything up to have us without to dad and he would be proud. Yes How do you are my hero like you are Unbelievable. I pray to God that I am like you when I'm your age I don't want to sound patronizing but we have to just say it as it is. That is something I've never seen before I'm so pleased I'm Anders presto J-john tell us a bit about yourself. Hello there. I'm from Newcastle upon Tyne you Do a voluntary video CH Normandy G from Newcastle What's the dream my dream is to be a starling antenna shovel core And who your musical inspiration I'm a big fan of metal radio back in the Northeast and baby series you new customer It's very Newcastle based Jeremy a second, you need to translate like I understand a word you say He very much enjoys listening to Metro radio and BBC Radio Newcastle got it, thank you guys I Mean you just sounded like him That was my push fun you brought with you today. I've come Marcelo away from Newcastle And a steer one thing this is for Simon of DJ John Thank you Joe Thank you. Yes. Nice to meet you. Take care. Okay? Whenever you're ready I'm ready Come on, I John go go Go go there go guys Let the beat control your body let the beat control your body Your body You just need to let the beat control your body Jamie what did you think? Well, you obviously worked so hard on the choreography Pinnable really incredible and really quite moving And I know that later on we'll still be sort of doing that song did you actually write that song no I learned the dance You just did the dance I did the dancing mix it up you mixed didn't for you mixed it I didn't mix it in the song, but I mixed you stupid dancer So basically you actually just did the dance. Yes Thank you, he was who John prince panat sound Of course I do It's yesterday Designing pal I'm gonna say no DJ John in the mix coming with a bag of tricks Well aboah tell you see you next time see you next time yeah pika thank you learn the best turbo John Cena Ticket well, the genre was long. Goodbye. John Deasy He'll mix the record didn't write the song. He just danced to somebody else's She's like the wind do my dream she Runs the night next to me - moonlight She's taken my heart she died But it comes to me All right up oh you phases of disco and what is the act is a dance act with something a little bit different Okay, good. Okay. Good luck Well cattery good Little one one thing how did you know how Simon kalgan's? Kelly what do you think? Oh, I think you guys are the funniest pair that was brilliant. That was any I Don't think anything from Tom Simon and Louie I think I felt a bit early. I thought this was just going to be you know you Impersonating the Village People or whatever it was, but I liked it. I thought it was fun. I was impressed Yes To get the keys easy Richards ma'am You got four yeses How are you What's your name? Eminence? Dylan Bert Dylan. How nice to meet you where you from. I'm from County Cavan in Ireland, you know this yeah. Yeah. It's my first time at the country Wow Okay, and how old are you? I'm 16 and do you think you could win the show? Well, I'm going to give her my best shot good. I wish you the best of luck. Thank you Oh Sookie
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