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over the last few thousand years we have warped our own history our stories of the past have been changed altered mistranslated and completely been misunderstood as we rounded the curve on the precession of the equinoxes modern views of our history account for many things but completely dismiss many very important pieces in the puzzle for example the Pyramids of Giza there is no modern theory that accounts for how these could have been made individually each block cannot be pulled even with 50 men pulling it let alone drag it for hundreds of miles and then stack them on top of each other 450 feet in the air in such a precise way that even modern technology can't achieve not to mention having it lined up precisely with both Orion's belt a golden mean and Fibonacci spiral and be a primary nodal point of every sacred site on the planet and that's just one example our history is not what we think many things that we've been led to believe to be true simply is not this has got to be the biggest the field of archaeology recently saw some monumental discoveries that are rocking the foundation of what we think we know about ourselves many ancient cities such as Babylon a wreck and a cod that were written about in the Bible and other ancient texts were always thought to be myths because no one could prove they existed then one of them was found this led to finding another and then another inside one of these cities archaeologists found thousands of cylindrical clay tablets hidden deep within the earth under this ancient city the tablets were completely covered in text written in cuneiform and tell an ancient story that spans back over hundreds of thousands of years on this planet describing the history of the earth and the origins of the human race in great detail now the first thing we all want to do is just say that they were making things up they didn't know the history of Earth and they were simply creating tales to explain where they came from however if this was true how can we explain how they knew so many things about the universe that would seem impossible to know not only did the Dogons know all about the distant planets in the solar system but so did the Sumerians they described them all in great detail in these sumerian records they also knew but the precession of the equinoxes that's a tough one for a historian to understand because it takes over 2,000 years of continuous observation to actually learn that the earth has a wobble the Sumerians had this information from day one of their civilization a man named Zacharias Sitchin spent a long time transcribing these texts and had put them all together in his books but many others have also done the same and the interpretations are always very similar not only that but Thoth has also shared information about this with us and his account matches the Sumerian Records Adamas and other channelings discuss it as well if you see all of these records and sources there is a huge connection between the stories now this story spans back hundreds of thousands of years into our past it talks about Tiamat and Nibiru the Nephilim seeding the human race Adam and Eve and the children of Lemuria this portion of the story is really interesting but not the most crucial to know we're not going to be covering this at this time we are however going to be picking up the story at the end of Lemuria and discussing the events of Atlantis up to present day what I'm going to tell you is a mix of what these records say along with what those told us for some finer details please have your own experience while watching this I'm not going to tell you that this is fact I am simply saying decide for yourself there was a time long ago when humans existed at a very high level of consciousness we were introduced icuk we communicated through thought and emotion much like how animals do rather than speaking or writing which would seem very primitive we lived primarily on a large string of islands called Lemuria but there was a consciousness shift we moved up in consciousness and the islands of lumeria sank beneath the oceans at the time of this shift a new continent rose out of the waters we called it Atlantis back in the early 1900's the spiritual path of the United States was similar to what's happening today people began to learn about meditation and study ancient lands like Atlantis and Lemuria we actually found quite a bit of evidence that Lemuria existed and it had to do with Coral Sea the ocean floor does rise and fall coral can exist up to 150 feet under the surface of the water in 1910 the surface of the ocean was probably higher because they were able to see coral rings heading away from Easter islands for a great distance these rings were estimated to be found at 1,800 feet which means that for them to have existed they would have had to be much higher and sunk slowly probably more important they also found the exact same fauna and flora from the Hawaiian Islands all the way to the Easter Islands this is a great distance but if you look at a map you'll see a long string that string according to Thoth used to run along the western shores of Lemuria it is only on these islands that have the same flora and fauna same trees bugs bacteria everything science can only explain this if there were closer land bridges between these islands at one point although we were studying this at that time world war 1 began soon after and we lost interest in spirituality and the ancient lands for a very long time after the sinking of Lemuria and the rising of Atlantis at first the human race became scattered we moved to various islands and continents all over the world because we didn't have a home yet we didn't know where to go at that time there were about 1,000 humans at a very high consciousness more than all of the rest they were called then the calls today we know them as ascended masters then the calls began preparing Atlantis to be our new home they projected their energy across the surface of the continent in the form of the Tree of Life not with ten circles but with 12 an extra on top on the island of Adal and an extra on the bottom in the water there were ten components on the mainland and even though it extended over hundreds of miles on the surface it was projected to the accuracy of a single atom we chose to move to Atlantis because of the Kundalini in humans the Kundalini is often referred to as the energy serpent that runs up and down your spine when activated it provides an immense amount of energy through all of the chakras the earth itself also has a Kundalini because the earth is alive like an organism running from the center of the planet to a specific place on the surface wherever the Kundalini resides the people there become the spiritual leaders of the world the earth chose Atlantis to be the new energetic center of the planet after Atlantis the Kundalini moved to the mountains of Tibet which is why the Buddhists were the leaders in pure spirituality for the last thirteen thousand years it was a very pure place it moved again within the last ten years but that's a story for another time if you want to read more check out the book the serpent of light by drunvalo melchizedek suddenly in a single day the nicole's breathed life into the tree of life on the surface of Atlantis this created vortexes of energy rotating out of each and every circle once the vortexes were established the children of Lemuria began to be called forth millions upon millions of Lemurians who had settled all across the planet began to be pulled toward Atlantis a great migration began however the Lemurian body of consciousness had only reached the age of 12 as a planetary consciousness because we were right brained we were a female species like a twelve-year-old girl and some of our centers weren't working at they had worked with these energies but only mastered eight of the ten each migrating Lemurian was attracted to one of these eight centers on atlantis depending on the nature of the individual there they settled and began to build cities that left two vortexes with nobody using them not a single person these two vortexes were pulling life toward them and in life you can't have an empty place life will find a way to fill it similar to if you were driving along a freeway following another car and you drop to far behind we'll fill the place that's exactly what happened on Atlantis though the Lemurians had only filled eight of the vortex areas Mayan records state clearly that there were ten cities in Atlantis when it fell you can see these records in the Toronto document which is now located in the British Museum this document is estimated to be three thousand five hundred years old and it describes in detail the sinking of Atlantis to fill these two empty vortexes according to Thoth two extraterrestrial races stepped in not one but two completely different races the first race were the Hebrews coming from our future both says that they came from off-planet but we don't know where exactly the Hebrews were kind of like a kid who went through fifth grade and didn't make it so they had to do that grade over again they learned all the math the left-brain stuff but they didn't get the right brain aspect of evolving consciousness the doing they didn't graduate to the next level of evolution so they had to do it again they knew a lot of things that we didn't know yet and brought many concepts and ideas to us that we weren't aware of yet now if this is true this would explain quite a few things about the Hebrew people in general they seem to have many sacred geometries hidden within their culture it also puts perspective on the story of Exodus perhaps Moses incarnated into that lifetime to free the Hebrews because they were not direct descendants of humans and were being treated unfairly or could it be that Moses was visited by an ascended master of the Hebrews who guided him to free their people given what we know about dimensions and consciousness it definitely puts a fresh perspective on old stories that didn't make much sense we could talk about this more but let's continue for now there were no problems caused by the Hebrews coming to Atlantis they actually benefited our evolution the other race that stepped in caused big problems these beings came from the nearby planet of Mars see according to Thoth Mars looked very much like Earth a little less than a million years ago it was beautiful it had oceans and water and trees that were just fantastic but something happened to them and has to do with something called the Lucifer experiment from the very beginning of creation everything is simply an experiment creation itself was just consciousness creating and inhabiting itself in that creation there is no divine plan Spirit can do whatever it wants having said that if spirit decides to cut itself off from the rest of consciousness and create a separate reality on its own it can do that too this is called the Lucifer experiment because spirit is God it can do this there is nothing wrong with that we've kind of been led to believe that Lucifer is evil in the devil this just isn't true Lucifer is just another means of perceiving the reality it is not a unity perception of oneness but rather a duality perception of Tunis there is a Flower of Life pattern for Lucifer as well but that's a big topic for another time anytime the Lucifer experiment has been attempted in the universe it always ends in failure the species will cut itself off from love and will become incredibly male left-brained what always ends up happening is that everyone becomes very greedy there is no compassion for one another and everyone ends up fighting until they end up killing themselves more than a million years ago the beings on Mars joined the Lucifer experiment and it failed dramatically basically they cut themselves off from the unity of the universe and created a separate reality when the Martians severed the love bond they became pure male logical beings with no emotions what happened on Mars was that they ended up fighting Mars became a battleground eventually it became clear that Mars was not going to survive they blew their atmosphere away and destroyed the surface of the planet Nova recently did an episode on planetary magnetics and they found some interesting things about Mars the planet didn't have a magnetic system however the surface was magnetized implying that at one point it did but that something happened now we've been discussing the star tetrahedron before and now I want to give you a brief understanding of the Merkava the Merkabah was known in ancient times as the chariot of Ascension it is the star tetrahedral energy field around the body all around the world there are references to this in ancient texts when activated to its full potential the Merkabah which is both a tool and part of your being can be used to do the impossible included but not limited to changing dimensions and traveling through the universe before Mars was destroyed they built huge tetrahedral pyramids they built three four and five sided pyramids eventually building a complex that was able to build a synthetic Merkava after a million years or so it's been eroded but the proof is there now because the martians were severed from the unity consciousness they couldn't create a living Merkava they simply used it as a tool they created a synthetic Merkabah to travel in time and find a new home a small group of Martians tried to get away from Mars before it was destroyed and that place they found was earth about 65 thousand years in our past they saw this little vortex sitting there just pulling in life with no one in it they didn't ask permission being part of a Lucifer experiment they just said alright let's do it and they stepped onto that vortex and in doing so they joined and changed our evolutionary path both's father Thome was one of the Nicole's who set up atlantis on the island of Adal that Island the top of the Tree of Life was the brain of Atlantis and on it was a small city called Poseidon this city is what Plato was discussing when he said the Poseidon bore ten children the ten circles on the Tree of Life Poseidon was made of three rings painted in black red and white stones and it was the symbol for Atlantis the inner circle represented the McCall's the middle circle were the priesthood called the Maya and the outer circle represented the regular people of Atlantis we'll come back to this down the road there were only a few thousand Martians who came to earth through the synthetic Merkabah the first thing they did when they arrived in Atlantis was try to take over the continent they tried to declare war and invade however they were vulnerable due to their small numbers compared to the millions of Atlanteans and we finally subdued them we were able to stop them from conquering us but we could not send them back when this happened on our evolutionary path we now had the planetary consciousness of a 14-year old girl the Martians were an incredibly male species and also very old so what you had was the 14 year old girl being taken over by a 60 year new year old man we had no choice in the matter the Martians just stepped in and said like it or not we're here they didn't care what we thought or felt about it really it was no different from what the settlers of North America did to the Native Americans once the initial conflict was over it was agreed that the Martians would try and understand this female thing they lacked this emotional feeling which they had none of at all things more or less settled for a while but the Martian slowly began to implement their left-brain technologies which the Atlanteans knew nothing about one after the other the Martians kept putting out these left-brain inventions until the Atlanteans slowly began to see things through their left brain we slowly began to become a male species the Martians gained control bit by bit until eventually they had all of the power as was their intention the animosity between Atlanteans and the Martians never subsided not even till the end of Atlantis they hated each other the Atlanteans were shoved down and treated like inferiors it was like a marriage that the female component didn't like but the male component didn't really care if she liked it or not it remained this way for a very long time until about 26,000 years ago when the next phase slowly began before we continue we have to talk about polar shifts see in the 1930s Edgar Cayce was channeling information for a geologist when he stopped and he said there's something you should know in the near future the Earth's poles are going to shift Cayce was a brilliant man with a very strong connection to higher dimensions where he communicated with other beings for the human race ultimately it was because of his channelings that the belief system called New Age was created this is again just putting what he was doing into boxes of understanding because no one else understood what he was doing at that time nevertheless when KC talked people listened geologists began exploring the possibility of a polar shift and they found something remarkable a string of major pieces of evidence came forth and lent tremendous weight to what Cayce was saying they have now changed the world's view on the subject scientists believed that there was going to be a physical pole shift there would also be a change in the magnetic poles through studying Lava Beds geologists were able to see where the planetary magnetics were when the lab Yvette's hardened at certain depths they found that the earlier magnetic poles were not where they were now but in Hawaii the last shift that took place was 13,000 years ago and we will get there in the story soon they did another test and found that it had shifted again 26,000 years ago as well scientists also learned that polish's happen very quickly in a single day the magnetics would do a complete flip or turn 90 degrees is that number again and within 24 hours the Sun would be rising differently than it did the previous day this shift has happened hundreds of times over the last hundred million years on earth but it's speeding up now and happening faster and faster now only 13,000 years between each shift a whole new viewpoint is beginning to be understood from space would this not appear as a pulse now there's a lot more to talk about with polar shifts but I'm going to give you the basics a scientist named Charles Hapgood was studying this at great detail because the leading theory behind what caused polar shifts was still underdeveloped at the time he came up with a theory that demonstrated to be possible through various experiments through these experiments they learned that the surface of the earth the crust could slip over the main mass of the earth which continues its rotation as if nothing happened the crust would rotate and spin out of control until eventually it settles again in a new location aligned with the new magnetics during this time there are massive earthquakes and tsunamis and devastations that rock the world doesn't that sound a bit like the destruction described in the Book of Revelations now I don't want to freak anyone out besides Edgar Casey's account many other ancient prophecies including Nostradamus and Mayan prophecies have talked about polar shifts in one way or another and modern science is becoming increasingly aware that there is going to be a polar shift in our near future which is lining up with our consciousness shift though they don't take that aspect into account it's funny actually a while back Nova did two reports on polar shifts and both times NASA shut them down then recently Nova released a new video called Earth's magnetic storm that video shows all of the evidence for pole shifts without actually using the words pole shift it's almost as if a specific company doesn't want us knowing about this and the evidence that's been brought forth polar shifts are directly related to the magnetics of the planet as well planetary magnetic are supposed to look like this but the reality is much different our magnetics have been weakening over the last 500 years or so and today they look a little more like this it was the magnetics becoming more and more warped that's causing many of the problems we've seen in the last 20 years Birds follow the magnetics of the planet to migrate and they'd be ending up in places they shouldn't be whales were continually beaching themselves in the 90s because they followed these magnetics which led them to land where there should have been water as for humans you know how on the night of the full moon there are more rapes murders and violent crimes than any other night of the lunar cycle well the moon affects the magnetics of the earth slightly but the magnetics are so worked right now it's affecting how we think and act as a planet our collapse of social structure is related to the geomagnetic of the earth or perhaps it's the other way around there's one other thing that we need to discuss about polar shifts they always line up with a consciousness shift they are interrelated filth lived on that Lantis for a very long time and he told us that he saw the earth shift five times watching the Sun rise in the east and then the West then the East and the West this is how to explain why during a consciousness shift at the end of Lemuria it sank beneath the oceans and Atlantis rose if the crust was spinning randomly around the planet many geological events such as contents rising and falling would take place now that we have an understanding of polar shifts we can continue with this drama on Atlantis 26,000 years ago we were exactly where we were today on the precession of the equinoxes we had gone through our falling alseep phase and we were about to begin waking up it was at this point that there was a small consciousness shift we actually went down in consciousness not up a piece of Atlantis about the size of Rhode Island sank into the ocean this caused a tremendous amount of fear within the Atlanteans because they thought they were going to lose the whole continent like what happened with Lemuria because of the consciousness shift one of the bigger things they lost was their connection to the future they couldn't foresee big events such as the potential sinking of their home after about 200 years this fear began to subside now in both the Bible and the Sumerian Records the accounts of Adam Eve and all of their children were recorded to have exceptionally long life spans like 900 years or so so 200 years for us back then is like 20 years for us today we'll explain how he got there soon things kind of settled for a while and then between thirteen thousand and sixteen thousand years ago a comet approached the earth because we were living at a high consciousness across all dimensions the Atlanteans became aware of it before it hit a great conflict occurred in Atlantis the Martians who were in the minority even though they were in control wanted to blow it out of the sky with their laser technology however the nicole's had learned of the Comets true nature and the Atlanteans protested they said that the comet was in divine order they had to allow it to take place naturally let it hit the earth that's what's supposed to happen the Martians fought the Atlanteans but in the end they gave in the Martians agreed to let it hit the earth when the time arrived it came screaming into the atmosphere plunging into the Atlantic Ocean just off to the western shores of Atlantis near where Charleston South Carolina is now only that was at the bottom of the ocean at the time the remnants of the comet are now scattered across four states and science has definitely determined that it hit at least 12,000 years ago if not more they're still finding pieces today although the main portion struck near Charleston a few fragments actually hit the main body of at - crashing into an area right where the Martians were living killing a huge portion of their population they were pissed they said it's all over we're divorcing you and we're gonna do whatever we want you can do what you want but we will never listen to you again we know this whole bit we've seen it in divorced families throughout the world and the children well hell look at our modern world today we are the children you can guess what the Martians did next their primary interface with the reality was control and when their anger rose to meet the desire for control they decided to take over the earth they began to once again create a complex like the one they built on Mars long ago to try and create another synthetic Merkabah if they had succeeded they would have gained control over everything on the planet the only thing was around 50,000 earth years had passed since they had built a merkava and they didn't quite remember how to do it but they thought they did the Martians built the buildings in Atlantis they set up the whole experiment threw the switch and lost control the destruction was immense in this reality you can hardly make a greater error than to create an out-of-control Merkabah the experiment began to rip open the dimensional levels not the higher ones but the lower ones to give an analogy if you took a knife and slit open your stomach the stomach acids would seep into other parts of the body that it's not supposed to be in that's like ripping open the dimensions the Martians almost destroyed the earth the environmental disaster we are experiencing today is nothing in comparison though today's disasters are a direct result of these events because of this tear in the dimensional levels a huge number of lower dimensional spirits and beings were thrown out of their comfort zone and into these higher levels they were forced into a world that they did not know or understand to survive they needed bodies and began automatically entering into the bodies of people for every human body there were hundreds of lower dimensional spirits inhabiting them these beings were earthlings like us but very different not coming from this dimension it was a catastrophe Mobley the biggest the earth has ever seen the reason than the calls were special wasn't just because of their incredibly high consciousness making them like guides of Atlantis they also had achieved what today we call immortality let's just say they figured out a way to keep their body healthy and young for as long as they chose and could choose to pass on whenever they desired it when reincarnating they do not suffer the great memory loss that we do when we incarnate they did it through their expanded consciousness and tantric interdimensional sex meditations this is how Thoth was a priest king of Atlantis for thousands of years and stayed on earth until 15 years ago when he gave all of his memories and understanding about sacred geometry to a man named rune ve'lo Melchizedek the Merkabah is formed out of 3 star tetrahedron overlaid on top of each other two of them are counter-rotating and the third is stationary when the Merkabah is formed with the unity consciousness it is formed internally with love when it is formed externally through the lucifer experiment it does not have that love and can become unstable very quickly the Martians attempt at controlling the world took place on one of the small islands on the west of Atlantis this place today is known as the Bermuda Triangle it's a triangle because the top of the stationary tetrahedron of the Merkava is actually sticking out of the water there which causes a huge electromagnetic imbalance in that area many planes and boats have reported to have gone missing there they just vanished without a trace the imbalance is multi-dimensional and in many cases these ships and planes have been sucked into different dimensions never to be seen again that Merkabah is still there on the seafloor today but from what I know it's going to be corrected soon then the calls did their best to save Atlantis they sent most of the lower dimensional beings back at least as many as they could and sealed up the dimensional tear despite this the situation got really bad really fast all of the economic systems collapsed financial social and all concepts of how life ought to be completely broke down everyone on Atlantis began getting sick with weird diseases and the entire continent went into a state of survival life was no longer about living it became about surviving until tomorrow it was a litter all hell on earth the nickels had no idea what to do they were children compared to the events that have been thrust upon them so they prayed they prayed to the highest levels of conscious life in the universe asking for help from anyone who could hear them the problem was reviewed on many high levels of life who I am drawing is the Justice League because the eleventh and twelfth dimensions are completely incomprehensible to us in our current state what they told us was this we were going to fall we were going to hit rock bottom level one the lowest place we possibly could be in the universe and still survive also we were changing polarity we were no longer a female species so we were starting from square one as a male species and finally and this was the shocker we would only have 13,000 years to return to Christ consciousness normally it takes hundreds of thousands of years for a species to get to Christ consciousness we had to do it in a fraction of the time if we didn't we would not survive this has never happened before in the universe ever both who was the priest king of Atlantis at the time learned that they would have to perform this experiment on themselves they received instructions from the highest levels of life and they went on their way both proceeded with the being named brah and arrogant who were previous kings of Atlantis and began the experiment to understand what they did we have to talk about consciousness grids a planetary grid is an etheric crystalline structure that envelops the planet and holds the consciousness of any one species of life this grid does have an electromagnetic component associated with the third dimension but it also has a component for every dimension as well these grids are geometric of course and science will eventually discover that there is a grid for every species in the world each of these grids have their own geometry and are unique there's not another one like it just as the species itself are unique these grids give off light as well and from space they can be seen as the source of the bluish glow around the earth what Thoth and friends had to do was create a synthetic Christ consciousness grid allowing humans to ascend to Christ consciousness in a very short time but first let's talk about the signs behind the grid perhaps you've heard of the hundredth monkey experiment over a span of thirty years scientists were researching a species of monkey called macaca cascada on an island in japan they were providing the monkeys with sweet potatoes by dropping them in the sand the monkeys liked sweet potatoes but they didn't like the sand and dirt so much a few monkey children figured out that they could wash their sweet potatoes and some of them taught the technique to their parents only a few of the adult monkeys did this though this went on for some time until one day the monkeys who actually knew the technique hit critical mass and bingo the technique started spreading faster than it did before monkey started learning it really easily across all of the Japanese islands nearby as well as on the mainland they knew that there had to be something that wasn't yet understood about how a species is connected to itself so what did we do we tried it on humans a research team made a picture out of human faces about a hundred faces hidden within a single picture but at first glance you could only see about six or seven they did several surveys with a few hundred people in Australia and said alright find the faces most people could only pick out six seven eight nine or so not many more after that the research team went to Britain and aired the picture on a closed cable BBC special that was shown only in England they showed where all of the faces were every last one half of the research team which stayed in Australia did the experiment again with new subjects and lo and behold people were just naturally able to see more faces after this experiment they knew that something definitely connects us all and the field of noetic is learning more about it daily it's mass consciousness in lesson 11 I showed you the three levels of consciousness each of these levels have their own consciousness grids around the planet and our second level grid is based on squares and triangles many governments of the world especially the Russian in u.s. governments were studying our grids back in the 60s and probably earlier when mapping of the grid on the planet you find little military bases on many of the nodal points of the grid there are tons of these bases way out in the middle of nowhere like on little islands like Guam this couldn't be a coincidence that these government powers placed their bases right where the little spirals came out of grid they were trying to take control of the grid because if you control consciousness you control what we think and feel of course there was another organization that had a ten in both of these governments and still do and we will discuss them soon enough this grid is visible through astral projection as well thirteen thousand years ago it began both raw and Eragon were to create a global complex that was able to build and synthetic Christ consciousness grid over thirteen thousand year time period the first thing they did was to fly to a place which is now called the Giza Plateau but back then it was known as the land of Khem it was also a rainforest back then as well not desert like it is today first they created a grid around the planet fourth dimensionally and then began to construct it in the physical third dimension they went to the male energetic axis of the earth and constructed a complex which today is called the solar cross these men were six dimensional beings at that time and we're living at a very high level of consciousness so whatever they thought happened instantly it was that simple according to Thoth he built the Great Pyramid not the Egyptian King Cheops both says that was built two hundred years prior to the pole shift and built very quickly these pyramids were aligned precisely with both Fibonacci and golden mean spirals emanating from out of the solar cross interestingly enough edgar cayce also channeled that the pyramids were constructed in this time the pyramids were also found to be built from the top down the stones on top were placed first which has baffled researchers ever since every time more is learned about the pyramids we move further into dark on understanding how they were formed if what Thoth says is true well that explains everything from there Thoth and Friends constructed an entire network of temples and structures along this grid fourth dimensionally placing them on nodes on the new synthetic Christ consciousness grid they were creating all of them were made with Fibonacci or golden mean spirals and all of them were mathematically referred back to the solar cross in Egypt through the Great Pyramid the creation of all of the sacred sites on the planet were no accident it was a single consciousness that created them all from Machu Picchu to stone azhagu on you name it there are a few exceptions but most were created by a single awareness as part of a unity consciousness grid although the great pyramid was done all at once many of these ancient structures of the world were made forth dimensionally and slowly dropped in frequency until they manifested on the third dimension over a long period of time richard hoagland research brings this forward but he wasn't the first either they showed how one sacred site is extrapolated from another to another to another a hot topic of discussion right now our ley lines these are simply geometric relations between sacred sites archeologists are now finding these huge connections between major spiritual sites in the globe and now we know why they're connected these sites had to be built physically so that the Christ consciousness grid could manifest in a way think of the physical sites as the wiring of a giant wireless electrical system and then it needs about 13,000 years of continuous energy flow for it to actually turn on and just so that you're not left in suspense yes the grid was completed it came to life and is now active though not really used congratulations earth we actually survived not only has Thoth told us this in person but he's also written it down in the Emerald tablets these tablets were left in the Great Pyramid thousands of years ago there are 12 tablets in total formed from a substance created through alchemical transmutation they are imperishable resistant to all elements and corrosion their atomic structure is fixed in place and no change can ever take place in that respect they violate the material laws of ionization these tablets share a great wisdom and you can read them at over a hundred different levels of consciousness and you will always understand them differently if you're interested in this stuff you should definitely consider reading them as you can probably tell both plays a pretty large role in what happened most of this information comes from him Thoth also provided most of this information about the Flower of Life and it's geometric relationship to consciousness with us and this stuff is tied intimately to the geometry of the universe considering the quality and quantity of information that he has shared it makes you really start considering that this next part can be true the Great Pyramid has a legendary missing capstone according to the Emerald tablets deep under the Great Pyramid there is a room called the Hall of Records this room was not built by Thoth and long predates the Atlantean civilization within the Hall of Records is the capstone of the pyramid which is five and a half inches high solid gold and completely holographic image of the Great Pyramid it has all the little rooms and everything however this leaves us with the 24 square foot piece of the Great Pyramid that's missing if what Thoth says is true that missing piece actually belongs to a very special airship that exists on earth and the way to the airship is through the Sphinx the Sphinx according to Thoth is not 12,000 years old but dates back over five and a half million years on earth deep under the Sphinx about one mile down is a round room with a flat floor and flat ceiling inside this room is the oldest synthetic object on earth the object is about two city blocks in size it's round like a disk and has a flat bottom and top it is also only about three atoms thick except for a pattern on the top and bottom which looks like this this pattern is five atoms thick both says that it's powered by consciousness thoughts and feelings and connects with your own living Merkabah which means that it becomes an extension of you and your own energy fields the ship is also intimately connected with the spirit of the earth and is the protector for the whole planet both built the pyramid the way he did to fit with the ship when on top of the Great Pyramid it creates this image from above the disk ship has a circumference equal to the perimeter of the Great Pyramid as we discussed in lesson 11 whenever that ratio appears life occurs this ship can only be used by the purest of souls see whenever we approach the point in the precession of the equinoxes where our poles do these shifts we become very vulnerable things often degenerate and while things become chaotic there are often other species who wish to take us over this has always happened not just with us but with all evolving consciousness every time a takeover seems imminent a very pure person will find their way to the ship and raise it into the air the earth and Sun will connect with that person and give him or her great power then whatever that person thinks and feels will happen and think about it if conscious is the primary core component of the entire planet does it not make sense that it would have its own defense mechanism this defense is an airship that plugs into the earth and the Sun allowing the earth to have protection our takeover event actually already happened the same year the Christ grid was activated the year was 1989 and we were having some troubles with the greys a race of ETS who were slowly plotting takeover due to a previous scuffle we were having a very pure woman in Peru made the ascension process into the Christ consciousness grid and found the ship she tuned it to the frequency of the fourth dimension where she raised it through the earth and into the air and manifested a situation for the greys to leave within a very short time the greys began getting sick and remained sick for as long as they stayed here they have been forced to leave for now and we are once again safe the ship is a warship in that whatever race is trying to take over the person will just think them away think up a situation and force them to leave returning to the events on Atlantis after completing the complex in Egypt Thoth and pals return to Atlantis where they waited for about 200 years until that critical point on the precession of the equinoxes where the poles would shift they knew that Atlantis would sink and they would be ready previously on both and pals both the poles are shifting I'll the pole shift you whoa what's wrong with your eyes I don't know when Thoth first saw signs of the polar shift they returned to the land of heme and raised the warship into the sky they went to Atlantis and picked up the nicole's then a calls weren't just passengers though and each and every being was working in unity to create a very powerful Merkabah around themselves and the ship they returned to the Great Pyramid and landed the ship on top forming the Phi ratio with the pyramid and then it happened the poles began to shift and human consciousness began to plummet simultaneously the electromagnetic and magnetic fields of the earth collapsed and all life on the planet went into the great void the three and a half days of absolute blackness described by many ancient cultures in the world the emerald tablets say that whenever we go through a polar shift we go through a void space as we change our frequencies for about three and a half days this is also in the Troiano document depicted by three-and-a-half stones painted black this refers to a time when we go through what science calls the electromagnetic null zone during the pole shift a phenomenon takes place where everything just seems to disappear for a certain time usually it's between two to four days and the last time it was three-and-a-half days here's where it gets interesting what happens to us does not usually happen to a normal species because most advanced species will have their Mercure buzz handy at the time of the shift we didn't do to our little crisis and we got sucked into the void space without protection this resulted in us losing our memories science realizes that all of our memories are connected through cells in our brains as well as fields around our heads what is not entirely understood by science yet at least not directly is the connection our memories have with the planet itself we've discussed this before the magnetics of the earth affect how we think and act the Merkabah is an electromagnetic field that you create around your body that can serve as protection from void as you're consciously going through it what happened to us when we didn't have that protection it was a clean wipe when we existed on Atlantis we were living at a very high level of consciousness in a higher dimension we had extremely advanced and sophisticated bodies and minds and were capable of practically anything living in a dimension where molecules were spaced so far apart the consciousness could interact with them without physically moving it's hard to explain because you can literally shape your environment immediately through your consciousness in these higher frequencies in that sense we were creators knowing and understanding oneness beings of love but then we fell we drop back down to this place called the third dimension we also fell in consciousness back to zero we forgot how to use the pineal gland and it's slowly shrunk to the size it is now like a raisin where it's supposed to be eyeball size when this happened we forgot how to breathe source energy into our bodies and our lifespans went kaput eventually we went from nine hundred years to what it is today we had not experienced this reality that we had before at least for a very long time we were kind of like a supercomputer that gets completely wiped no operating system or anything we have these advanced physical bodies but we didn't know how to use them this is why today we are so physically advanced compared to pretty much all the other animals in this third dimension for a time the survivors of the Atlantean fall and there were a few were literally hairy barbarians we even had to rediscover fire the reason we're having such a hard time finding evidence of Atlantis is because for the most part the events of Atlantis took place on a much higher dimension than our physical earth exists on right now everything I've drawn of Atlantis can't be taken as that's what it looked like because it didn't this landmass did physically exist but the Atlanteans were not inhabiting that dimension of its existence if the warship hadn't been protected by the Merkabah the nicole's would have lost their memories they retained their memories when the earth came out of the void and began their work once more both and 1/3 of the nicole's went to the island of the Sun in Bolivia Aragon and 1/3 went to Tibet and raw and the remaining third went to Egypt where they waited now we're going to begin bridging the gaps between this story and our current history in between the fall of Atlantis and the dawn of our first civilizations who were the Egyptians and the Sumerians there was a 6,500 year gap between them what was happening to us in that time we have to look at this procession chart again this is where we fell in consciousness Point C and this was our falling asleep phase 2 both raw and the ascended masters were waiting until point D they had to wait for humans to just evolve themselves over a 6,500 year time period until they were advanced enough to actually receive this new information that they were going to provide some time in here was when the flood of Noah occurred because of the pole shift the earth went through an ice age this is scientific fact when the ice melted it would have caused massive flooding DNA is the physical manifestation of who you are it is your souls physical aspect what we are seeing in DNA is changes in the codons there are 64 possible codons in DNA and humans only have about 22 or so what we're finding is that there are sick more codons being activated within these children and they are choosing two of the six these kids are what we call indigo and crystal children and probably the super psychics as well now this is a chromosome basically what this is is lots and lots of DNA wrapped into this weird H like shape this is located in every cell and is part of your body of consciousness what though tells us is that every level of consciousness seen here not only has its own consciousness grid but it's chromosome change as well the second level where we are now has forty four and two chromosomes to any scientist this is basic biology the first level however has forty two and two and this third level has 46 and two the fourth and fifth have 48 and two and fifty and two respectively the primary physically visible difference between these DNA and all life is height the first level has an average height of four to six feet tall the second level us has an average height of five to seven feet third are about ten to sixteen feet which we are about to translate to fourth is thirty to thirty-five feet and the last is fifty to sixty you may remember a being named Metatron the Hebrew Archangel who is the perfection of what humanity is to become he was 55 feet tall that guy the last two heights are far in the distant future for us though this is a place in Egypt today called Abu Simbel the first thing you notice is that these statues are huge but with the information about the DNA this paints a different picture these beings would be in the 60-foot range if they were to stand they were at the fifth level of consciousness these beings on a different wall are thirty five feet tall fourth level of consciousness here are some third levels as well archaeologists saw this and thought that it meant that the man was just much more important than the woman when in actuality the kings of Egypt had five different names one for every level of consciousness some of the Kings were even able to translate into different dimensions and that's how they guided the population with the power of the gods in Egypt according to today's top archeologists and researchers the Egyptians and Sumerians both began their civilizations right the same time from each other within a few hundred years or so both of these civilizations emerged out of nowhere with perfect writing abilities that were not improved upon since when they first emerged they were extremely sophisticated and clear and slowly degenerated over generations no archaeologist can explain how this happened or explain how it could have happened they placed Egypt and Sumer into a special classification called stair-step evolution what happened was one day Egypt got its language full and complete then the knowledge leveled off and then it got another massive leap a little while later then suddenly they knew everything about water and moat systems just perfect then a little time later BAM they're masters of hydraulics how did a jib consumer do this well this is what Thoth said when we were evolving on our own for six thousand five hundred years raw and the ascended masters were waiting in an underground city beneath the Great Pyramid we'll come back to this in a bit both sun-tap formed a group called the TAT Brotherhood which is a secret group that still exists today as protectors and keepers of the sacred temples today they're still connected to the ascended masters so about six thousand years ago some members of the TAT brotherhood would wait until they would meet someone who could understand what they were going to teach them when they found someone they would just tune their frequencies to the third dimension and walk up and tell them information flat-out they said hey if you do this and this this happens the Egyptians would say wow look at that then they would go underground wait another little while and repeat the process over a short period of time the Egyptian and Sumerian evolution shot up in Stairsteps as for the Sumerians they also received a more detailed story by those who were assisting them they describe to the Sumerians in all of the details they remembered they said this is the history of the planet write it down the Sumerians knew about the precession of the equinoxes because they were told that by the nicole's from Atlantis after this stair-step period we began to fall asleep further things got worse once more it was our falling sleep stage of precession and although the nicole's had given us a boost we were consciously dozing off on that note it's time for the story about the city under the pyramid keep an open mind about this because there is very little proof for what I'm about to say for over 40 years Droon ve'lo Melchizedek has been studying human consciousness through sacred geometry and spiritual teachers and masters all over the world in 1996 he was contacted by a source in Egypt who said that something incredible had been discovered a stone steely came out of the ground between the paws of the Sphinx into the daylight they removed it and dug into the earth beneath the Sphinx there they found a room with three tunnels leading off of it one of the tunnels which went to the Great Pyramid had another tunnel coming off it and it was shielded by a wall of light bullets could not pass through this field and people could not even get close to it without feeling like they're going to die the Egyptian government found a particular person who could turn off this field they also had brought in Paramount Studios to film it as they had filmed the opening of King Tut's tomb they had a good relationship with Egypt the government wanted several million dollars from Paramount but at the last minute they asked for an extra one and a half million under the table paramount was outraged and they backed off things were silent for about three months then Droon fellow heard from a source again who was involved in all this who said that three men shut off the light field and went inside they found themselves inside a very large building that went on for miles underground which was really the edge of a giant underground city which was really just one giant building then a little while later an Egyptian archeologist named Larry hunter began describing the same thing but more detailed he said that the city was six and a half by eight miles wide and twelve stories deep and the city was outlined by specific temples in Egypt the three pyramids are lined up with the Ryans belt but there are also small temples for every other star in the constellation those temples map out the city underground and are made out of a special stone not found anywhere else in Egypt called coin in stone incredibly enough very recently ancient tunnels were found in Romania that led to both Egypt and the Inner Earth now I don't have time to go into detail about this particular story but if you want check out the book Transylvanian sunrise by Radu sin amar to be clear this is a theory that has not been accepted by the government but the underground city that both said was there is according to mr. hunter marked by temples made of a unique substance and the temples matched the star pattern of the constellation of Orion four thousand years after the stair step evolution we were at our lowest stage of our evolution we were hitting bottom on the awareness road suddenly out of the darkness three men came to earth to give us a little nudge everything in ancient Egypt was synthetic they had this entire civilization based around achieving heightened state of consciousness but they had to do it through tools now we're not going to look at each of these tools individually but let me give you a brief overview here this tool was used for transferring vibrations into the body along with that were the hook and flail this little device was a kind of generator to increase vibrations though there's not too much information available on this thing however was the most important tool the ankh they saw the ankh as the secret to eternal life and they used it not as a physical tool but as an energetic one they would use this form and unk their sexual energy now this could be a huge topic on its own like how energy travels up and down the body through a vertical tube between five energy channels that counter-rotate as they extend through the body but basically sexual energy is an incredibly powerful energy we definitely abuse it today but what the Egyptians knew was that when you had an orgasm a very large amount of energy bursts from your root chakra all the way up your spine to the top of your head and then it gets released what the Egyptians would do was when the spiral of energy hit their heart chakra they would UNK the energy out of the back of their body and over their head and back into their body where they would keep the energy and retain a massive energy boost in other words if you take a tuning fork and hit it it will reverberate for a certain amount of time then if you attach an ankh on top of it and hit it again it will reverberate at least three times longer the Egyptians were doing this with their bodies moving on when Atlantis was first formed then the call set up something called a mystery school this is a special type of school where you learn about consciousness and you learn different aspects of expanding your own consciousness and eventually getting to a place where you become immortal it usually took a very long time to achieve this state and that's why there were only about 1,000 the calls in comparison to the millions of Lemurians at the start of Atlantis the first Atlantean to reach the immortal state was a man named Osiris ancient Egypt's mythology tells a story about Osiris a man who was killed and cut up into pieces by his brother in an act of rage and then the pieces were scattered this event perhaps less exaggerated in the myths actually did happen and it took place on Atlantis Osiris his wife and sister retrieved the pieces and upon returning the final piece they restored the creative energy flow and brought his spirit back into the body through doing this Osiris became immortal and he was the first immortal of Atlantis this story is told throughout ancient Egypt on many temple walls and I'm going to show you why Osiris went through the three stages of consciousness the first one was hole the second was separated from itself included physically and the third was hole again then the calls used though Cyrus's understanding of how he became immortal as a template for how others could do it as well only through consciousness without needing to be cut up of course this eventually became what we would call the religion of Atlantis but it was more of a deeper understanding that they were following this template was also used in Egypt which we will look at now through this stair-step evolution we began to change from the first level of consciousness into the second before the fall we had incredible memories it wasn't this vague recollection that we have now but today we might see it as full tilt 3d holographic memory after the fall we still had a photographic memory and could share these experiences with each other which is called dream time it is what the Aborigines of Australia still have today through the introduction of writing however we began to change from the first of consciousness into the second we lost our incredible memories and became very separate from each other and ourselves Thoth was the one who introduced writing and if you look at ancient Egyptian culture it even says both brought writing to us as well as many other things now that we were in the second level over time things began to change and a very serious problem developed which if it hadn't been solved it would have caused the major catastrophe in our own near future basically in Egypt the ascended masters had used Osiris's genetic coding of changing chromosomes to show others the path of Ascension they developed a system of forty two and two gods with a lowercase G they were actually called meters most will recognize this one his name was Anubis there were 42 and two neither's who were representative of human chromosomes each one of them showed a specific pathway of life or human experience and people would follow these understandings to learn more about their life or their own reality the problem developed when both upper egypt and lower egypt became more separated from themselves and the meanings of these leaders were lost over time the drawings of these neither's changed and the meanings changed with them people had no idea what they meant then it got worse when the Egyptian King meanness merged upper egypt and lower egypt into a unified country Mina's also merged the belief systems so now you had 88 gods that people were fighting over to decide who was really God this was an issue because now they had people not knowing what to believe completely lost separated from their understanding of their own divinity and God things became separated further people fought over which gods were really gods today we look back and say wow they thought there were so many gods when really this wasn't the case at all even with the help from the TAT Brotherhood we just couldn't get it right there was one short period of Egyptian culture that most historians don't really understand as it's written in ancient texts and hieroglyphs for seventeen and a half years there was a bizarre new ruler that completely changed how Egypt was run and his name was Akhenaten before him there were only kings Akhenaten was the first Pharaoh which meant that which you will become he was also believe it or not 15 to 16 feet tall at least that's how he was always depicted and had an elongated skull both of these aspects are related to Christ consciousness Akhenaten abolished all previous understandings of God and tried to instill a one God understanding in everyone after seventeen years the majority of Egyptians revolted and Akhenaten was killed soon to be replaced by someone else returning to the old system what actually happened to correct the problem both got the help from I and Tia who were the first immortals from Lemuria and got them to make inter-dimensionally to conceive a Christ consciousness being both said that he worked with the previous kings of Egypt to help achieve this and Egyptologists find that Akhenaten came completely out of nowhere it took some time and there was a transitional period involving amendment at the third but soon Akhenaten was on the throne Akhenaten used his time to bring Egypt back to a simple religion where there was one God one reality he used imagery of a Sun disk to represent this the priests in Egypt didn't like that because the religious beliefs were centered on the priests then he comes along and says you don't need priests God is within you and you can access God from within your own selves well they didn't like that he also pulled the military back and said don't attack unless someone else attacks first the military didn't like him either plus the people generally didn't like him because they enjoyed worshiping their many gods eventually they disposed of him after all that what did a cannon do that evidently saved humankind well he developed the mystery school with the intention of showing a small group of humans a way to ascend into the immortal state usually it took hundreds of years to reach the level of immortality and Akhenaten had 17 years to produce results this was a very close call but he did it he actually showed 300 individuals the path to immortality in this short time so after the general population disposed of Akhenaten these 300 immortals would go beyond Egypt both wrote in the Emerald tablets that after ancient Egypt ended he brought a man named Pythagoras into the Great Pyramid and taught him the geometry of the universe that man then went on to found Greece which was originally built upon schools for teaching geometry and the platonic solids and all of that stuff both lived a lifetime here as well where he was known as Hermes Trismegistus Akhenaten's immortals became a group called the II scene Brotherhood they first migrated to a place called Masada in Israel even today Masada is known as the capital of the II scene Brotherhood now get this in this Brotherhood there were two people in particular a man and a woman you might have heard of them Mary and Joseph see it was part of the ascended masters plan that they would bring in a being who would show the pathway to Christ consciousness he would come to earth as a second level being a regular Joe and achieved Christ consciousness through the course of his life then the ascension process the transitional experience from the second to third level would go into the consciousness grid that was still being formed he was able to transition because he was originally from these higher levels that man is known today as Jesus although his name at that time was Yahshua Ben curve if Yahshua had not shown up we would not have had that ascension experience available to us today none of us would be aware that these higher levels of understanding even existed and we would destroy ourselves according to what those said Mary and Joseph made it inter-dimensionally Mary could have been a virgin physically but she made it with Joseph in a way that would allow a soul from a higher reality to come down to earth and have a human experience usually this is impossible to do otherwise through Yahshua's work he came here just like us a total human being but he went through these three important stages final death resurrection and ascension and gave us these experiences so that we could access them down the road now as we all know the story of Jesus has a missing piece he was a child disappeared for some time and then showed up again when he was 30 in a book called the 18 absent years of Jesus Christ the leading theories of where he went was actually out east to either the Himalayan or Tibetan mountains where he became an enlightened guru he brought his teachings back to the world after that if you remember from part one the Kundalini of the planet was residing in Tibet at that time they were very spiritually adept people living there and remained so today now on the topic of Christ there's something else I'd like to bring up the Lord's Prayer today we know this as the only prayer that Jesus taught but did you know it's actually a geometric prayer meditation a man named Bodhi McCoy spent over 20 years working with this prayer and analyzing it with sacred geometry and has discovered some incredible synchronicities in his book lived the promise he explains how the original prayer not the extended version mind you has seven segments or thoughts which align perfectly with the seven chakras as well as the Seven original branches of yoga Bodi teaches how to do this prayer meditation as well as meditations him and his wife have developed based on the Lord's Prayer called heart dances it's really quite incredible to see how it all works with the pure geometries of the universe if you wish to learn more check out live the promise net if you study Christian religion and Egyptian religion you'll actually find that they parallel in almost every way except for the Egyptians understanding of God most evidence shows that Christian religion came out of Egyptian religion and then later they went back and discredited the Egyptians around 300 AD there was a council called the Council of Nicaea which was the syndication between the Roman political and religious authorities basically the religious leaders and political leaders realize that they could unite and impose more influence on the people and control society through their unity it's right around this time that we begin to see the manifestation of the New Testament which was put together from scriptures and stories some newer and some much older which were renewed and superimposed on a life of yahshua Ben Hur which today we know as Jesus of Nazareth the term Christ actually stems back from much before the Bible it comes from the word crystal ax which is the word that derives from the original seven core audible sounds of creation when the creation of the universe occurred the original tones were Cara yah-ha-ha-ha-ha Krishna actually was broken down on earth into two words kriste which soon became Christ and ha which became Allah which were broken down and changed through oral tradition the symbol for Atlantis was three rings inside of the other the inside were than a calls the middle ring were called Maya and the outer ring were the Atlanteans the Maya's job was communicating the messages from the inner circle out to the regular people of Atlantis when Atlantis sank the Maya took their knowledge a crystal skull with memories of Atlantis and their calendar and went out to what today is called the Yucatan Peninsula birthplace of the Mayan civilization their calendar is the most advanced detailed calendar on the planet and it has its roots in Atlantis over the last few hundred years a group of people have slowly monopolized the entire world into what it is now today there are 13 families that are among the richest families in the world they have their hands in next to every organization in government and control over 95% of the money they control our modern world from the very tippy top today we like to call them the Illuminati except that's not really who they are the word Illuminati means enlightened ones which was established long ago as a secret society that was focused around expanding knowledge through scientific and spiritual understandings secret societies were not originally bad but rather consisted of those who just kind of got it they understood information that the average person at that time would not accept and demonize these societies had to be kept a secret because of the control that the church had and refuted against what they wanted to explore this is where Freemasonry originally comes from if you do the research on the time periods what probably happened was at the church who had the majority of the control at the time probably infiltrated some of these organizations to make sure that they were not creating plans to expose information and destroy the world order that they had created this led to the church exposing some of the societies as devil worship and blasphemous and fear of these groups rose over time many secret societies branched off by those who were corrupt or previously infiltrated by the church and gain more control through the church and large organizations that were being established today there exist 13 families around the world who pretty much own the world with over 95% of the money and a lust for greed power and control more and more information has become present lately that many of these families may have DNA that is different than the rest of the human population it is speculated that they share DNA that was passed down from the Martian race or other species races they contain no love or emotion and are completely power driven this brings us to the end of the human history story for spirit science but of course it's not really the end for one we've only really scratched the surface of discussing many of these topics secret societies for example would take another two or three lessons to really get into plus the human history story won't end because we're still living it and what happens next is ultimately up to you this story while seemingly unbelievable and at times outrageous does explain a lot think about it we've covered the Bermuda Triangle but face on Mars Jesus what the Egyptians were doing the rise of Greece pretty much most modern religions the reason we popped up out of nowhere six thousand five hundred years ago the stair-step evolution of those cultures and the story of Atlantis which has been elusive to us at the best of times it also explains the great pyramids and their connection to all the sacred sites in the planet the Sumerian tablets the Emerald tablets Lucifer and as for the Hebrews if you read their Talmud it actually seems to suggest that they're not from here I'm not going to tell you to believe it but it definitely puts some perspective on many questions and aspects about the world which we generally just don't have conclusive answers to take it with a grain of salt though after all it is just the theory you you you you
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