I Bought A Mentally Insane Persons Storage Unit! CRAZIEST UNIT! I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit

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let's get into it 3 2 1 3 2 1 welcome back to treasure seekers guys and we're bringing you the craziest story Jenny you have ever seen I guarantee you this storage unit is gonna be the most absolute wackiest thing you have ever seen in your entire life 100% guaranteed I don't want to go into any further detail yet until we get there but let's go get on the road let me show you this crazy thing don't forget to like the video guys or you know just like it helps to subscribe if you do let's go get on the road [Music] alright guys so we just got to this unit it has an extremely interesting story so we paid $110 for this now we're due to the video a little bit different because this unit is extremely different let's go inside then I got to tell you a little bit exciting all right isn't that exciting and 110 dollars for them so I gotta tell you guys the whole story about this before we actually get into this stuff so before we get into this I want to say I would never recommend somebody spending $110 on a box in a bag ever until you hear this story let me tell you about it so the facility we're in right now if you don't listen to this this is gonna make no sense to you and it not be the least bit exciting so the facility we're in this is a five by eight unit this unit costs $85 a month direct you have to have insurance - right here so the cheapest insurance they have in $11 so they're paying $96 and want the plus tech so say a little bit over a hundred dollars every single month to own this space so we talked to cube smart customer service with always curious how this works is after you fall three months behind on your payments here they will put your unit up for auction however if you pay your most recent month they will cancel the auction but until you've paid everything you owe you cannot access your unit again so this units been approached - not once not twice not three times not four times five separate times and we talked to lady that worked here all the pictures were taken out there because they didn't even want to come in here they knew the guy complete weirdo creepy type of guy they wouldn't even come in here to take the pictures so what that means with five cancellations is they feed a minimum of $500 515 to save what was ever whatever was in that box and whatever is in that bag whether that's 500 dollars of emotional value and we lose 110 bucks that's possible whether it's five dollars in cash jewelry who knows what it could be drugged it could be ahead for all we know it can be raped to explode when we hoping that it's gonna blow the whole facility up we have no idea all we know is super creepy guy has spent I hundred dollars trying to save this stuff and we finally got it last month when the shooting went up for auction it was up to two hundred and seventy dollars and guess what idiot was the high bidder then me so in a way I'm glad I got canceled because this time around we got our only 110 but without further ado I think we got to dig into it so we're gonna save the weird floating red box for second but I just want to show you this whatever it is it was attached well it looks like bent up coat hangers in the wall in order to hang it and look on top of it it even has a nice Merry Christmas Jesus is the reason for the season hang on it really really weird but I think first we're gonna get into this down here because this is interesting oh it's heavy too what do you thinking getting in here before I open it I'm not going forward until everybody puts in the comment section what do you think is gonna be in this bag is it gonna be a severed head is it gonna be $100,000 or it's gonna be dirty clothes I don't know this is what I live for this is what I live for these kind of risks let's see what's in here first thing is first we have looks like the strap to the bag uninteresting a razor some scissors a sharpie set all it's in here and what does that a hook alright and a sharpie what a weird set of objects scissors sharpie razor and a hook it'll be it'll be yeah I thought it's gonna be like a ski mask at first and we're gonna find like some armed robber but no you ready let's do what's in here first whoa lots of stuff let's see what this is handbook of North American Indians first just a paper let me get down here to make this easier you ready let's see we're gonna make a mess I know but I want to know what's in here before I put this in the car looks like paperwork so far what else we got whatever that thing is and that what's in the house it's gets heavy ready up there's batteries and a dime didn't even this is like a silver dime at least no just your standard I'm from 1980 and some 7-eleven triple-a batteries remember $500 to save all this stuff what is that some type of extract there's a stamp that says her something on them the stamp let's get into the back I want to say it just blows up when I hope at it guys remember us is a good channel and help us hit 100,000 subscribers do that down in our day all right you ready let's get into it 32100 looks like a jump they got paperwork and pennies and things like that we'll go through all this there could be money or something like that hidden in there you never really know we'll go through it all before we do a recap more paper more paper now looking good guys not looking good what is that dirty paper and change yeah that's pretty much it there any paper and change and a pair of pants okay here we go let's see what's in here looks like more the same paper where you're the holiday card let's see if we find any cash in there just holiday cards and ran the paper okay what do you think's in this bag it's more junk more paper I mean there could be money hidden in paper we found money hidden in paper before so we'll definitely let you know in a recap let's see joy I see gold here but no it's definitely gonna be fake it's so rusty and old there's no way that's real yeah no markings at all that's definitely real precious metals not gonna rush like that hmm because even if we find nothing in this part of the video we're gonna look through in deeper in a recap because like we said you will just paint 500 plus dollar to save this stuff unless there's something in there nothing that's really it for that bag there is nothing a valley that we can see right now now at the moment everybody's been waiting for it myself included why do they put a tool box in here why do they hang it from a wire by the way if you're probably knows on our social media links you would have already seen this unit we've been curious about it for a long time so if you're not make sure you do that but for now let's see if we got if it blows up oh you ready yeah I'm gonna watch you guys I'm not three two one what is this there are these are all family pictures it looks like oh that's somebody's weed box holy crap smell this oh that's probably these strong it's a very smelly oh my gosh that's somebody's weed but wonder how long I know that's not saying anything off for so long okay so we have a Barbie doll another pair of scissors a third pair of scissors and all pairs yeah that's old at least joy more junk let's see tickets more paperwork well is that just your paper stuff so really enough oh joy look we got needles so they got their weed and their needles they were their heroin and weed at it there's a lot of needles in there look at that there's two three oh well yeah I'll see what that is yeah something's in there that's probably gonna be what they're trying I'd do it's baseball colors get up why so low are any of these valuable why would you put these in foil yeah I mean I don't watch baseball at all but I've never heard of any of them so they're not like super huge me let's keep going so there's anything we missed I'm gonna think about that locked-in needle what is that what is that well like a sock or something oh yeah there goes another syringe another syringe another syringe another syringe what else to be in here envelope what is that coin right there can you focus on that any chance it's really small down I can't tell I mean I focused on as you can tell on the screen I don't look that for : gotta smell a weed in here is ridiculous want me to see it one coupon okay some tickets so I'm at a loss unless there's money hidden in these envelopes that we just don't see right now which is very possible well go up them and show you the recap I just I don't understand why somebody would pay 500 plus dollars to keep this stuff safe from walk makes no sense but we'll clean up the mess get it home go through it and let you see in the recaps be right back alright guys let's do a recap for this unit the number one thing I want to say that's kind of sad is there was absolutely nothing of value in this unit unfortunately other than to change that was it but at the end of the day I don't do this for money I do this for the thrill and not knowing what was in there for six months of finally getting to know I would have paid two hundred fifty all day for that but let's go through some interesting stuff we found first off there's a box of raisins in here but inside are not raisins there were seven moths so apparently we got a man that's eaten moths just putting that out there kind of strange one thing though I did see in here I don't know if it has any value maybe somebody can help me with that is this old book with Michael Jordan owners from 1999 it was a Walmart thing talking about and uh he retired at the time so that may have some value that's the only thing that we think have any type of value other than change now let's get into this giant long fun list of criminal charges first in house cuz it's a long one and they're all really strange charges so the first charge we found in here was trespassing in a public library why are we trespassing in a public library I don't know but that was one number two urinating in public again I guess when you left the library you had to go and you couldn't use their toilets either speed it out in front of the street I don't know weird not only do we find criminal charges we also found restraining orders on the person so the person at the front desk that was saying they got a creepy person they were definitely on the dot definitely a weirdo that's just the criminal charges let's get into some of the other stuff we found so one somebody cut out a picture of Oprah and made her into like a mermaid don't ask me okay I don't make this stuff up here's that's not that this hasn't nude I'm not gonna turn it around and do a girl on it but that's not the creepy part the creepy part is they have magazine cutouts of just different women I mean they're not even like nude pictures but look at that just some random girl some random girls again in that on the back I guess I could show these since they're not nude and more just cut out pictures you know what this person probably did all right they probably trust fast in the library took the magazines into the bathroom it was cutting out pictures of women to take back with them I mean there's a gets stranger than that does it again what else do we find in here citations also look at this somebody drew a woman and if you don't know what this is this is a toilet seat cover that you usually find in a public bathroom so I guess while they are in the bathroom cutting pictures out they were drawing women on toilet seat robberies I mean I don't know what to say about this guy really very strange if it doesn't get stranger than nap we also have a picture we thought the pictures are personal the pictures were just completely random as far as we can see this one was just a passenger seat out of a Burger King and just looking at a Burger King they took a picture of it I don't know what this person intentions were I don't know if they were right in the hand I really don't know we also had the cards here and one thing I didn't notice is the one that some Dave Rossella as I'm am i pronouncing that right I don't know but I mean it's in terrible shape so it's probably not sellable at this point but there's actually a signature on there in pen and it looks like it is raised so wasn't printed on the card I was actually drawn on there now this guy we found like 30 receipt spotting stuff so in probably the probable case is they wrote this on there and tried to pawn it and pass it off and they got denies but then again it could be a real signature I don't even know who he is or if you would have any value but I thought we throw that out there they're pretty much everything else is just criminal charges trespassing charges citations just hey two warrants right or just I don't know why they paid I really don't know why they paid $500 they kept trying to pay it off there's nothing I've seen that could been sentimental there's nothing of actual value I have no idea but at the end of the day my curiosity is satisfied anyone else in following us I'm seeing the post and we're like what was in there if I satisfied your curiosity - I'm happy I just oh you don't know how bad I wanted to get in there when we got in there we've paid for this it was like a 35 minute process the computer system I'm giving her issues and I was like oh my gosh we're not gonna be able to get into it again it took us 35 minutes to finally get in there and get access to the unit even though we just lost $110 as far as reselling goes I don't care I needed to know what was in there and now I know so anyway guys it's gonna be it for this one thank you so much for watching if you did enjoy make sure you leave it a big fat thumbs up and if you're not already hit that subscribe button for off from treasure hunting videos all the time if you do want to follow us on our social media links it's gonna be on screen just click the links down in the description below make sure you follow us on whatever you have thank you so much for watching until next time peace up [Music] [Music] you
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