Everyone Stopped To Stare And Laugh At These Airport Pickup Signs

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facts first presents everyone stopped to stare and laugh at these airport pickup signs when a person's picking up somebody at the airport's they'll often bring a sign some signs contain the name of the person that they're picking up other signs are created to welcome loved ones home there are some pretty crazy airport signs that you can't even believe a person would actually show in public and those are the ones we're gonna show you in this video first help us hold up a sign to the rest of the world by clicking that like button and also be sure to subscribe and click the notification bell so you don't miss our future videos number one rehab congratulations now there's nothing wrong with going into rehab in fact deciding to get clean that's actually wonderful it's a courageous thing to do when a person does complete rehab they don't need five hundred strangers knowing about it though this woman what to pick somebody up at the airport with a sign that read congratulations on completing rehab hugs not drugs yeah that's way too much information number two going commando nothing's better than when a parent in the military comes home from being overseas and is reunited with their families most families make signs for the homecoming the boys in this photo they made the best sign ever it reads welcome home mommy PS we are out of underwear we don't even have any on right now now fortunately for these boys mom is home now to take care of that number three a true mama's boy this man went to pick up his parents from the airport and the sign reads welcome home mom and dad we're out of cereal he looks a bit too old to be living at home and leaving his parents to buy him cereal but then again he also looks a bit too old for those penguin pajamas I'm just saying number four a huge friend's fan if you've ever seen the episode of Friends where Phoebe's ready to change your name to the new husband's name you know that she tried to change her name to princess consuela bananahammock well based on this man's Airport sign he must have been a fan of the show his sign reads princess consuela bananahammock beckoned hime the third it wasn't Phoebe's choice a Dame split this is pretty close in fact I think it's a little bit funnier number 5 deliverer some bad news it's not uncommon to come home from a trip and get a bit of bad news the person who made this sign wanted to break the news gently so they used an airport sign and it reads I missed you so much that I made this sign the dogs missed you so much that they ate our couch now seriously welcome home an adorable way to break the news number six Star Wars fan anybody who's ever seen Star Wars knows the iconic line spoken by Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker when he says no I am your father well the person who created this sign dressed up as Darth Vader and made a sign that read Rebecca I am your father you've really got to love Star Wars if you're willing to go to this length number seven the bigger the size the deeper the love most people make Airport signs that are small enough for them to hold these two boys took things a bit further the sign reads hi mom only we would do this and they stretch the sign across the airport that is the love you don't only see from a son to a mother number eight sugar daddy okay this sign is hilarious a daughter picking up her father and she creates a sign there reads running out of money have you seen my sugar daddy she could put a photo of her dad on the side clearly a great sense of humor and you know dad's embarrassed when he sees it number nine future brother-in-law this man had the job of picking up his sister's baby daddy and the sign red guy who knocked up my sister well you know it's a shame that you just can't see the look on the baby daddies face when he sees that sign number ten meeting daddy for the first time this baby's father was overseas in the military when she was born her mother decided to do something cute for his homecoming she took some lyrics from the Carly Rae Jepsen song and the sign reads hey I just met you and this is crazy but my name's Harper and I'm your baby number eleven what this little girl was allowed to make the sign herself the only word that's legible is honestly I I can't make sense at all of the rest of this but I'm gonna guess it's adorable number 12 you survived without me the woman in this photo took a trip alone and her husband was sure that she wouldn't make it alone it's obvious by his sign that reads oh great you somehow survived number 13 embarrassing mom a mother who came home from a trip got an embarrassing homecoming from her family their sign read welcome home from prison mom you see the people in the background staring right but she had to have been humiliated hopefully she has a good sense of humor number 14 embarrassing dad the father of this man must have regretted asking his son to pick him up from the airport his son made a sign that read congratulations on the sex change and the word mom is crossed out and the word dad is added that is classic number 15 tired of all the traveling the woman who made this sign is tired of a loved one traveling so we're sign reads this better be the last time I pick you up here welcome home number 16 home for the holidays this couple is picking up their loved ones for the holidays and they created a wanted sign they used the most embarrassing photos of their loved ones that they could find nicely done number 17 boys will be boys the boy who made this sign had to have been choking it reads go back to Cali Jodi we hate you hopefully Jodi has a good sense of humor number 18 is he even picking someone up by the look of this man sign he's not picking up anybody in particular he's just hoping to pick up smokin hot italian chick hey you never know it might work number 19 the best airport pick-up ever this man really does take it to a whole new level not only did he pick somebody up in the airport he also brought drinks what a guy and a bonus one for you the infidelity sign this sign is awesome while this man was on a trip his wife went through her cell phone records and she decided to humiliate him by putting all of his dirty deeds on the sign on her sign she wrote that he had access to 212 days and 211 nights on his phone records on his phone she found a hundred and thirty two acts of infidelity 25 liaisons with prostitutes one bicurious Episode two pregnancy scares and one STD and a partridge in a pear tree this could not have been the homecoming that he was expecting subscribe for more [Music]
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