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right I think I see a little bit of metal good morning welcome to scrap and Powell man channel don't have much time to lose cuz I think your storms are coming morning you mind if I recycle your metal do you thank you instead of smuggler most excellent it's actually kind of cold out today strain a tangled mess okay finally is weather-beaten this probably goes over here yeah I see the Popo okay one thing I've noticed is that sometimes the neighbors pull stuff out it reminds other neighbors to take stuff to the curb so this Dish Network that's what I think a veneer who knows that's my projection it's my guess definite gonna have to repack this somehow that's pretty enough to go up just go it starts it's eased up did a little bit of repacking this probably isn't even worth its weight that's not gonna work all right that's good now for now this is not sticking out on the sides start plugging stuff in here hey what's going on all right thanks for the medal man yeah you too most excellent I had another guy I didn't get on camera yeah you waste me down take it down a gazebo tomorrow or Sunday and they gave my card this actually is an advertisement we got jump hang out on the truck it's definitely an advertisement at this point small pieces of metal are welcome oh so trap I'm not a fan of these think there's anything in there's a nope yeah I'm not a fan of having rodents in my house either so I'm not like one side of the other just not a big fan of seeing a a mammal be slowly starved to death that's all sure if this was metal but it is it's a little cooler and there's some metal bits in it where am I gonna fit this but anywhere it's like there's a bunch of open space in here a whole bunch of it so I published my video last night it's actually two or three videos ago because I've gotten like a bunch of footage but my friend Amy playing the piano and I didn't learn until yesterday that she wrote that song short that song like years ago and she's just been playing it ever since and the song hasn't been stuck in my head yeah it's sprinkling scrap that's what that is some good script you don't scar hurry up oh it was car bet hurry up there's metal on it see I'm play better you leave these out a lot of people they understand scrap they do and that is good so thanks folks dangers pile of scrap there the steel yeah it is but sure what it was is a mess this is kind of cool seriously I like it I don't know why but I Do's I'll tie that down once I finish this neighborhood why don't you do guys soggy yucca fide I know where's my gloves it's hard to be a dumpster-diving germaphobe just saying the struggle is real I'm sitting here going through the message I like over a hundred comments on my last video so and it just takes a while to read and stuff so it's nine o'clock in the morning and someone said oh no no scrapper Coffee glad you you're back and you know what I replied I said I'm gonna go get some scrapper coffee right now I just filled my truck full of scrap yeah let's go get some scrapper coffee definitely I think it's garbage day in this little neighborhood - in second more I might want to swing through there before I go at the Sycamore scrapyard and get that scrapper coffee that's right I'm also gonna pray before that to God you are awesome you're a good thank you for just making everything happen just the way you want and even though God I get frustrated because things aren't going my way I just wait a week or two and then I just kind of see what you're up to and it blows my mind God thank you Laura in the name of your son you sent amen this should some brass pieces to it there wait a minute that's plastic oh that's not aluminum do I see a little scrappage I do oh is that a lot more is that a safe and a microwave where's the microphone to go once it pick it up right there that's not like this or this yeah that's not gonna work yes one of the Maytag repairman is all bored flipping through magazines small truck problems I'm gonna guess 4000 pounds even let's see 4080 alright I think I'm going to yield to the front-end loader I'm sure what he's up to he's moving scrap [Music] he's dropped off his bucket [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so 3,700 nice to have through 70 80 yes 3720 cool so 300 something pounds what are the chances of there being no scrapper coffee hey Marty what's up Francisco hey I see coffee oh I'm 1066 the number [Music] coffee yeah 1066 yeah um did you make it just now for me I see okay dude you are awesome you're all about people you know people don't realize it scrap is about people I'm recording by the way okay okay right okay so you have um so this isn't your only place of business okay cool with that oh yeah thanks God for scrapper coffee and I don't mean that to be irreverent I mean that to be thankful I am not kidding this coffee there's something about it I don't know what it is it's just amazing the best cup of coffee now so I was watching do you guys watch the frugal mama it's uh dumpsters decor and more frugal family dumpster decor and more channel I was watching her livestream yesterday and she does amazing eBay stuff she has so much knowledge in dumpster driving I mean just such an underrated Channel true wise woman and she was talking yesterday in her livestream and I I'm not sure how the topic came up but she was saying what if everyone for a period of time had to handle their own trash that that they couldn't get rid of anything that's in and I'm just making a bad time frame let's say a month or a year where you couldn't throw away anything there's no trash guy there's no recycled person coming and taking your Bend that you had to store and deal with all of your own trash every single bit of it what a mental exercise that was it was to think what I have this Styrofoam cup what I have the paper what I you know just the diet cokes that I get from McDonald's you know I mean that's just what if I had to deal with everything would my behavior change there's no doubt it would you couldn't burn anything you couldn't bury the stuff you had to hang on to it even go over the numbers so it was 360 pounds of shred steel for three point eight cents per pound for $13.50 $13 and baby since now hopefully that model more is still over there yeah just go get that lot more gay a lot more still there that's good that's real good I do okay thank you very much all right I got a brake light out yes that is a crack isn't it that's a scratch yay it didn't go away I got a lot more last night I didn't get it on camera could do someone yeah I'll grab this - sure you can keep them bedbugs wonder if there's like a jillion bedbugs in the landfill probably not cuz I think they need humans to eat is anybody rabbit it is nobody rabbit you're just now thought of it it's mine it's my camera getting wet from the rain have you ever seen the rain I'm not sure how that song goes those are the wrong words maybe embarrassing there it is really okay if you're gonna go with me that bad fine that thing escaping what's going on here you're making a mess I don't want you though get out there and I'm all full of scrapper coffee and it's raining out it's not very it's 54 degrees Fahrenheit I don't know what is that 15 14 Celsius just enough for where though the rain makes it seem extra chilly what's down this way legal pile a copper this dumpster I can just take a look from the top here let's see if there's any scrapping pallets and there's a couple of chairs actually it looks like decent chairs too they're all wet now okay that's great that's getting colder out huh all right it's raining and I am 2 videos behind it editing yeah I got water in my glasses how does water get behind my glasses I mean all right just remember stay awesome be awesome do your thing let's make the rest of our lives the best of our lives irrespective of the events in our lives I'll talk to you later I know I already said goodbye but there's a dumpster let's go take a quick look [Music] [Music] yeah let's get it though [Music] there comes a construction guy Gina that this is the Aldi dumpster the typical Aldi stuff it's like metal I'll bet it's aluminum I know we'll see ha totally aluminum that's good 100% aluminum alright maybe aluminum isn't such a overrated metal all right I think we're improving our relationship sometimes these are good little dumpsters very wet this the area that the skid pirates just dump their stuff or whatever they do with it who knows maybe people stop by and grab odd size pallets for their personal whatever they do I see a dumpster is that a rusted up dumpster where I can actually see inside of it do the rust holes it is I see nothing this cardboard still close I get some grip maybe a couple of things [Music]
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