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hi everybody every child is special at least that's what their parents think some kids are active and playful others of the contrary are always calm and compliant some like to read others like to build things all day long still others prefer sports however the children that we've picked for this video are really amazing and this is not just the opinion of their mothers among today's heroes our little geniuses children of unusual beauty and just unique kids you want to meet them then let's get it on near Afflalo Shannon she has 15 posts on Instagram but more than a hundred thousand followers what is this secret probably the gorgeous hair of this little girl who's only six years old Mia a flawless shanem a little girl from Israel has such thick hair that some people polish is wearing a wig but now her beauty is absolutely natural and Mia just loves posing in front of the camera in fancy dresses some social media users believe the girl is probably too young to be so popular but it seems that she enjoys her life and is happy to try all kinds of outfits Melanie Dickerson Milani is just a toddler but she has incredibly huge eyes that any Disney princess would envy sadly this beautiful feature is hurting the girl the fact is that Milani has a rare genetic disease known as accent Feld Riga syndrome which may someday blind her children born with this disease often have small or almost non-existent irises so it looks like she has eyes with huge pupils as light enters the eye through the pupil children like Milani or with multiple pupils are often usually sensitive to light if you've ever used drops to dilate your pupils you can imagine what we're talking about whenever the girl wants to go outside for example to walk from home to a mother's car or just to the playground to go on the swings she has to be really careful Milani must always wear her little sunglasses is the only way to protect their eyes from the sunlight Farouk James what does one need to become a model in 2019 just an unusual appearance and an Instagram accounts Farooq James Miller from London is still very young but he's already pursuing a career in modeling using social media and all thanks to his gorgeous hat at the age of six Farooq's hair was already sixty centimeters long can you imagine that how often do you meet someone with such voluminous hair especially if we're talking about a small kid - let's be honest wants to play from the way instead of combing his hair all day however it's the boy's mother Bonnie who takes care of his gorgeous hair she says it's not difficult for her to do it especially since she thinks that it'll help her son go places in the future Ferb's public life began in 2014 when the boy was only three years old it was then after posting several pictures that it became clear that the unusual boy would be very well liked on social media since then fariq's popularity has grown along with this hair and this is likely sir carry on the boy has already appeared with celebrities and walked on catwalks all over the world in the meantime he remains an ordinary child he loves football he's a fan of Chelsea and he also likes dancing music and theatre this Savio Boren Goncharova the girl with the unusual name this Sofia loves ponies and Beyonce as well as dancing and drawing overall she's no different from other ten-year-old girls except this Savio suffers from a rare disease known as pentalogy of Cantrell in which the heart develops outside of the chest it's an extremely rare disease that affects one in a million people because of the disease versus a via has a deformed diaphragm abdominal walls and chest and also lacks several bones the condition is indeed very serious but despite all the problems for Sophia is very strong she impressed the doctors immediately after birth because they thought the child would die immediately after birth but a real Rakhal happened the savio lives and celebrates life just like her peers she walks runs and jumps Oh any physical activity should be done with caution she has to be careful even when dressing and her clothes must be so soft as to not damage her heart however the girl can't spend a whole life with her heart out the salvia needs to undergo a very complicated operation which will put the organ back in its place and now the best doctors in the world are preparing for it Lydian med us were a meet this young Indian pianist who's considered a child prodigy and deservedly so by the way in 2019 Lydian at us forum 1 this CBS talent show the world's best and won a million dollars he is able to play with great speed and on two pianos at the same time how the hell did the kid even think of that [Music] [Applause] [Music] Lydians passion for music began to show when he started playing the drums at the age of two then the boy started accompanying his father music director versions that ish to work and also watched his older sister play the piano the instrument fascinated Lydian at the age of eight he watched his sister play and started playing himself without any training he just watched the videos on YouTube after that his sister and father began to help the boy to master the piano and soon Lydia was able to play flight of the bumblebee at 190 bpm then he learned how to play some slow melodic pieces and after a while easily passed the piano exam held by the Trinity College in London by the way this isn't a test for kids it's usually for people like students or even older he really is a child prodigy Rebecca and Kimberly Yoon remember what you did in your spare time at the age of 9 or 11 probably children's stuff right but Rebecca and Kimberly you from the USA loves science so at that's age they assembled and launched a spaceship is basically just a very large balloon well actually it was a weather probe they named the low-key Lego launcher that ship had an unusual cargo - a picture of their deceased cats Loki and an r2d2 figure and it rose to the stratosphere where the device registered its coordinates that temperature the speed and pressure changes and then reported this data to its young creators back on earth and the sisters were delighted after all the device not only worked but also transmitted information they weren't even expecting for example the young researchers found out that the temperature drops when the device passes through the first layer of the atmosphere then it rises and lowers again the experiments attracted the attention of so many people that it even got to the White House the girls were invited to a science fair where they met Barack Obama now Rebecca and Kimberly continue their research they've already made several launches and are not going to stop Mira Modi what do you do when you need to come up with a password do you use the same password everywhere Deeb changes a little bit and then you can't remember which version you used or maybe you typed something simple like 1 2 3 4 5 or even just the word password and then wonder why your account was hacked to avoid such situations Mira Modi a 9th grade student offers you to buy a password the girl sells only strong memorable passwords which she generates using the dice wear method invented by herself Mira rolls dice to make sure that the words she chooses from the dictionary are absolutely random the cost is relatively low - only eight dollars for perfectly protected data Mira sends the code phrases which consist of six randomly selected words from a special dictionary to customers in envelopes via the US Postal Service thus each password is unique inimitable because it's written down in a single copy which is sent to the client all passwords consist of six words on our website where you can order a secure password Mira informs her potential clients that she's studying at school and therefore can work on secure combinations only in the evenings once she's done her homework Isaiah Byrd when you're too lazy to exercise you find a million excuses bad weather wrong day that week your shoulder hurts but Isaiah Byrd from Long Beach California never skips training although he does have an excuse the fact is that Isaiah was born without legs nevertheless this doesn't prevent the boy from practicing American football and soccer as well as swimming skateboarding surfing and even running but how how does this young athlete have so much strength and motivation why doesn't he just give up well I as I himself says that he'll keep on training no matter what without excuses that's what his coach Miguel Rodriguez teaches him he started coaching the unusual boy when he was only nine years old and managed to become more than a coach and turn into a friend by the way Rodriguez receives daily emails phone calls and videos from adults and children all over the state telling him that they were inspired by esaias example his resilience in his will to win his example is truly motivating what's even more encouraging is that the boy isn't setting new records alone Isiah is supported by his mother Bernadette Topton his friends and his teammates Marcia and Millie Biggs the story of Marcia and Millie is really unique it happens once in a million years because these girls are twins but not just any twins they have different skin hair and eye colors Oh God the girls looked almost identical when they were born but soon some differences started to appear as soon as Millie's skin began darken Marcia's blue-eyed face started turning lighter and our hair began to curl and make her look like a cute little blonde girl their mother Amanda explained that Marcia has her fair skinned and golden brown hair while Millie inherited the features of her jamaican-born father Michael the parents are constantly stopped on the street by confused people they just don't believe that such different girls could be twins maybe friends or cousins but not twins and how much do they suffer try to explain it to the school teachers however the sisters don't care about the differences Marcia and Millie are thick as thieves they're so close to each other but they're literally synchronized in every action it's always been like this too now the girls are 13 years old when it seems like they'll shock people at any age one night Sam was falling asleep in front of the screen when suddenly suddenly something went wrong oh no he's been caught by Iron Man suit and our portal has opened and Sam ended up inside a huge robot missiles explosions Sam falls through a tiny portal and Oh whew do you want to experience something similar then come and meet us don't fall asleep like Sam subscribe to tech zone [Music]
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