Britain's Got Talent S08E01 Collabro Amazing Classical / Musical Boy Band

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what is it you guys are doing today for a boy band I'm Tom I'm Jamie I'm Matt I'm Richard I'm Michael and together we are kelabra yeah boy there we've been screaming for about a month now we've only really sung in front of our friends and family before so in this kind of our debut to Britain really we catch others eyes from the scene but yes this is the sound we want to make we like named ourselves after animal that yeah I'm a seal but do it going through it I'm a giraffe your honor finally to get a standing ovation from an audience this size would be out of this world they were outstanding hi there we are kelabra Jeff date jokes I'm a laborer I'm a sales assistant on a pet real Garrett I'm a kitchen salesman I work in a Japanese restaurants I work in a hospital okay lovely how long you guys been a group I've been together for about a month now a month what makes you think after a month that you're good enough to win Britain's Got Talent natural chemistry I think okay lovely well whenever you ready out in the darkness a fugitive didn't expect this fallen from grace God be my witness I never shall yield till we come face to face till we come face to face he knows his way in the top- those who follow the path of the righteous shall have their reward and if they fall in your multitudes scarce to be counted filling the darkness with order and light you are the Sentinels silent and sure keeping watch in the night right keeping watch in the night you know your place in sky you hold your course and your aim and each of your season returns and returns that is always and if you fall as Lucifer fell man that I may see him behind oh my god you reduced me I just could burst with pride for you that was bloody brilliant you know what when the five you came out I thought here we go again another boyband this is going to be awful there was an absolutely brilliant audition it was a formalist performance guys it was it was absolutely fantastic but what a great song yeah I know it's not it's not an obvious choice of song as well which is great because we're the same songs over and over again I really think this could be very big achieve that in a month that's astonishing that is definitely by far one of the strongest auditions oh yes yes yes yes yes yes David yes they're well-written Rudi has don't happen it's four yeses to have all four judges on their feet as well at the end yeah so expecially like you know when Simon Stern Apothic best feeling
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Published: Sat Apr 12 2014
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