7 Unique Places Even Scientists Can't Explain

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[Music] hey this is pretty cool seven places on earth that science has yet to explain exploring outer space is awesome but what if there are places right here on earth that are just as incredible and jaw-dropping luckily for you you live on planet Earth a place that holds secrets so wild and baffling that even scientists can't always explain them prepare to be amazed as you learn about seven of the world's most unbelievable mysteries and phenomena don't forget to click the subscribe button and turn on notifications to join us on the bright side of life counting down from number seven the devil's kettle waterfall at first glance this pretty waterfall located in Minnesota in the u.s. looks like your average waterfall what's interesting about this waterfall is that it has two different bodies of falling water one side has water falling into another body of water Lake Superior the other one has water that falls straight into a huge natural hole in the ground where does this water lead well that's the mysterious part no one seems to know people visiting the waterfall have dropped sticks and other objects down the disappearing waterfall but they never see their items reappear downstream in the past scientists put the water to the test by releasing dye into the waterfall they've even drop large amounts of ping-pong balls down there but they've never found a trace of the dye in any bodies of water in the area so where is this water going well most of you will agree that this water has to go somewhere perhaps it's going into the ground but wouldn't it have to come out somewhere scientists are still working on figuring this one out number six Stonehenge if you were to travel eight miles or so north of Salisbury in England to a place called Salisbury Plain you'd see tourists staring in awe at the great stonehenge this prehistoric stone formation has been sitting in this spot for thousands of years according to the Encyclopedia Britannica Stonehenge was constructed in six stages between the years 3015 20 BCE but what's so interesting about a bunch of giant rocks a lot actually well today we have machines that can help us lift heavy materials to build giant buildings and monuments back in the days when Stonehenge was built no one had access to this type of technology so how on earth could anyone have lifted stones weighing anywhere from four to thirty seven tons even more than that why were they doing this archeologists have come up with plenty of theories to explain this phenomenon some guessed that the men who built Stonehenge used a system of sledges rollers and boats others hypothesized that it was built with a weighted levy system well many of these guesses seem to make sense to a certain extent to this day no one has a definitive answer and there may never be one number five the hostel in lights if you saw dancing lights in the sky what would you think they were aliens coming to Earth shooting stars well the residents of Hestia land valley norway have to live with this burning question every single night it has to Lin Valley brightly colored lights appear in the sky in different colors and shapes for the last four decades and possibly longer this phenomenon has continued to puzzle scientists according to some theories these lights could be caused by a nearby radioactive lake emitting particles that light up in the air as they evaporate other scientists think that the base of the valley contains a lot of sulfuric acid when it comes into contact with the water it causes sparks to appear in the sky even though there are many different guesses as to why this town gets their very own light show every night scientists still haven't come up with a definitive answer for now they'll just have to sit back and enjoy the free show number four the boiling River in the Amazon sometimes lounging around in the jacuzzi can be incredibly relaxing but this hot body of water takes things to a whole new level deep in the Amazon forests lies a floating river in the forested region of my auntie aku that boasts temperatures so hot that any person or animal that falls into it literally boils alive from the inside out that's right this river runs at an unbelievable 196 degrees Fahrenheit dang that's hot locals used the water to brew tea and sometimes they cook with it well this river's high temperature is incredibly intriguing what makes this natural phenomenon a mystery is the fact that no one can figure out what makes the water so hot according to geophysicist Andres Rizzo boiling waters are typically attached to an active volcano or magmatic system like the boiling River Trail in Yellowstone National Park in the US but in the town of my auntie aku there are no active volcanoes within 400 miles so what's heating it up so drastically over the centuries residents of this town believed that the river had magical healing powers and used it spiritually and medicinally Rousso guesses that hot geothermal waters pour in from cracks in the earth heating the temperature of the river but this has yet to be scientifically proven meanwhile if someone hunting animals illegally accidentally falls into the river and boils alive well then we'll have a poached poacher sorry I couldn't help myself number three movile cave can you believe that there's a place on earth with its own ecosystem and atmosphere similar to another planet well start believing movile cave located in southeastern romania remain closed in complete darkness for a whopping 5.5 million years it wasn't until workers discovered the cave when they were looking for a place to build that anyone learned about it scientists carved out an opening to the cave and found that a completely sustained ecosystem was thriving inside as a pathway was carved through the rock past numerous tunnels scientists found a lake of sulfuric water that stank like rotten eggs the air was filled with hydrogen sulfide and had 100 times more carbon dioxide than Earth's air contains needless to say this air is completely toxic what's even crazier is that a whole ecosystem has been existing in this cave with 33 species that can't be found anywhere else on earth this cave gives us a glimpse of what could possibly exist on other planets with completely different atmospheres how it managed to exist on earth all this time without anyone knowing is rather unbelievable isn't it number two circles of namibia namibian deserts are full of elephants snakes antelope and hundreds of evenly placed circles wait what this brutally hot desert is home to a vast array of wildlife but even more interesting are the fields of grass with evenly spaced holes and now these circles are almost perfect and range anywhere from 10 to 65 feet in diameter many scientists have offered up theories as to why these circles appear instead of other more random shapes in 2013 environmental scientist norbert irrigants hypothesized that termites were the cause of these circles but like all the hypotheses that came before his it was later disproved while this looks straight out of a scene from M night Shyamalan hid horror flicks signs it's definitely real but no one can figure out why number one Western Venezuela's never-ending Lightstorm lightning storms are pretty cool aren't they they light up the sky and you can't help but feel a special exciting energy in the air but these lightning storms usually end and you go about living your life but in western Venezuela over the mouth of the Catatumbo River there's a lightning storm that seems to be running on energizer batteries it just keeps going and going once the clock strikes 7 p.m. the lightning storm begins and doesn't relent for another 10 long hours this happens most nights during the year to add the the strangeness of these ongoing storms one night in 2010 saw the storm suddenly stop in the middle of the night and not return for six weeks there have been multiple theories attempting to explain this odd phenomenon most recently scientists are guessing that the surrounding mountains that contain warmer winds from the Caribbean Sea are to blame the wind patterns comprised of warm and cool air dropping down from the Andes Mountains are forced upward and manifest into storm clouds is quite literally the perfect storm so wasn't that cool do you have any theories about the mysterious places mentioned in this video share your hypothesis in the comment section and start a conversation don't forget to give this video a like share it with your friends and click Subscribe stay on the bright side [Music]
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