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good evening good evening to you what is your name my name is Paul Zedan nice to meet you welcome to America's Got Talent thank you fantastic to be here and what is your act what is your talent I'm going to do some ventriloquism whoo I love that word so hard to say but really Quincy said if you have to say that serious a play when to look at them what is always perfect it was crisp and tourism ventriloquism ventriloquism I see your lips moving well you know that a ventriloquist won America's Got Talent I saw that Terry Terry Fator I think he makes like a hundred million a year Reiko I here in Las Vegas okay is that your dream yes what is your dream 100 million is more than I own at the moment yes dark was won on winning this one okay we can't wait to see it you know you can have fun being a ventriloquist right what I'd like to do to confuse the sound man in the soundcheck and make him think the microphone has gone out of sync hello hello hello hello hello it's not work later on would you please welcome my friend Sam yeah this is Sam said oh no not me then oh my right back Sam here we are America's Got Talent America's Got Talent yep you heard me people these are the judges that steering is rude right right right whoa wait what wait what wait what wait they're all staring at new whinnies yeah ever looking at your mouth never leave your mouth you're moving with it yes but you can't you're not ready to move my mouth so and tonight let's not limit it could you not talk and I'm talking don't worry you're not that good that sounds what looking for notice what now hello hi hi how about your period is coming back to my suitcase their luggage of love so there once you have perfect you never go back I apologize I'm out I was too much what I want to come back out no I'm gonna move on can you let me come back happening with that is great haha just ignore me okay look stop copying me yep here is the baby stop it stop it stop it stop it stop it your budget yeah you're an idiot I can't do that though I'd like to post me out here I'm a grown man standing you're on stage having a conversation with some luggage and you're going for it this that's all from me you've been absolutely lovely thank you can't it what are you doing what with Emma do you know who that is yeah you're gonna do an impression of her yeah Emma Taylor and late ah Oh minorities are over and he has his last song oh yeah yeah hello Taylor thank you very good nothing anyone and you're either bina I'm Isabella well done ready so these are the judges oh yeah okay so that's DJ fresh Oh crazy do you even know what DJ stands for yeah what get judge okay Hey but looking at you now I think you should be the fresh good that's model ready yeah yeah Frankie piece Oh shadows hi I like your name shadow thank you I know he knows where you go yeah yeah I talked to this guy which guy the money token up why do you like until you guess my Queen City toko Rosie to set aside please oh now that's better idea mm-hmm what I can do today I'll present to you a grand illusion it's called an illusion of the nine well I like that illusion of the nine that's not what we practiced just a be quiet and go with it okay go ahead on this pedal I have a prediction Oh prediction do look I have predicted Nellie's the spots her as much sure okay okay now think of a number between 1 and 1000 do you have it now answer Neil only is number 6 to 4 now no I'll do one more one more yeah cool get the glass oh yeah music please stand act behold the power of the nine what Oh fridges sensational Stephano he's and gentlemen hey you can say good evening you speak English it's my knife come on hey say something now what what why not is it's fantastic amount present research yeah oh no listen English punished free okay okay hey Wendy listen to me you think I am stupid yeah so well you don't want to speak anymore no okay and now oh yes I want you know you know how to sing know what yes yes yes well we listen to you it's about Wow and you understand yeah we'll take please we're going to sing something for you alright okay don't look at the audience like that feelings come on nothing more Oh crying - okay him all together okay no please come on it's a pretty good talent okay all together feeling my father all right here's video I'm a singer and I need men to like do my mojo saying you know when I think um there's this guy backstage that everyone is talking about his name is Anton Anton dad I think you friends can I get that guy a break yeah look at you you're so tall you always have a thuds I'll be full so really just try not to fall in love with me I know it's hard okay I know it's hard see music crease yes it's okay don't be nervous he'll be nervous really for you guys SHINee right above you to play along nice we just seem to whisper I love you yeah sure singing in a sycamore tree dream a little dream of me okay yeah I'm you singing this song to you I'm actually sending subliminal messages to you guys so when you go home and sleep tonight you will actually dream of me then in the morning you'll call Simon it'll be like is on an object that's really out of line is also a CD with my dad hey kiss me yeah hold me tight and tell me you'll miss me while I'm alone flu as can be literally dream a little dream out of me you can just like kiss me an HP everyone welcome you to my very good friend his name is baby Lyon please go this is impression turn of the song hmm - led farm here who else can you do who else can you do stop that stop that oh oh stop stop stop it stop it stop it that's it now now stop it stop it now thank you very much yeah careful you're gonna lose my voices I got the Royal car after hot we got the wild card what the gods do you I'm a sea salt I made you the finest system since I'm a ventriloquist for that hi there tickety trying to the tiny ticket yet I don't thinking of insourcing - get away - go away no see isn't always a journey so no hisses no now a hypnotist puts people to sleep all right so you miss the manda this week yeah I didn't think I was going to see you again do you know what you didn't call on me this week awesome and I've been calling you HD HD is that because we're on television and you're in high definition no this is on a hot dolly who are you doing stop it let me out no Mandarin Rockne reckon Oh Simon oh not you I thought I'd sent you home that is my act yet you see you're a sensation with the ladies all over the world yeah I am just tell me can you let me in on your little secret well I think you're the languages really can you speak Spanish can you know how am I going to do it then I'm going to count to 10 in English and then you translate okay let's see what you got one uno two dos three hang on what this isn't going to work why not you're going to count to ten yes how do I know when you get to sit is it going to hurt okay Amanda Amanda shot Lily that's not really it looks it like in know Amanda my body already okay hello Sonny huh this is for me yes you two always together masters we go together so well we go together saga the dingo together forever you don't know only go to the middle and it's a big hockey you
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