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this is Sanjeet Maria he heads up an operation along with three other directors called supremo innovations Private Limited this organization specialized in commissioning pop ups to be visible in the UK the pop ups are designed to freeze or lock a browser to force the victim to call the number displayed on the pop-up if the victim calls one of supremo's numbers the person on the end of the film will lie to them in order to get their money this video exposes this organization in great detail critical alert from hogwash the address which supremo gave on their website is 776 Barking Road London a 13 however this is a fake address a quick look on Google Earth and Street View shows us address 2 b1 which is to let there isn't any presence here of this organization other than appeal box that's because the real location is here in New Delhi their address is on screen Naya so how does their business work well it starts with adverts in a skype grip for what's called tech support calls what you can see at the bottom here is an advert from a guy called sir hail from solve ninjas media group who's offering to sell some phone calls and the reason that he can sell these phone calls is that this guy creates the pop-ups and sells them to tech support scammers he sells them at sixteen dollars per call and he says that there's a guaranteed return on these calls of seventy two hundred dollars per call and he's probably not wrong what you're looking at here is a live view of supreme innovations calls you can see that there are eight agents currently logged in and they're seeing calls from people who are calling this number it appears on the pop-up and this is more clear evidence that supremo innovation agents are fielding calls from people who are calling that number in addition here's a chat log from Skype where Sanjeet asks solve ninjas media to start and stop one of these campaigns you can see from sandy escape contacts that they will use several pop-up vendors and this is to make sure that all of the agents are occupied should one of these campaigns not work and here's a screenshot showing that Tech UB IT solutions who that parent company of supremo innovations are paying this person Mayank to have their phone number on those pop-ups this is part of a lot of evidence that I've gathered that this organization are actively involved in scamming thousands of UK people and I do mean thousands on the screen you can see the database of all our customers that they've scammed in 2018 there are over 1,500 names here and the revenues for the year are just shy of a quarter of a million Pines the revenue for 2017 is over 300 thousand Pines and this is pounds it's not repeats these are all UK victims and scammers always work in pairs there's at least one point in every call where they hand over to a technician and you can see the names of each of these sales agents and technicians and column H and J column I or the payment gateways unlike the pop-up vendors they choose to use several of these should one not work and this is the B Excel dotnet webpages which are used by supremo innovations to collect payments from their victims you'll notice that you purchase some sort of web development page and not tech support and that's because this page is designed to disguise the real mo you can see some of their clients here including their own parent organization tech yogi NPC supremo again one of their own websites their clients seem to be themselves and on the bottom left you can see that B Excel dotnet is described as a trade name of supremo innovations but if you were unfortunate enough to fall victim to one of these scams this is how they take the payments first of all the agent code has to be selected and each agent gets mission for the seals that they make and from their own spreadsheets these are the incentives they get if the agents make lots of seals the conversion rate is roughly 100 rupees equals one pound or about one dollar twenty each agent has a minimum monthly target but if they exceed a seal value of seven thousand pounds per month they get rewarded with fourteen thousand rupees or about one hundred and forty Pines or two hundred dollars so this is why agents always push for the higher value seal they have a good Commission and also to safeguard the revenues they use several payment gateways I'll mention a lot more about these payment gateways towards the end of this video so how can they use so many UK phone numbers when they don't have a presence in the UK well it's because they use VoIP services and amongst several of these they use the real PBX comm like a lot of other scamming organizations eeew Telkom the number of people that code at UK RingCentral which they used for inbound and outbound calls call hippo and VoIP line Telecom and they regularly change these vendors as and when they're caught on with fraud so they still had the nerve to demand their money back even though they've been find out that their voice service was being used for fraud and here's some detail of that fraud these are the URLs in September which were used by supremo innovations to display some of their pop ups with their phone number on it every single day there was at least two pop-ups in use except for some days where they don't work so who makes all the money for supremo innovations well they've got a properly registered UK company and here you can see the company number and again this is all publicly available information and you can see that the director of the company is object Kumar Saad you can see that their address has changed to a couple of other fake addresses in London they used to reside in one one yet empire house which I uncovered in an earlier video and if you do a little search against one of the directors name's up pops all of the organizations which they're involved with including tech yuugi IT solutions which is the parent company of supremo innovations here you can see all the names of the directors of both companies it's object Sanjeet Jitendra and raj kumar saha given that the workers work for a salary and the commission these guys are making all the money but their figures don't add up at least not officially this is the directors report for tech UB IT solutions and the declared value of their profits seems to be much less than $10,000 per year the figures you see here are an Indian rupees and if I look at the UK version of this company supremo innovations you can see the company accounts there when you have a look at their accounts for last year until the 30th of June 2017 you can see that they made the parentheses sum of just three thousand Pines that's in stark contrast to the revenue that I can see for that year which was over three hundred thousand so even if the UK police or Indian police haven't got the time or resources to tears up when this sort of fraud the hich MRC which is the UK tax authority have been given an anonymous tip-off about the accounts of this company and as of the 14th of September I've emailed every one of the fifteen hundred and ten people who have been ripped off by Suprema innovations in 2018 if you pause the video you can have a look at the email that I sent them and there's also a link to the video that I posted as part of this email below I recommended that every one of these victims get back to Supreme renovations and demand a refund and the results look very promising after my initial batch I could tell that supremo were almost immediately starting to get refund calls and I was getting quite a number of emails from people who weren't even aware that they were victims of the scam but it was starting to become obvious that supremo innovations were getting overwhelmed with of people calling them to demand their money back and they were beginning to hemorrhage so much money that they started changing tactics and we're saying that I was a scammer a disgruntled employee and they even started ringing their own customers to warn them not to open an email from Jim browning because it was a virus so to ensure that the maximum number of people do get the refunds I've contacted their payment gateways these are legitimate companies who are probably unaware of supreme or innovations fraud I've also contacted each of their void providers and pointed them to this video as well together with their account information the company also misrepresent themselves are supporting Norton AntiVirus and McAfee chances are if you type Norton support center into Google you might hit on one of supreme innovations two numbers you can see them both here as of September 20 obtain this particular number rich - supremo innovations they used to seem to be partners of Microsoft and this is what their website used to say until I wrote the partner point who promptly removed them but that doesn't stop them claiming still to be partners thank you for contacting technical support you are talking to be cash that'll be how can I help you you rang me yesterday and took a load of money off me from two sanely you were a partner technical partner to Microsoft yes I must just run them and they say they don't know you who man what's your name man my name is Chris yeah Christian if you remember that yes are you in front of your computer I can show you who I am and we are Microsoft Partner or not later on powerful computer yes I might just run Microsoft remember how can you say that you ran a Microsoft it is that person I can see a person I'll just run them yes you were a partner and I said they've never hurt yes ma'am that's why I'm saying if you go in front of your computer I can show you we are a Microsoft Certified Professional or Lord all of a sudden he's not a Microsoft Partner he's a Microsoft Certified Professional very slippery but perhaps I'm getting them all wrong maybe we should listen in to a few of their phone calls to see whether they're really generated as a result of these fake virus pop-ups listen carefully to the background in each of these calls hello I've been told that my laptop has been hacked and to ring this number immediately somebody could really back please oh one thank you and here's another example yeah I received a call from your side yes I'm having the same problem I need you corrected yesterday my name is mrs. Marshall and I had a problem yesterday you're supposed of corrected error to fix a v3 and it's a serious problem telling me that my computer is will be disabled to prevent further damage because it's being hacked at the moment but it's not a surprise that these adverts keep reappearing as soon as are detected as deceptive they have to move on they have to order a new pop-up on a new website and that's where the likes of Sahil of my acumen the next bit of footage shows Sanjeet using his own PC to check the status of some of the adverts that he commissioned earlier in the day some are already blocked and won't generate calls to supremo innovations on this yellow post-it note Sanjeet keeps a note of how the various campaigns are going Mayank skulls have generated 800 pints of Revenue and sealers calls nearly 2,000 it looks like surrealist claims for the return on investment look pretty spot-on but leave the last words on this video to one potential victim who was able to see through their pop-up scam thank you for calling support my name is Mike how can I help you oh yeah some reason and you shut down my computer and I'm aware it's a scam and I have involved the place and so if you can get hold of my computer and tell it there is not good be scared anymore that'd be lovely mum we are not discover so Hayley the support of Windows customers ok if the colors and they Pro provides support to them ok alright bye boys easy Stan my computer who are you that great mum on the on the technician from supreme innovations on the via Microsoft certified technicians who solve the windows was supportive in discuss tumors so sorry where is whereabouts in the world were coolest mom actually I am from the engine office actually and but I off my rocker web base assembly looking UK but you're talking to Indian person right you do you pie silly guy yes Olaf is basic UK okay and now yeah the butter I'm talking from your India right now okay right well I mean if you basically cannot be annoying please to track this down okay so what kind of flower you coded mom the cold can be recorded for the quality purpose not more than that okay okay - cool - that'd be really helpful because I pointed the victims of this scam to this video I'm hoping that they will be able to get their money refunded on the reporting of their activities to the various payment gateways and VoIP providers should have an effect on their business let's see if you're interested in combating scams take a look at the information under scammer info there's a lot of useful tips and resources there including a lot of active scamming pop-ups you don't have to be the least bit technical all that really needs to be done is to waste the person on the end of that phone lines time if you would like to support me and what I do personally I have a patreon channel there's a link below and shown here and I would really appreciate anything that you can do to help me create these videos you can also catch me on Twitter at Jim browning 11:00 and once again thanks for watching [Music]
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