STORM AREA 51: The First Raid Already Happened

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what is up you accrue we are doing an update on storm area 51 story you guys had so many questions you wanted us to cover and we have uncovered incredible true stories of people who have already stormed area 51 you guys are gonna want to hear this to hear what they found inside and what happened to them and to get all of your questions answered be sure you watch this video until the very end we also uncovered another incredible story of a man who snuck into area 51 you guys this is an amazing story okay he spent seven days hiking to and around the test site so the location of s4 and area 51 he made it out undetected this is a story you guys have to hear it's almost too freaking crazy to be believable guys but before we can get into this guy's we have to do a really quick recap so please bear with us for those who don't know we're talking about in our new to this channel you guys we are gonna give a quick recap of the storm area51 event strawberry 51 is a facebook event that has gone viral over a million people are pledging to go to area 51 on September 20th and storm into the base when I get clear now we have nothing to do with the creation of this event and we do not encourage anyone to storm area 51 or do anything illegal we are just here to give you guys the facts that's right guys we are putting this up front because last time we put it at the end of the video people didn't watch it to the end and they seemed to think that we were suggesting that people go to area 51 and to actually try to storm the base that is not what we are about and that is not what we are saying so now with that out of the way let's go so guys according to the page they're all gonna meet up at the area 51 alien Center tourist attraction and coordinate their entry if we know to run we can move faster than their bullets let's see them aliens if it's not a parent now guys this is absolutely was made as a joke it was obviously a joke for multiple reasons but you guys can go and watch our last video when we get into that a lot more deep this was clearly a joke no one's gonna outrun bullets doing a Naruto style and the people who don't seem to know what new route Doerun is they actually believe that that's what people are saying they're actually gonna outrun the bullet yeah exactly it's kind of funny to watch these people who have no idea what that means me taking it seriously you're telling people ha there's no way they can outrun a 50 Cal bullet there's no way they can run out of this guy's it's literally a freakin joke yeah but it has blown up and even though it's clearly a joke it sounds like some people may actually attempt to storm the base I mean you know some people are gonna show up you know they might be on the wrong side of the base a few of them are gonna show up on the right side you guys let us know what you think will happen if any number of people actually decide to storm the base in the comments down below and don't forget to hit the like button and subscribe if this video reaches a hundred thousand likes guys we will head out to area 51 as soon as possible and we will just go and check out and see if they're moving any equipment around we'll see if there's any major changes happening out there if they're actually taking this joke seriously if the security's acting different maybe more aggressive yes so make sure you guys smash the like button be sure to check the links to our area 51 videos in the description below for exclusive footage not seen anywhere else on YouTube after watching this video now to the incredible story of people who actually storm area 51 let's go back to 1983 this is a little-known story and we can't really find much because there's such a long time ago to actually validate this story but ACK in 1983 a group of for Greenpeace volunteers they snuck into the base they came from the east they snuck into the base to Papoose Lake where Bob Lazar supposedly worked on alien aircraft you guys they made it all the way there this was before Bob Lazar claimed that he was working there according to Greenpeace they came across no heavy security and saw no secret saucer basis it was just a dry lakebed when they reached the test site they were all arrested and cited that was probably easy to rest for them compared to how many and now that was a long time ago guys so security is most likely everything is probably changed on the base at 9:00 a.m. time exactly which takes us to another incredible story you guys probably never heard this story but is by a man named Jerry Freeman ok guys for years Jerry tried to get permission to enter the base to retrace the steps of the 49ers who got lost in what is today a poos dry lake it was the only section of the entire route that his archaeology group hadn't yet explored the Air Force denied him too have entry to retrace the historical route yeah he tried for like five years you guys and they said no he would never be allowed to go on there to retrace it that's right so Gerry decided he would sneak into the base and Trek a seven-day 100-mile hike through what the Las Vegas Sun described as smooth the Nevada Test Site and near if not in the secret area 51 according to the Las Vegas Sun Freeman came to the Sun because he wanted a neutral party he trusted to know when and why he was going in he was worried about the rumors of people entering area 51 only to disappear and never be seen again he took his cell phone with him with plans to call his wife and the Las Vegas Sun reporter with updates in code on his progress and what's so weird about this guy is this was all the way back in 1997 and he was actually able to make phone calls inside the base in certain locations but just wait you guys what he found inside there was actually kind of disturbing and really really creepy it also might be what they're hiding from you guys and from us and why it's so secret in there some of the things he saw were pretty insane so Gerry began on his hike sneaking into the base ten hours into his hike he stopped dead in his tracks the entire valley in front of him held a huge eerie strange facility and he decided to call it the City of the Dead it looked like it had been completely abandoned full of what he described to be bizarre looking structures and portable trailers filling the entire value guys upon closer looked with his binoculars he realized there were guards between this facility freaking everywhere as the entire place was locked down with guards everywhere so guys this is kind of really a creepy thing for him to find because it's like in the middle of the base it's completely locked down it seemed to really freak him out yeah he literally called it the city of the Dead he's like here's an entire city like many buildings and trailers and it's guarded around the perimeter like like tons of guards everywhere guys and I know a lot of people seem to trust a government blindly but we cannot forget the fact that there have been some really awful things that our government has done to our own people not even conspiracy theories II guys things that have been completely confirmed exactly you could even investigate this on the CIA website if you want for example the MKULTRA experiments guys go ahead and look in that really crazy stuff our government does to its own people also look into the Tuskegee experiments where they tested on their own people some really brutal stuff you guys can go ahead and look into that if you want to but just realize the government has done some really bad stuff to us in the past and who's to say they're not doing it now and who's to say they're not doing literally on this base you guys that sounds so weird who knows what the heck they're really guarding there and why is it so heavily guarded if it appears to be like mainly abandoned exactly it sounds like a really creepy place guys so let us know what you guys think what do you think could be going on in there are you sure to let us know right now in the comments below so one of the buildings in particular that caught Gerry's attention is a building constructed of block and surrounded with chain-link with a single window emitting a radiant Hulsing glow that is freakin creepy a sign outside the facility read Los Alamos National Laboratories limited according to their website they're a federally funded research and development center he managed to sneak around this facility I made it to Papoose Lake after five days of traveling but was unable to find the inscription he was looking for out of water he had to head back to the base managing to escape without being caught but he did see a Papoose Lake was this quote near the mountainous site of Papoose I saw light security vehicles hangar doors opening and closing I don't profess to know my purpose for intruding it was not to document UFO sightings nor was I here to compromise national security you have to admit that's pretty interesting that he saw lights and he saw like possible doors opening and closing you saw some weird stuff in the exact area where Bob Lazar claims to have worked on s4 you can literally see a photograph where he was at on Google if you guys go ahead and search for Jerry Freeman Nellis range or whatever you guys will be able to pull up an image of him actually standing on Papoose Lake and it's so weird that not very many people have covered the story you guys we have never seen anyone else covering it someone who actually spent a week walking around and hiking around the freaking base that's insane that's exactly right around the base you guys you make phone calls on a cell phone way back in the 90s using his phone on the base and he managed to escape undetected that's right he said he would travel at nighttime and rest during the day in order to avoid detection now guys we have some comments to address we have seen the following questions repeatedly intercom section and we wanted to address them for you guys so the first question is how close can you get to area 51 I don't know if you guys are referring to the actual base itself or the outer perimeter where there's actually no fence around area 51 out there there's no fence at all I'm not really sure people are getting this information you could drive right through that if you wanted there's no gate or no fence to go right through there now up the road from the groom Lake Road about two miles up the road there's a guard shack with those you know those arms that go up and down you know those kind of gates that's about it though I didn't mean anybody could run through there if they really wanted to here's another one what happens if you cross into area 51 so if you cross area 51 guys from all the video and everything we've ever seen about this what's gonna happen is you're gonna get chased down by the camo dudes they're gonna catch you they're gonna have their rifles drawn they're gonna put you on the ground and they're gonna hold you there till the Sheriff's Department arrives when the Sheriff Department arrives that are gonna take you into custody they're gonna give you a ticket looks like you're gonna release you you're gonna pay 700 bucks and that's gonna be it okay guys so we were overwhelmed on our last day with questions about the white bus people wanted to know if you could stick a camera on the bottom of the bus if you could follow the bus and attempt to talk to the workers yes and if you guys try to get next to that bus just realize everybody can go see the bus it's Lilly Park in a public area that you can go to just to be aware that as soon as you get around that bus you are being filmed you're being videotaped and you are being watched very closely there's no chance that you're gonna put something on that bus and they're not gonna see it so I suggest and I advise really really advise against anybody even trying that I do suggest you can go look at it cuz it's completely legal and you can look at it but do not try to put anything on that bus before the bus leaves a base the first thing that they do is they set out a few trucks that go ahead of them they Scout a few scouting trucks and vehicles will come out of the base ahead of the bus these guys are driving the route of the bus and seeing if anybody looks suspicious or anything is out of order if anything suspicious or out of order two sheriff's will immediately pick it up at that location we should know because this literally happened to us and we were waiting for that bus we saw the Scout come out he stopped he stared at us for awhile he took off and next to you know from a totally different direction the sheriff showed up at the exact same time they dropped the bus off they knew we were there and they watched us until the bus left safely that was it yes so if you try to follow the bus and try to talk to the workers it will probably not work out because you're gonna hassled by the police before you can do anything yeah you guys this is so weird this is something I wanted a touchdowns this is a perfect time to touch on this Alamo I find to be a creepy little town it's very creepy the area 51 workers definitely live there not all of them of course does this a handful that live in this little tiny town and they are all working together guys that's hard to describe unless you go there and feel it and sense it for yourself it is like you're entering a totally different area it's really bizarre and we have also received a ton of comments about the Russian spy plane some people who want to act like it is not true but guys if you just do a quick little google search you will pull up a ton of sources for you about this from mainstream media we just wanted to just that really quickly for those who act like really flying about it or something yeah they literally just did this whoo three months ago I think or maybe four months ago they literally just flew over the base and also it seems like a lot of people missed the point of that comment and it wasn't that it would like to tell us well yeah we can fly over there's two that wasn't the point the whole point was that Russia gets more access to the base and the people who paid for okay guys the next round of comments that we overwhelmingly received we're comparing area 51 to private property Katie says I mean I understand what they're saying but it is government land and they have science posted clearly stating not to go on it if you warn us so it's on us Americans if we go against that it's like a law that they are put in place for a reason it's kind of like an American citizen having private property if one trust passes on their property the owner might use force they're so often leading to fellow American being killed and I don't understand this idea of comparing public property to private property guys the government gets all of their money from you the taxpayer you pay for everything that government has it's not even comparable to say public and private all public land is bought by public money that means all of our tax money goes to that so basically everything they own comes from freaking us the government does not produce any money you guys so they take our money and use our money to buy this stuff so if that's not even comparing apples to apples okay when you try to compare it to private land it's not the same thing at all it's completely different another thing about Katy statement that kind of like makes you feel a little worried about things is they think they can kill trespassers and that's usually like on private property and in most places that I know of like in Nevada trespassing is a misdemeanor if you shot somebody just because they trespassed on property you're gonna go to prison unless you're in a state of castle doctrine and they're entering your house or something else like they feel threatened it's literally a misdemeanor a lot of people have also been telling us that there's a del Taco on Google Maps I has suddenly popped up right in the middle of area 51 and we have no idea anything about that yeah most likely someone just looked at on there I'm not really sure how I never added things that Google Earth so you guys could probably figure that out yourself so there are some pretty interesting things if you look around area 51 that you can find like a baseball field in the middle of area 51 there's literally a baseball field I would be interested to know if people actually use that field looks like it's really well-maintained actually a lot of people are saying they're gonna station military on the base to protect it on September 20th but people need special clearance to enter the base not just your ordinary military personnel so a lot of people are wondering about this yeah wondering if whether or not it will make an exception for the military personnel did not have special clearance that day because that's not what you'd think about that do you think they will stationed military and if they do will they have to have special clearance in order to be on the base like everyone else that's on the base cereal says would they shoot down a drone camera flying I don't know if they could shoot it down I mean it would be kind of a hard target cuz it's so small I know people have flown drones out there before in the restricted area I do know they will come and take your drone if they catch you they may have some way of jamming the signal so your drone will just follow the sky I have no idea we haven't blown our drone out there we never break any laws and when you're out there we always try to follow the law when we're out there and we suggested you guys go out there you follow the laws too Keith says I'm not going but I want to know how they get all the fuel for the vehicles to the base I haven't seen any videos explaining this this is an interesting question guys Alamo is literally like we're the workers a lot of workers live is literally about 20 miles I think away from the base where between six and there's two gas stations there to get gas if you're gonna go visit the base you can go there to fill up another question people had is can you cam X to area 51 on the BLM public lands yes anybody can camp out on BLM land or up to 14 days or free in most locations all around area 51 where it's BLM land you can camp guys you can go there and camp for up to 14 days if you camp next to the back gate the camo dudes will keep the lights on the back gate all night long to keep an eye on you and some youtubers have videos documenting this and you won't build a sleep so that might not be the best idea but you always go on the groom lakeside alright guys so what do you think is going to happen on September 20th we can give you guys our piece I think the first probably situation is this thing is gonna fizzle out and I believe that a few people are still gonna show up maybe 100 maybe 200 people show up most of the on the wrong side of the base so follow the instructions on the Facebook page and they'll be way over on the opposite side of the base it won't be anywhere near a few people will make it to the right side of the base I think they'll go to the base I'll take some photos they won't go on the base I'll go to the sign so I'll take photos they'll go home and that's how I hope it goes down because then nobody gets hurt no one gets arrested cuz we don't want anybody trespassing and getting in trouble I'm pretty sure this is gonna fizzle out just like a lot of other means I think if there's a lot really quickly maybe I'll be revived in the days humming up to the 20th of September and then a couple people will show up but I really don't think it's gonna be as big as some people are expecting that's right let's just pretend though that it actually happens and there's a million people that show up to storm the base and they somehow find their way onto the right side of the base what do you think would happen personally I don't think the military unless of course the people who are doing the storm are aggressive member guys is a joke we're pretending it's not a joke so before anybody acts like we think it's happening we're just pretending and just kind of like your rising well yeah but of course like it was anything that gets big like this there's always a few people that want to take it seriously and show up and actually do it that's just how it is something I really and of course there's not gonna be Naruto running Basterds guys but if some people did in a March down there and they're all holding American flags and they didn't show aggression I can't see our military killing our own people I know some of them will follow orders blindly but I also know some also take their oath to uphold the Constitution seriously and if they were just a peaceful protest walk down the base I don't see them opening fire on our American citizens but what do you guys think in the comments down below or comment really quickly is a lot of people our brain always talk about the Constitution and say well you know the country is just a piece of paper and all this and that they always try to discredit the Constitution but what I want to just mention is the Constitution is literally the law of the land if you disregard the Constitution then you are disregarding the law of the land that's really ironic is we get a lot of people who tell us that oh the bass doesn't have to follow the Constitution is not part of the Constitution which is completely interesting to say because a constitution is literally the law of the land and they wrote the Constitution in order to restrict the government because do you have to remember when our country was founded it was founded after being a huge battle against a government that was overbearing acts ation without representation people always tell me oh who cares about your taxes we literally fought a war over taxation without representation guys so that was what the freakin Revolutionary War was about so the Constitution is the law of the land anyone violating the Constitution is violating the law of the land if you're gonna disregard the law of the land then why don't you just regard all the other laws on the books like trust passing on a military installation okay guys don't forget to hit the subscribe button and smash the Bell so if we go out there ASAP you won't miss it be sure to hit the like button and don't forget to check out the links in the description below again we have tons of videos at area 51 you guys won't want to miss those go click on those right now and we will see you guys next time that's right and also if you guys want us to keep updating this with another video let us know in the comments below bye
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