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and I said it just like that can clog Neil this is the part where I'm supposed to talk and I want to reiterate though I'm just a motivational speaker that's what I am you know Bishop has inspired me and has really helped me on the stair my walk you know I'm nothing I'm nothing no more than you you know my job has been exceptional though I've been very blessing that I've lived the life God has enabled me to pursue my passion and tied it to my gift I'm gifted at comedy and I've been able to pursue it so I wake up every day and for a living I play music and tell jokes how big of a blessing is that but you know people people people they look at that but see you lose sight of the fact that I'm 54 oh and you look and you don't know the fact that I've been doing this 27 years in order to get to the point where I can wake up and play music and tell jokes for a living it's like my guest Tim Gannon who explained the fact that he wanted to play polo he didn't buy a pony - he was 40 he saw the first race at 16 the first match is 16 he didn't get that till he was 40 but so people look at him as the owner at Outback Steakhouse and they go wow but they have no idea no idea the journey and the stress and and and what I want to talk to you about is stress what stress is what it really is how it's necessary if you planning on getting to where you're trying to go to see stress is God's Way of training you it's preparation for what most people do is see once you get stressed you don't want that no more so now you give up you through I'm stressed so yeah I don't want nobody likes stress you know I work with a trainer I go I go I have to work out you know 54 impulsive really ain't nothing flying unlike really I am but you know I'm not I'm not you know you've been to your reunion and you didn't know who was talking to you because he was going whoa and you go look in the mirror and go okay I need to check myself do I look that bad because some people just let they self go but you got to in order to develop and to change and to grow stresses necessary so you got to be willing to go get it every day there's a story my father told me all the time now I've heard it several different ways but I'm just telling you where my daddy gave it to me he said son he said every morning on the plains of the eastern sare getti desert that arises a gazelle that realizes that he was run faster than the fastest lion or he will be eaten and he would die that day on that same desert arises in the morning a lion that realizes that he must run faster than the fastest gazelle or he was starved and he will die that day he said son the moral of the story is no matter who you is when you wake up in the morning you needs to be running no matter and he said no matter who you is this proper grammar is who you are but my daddy didn't do that and I was comfortable with it and so what he taught me was a work ethic of how to work in order to get to where you want to go you got to put yourself under some stress though see stress is necessary God is a trainer this is what I learned about it and all I can tell you is you know how I got to be Who I am that's all I can share with you I got no other stories for you he got me to this point because from so far from what I done gathered in the process I mean he wants me to share my story with those two still trying to get there and it and at 40 you can still buy the pony and by age 50 you can still have five world championships but you've got to be willing to get under some stress see stress is necessary it's like I can't believe what Bishop was talking about because I have prepared this whole thing and it's just amazing how he is mad God be doings see that's what I've learned dark hole he he he he tricky with it he he got moves you won't even he three of the things I was gonna talk about he talked about now I'm God I got scared to talk but you know I mean who I'm up here you know following the greatest preacher of all times with similar subject matter but I have a different take on it because I had a different walk so you see though the party was talking about that see see I'm a seed I really am I see but a seed has to be planted a seed got to have dirt put on top of it if you take a seed and throw it on the concrete and walk off the Sun I just burned it up but guess what logically in my mind it doesn't make sense that to grow something you should dig a hole put it down in there and cover it with dirt logically that don't make no sense to me but ohdo see dirt is necessary for growth and development dirt builds character dealt dealt gives you the push through factor dirt makes you come with it when you don't feel like coming with it no money and you get dirt in a lot of different ways all y'all that had dirt thawed on you and dirt ain't always what you want it's somebody talking about you down on your job if somebody accusing you or something that you didn't do if somebody telling you you ain't gonna make it if somebody sharing information about you that ain't true got everybody get dirt put on but see when you getting put under that stress please know God is always working Kurt Franklin song God is always working so I smile because I know he back there see that dirt bills character in you when they talking about you it teaches you to withstand it then it gives you something to push through so when you put the seed and you put the dirt on it if you understand stress stress really ain't just dirt stress see they don't call it dirt when they plant it they call it soil because the soil has nutrients in it what the nutrients when people talking about your dog and you lie on you back man stealing from you document you they're actually putting nutrients now the see if they put a camera under the ground you'd have seen the seed sprout open and start coming through the dirt because the dirt is necessary so you can prove yourself you know if you don't really want everything you see above ground that blossoms and plants and grows and that's beautiful it was on the ground one time all them potatoes collard greens they was underground one time then apple trees they was underground one time so they had to prove they sell so you want to be successful well then you got to prove yourself you got to push through the dirt you got to come up through here you've got to come out then you sprout and Dan Bishop say then you become a treat next thing you know you got fruit so when you under stress take the stress for what it is don't get fooled don't just think I don't know man Lord must not mean for it to be what you're tripping for what you talking about how do you think you're gonna be a plant a tree a flower a bush and ain't no stress how you gonna get to be that without no dirt then they do Jesus how you figure you posed to get up out of here he was pretty perfect we ain't in perfect C I expect dirt now I expect people to talk about me matter of fact I look forward to it now do your thing because if I can whether what happened to me and my family earlier you can bring whatever you got now there's the most of going around now just about to happen bring it because now I have developed a character that is stress I have soiled enough dirt on me that has provided me with nutrients so now let me help you understand how hard it is to be successful very difficult because more people would be successful if it were easy it's like doing a hundred push-ups you know the average person can't do a hundred push-ups that now some of you in here [Laughter] you can't do a hundred push-ups I just looked in with come on Steve but because of the fact that it's difficult you're not going to try you say you have a relationship with the greatest of all time took five thousand people had to fish and five loaves of bread fed all of them you don't want to try two hundred push-ups they take rocket ships take them to the moon orbit bring them back landed in the same place it took off from you don't want to try two hundred push-ups you all really think you can do 200 push-ups see thing about push-up is once you get started it's difficult but let's say by the grace of God somehow you get twenty cranked out line and then you just keep on and then you throw some prey in the game and the next thing you know you got far they knocked out but you steady press it what you don't see is you developing a strength with that press it and then somehow you get 270 and you look up and everything on you shake it no teef is cracking your eyes is busting out your head you can't believe what's happening to you you get to a tee your clothes don't look the same no more you somehow somehow get to 90 and it's all coming loose now then through prayer is some kind of weight you ain't got to know how you just got the star see too many people trying to figure out the how now you trembling you're shaking everything in you is about to blow up but you didn't done a hundred push-ups now somebody come to you and say man you say why I did the hundred I'm successful now and then you say we're good now I'm successful what I got to do to stay successful to hold that position after you didn't done 100 lock and hold that's how hard it is to be successful but in that mid description right there most people go on anything to try that what got me to this position is I went ahead only tried it I didn't even have the ability and I still have struggled but guess what I'm holding but I ain't holding by myself see you keep going to church and you keep memorizing these scriptures but you got to put them to application if he all letting a bag of chips if he can do anything but fail why you keep bringing up to failure it doesn't make any sense you can have a life ain't just a Bible verse say something about if you you know have a life come to Christ you have life and have it more abundantly something like that right I don't try to do that cause but what I've learned how to do though is what I don't do is I don't put myself in Bible verses that ain't got nothin to do with me you know what I'm sayin some of y'all always want to plug yourself into all the scriptures some of them scriptures is for people that don't do certain things then this is the result you ain't got to plug yourself in there like it's the scripture that says of some about of the poor the poor will always be with you and don't say the poor will always be with you Steve so why am I putting myself in that Bible verse he's just talking about if you don't believe in your heart and don't doubt he talking about if you have faith without works is dead he talking about if you do that don't put yourself in there but if you want to justify why you poor then you whoops that one out so I don't pull it out stop putting yourself in some some Bible verses that I can't really get to what the one about the of forgiving people where is that it says then Peter came to him and asked how many times must I forgive my brother who sins against me as many as seven times jesus said to him not seven times but seventy times seven I ain't in there [Music] [Applause] I'm just gonna be real with you ain't no need of me lying about it I ain't in that one cuz I'm just a new I'm new at this I'm Bo five you got about four five with me full and you need just pretty but pretty much need to quit coming over here seven times seventy that's that's something to shoot for but I ain't met that person yet because I have a neighbor come over and always want to ask for something I give it to you two three times but you don't say thank you hey man appreciate it do you quit coming to me I mean if I was God and which I'm no please understand I'm just saying you lucky he is who he is because he give us stuff all the time we'll ever say thank you but he keep on dishing it out that's cause he'd been forgiving you seven times seven but I don't know nobody else that's in that scripture right there because I'm a human being you can only play me so many times so what's helping me out as a new Christian is I put myself in the ones I can fit in and get in now later on I might work my way up to eight nine forgiveness but I'm probably leave here without that time seven eight oh I own have done a lot of things in my life that I haven't really been proud of you know but what I've learned about this process that I'm in is that it's okay though because we are all a sum total of our past see what I finally got hip to was the things that I was doing that was so wrong that's a Bible verse that says something about he takes what the don't dare is see I have people that I have Sophia and Eugenia and Pena that worked for me know the bible real good see I don't know it real good so I just know it's it's I know I know what ain't in there and I know what's in there now where it's located clueless but I tell them what I want to say and I tell them there's a scripture called my mama was a Sunday school teacher so I paid I know about God you know and so I've just used what I know and so the scripture says tried harming me Soleiman slavery I don't know what that is but as for you you meant evil against me but God meant it for good in order to bring it about as if it is this day so what that's saying to me I could be wrong but the stuff that I was doing that was meant for evil when God put his hands on you he can take all that and flip it over for something good my ability to stay out late at night has enabled me to do my job and handle my business but I got that from back when I was staying out late at night my ability to talk to large groups of people who I do not know come from me having to get out of so many lies I had got myself into that I became comfortable doing that business so coming out here telling the truth pretty easy the fact that I could fight you at the drop of a dime back then comes in handy because now I'm a Christian but there's limits to it so I don't you know you look it's only so much I can take then after that um you're gonna get off of me it comes in handy because I'm busy I don't have time for everybody people stop me all the time Steve I need a picture I need a autograph I get well I'm going somewhere all I want is a picture I can't stop every time somebody want a picture how would you like it if everywhere you went somebody stopped you and wanted a picture another picture request I get a day I can't think of a date somebody asked me for a picture asked me for something how would you like it if you was just going somewhere and Here Come and now y'all got video camera y'all just pull them out somebody films me every day and I'm not even though I just look over there and my boy go man step behind me she over there feel me I get that every day how would you like that so being a former fighter I was in the store the other day I probably let me see if I can tell this okay I got off the plane I came to Dallas yesterday I got good oh and I made a stop in a store we come from the airport I got to get some water I go in the store this brother come up me he got Harley all his teeth he come up me he little muscular do he come on Steve Harvey what's up so I said hey man how you doing you ain't got no bodyguard I'm six-two I weigh 235 nothing no bad man but I used to box so now you ain't got all your teeth so you ain't real healthy [Music] [Applause] we have a look alcoholic aroma to you I don't drink so I figure we good however this go this is gonna be good but it's because of what I was that God has changed now it used to be I just turn around start swinging it be on and cracking but not God changed that but see what it caused me to realize with was I was who I was but I am Who I am and I'm cool with both of them you know it enables you to move on stop letting people hold you to your past yeah man I got what I used to do but I'm trying to do better now stop letting people tie you to what they saw you do five ten years ago you'll get it to go on the internet and say whatever you want to say about me in the past got all that was who I was but I am Who I am and I'm cool with both of them people you've got to be not alright to get all right you got to be lost to get saved you got to help been through something to know something so please get comfortable with that put that get comfortable with that part I don't know what I'm doing on time so I'm just going go ahead okay cool here we go this is the one I really wanted to do because this one describes my life to the tee when I left college I flunked out of college after three years when I worked at Ford Motor Company one of the last jobs I had cause of the layoffs was they put me in the foundry I learned a valuable lesson in the foundry because I used to be a foundry worker at Ford Motor Company I'm now a spokesperson for forward let me tell you how to flip when a lot of people don't know but in the foundry they was making engine blocks engine blocks start with scrap metal see people you think old cars just go away no they go to junk house companies take this scrap metal and they melt the metal down but it starts with scrap they run it through a furnace and when it gets in the furnace they liquefy the metal then they take this metal and they pull it into a mold this mold is the engine block but when you pull it in there it's just hot it's just hot it ain't nothing and you think then that you can't do nothing with that but then something comes along and gets a hold of it something comes and gets a hold of it it takes this hot piece of mess that was scrapped it lifts it it dips it it cools it it refinishes it it hardens it and then it puts it on a conveyor belt when it come out the conveyor belt my job was to hit it with a sledgehammer and knock the loose flashing out that's empty extra metal on it and then you have an engine block the basic of any engine is the block you got a crack block you can throw that engine away it don't work but the block starts from scrap metal this really how God do it though see God take scrap all engine blocks is scrapped he takes scrap he mode he pull into it then it come out he coolly he's safe and he's talking putting stuff on it he start attaching pieces to it and put a manifold on it he put the rock arm on it he put the exhaust on it he puts spark plugs he put a carburetor on it he put his fan belt water pump and he'd take it and he put it in a car but all of us started when it was a piece of scrap metal as Christians it's just cause we the car now you can't look at the dude that's in the furnace that's God that's just wet likley that's a hot mess you can't look back at the scrap power and go they just scraps man cuz what you're standing so you can make a block and put stuff on it so when you put it on it you can be a power one day be a block man let him be a hot mess it'll further let him be a scrap you ain't got nothing to do with that yes God right there man that's all I'm trying to say that's all [Music] [Music] we all get to this part right here and I asked Bishop Jake's to come hope [Music] [Applause] [Music] if any man be in Christ he is a new creature all old things are passed away and all things become new he has the power to put your life together again he has the power to make you whole again he has the power to set you free again maybe you've come on and you've watched tonight and you've you've heard the message of so many different languages Tyrese said what he had to say in his style in his unique way of delivering what he had to say Steve comes with his freshness and shares it in a language that that might reach you in a way that what I feared might not ever touch you but in whatever fashion it comes in the bottom line is this though your sins are red as crimson he will wash you and make you white as snow I want to challenge you as we pray with you tonight to pick up the phone call a prayer partner let let Christ come into your heart and pick you up and dip you in the blood and start putting stuff on you only instead of carburetors and alternators he'll put the gifts of the Spirit and the fruit of the Spirit and he'll baptize you're this predator he'll give you a new man a new character of a new life I don't care what you were before he'll make your life over again we want to pray tonight I want you to pray with me because people are watching all over the world who need to be picked up who felt like scraps and felt like nothing we want to pray with you tonight because we know that God can do it if he can do it for me if he can do it for Stevens he can do for all these people he can do it for you reach out and touch somebody all over the building and as we come together what bonds us together we were black and white and Latino and German and Asian what what what behind us together young and old rich and poor is that we all need God if you need him to heal touch your life father in the name of Jesus I thank you for the blood that Jesus shed on Calvary that we might be saved I thank you Lord because you specialized in scrap metal you pick up scrap people through all the way people rejected people ostracize people and you make them over again tonight in the name of Jesus stretch forth your hand and pick somebody up and tie them around save them save their marriage save their children save the family save their soul save that I thank you for the power of redemption we call it done in the name of Jesus amen call somebody right now somebody [Applause] let's give God the goal very true able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we may have okay if you call on Jesus water fix it for you I said what he fix it for you I said wanna fix it for me I wanna take the wrong [Applause] how great is in Saigon how great is our God if it wants to sing it again how great [Music] [Applause] sleep with me how great is our God will see how great how great is our come on stop you the name above all names come on you're the name above all names and you were me Oh and my heart will sing how great is our God come on what boys how great how great it's hard God sing with me how great is our God Oh see Oh pray pray is hard [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Applause] they say the Copperheads and see what you see [Music] and given the praise [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Music] is hard god [Music] [Applause] [Music] about special guests tonight Tim Gannon CEO and owner owners of Outback Steakhouse Tyrese Tyrese Gibson our special guest my friend my mentor my man mr. t DJ and thank you all thank you all for listening thank you all for your prayers keep pulling feature really just keep pulling for those that scrap pull for the people that's in the furnace man pull for people ain't in them in the mold yet cuz you'll never know might turn out all right anyhow so we thank you all for joining us tonight I think our Jan crotch and the Crouch family for having me back again thank you all but most of all thank you [Applause] it's hard save me [Applause] Oh [Applause] come on let's sing it as we go home come on [Music] inside we're so glad you've been with us for praise the Lord TVN has a worldwide ministry we need to love gets larger small to help keep the gospel is a spice going around the world so right today praise the Lord he'll box a santa ana california 92711 or in Canada right TBN pillbox 7/6 a station B Ottawa Ontario k1 p5 p8 if you haven't asked Frankston your life prepare partner now and crate receive Jesus as Savior and Lord now until next time remember to praise the Lord [Music] [Music]
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