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I'm gonna tell you something you've got to have a tremendous work ethic to be successful in here in other words and you can relate to this you got a lot of dog in you yeah you really do man if you want to be successful because this it's gonna be a lot of trying time so you have to have a tremendous work ethic but you've got to have faith the faith without works is dead you hear it all the time you go to church and you learn all these scriptures but then you're on apply nunim to your life you're looking at a man who has made the simple application of three or four scriptures and Macks them out to get here i maxed out three full scriptures to get here I kid you not I'll share with you if you want to hear about them but I maxed out three full scriptures to get here I'd love to tell you I'm the funniest person ever Leo but I ain't Richard Pryor got that I'd love to tell you I'm the greatest entertainer but I ain't Michael Jackson was that I got all that but they gone so I probably am but listen man but I gotta tell you something if you could get a couple of things from me if you could gather this piece of information Albert Einstein say it once he said imagination is everything it's the preview to life's coming attractions I want you to get this now imagination is everything it's the preview to life's coming attractions because if you think about it everything you have everything we have in this world somebody imagined it it's your imagination is tremendous somebody was sitting on the phone when they talking with a cord to the wall and we said man I wish I could just go outside with this phone everybody in here got a cell phone somebody imagined that somebody got tired of riding in a wagon cross-country from slavery to freedom somebody said I wish we had something that made these wheels move by the self we drive cars people got tired of driving from New York to LA somebody said I wish we could fly we got airplanes imagination is everything it's to preview to life's coming attractions your real life the one God really got for you is in your imagination it is not in your current situation or your current paycheck and if you've been living like that you have been restricted yourself to a commonality that is really not yours because what really God got for you is really in your imagination and that sense there's a lot of church folk in here let me tie that to a scripture because this one you really start affecting black folk so y'all don't really bleed nothing till you tire to some type of church things so let's just go on and do that and once again for I start this I am NOT a pastor or a preacher so there is a scripture that Albert Einstein took this quote from it's like the book the secret the secrets wanted top-selling motivational books ever but if you read the book the secret it's all biblical everything comes from the Bible you really don't need self-help books you don't need the magic of thinking big the power of positive thinking how to win friends and influence people think and grow rich the winner's circle I've read them all all of that information is in Proverbs all of it but let me give you a description you've all heard this right faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen so when I told you a minute ago you got to have a tremendous work ethic but you got to have a lot of faith I talked to so many people who get older like some of us are and they've lost the faith well faith is really simple instant faith is the substance of things hoped for all that mean is in the beginning you just hope something pop off you know you just kind of hope something happen for you I was hoping I would get on TV I wrote it on a piece of paper when I was 10 I want to be on TV the problem I had when I wrote it at I suffered from a severe stuttering problem I could not talk outside of my house so can you imagine when I wrote on a piece of paper I want to be on TV and turn Teddy in the first thing the little boy next door and next to me asked me he did well how long is your TV show globey so you two did it we did it to tickle fortitude to you and be on TV all day but when I wrote it on the paper it wasn't factual it was just hoping you just got to start with the hope faith is the substance of things that you're hopeful you just hope something joke there what happened in through Grace and favor he give you a couple of them things you hopeful and then you're supposed to start believing then because not turns in the faith but if you take the scripture faith is the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen what is the evidence of things not seen I just told it to you Albert Einstein said imagination is everything it's the preview to life's coming attraction but guess what your imagination really is it's the evidence of things not seen because your imagination you know why it's the evidence of things not seen because you the only one can see it your imagination is actually God showing you a preview of a coming attraction that he has for you the moment you don't believe in your imagination you negate what he got for you your imagination is to preview to life's coming attraction it is the evidence of things not seen because can't nobody see it with you your problem is you keep telling your imagination to the wrong people see if you want to kill a big dream tell it to a small-minded person it's dead how many times man have you had a tremendous idea something you thought was the one and you wouldn't told it to your loved ones and your so-called friends and they shot it down I mean you was convinced that it was just oh man I just came to you and you told it to me and they shot it down and you thought since they was your loved ones and their friends and they got your best interests at heart you believe them you was wrong they taught you let them talk you out of what God got for you some of y'all still sitting here with the ambition of opening a business one day but you scared to go start the business because you got a job and you got bills rich people got bills everybody got bills hell I got bills you who you ready go somebody something I got something with the bank right now you're gonna let the fact that you got some bills stop you from opening the business the thing that God didn't put in your imagination so you're gonna squash that cuz you got bills everybody got bills your real life is in your imagination can you can you can you grab what I'm telling you so I don't know what you thought I was gonna say to you I'm just a real dude I don't even have the education you all have I flunked out of school I swung I ain't got no education I don't use four syllable words the only phone syllable word I know is my bank account what look what I'm sharing with you is stuff that everybody can apply today if you're sitting in here thinking that you're too old to listen what Steve uh hell I'm 60 I'm 60 years old I know I know I know you can't believe it I know he's so fly I know but I'm 60 but I still rely on my imagination see if you think you're too old to make it let me give you a prime example Colonel Sanders Colonel Sanders has been frying chicken his whole life he was telling everybody here the best chicken in the world ain't nobody believing they turned him down everywhere Colonel Sanders didn't get a franchise - he was in his 60s Kentucky Fried Chicken sale mo chicken than anybody in the world today so if you sitting there thinking cause you've got a little gray on you and you too late and as long as God waking you up in the morning that's the sign that he ain't through with you so what you trippin for you sittin up in here like like God can't do nothin for you cause you 60 man you know what I'm asking God for right now and I'm 60 if you could see my vision board you would be you would be blown away because I got enough right now I really know but I ain't in the meat business I'm in the world business ain't nothing wrong with wanting something but going down to these churches y'all sittin up in here going down to let keeping you in neat little boxes God got a big life for you the only present ain't get done the look and I love Church don't get me wrong I'm not knocking Church don't you don't don't tweet that though Steve don't care for the church no more I didn't say that but don't go down there memorize all these scriptures and then don't apply none of them to your life that's what I'm talking about quit going down there just to go and just get a couple of scriptures and apply them to you let me kill you one that's real some cities these principles of success they've taken all of these scriptures and they putting them in books and they call them you know thinking Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill the magic of thinking big by David Schwartz but every there is a scripture they just reworded it because people don't know how to read the Bible like I can't really read the King James Version I came over tsa's that I go to sleep cause hits furthermore whatsoever whosoever who-who is you talkin about I need a name dog not not whomsoever cuz I'm throwing off I didn't do good with reading and comprehension in school the smallest scripture I ever read changed my life the scriptures real simple you have not because you ask not do you know the difference that that could make in your life I'm just giving you real talk now I'm just trying to tell you how I got here see I have no education I applaud all of you which education I'm sitting them talking so many men who have and corporate America no I'm in all of that because I don't have that but you sit here and you take what you have and it could be so much more if you would ask so you have not cause you ask not when the last time you really asked him for something or do you keep making requests that's inside the confines of your paycheck when you gonna get outside of that didn't I just tell you God ain't in your paycheck didn't I just tell you he in your job title the life guard got for you is in your imagination while you still imagine this stuff why you keep dreaming of a summer home why you keep dreaming of retirement leaving your grandkids money something that day is now where I think about my grandkids I got some TV shows called I only need one one show pay me enough money I need through folk for my wife foe of them is for Marjorie the other three is for the grandkids I just need one I do not live my life in the confines of what anybody says to me I let my imagination go and now imagination is a preview to life's coming attraction but what that really means is is God showing you a preview of what he has for you so now if you have not cause you asinine do you understand if you up your ask he has to up his give this period this is simple stuff that anybody can apply you ain't even gotta had no degree to do this you don't even have to have no money to do this you can start this today and change your whole game because you're gonna need Grace and favor anyway now you know preacher but I people kill me when they asked me I'm talking to a group of white reporters the other day they kept asking me how did I make it I kept talking about grace in favor and they kept asking me who's your agent I would include y'all why are you skipping over what I'm trying to tell you you need to dream the faith and then he put his Grace and favor on talking you gone but you gotta ask for something if you up your ass he got to up his guild period you have not caused your ass now quit asking God for a little bit of stuff Lord Jesus help me make my rent don't eat always all y'all got somewhere to stay how about this why you keep asking for rent why don't you ask for mortgage if he gonna give you the money for a place to stay what difference do it make to God but if you keep saying read anything he keep giving you read if you ask for a mortgage he'll give you a mortgage but you have not cause your hands nothing Lord Jesus help me fix my car so I can make it to work why do you keep praying over that raggedy car why don't you ask God for a car that don't need fixing you know they roll them off the assembly line every day how you can't get a new car how you serve God how you go to church and you can't get a car just a new car how you can get that from God you know why cause you ain't asking you keep asking him for stuff that fit in your paycheck yo paychecks a a 2015 Lexus so you go down and ask him for that then guess what you get a 2015 Lexus you hope you ask he
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