New Airline Ticket Scam Exposed ( Cheap Flights )

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[Music] yes hello is this America Airlines that is correct miss thank you for calling America every line how can I help you I want to visit my son he's in he's in Vegas okay okay so you can tell me like the street number or like you know the where are you going and the timing as well I can book a flight for you if you are having any problem I just want to go to Vegas next week I prefer to leave the fourth how much does it cost to get over there are you using any computer or you are using a mobile phone then I can also do it on your computer okay if you will allow like I will connect your computer to my secure server and I will order a ticket the earth I will check it much because you know air is different but yeah it might be like not gonna cost you more it might be around like maximum $200 okay but I need to check it from your right $200 Wow and it's my first time that is correctness whenever you order these ticket you always use a website you don't directly do it through American Airlines let me check in on your rent you need to go to Google there and you imagine the overhead if America Airlines had a call center where they connected to each one of her customers computers to personally book a flight for them once you will click on continue it will tell you the Guru as this download guru is this right yes that my name is Joseph I can click on here I hear you it's so quiet click on your head let's go to yes is there any way you talk a little bit louder click on here click on here can you hear me now that's a little bit better like on the yes click on here ok click on yes yes now I am connected to Yuma's okay Atlanta we need to go - I forgot where I told him I was going for a second okay this is pretty easy it wasn't like this before a senior that's me why does it say 1000 I thought you said it was $200 yeah because I have checked your name and when I check it okay I ate it actually the thing is that you told me the business class right but when I check on my server it's my mistake I haven't now put the business class on it and that's the reason it is showing you lowest price otherwise change it no no don't worry I will give you a discount on it here's the thing $800 okay did you give me a little bit out just close out and it looks fine but please leave your mouse --mess let me explain you if you will use your credit card there is a 10% off on it like a cash back but we have a payment partner that is a Google Play card have you heard about the Google Play card haha yes we have a payment partner that is a Google Play card let me tell you I don't know which language it is coming ok I can do one thing for you if you will go with the business class as well and oh right I can give you maximum $800 discount but the last I can do that don't you care no no right like an $800 slide if you will go with the $800 right let me tell you how much I can do it quick yeah I can give you $200 one I have a way that you I can give like okay fantastic yes I can give it to you I know Tommy okay what kind of business are going to be I like our little this is just so bad completely but you don't get a good review and so I need a Google there is a Google account no no you don't need a Google account we have a payment partner that is the Google Play card you need to get this card from the store from the CVS Walmart Walgreen and Dollar Tree store you need to get the Google Play card for $800 and then we will give you a cash back of $600 on it can I just give you my credit card then no no you cannot give me the credit card because if you wanted it would be a lot easier and all the cash back and everything you know then you won't have to count you you wouldn't have to cash me outside how about that right that that's okay go to the store they might be ask you why you need this card okay for the personal purpose or for the business purpose you just simply tell them I am using for my personal use otherwise they will charge you high taxes okay don't tell them that you are using for any kind of you know transaction okay do I have to ask at the counter for someone or a representative from American Airlines unless you can tell them but go to the stone right now are you going in okay yes I could get in my car if you just give me a moment I'll be right back doing now opening all my files is he like skeptical right now is he gonna delete all my files I can't I can't print out what he's doing I was asking him questions that like are pretty obvious that I know what he's up to and I kind of did it on purpose just to watch him or not know what to say [Music] it's my car I'm driving in my car normos it's just a white issue I'm the same person I'm not a different person like how are you you know it sound like the friend can you do anything else with your voice hello oh this is fun can you do a really deep voice maybe only just a few minutes I'm sorry maybe two or three minutes if I can't find it I'll just ask someone for a google playing card right but don't tell them that you are using it for it because you know otherwise they will also ask for the discount this is only the sound that we are giving to you okay okay don't tell anybody about it simply tell them I'm using for my own purpose don't tell the manager so I think he's gonna basically set up a system where he thinks he's gonna own her computer now he'll be able to block my mouse block blank the screen out and connect on my computer at any time as if it's his own computer I believe that so he's gonna try to do so it's like they're trying to get me the get the money and they're trying to plane about air travel is included with it mess we have tie-up with them if they don't aware about it if you will tell them they will ask for the discount as well don't tell them just get the card google play cards that's it we're saying the store people particularly wiggly workers say they don't know what is steam as hundred-dollar cards for them okay I see a $500 steam card is it something you're interested in yeah you can get the steam as well do they have $500 fee yes I don't know what that is but are they partnered with you as well you can do one thing get one steam card okay well $500 yet like one another card in which you can put $300 okay okay so I'm not gonna be going on the Google the Google plane I'm gonna be going on a steam engine steam some sort of steam plane people are jealous could you by any chance to talk to them talk to the cashier and just she's curious and she doesn't want me to buy the card did you talk to her this we don't have any authorization but yeah okay it's a rootin tootin Bay hello there home this is Dixie speaking hello mr. Joseph yeah I'm I'm over here with the laws and I believe yes we've been and I don't mean to be rude okay it's just we've been having some individuals of closer to her and each okay that have been coming in and they're being told like it's the IRS or something and I'm just I'm just looking out for herself this is not iris single dad here she is getting a ticket for she want to meet our you know grandson and she is going to Wagle okay she is going to wait in flight in our American you know Airlines so she need a special discount for it for the flight so steamed car payment part but we are giving special discount to cashews so that is the reason she is getting it the ticket is for $800 okay I'm just trying to learn it for myself because I'm probably gonna want to do that so if I get a steam car hold on just one sec she wants to talk to you but hold on if I get a couple steam cards I just go I go on your website America Online no no you cannot do it online you have to call it I will give you my number you can call me anytime my personal number what's your enemy okay yeah let me let me go ahead let me go ahead and process her payment but I mean well how much would it cost to fly from Atlanta to Florida really quick you will get like whatever the price you will see on the internet you will get all the kid boga would waste more time putting mean old kid bogan oh my gosh at some point he's just gonna hang up and get angry what do you usually get on pizza Betty Betty Betty I just don't really consider claims these Pizza Pizza you know I like to have something out of it okay give me give me five minutes okay hold on let me take a break what are you people want are you at your home or you're at your uh no I'm just right here in the car okay I want to share mine take some with cell phone you have it's the Android or it's Apple I don't remember it's one of those things for the old folks the year did a bug yeah open the Play Store and search for negation search their virtual assist right go to assess customer search that what why I can't seem to find it why do I need to do that because miss the thing is that get the picture of these cards so we can you know send it to the department a revelation connecting your phone right now oh boy I can get the picture of these two designs I was that your easy way don't worry on the on the steam card there will be a scratch bar you need to scratch that part but do not scratch it hard otherwise the number should be arranged listen to me I scratched everything off of it it looks like miss why you are nothing that's why you are not listening to me if you could speak a lot a little bit louder it'd be easier to hear you can you hear me now okay yes now do one thing can you come back home I am gonna show you something on your computer okay and you please come to your home yeah please come to your home who is typing on your computer I am here now someone is typing on your computer I am here now I actually never went to the store and I can do a lot of voices too just like you can you don't really work for American Airlines do you yes I do you do yes is that just what you tell Brad and your family where have you gone oops well uh I wasn't sure what we were gonna get out of him anyway oh he's still in the computer don't delete the icons bro you ret youyou tried to ran it didn't you want my computer man what a shame [Music]
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