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we're trying to strengthen the way we view the world and and take in as much information as we can and see that information for what it truly is not what we want it to be well here we are on the Sunday special with Joe Rogan we're going to jump into the interview in just a moment because this is awesome but first I want to say thanks to our sponsors over at movement so movement they make these kinds of watches right it's nice go by one movement is come far from being crowdfunding kids working out of a living room in the past year they've not only introduced a bunch of new watch collections for both men and women but they've also expanded to sunglasses and bracelets for her movement watches start at just 95 bucks in a department store these are like four or five hundred dollars movement figured out by selling online they could actually cut out the middleman retail markup providing the best possible price classic design quality construction style minimalism get 15% off today with free shipping and free returns just go to MVM slash shapiro see why the movement keeps growing check out their expanding collection get into MVM t-dot-com slash apparel join the movement and again look at it's nice right I mean like you could use one as well okay so here we are on the Sunday special with Joe Rogan the granddaddy of us all on the podcast space I mean this dude made the podcast space the podcast space and he's awesome also so thanks so much for Sodom I think I did then I think Adam Carolla did it well I'll have to have you guys fight it out too so I'll have to have to buddy but there's no question that right now your dominance in the space and it's an amazing thing because you're really gifted guy but you can you can sit there for three hours with somebody and talk about the most random topic and make it really interesting so I need the backstory so all of my listeners and and people who are fans of mine might not know your work as well might not know kind of your story so how did you get to be doing what you're doing right now like give it give us the whole history well with the podcasting it just started out doing a video thing with just Ustream we're just doing Q&A like people would tweet questions we'd ask answer questions just for fun I did it once and I actually did it a couple of times backstage in between shows years before that there's a thing called Justin TV which I'm not sure what that is now became a new company but we would just show backstage we'd have like a webcam go and would just play around and talk to people and have fun and then we did the one Q&A and I said alright I'm gonna do it again next week we'll try to do it regularly so I did it again the next Monday and then it became a weekly thing that we started uploading it to iTunes and then we started getting guests and then I said okay I gotta get out of my house and do all these weirdos were coming over my house like I'll just get a studio somewhere so I got a studio and then after the studio mic while the studio is kind of little let's get a bigger studio so then I got a bigger studio and then now it's somehow or another it's a business you've got a monster studio you were telling me about now that's just awesome it's and that's pretty crazy indoor archery range and a full gym and it's it's pretty nuts I've totally gone wrong with this this studio there's no question about it so what got you all the way to the the podcasting I mean like start from the beginning from childhood from birth like what what's your whole backstory well from high school until I was 21 I was competing in martial arts tournaments that was my background I was a Taekwondo instructor I taught at Boston University I competed in all these different national tournaments I traveled all around the country most of my formative years were spent traveling around the country fighting in martial arts tournaments that was basically all I did with my entire day like I was obsessed from the time I was 15 till I was 21 when I was 21 I started doing stand-up comedy and I went frame shift yeah well you know I was I was realizing that fighting was really bad for your brain I was getting a lot of headaches and there's a lot of sparring like I was getting into kickboxing I have three kickboxing fights and and I was realizing that this this is going that definitely have a negative effect on my consciousness there was no way around it and the quality of my thoughts and the way I think about things was always it's one of the most important things to guide you through life and I'm like I am putting my my future brain in jeopardy and I was seeing it around me from a bunch of other people that were in the gym that were professional fighters and that were getting brain damage I was essentially seeing them starting to slur their words and I was seeing I was seeing this effect and I knew I had to get out somehow or another and luckily one of my friends who my friend Steve Graham I'm good friends with to this day talked me into doing stand-up comedy talked me into going up in an open mic night when I was 21 it's amazing and you've been doing that ever since when you're still doing shows today right now yeah so you've got the special it's on Netflix which is awesome yeah I have one special son that's well two of them that are on Netflix now but then a new one that I just filmed that'll be on Netflix in September which is really so I want to ask you actually a little bit about the MMA stuff cuz you're still you still cover MMA you're so big and em and they obviously a big analyst over there what do you do you think that there is I've been wearing about this about the NFL and I wonder if it also applies to MMA do you think that there is always going to be MMA there's always going to be NFL boxing do you think these things are always going to exist or do you think that as a society we're gonna transition away from those as people start to become more concerned about brain injury for example I've seen the NFL's ratings declined because people seem to be really worried about concussion levels yeah I think in the recent future we're going to have these things but I think in the distant future were probably not going to I think we're gonna move away from them because of the damage that they do because we're gonna understand unless there's some radical new medical technology that can regenerate brain tissue to the point where you don't have to worry about brain injuries which is not outside the realm of possibility you know I mean medical science what they're doing with stem cells and exosomes and all the different therapies that they're using on people today who knows I mean who knows what they're going to be able to do fifty years from now but I think it's entirely likely that until until then until some radical new technology comes on I think it's probably going to be less in the last people that are interested in having their kids sign up to play football you're seeing that now definitely have less and less people interested in fighting since traumatic brain injuries have been revealed to be you know really prevalent in kids that are involved in like football even at like Pop Warner and high school levels and in fighting I mean just from the time a kid can hit hard you know like you're in you know like one of the good things about martial arts teaching kids young is we teach them young they can't really hurt each other yet so even when they're hitting each other it's all very light and they're technique and movement before there's real consequences and then as they get older though now if you're sparring when you're a teenager and you're sparring when you're you know in your early 20s you're absolutely giving yourself brain damage it's just part of the package that you have to just be able to figure out okay when advice when have I suffered enough when when am I getting out and that is the big question for a lot of fighters when do I jump off this ride because it's so exciting and what they're doing is such a incredibly thrilling and glory filled event you know when you're competing against another person they lock you in a cage and the way I describe fighting I mean a lot of people like to think of it as a barbaric thing I call it high-level problem solving with dire physical consciousness and that's really the best way to describe it because you're trying to do something to someone who's trying to do something to you and genetics and knowledge and technique and discipline and drive and focus these are all factors that are mixed up in this thing and you're trying to figure out who's gonna come out on top I mean I wonder if maybe that's the reason that MMA is gonna keep growing as the NFL declines in honesty and marketing when you watch MMA you're getting we're watching people get the crap right watching people bleed and your bones get broken the NFL's been promising for years that basically everyone's fine that it's all just watching people hit pillows and then you see them later and they can't walk and they're falling apart and I mean I do wonder if there is a certain element of channeling just the human driver to the male drive for aggression in watching these kinds of sports because I know a lot of genteel dudes who love MMA specifically because there's part of just the human psyche that needs to watch people get their ass kicked yeah it's genetic it's it's definitely in our corman it's what led people to overcome being invaded by by you know foreign villages that snuck in it in the middle of the night yet to be able to fight with your hand it will fall over mates how people fought over territory and property it's just a part of the human experience and to to have it boiled down into a martial art then it's like you get all the satisfaction of watching combat but at the end of it people are friendly they hug you know they shake hands they raise each other's arms up the audience cheers and and it's very thrilling and you know and some could say it's actually cathartic that it actually releases this desire for aggression and violence yeah I think there's a good case we made for that especially because you do see that in the animal kingdom you see chimpanzees sparring with each other basically just it for a show dominance and you certainly see it among young boys I can see it with my two-year-old now sure like constantly just wants to fight the four-year-old girl she wants to sit there and be nice and play with her and play with her toys and read and my two-year-old boy wants to kick kick some ass I mean he's hardcore and which gets us a you know one of the topics that you and I have talked about before which is sort of these these gender differences between male and female it as you've been watching the last it's been probably a year and a half since we last talked what do you think of sort of the the movement that's continued to pace to get rid of these these gender differences that you've been seeing in society more broadly it's very strange because it's science denialism and the left is all about science until it comes to gender and once it comes to gender they don't want to hear about studies they don't want to hear about genetic differences between males and females they don't want to hear about preferences or or any studies that show that people with higher testosterone testosterone tend to go towards certain activities people with lower ones tend to go I don't want to hear about that they they want this weird thing where you're not even having the boy scouts anymore you just have the scouts like there's this bizarre desire to eliminate gender as even just even a variable so if we're very weird and I don't I don't know why I don't know where it's going I don't know what's causing it I suspect it's people that don't enjoy certain aspects of male versus female competition or male versus male competition and the way that they feel like they could sort of diminish that is to try to make the whole subject seem like as if it's fruitless and there's nothing there let's leave it on there is no difference so it's a it's a weird weird time when it comes to a discussing gender a gender all of a sudden which was something that was just oh there's a boy there's a girl I mean our whole life within the last half a decade it's become this huge the politically charged subject where are you what do you like I saw my my wife was reading this thing that she had to fill out today and she goes look at this she goes it says what do I identify with male or female she's not it's like state your sex it used to be state your sex now it's what do you identify with and I'm like okay what percentage of the people are we play cating with this yeah like whore and so bizarre it actually has medical consequences so I know a lot of doctors because they have said many times my wife is a doctor and there are cases now where doctors are walking into a room and it says on the chart that somebody is of a particular sex and they're not of that sex because they're writing the sex they perceived themselves to be well it changes your diagnosis you have a completely different body so won't you know I heard a story about one patient who came in and was having lower abdominal pain well if you're a boy versus you're a girl that's gonna make a pretty large difference in to how that diagnosis goes at least a doctor know what sex you're born with it's it's totally wild and it's all this attempt to level I think everything the attempts to just get rid of natural differences between human beings and pretend they don't exist like we all want everybody to obviously have equal rights and equal liberties but that's not the same thing as saying that everybody is gonna be equally strong in a fighting ring what do you think is causing all this I mean I I think what's causing all of this is that there's a deep desire right now in in a free society to try and figure out why some people succeed and some people fail and we're never allowed to say that there are natural issues at stake and in some and I understand the resistance to based on race right so for example you see a lot of people who will say you can't ever talk about racial differences in IQ because that is going to lead to toward this racist conclusion that your race defines your IQ which is you know a silly conclusion like there are racial differences in IQ based on kind of group statistics that has no relevance to the particular individual standing in front of you and so you saying this black guy is stupid because he's black is racist you saying there are group differences in IQ because every study ever done is showing group differences in IQ not even based on racial groups necessarily based on different groups generally between between you know age groups there are differences in IQ actually if you if you show that at least from young age to to like 12 if you mention any of these things then you're overriding the idea a tabula rasa human being who can be created in whatever image you want like what people really want is to correct the cosmic imbalances as Thomas Olsen's I know what do you think is behind it I think that I think you're hitting the nail on the head and I I think there's a tremendous amount of white guilt involved in it as well I mean because basically what the IQ tests are showing when they do study differences in IQ and and races you're showing the rise of the superiority of the Asian race I mean Asians dominate those things and everybody is so just like well that's that's let's not talk about that let's talk about white and black because that's more convenient and it's easier and they could find a victim and they could find a perpetrator and what you're also seeing like there's a lot of Asian groups that are furious because they're getting discriminated against about getting into colleges and universities they have higher standards because they have such a high percentage of Asians that are getting into the universities and it's it's very strange because they're not vocal about it and they're not they're not publicizing it and they're not screaming racism in the streets but they're the victims of it they actually the victims of hard work and success and excellent genetics right well there's no question and the differences in culture are really the place where we should be putting most of our focus because when it comes to you know natural imbalances there's only so much that you can do right I'm not gonna be fighting you in a ring anytime soon said just get destroyed but the same when it comes to cultural differences that's the stuff that we can correct for and instead of doing now what we tend to do is we tend to pretend that the cultural differences are not brought about by immediate decision-making by parents or by immediate communities it's it's something out there right it's it's racism in the ether or it's discrimination writ large it's something it's something out there we can't we can't put our heads around it exactly but something that's making us imbalanced and so the way to fix that is by getting rid of all imbalances that we see and so if there's an imbalance between men and women we'll just pretend that that doesn't exist anymore and that it must have been caused by something that we can't quite control yeah it's definitely not an objective way of approaching the issue I think there's a host of different factors that play into every community right there's the the echoes of the poor behavior of the people that live there before you all the consequences of other people's actions that have affected all the people around you people going to jail people that have experienced racism people that have experienced poor treatment by law enforcement massive distrust around you very difficult to excel in those environments you're constantly like running away from gangs and headed home I don't think we should hold those people up to the same standards as we should people to grow up in very safe middle-class communities where they don't have to worry about all this stuff I think there's a bunch of different factors and everybody's looking for ones only the one factor that appeals to their ideology yeah and that's a real problem it's a problem also anytime you mention IQ everybody goes nuts yes immediately they suggest that what you're saying is is racist and the truth is that whatever IQ differentials there are it's unclear how much is explained by genetics and how much is explained by environment but some is clearly explained by genetics and some is clearly explained by environment as soon as you say that everybody suggests that you are operating in a racist space so it's as you say when it comes to data like this happened with Sam Harris when he was being interviewed by Ezra Klein as a reclined just went after him for suggesting that science is science well science is still science 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all time a person who I deeply respect who I think is mentally ill she is on a host of different medications she's taking ambien and drinking she was pushed to the brink of exhaustion doing that television show and she's made some very poor choices with some of the things that she said she would be the first to tell you that and I don't think that you I don't think you could get an understanding of her from a tweet or from you know a one sentence description of what she did I think you need to hear her and hear her talk she's gonna be the first person tell you she's crazy and she is she's she's essentially at least functionally mentally ill you know but it's also why she's such a brilliant comedian and she's always been what you would call a stirrer you know if people don't remember like when she used to when she sung the national anthem a rabbit crotch and spit on the ground and everybody went crazy that's Roseanne you know and I think people wanted to turn her into this lovable mother there's this like thing that people do when life gets weird which is like where it's at right now where they want to look back to the past where things just made sense can't we just bring back the Roseanne of old look John Goodman's there - this is amazing everything was safe when I was a kid and that's what they're trying to do and they don't realize like she's tweeting crazy about someone looking like they're from Planet of the Apes which by the way she said she didn't even know that that woman was black and she's just telling this to me on the phone she goes she goes I'm not stupid do you think I would say that about a black but she was I thought she was Jewish she was look at her she looks like my relatives it's what she said to me on the phone I believe her I believe she makes some terrible choices I mean she was someone sent me some stuff this morning like look what this crazy she's tweeting I was something about George Soros as soon as I read Soros I just done I put the phone down and walk away because it's all like lizard people and alex jones and interdimensional child molesters george soros is patrolling the marijuana and i can't i'm out that's like the number george soros to me is my like my mother line that i will not press my dmz of like conspiracy theories as soon as you get into soros is soros is hiring those women's march people they don't even want to be there they're all being paid like how much money is this guy have there's a million people in every city what's he paying them a dollar even if you paid him a dollar that's a significant amount of money and they're not gonna do that for a dollar you're gonna have to pay them a lot of money like you sure they're being paid but it's like that soros guy as soon as you start tweeting and talking about soros like my brain just checks out is our big problem with with rosianna a lot of celebrities the attempt to mainstream them is normal human beings and you see this from both sides i i think to a certain extent you saw the republicans did this with kid rock where suddenly kid rock is gonna run for senate definitely could've won and you see kanye west they're doing the same thing now or in kanye west's is a grand expositor of the constitution of the united states and listen i'm happy for anybody to think for themselves of Chania wants to talk about voting republican i'm replicant i'm happy with that that's fine but to pretend that entertainers i mean i've lived after my entire life dependent entertainers and show people aren't a bunch of crazy people is just nuts thank you they're like the level of nuttiness in this town is so high and yet the halo effect that we have about celebrities is that well if they're famous and i see them on TV that must mean that they're smart in real life no no it's a biological trick and what it is is when you evolved when when all of us lived thousands of years ago we'd look to the most successful member of the tribe the one who was older the one that everybody revered he was the best hunter he was the smartest warrior he was the one with the scars in his face that had survived battle and he could relay to you the lessons of a life well-lived this is what I learned this plants poisonous that snake oak ilya and all of this stuff now gets relayed to someone who's on a giant screen now we see brad pitt his head is twenty feet tall there's music when he talks his lines are all carefully constructed by a team of writers and we get sucked into it like he's a real hero and we do that for anybody that gets attention whether it's Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift we we see these people and millions of people are paying attention to them so we assume that there's some quality behind everything that they're saying there's something special about them but there's not it's a biological trick that is it's perpetrated through and that it's not by a grand conspiracy but through media through being able to put them on a YouTube screen or on a television or a laptop or wherever you're digesting it and the knowledge that when you're watching a clip where Kanye West's talk about running for president and you look down to number it it says oh my god 24 million people have watched this and there's 15,000 thumbs-up what the and this is this is the world that we're living in today so you you you say well it must be God Kanye is gonna win Kanye is gonna win and this is exactly how Donald Trump got into office we have a popularity contest to see who becomes president and we have the very first ever popular person enter a popularity contest a guy who is a longtime media personality he knew very well how to manipulate that how he was charismatic he's a old speaker he's not afraid to piss people off he knows he has a bunch of people that like what he has to say and he could rile them up and this is what's strange about taking the word of celebrities over the word of professors or of public intellectuals or of people that have actually carefully considered all these things that are discussing and have about a lot of information and they're basing these conclusions and these statements on a long history of research and this is not what you're gonna get from Kanye he's a guy who doesn't even read he doesn't read and he's our guy he uses your incorrectly all the time he's the wrong you're like like Piers Morgan I mean we both have our thoughts on Piers Morgan but one of the things he wrote like he corrected him and he's like no you're never going to be President you know he shouldn't read that because that's exactly what Barack Obama's president give me your take on last time I talked to you was before the election I think yeah so what so what what's your take on President Donald Trump since we now have a year and a half of the Donald Trump in office everyone sucks at that job Hillary would have sucked at that job too it would have been a disaster I think her health would have failed I don't think she would have made any difference in the world I don't think he's gonna make any difference in the world for the positive I think what we need is a council of wise people and I think that this idea of one alpha chimp that runs the whole thing based on a popularity contest is crazy I think it's a terrible idea I think it was a good idea in 1776 it's a terrible idea in 2018 I just don't think it works and I think you should be able to vote online I absolutely think you should be able to vote online if you could do your taxes online if you could Bank online and do all the different things that people do online you should be very easy to register and you'd get a much more balanced percentage of the population than we do now it would be by having these barriers like you got to go to a physical location you got to sign up long in advance they're preventing certain people from voting whether that's good or bad is up for debate but I think if you want to get a real understanding of how all growing adults in this country feel about certain issues they should be able to vote online and having one person run the whole thing like a president and be able to do some of the things that Trump has done like strip the EPA of a lot of its power you know give the thumbs up to offshore drilling a lot of things that scare this out of people because there's real consequences for many generations in advance forget about the the the what he's doing with the financial institutions and how he's opening up doors for businesses that's debatable good or bad you know whether it's good for the economy is it is it bad for the middle class is it bad I don't these are good questions but I think what's good about having someone who is widely regarded as being incompetent as president is that it's entirely possible that we might come to a point where we have to rethink the way we run and structure so I'm actually more encouraged by his presidency than you are I think one of the reasons is because the checks and balances worked so I think one last we talks we said you know is Trumpkin and just run roughshod over the entire system of government and the reality is that no he's done some stuff at the executive level but the stuff that he's done at the executive level should never have been at the executive level anyway it should've been all legislature stuff so when you talk about what he's done with the EPA my feeling is that we should have a Congress that makes the actual law on the environment we shouldn't have a group of unelected bureaucrats who make the actual law in the environment we can't get rid of if we don't like it's good point and so having them write these broad laws that are then delegated to Donald Trump's friends over in the in the executive or Barack Obama's friends over the executive so then interpret and change into all the stuff with takes power out of the hands of the human beings who are actually elected to do it and who we can throw out I can't throw out the EPA Administrator so it's the one thing that's been good about Trump is and this is the other one I've made to people who don't like President Trump is you don't like President Trump totally fine I didn't like President Obama thought it was garbage here's a great idea how about none of these people have a lot of power how about we just evolve a lot of the power all the way back to the local level and to the states and I understand their environmental issues where they cross boundaries they cross state lines for example you're gonna have to have some federal environmental regulations but a lot of this stuff can be done at the local level whether you're talking about financial institutions or whether you're talking about environmental stuff most environmental damage is being done at the local level it's not being done across state lines so it's it's I've been encouraged by the fact that the the system is more durable than I thought it was I think that the founders were smart enough to build in a bunch of checks and balances that the president as much as we tend to think of him as the guy who runs everything I mean let's be real about this president Trump is sitting on the second floor of the Oh of the White House he doesn't in the Oval right he's in the second floor of the White House watching Shark Week and everybody downstairs is actually doing a lot of the work try and put the other policy with Congress some of it gets done some of it doesn't and even a lot of those people are spending a lot of their time online trying to figure out how kim kardashian convert visitors i guess really is for your for your money do you want to see a more active government or a less active government because I'm kind of happy with the gridlock I'll be honest with you I kind of like the fact the government doing anything there's definitely some pros to that I think it would be better if we had a more competent system and I agree with you that the checks and balances have we've shown that he can't just throw everything out and and just run Trump mania all across the country I think there's definitely some some positive to that gridlock so it's okay so what changes would you make to the system because you talk about the system being being a process you talked about online voting do you mean online voting direct on issues or you mean online voting for representatives all the above okay so you like the referendum system in California I think if you have opinions on things I mean first of all this is really unpopular I think you should have to show that you have an understanding of what you're voting on you should probably have I'm fine with it yeah if you want to get rid of the idea requirements and retain the actual you need to know what you're talking about the environment I think I could I think you should take a test and if you understand what what the consequences of your decision are you understand what what is being voted on then you can vote on it but if you just read if you just go check yes check no just do it haphazard just because you're a crazy person and you happen to be 18 I think that's pretty ridiculous and but to have a test and have someone say well you have to be you have to be required to understand have a rudimentary understanding of what you're talking about in order to make an opinion that could literally affect 300 million people a lot of people would say that's bad because then what about are you are you saying that people have to have a certain intelligence level in order to vote is this like you did are you at the door of eugenics like what do you where you going with this well I think it's not a bad idea to say that if you're gonna vote on really important issues like whatever those issues are whether it's funding the military or abortion or whatever it is you should have an understanding of the subject I don't think that's unreasonable but people don't want any extra work and they they want things to be very very convenient no one that virtually signaling also being able to vote have voting right now is just virtue signaling like demonstrates the public at large to people at large what this vote means to you so is Hillary Clinton campaigning on if you vote for me you'll show that you voted for a woman and if you vote for Barack Obama you've shown that you vote for a black guy if you're voting for Donald Trump you're sticking a middle finger to the system itself symbolic voting very little of it seems about like what's this guy actually gonna do 1c there yeah and that's that's a that's a serious problem okay so I wanted to I want to turn to kind of the political correctness that how do you do your job in a politically correct universe but first I want to say thanks to our sponsors over at Lending Club so sometimes people need a helping hand whether it's unexpected repairs or medical expenses or credit card debt sometimes a little money makes a big difference you can get that at Lending Club com Lending Club gives 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jokes for living how you gonna survive in this environment making jokes for a living just piss people off I mean there's you're gonna always have people you have more people upset with you and there's more righteous indignation I think than I've ever seen in comedy I've had more people furious at me for what are clearly jokes then ever at any other time in my career and this is the hardest thing right cuz you make it something that's clearly a joke and then somebody writes down the transcript of the joke and now you have to explain the joke right that immediately kills it cuz as soon as you explain a joke it's no longer a joke so if you make a joke that's politically incorrect and then they write it down and everybody who heard you at the time knows that you were making a joke if they write it down then you have to explain it automatically exited the realm of jokes and so now you're trying to explain the statement as like as as true or decent right that's not the point of the joke in the first place yes exactly and you look you missed the context you missed the the way was delivered you missed the tone you miss everything but what they're doing is they're just trying to find targets and I think that's one of the things that's happening with Roseann that's one of the things that's happening whenever anybody screws up in the media a you you you just get these people that they want a target it's a game and game is take someone down the game is call someone out take someone down shame them you know get get the Twitter mob and the Facebook mob get him after him let's go as Goods move let's start a hashtag let's attack Morgan Freeman I heard he told a joke you know I mean this is like I mean did you read the the woman's account from CNN with a with a Carey interview with Morgan Freeman I think we covered it but I can't remember it he was playing God in a movie you know he's played God in a movie and she asked him if you had magic power what would you do with it and he said you wouldn't have a stitch of clothes on that was the joke knows it and and she was like god you messed with the wrong girls and I'm number 17 at all these girls that have come after you it's like wow you know like he was on the spot he's being interviewed he's on a red carpet he tries to crack a joke about you being naked like is this really the worst thing that's ever happened to you is this really this or is it just a joke and when I'm looking at it even in text I find it to be silly but just a joke is dying obviously just a joke is still just a joke it's just a joke well I think there is that backlash happening it's one of the reasons why you've become incredibly popular because you just don't care right I mean well that's I feel like if you have you money and you don't save you then who's going to who's going to like I'm a good person I'm a nice guy I pay my taxes I I have a bunch of great friends and loved ones your kids I have kids I try to be nice to people that's what I try to do but if I see something that's ridiculous and I make fun of it and people get mad at me for that that's on you well that's on you this is why you eat so there's a picture of you along with the rest of the intellectual dark web in this big New York Times speech by Barry Weiss I know were you standing a bush or something like for some reason everybody was in foliage taking the taking these pictures so what do you make of the whole intellectual dark web contingent and there's been this now huge backlash by a lot of folks particularly on the left saying what's up with this intellectual dark web is just a bunch of unacceptable deplorable people talking with each other and they don't have anything to say what do you make of the whole phenomenon well the name is all Eric right Eric Wine stayed yeah yeah Eric Eric is and he loves like all the cloak-and-dagger and all the all the hidden the just the name of it intellectual dark web it's like he concocted that so I was it Eric is he's brilliant I love him I love his loves and I have ever met because and I can't understand half of what he's saying yeah he's he's he's a very intense guy but he loves all this stuff he gets a kick out of it and I think there's a certain amount of silliness in calling it the intellectual dark web when you and I are essentially in some sort of a super group would a win or a super friend yeah and what I felt was fascinating was that a lot of people were trying to label us as like deplorable conservatives and like the one I are saying this is a group of renegade conservative so I'm pretty liberal like pretty liberal across the board if you want to talk to me about gay marriage you want to talk to me about gay rights women's rights like drugs you go drugs you go down the line you universal health care universal basic income I mean I'm pretty liberal like it's it's but it doesn't fit the narrative if I look like a trump supporter right so like it this is a white buffer well yeah yeah I'm a white bald guy works out too much there's there's a lot of you know there's a lot there's a lot of need to label someone into an easily dismissable category and that that category is conservative like ruthless nasty mean non and a person is not kind and not not you're not a person who's caring about other people you're a conservative or a mean bully mean mean mad white man as was his name that said that to jordan peterson and the monk debates Michael Dyson I think is so Michael Eric Dyson yes yes that's all Eric Tyson yeah they called Jordan Peterson a mean mad white man Oh mad me one of those yeah but it's uh there's there's this need to cry on Hirsi Ali and Christina Hoff Sommers and half the people who are who are members of the members of the club what exactly Dave Rubin is gay hilarious really like bizarrely diverse group I mean really ideologically diverse too because it's a bunch of people like Brett Weinstein who's a member of the of our secret our secret group he's a socialist he backed Bernie Sanders in the last elections yeah uh so what do you think generated I wasn't just the political correctness the insanity yeah hard left it threw everybody out dishonesty its dishonesty it's the same thing that led to what happened with Brett Weinstein at Evergreen when they had this day of absence where they wanted all white people to stay home he's like hey this is racist like you're your cat you're you're absolutely targeting people based on their race and saying you're not welcome here this is a day instead of it being a day of absence where people of color stayed home voluntarily and weren't chastised if they didn't instead of that it was no white people have to go away and if you don't you were a racist and this is what happened with Brett and it's a terrifying story and when I interviewed him on my podcast it was before he had left evergreen he was still employed there and he was talking to me about mobs that were wandering the parking lot with baseball bats and they were looking for him and it was terrifying he had to get here to take his family out of the state and who is this is this are these Nazis are these the KKK are these these right-wing thugs no they're extreme progressives with pink hair who are you know non-binary sexually like it's very bizarre and there's a lack of reality that you you have to adhere to this narrative and if you're not adhering to this narrative then you are some horrific person who is a product of the past and you're part of the patriarchy and it's not an honest discussion these if you if you see all the people that are involved in this you know air quotes intellectual darkweb the one thing they have in common the all of them are going what in the is everybody talking about like what is this what's happening here like why are we pretending that men and women aren't different things why are why are we pretending that to tell people that you have to stay home because you're white it's racist that is absolutely racist by definition that's what racism is you're discriminating against someone based on the race not based on their character or their their job position or anything else you're just just white people totally agree I mean I think that the concepts that seem to have United this group of people who again are all over the place on everything from religion to freewill to politics is one we all like data and we're interested in data so if you presents us with data we're all happy to take a look at it and maybe change our opinions based on the new data that you're presenting yes that's very important and to that we're willing to have conversations about those data without regard for the political niceties yes and then and three that we're all I think big into the idea of treating people as individuals that if you're gonna treat me as a member of a group I'm really not interested in talking to you and I'm not interested in being labeled as a member of a group either yeah so we're a group of people who don't like groups basically yes hilarious a group of people who don't like groups but we're also very friendly and kind and I'm sure you and I disagree on a bunch of things but we agree on a lot of things as well but what I like about you is you're a very reasonable intelligent person that is you you're a very polite person the way you talk to people is very polite I think that's something that's literally part of my reputation me being polite but you are my person you're a very kind polite person and I think that this there's something missing with this this idea idea war that people are engaged in where they want to demonize people to disagree with them instead of just sitting down and talking with them and saying well why do you think this okay let me let me try to look at it from your perspective and this is why I disagree and have a polite exchange of ideas instead everyone's fighting for their life as if you know whether or not trans people can use the girls room is gonna change the course of history it's strange it's strange like battlegrounds the lines that people are drawing in the sand and and if you're on the other side you're the enemy and you need to be shut down and stopped it's it's there it's a very weird time level anger is really really troubling me and that's something that I do feel like is kind of new so I've spoken on college campuses for a long time because I'm 34 now but I started doing this stuff when I was 17 or 18 years old now speaking campuses when I was 20 and I never had to bring security with me to any of these college campuses ever until the last three years the last three years I now have to have at least a two-man security team at every college campus and usually it's more than that based on what the police are telling us about reports in advance now half the time nothing materializes but a few times things have materialized and it's been trouble and that that sometimes happens where do you think this level of anger is coming from because it appears to me that that's what's new like these political divides have always existed these political divides between right and left or political divides between people who are more interested in collective solutions versus individual solutions why do you think people are so pissed all the time and they're just you can feel it in the air like the the eagerness to stomp on somebody's face he's really strong that's why when the Roseanne thing happens it can't just be like what you're saying where okay she's a mentally ill person maybe you have to take the show off the air maybe that's the proper response but she might actually have a problem here she she certainly does well I think it's coming from his toxic tribalism that's what I think I think people they are on a team they want their team to win and they want their team to win by any means necessary and they're they feel disenfranchised because we have a president you know Donald Trump I mean he is who he is and he stands for a lot of things that they find abhorrent and you you have a lot of people now that are calling themselves and Tifa and they're there by literally by their own actions acting in a fascist manner and they're calling themselves anti-fascist and they're putting bandanas in their face they're hitting people with bike locks and they're engaged in violence and the the left is using violence as a means to solve these differences that we have in ideas and opinions they're shutting people down like christina hoff sommers just yelling out at her a woman who's her whole life has been a feminist her whole life and she calls herself a factual feminist because she wants women who are empowered and who are intelligent to be held accountable for their the actual facts behind what they're saying and you know to discuss this to empower people with reality and by doing that she's become an enemy I mean it's very strange to watch her get shouted down by other feminists that they that she's the wrong kind of feminist it's it's really bizarre but the anger in the vitriol and the the violence that's attached to it is something that's completely new and was always associated with right-wing thuggish mobs it was always associated with hate groups like the KKK or something something along those lines you know the neo-nazis but you're seeing this level of violence from from the left now these weird like university professors in these dorky people that are saying burn this mother down and and people were cheering the streets and white people are the problem and and there's so many people that are tenured professors that are getting away with saying like ridiculous crazy and calling out for violence and it's completely irresponsible and it's it's it's foolish it feels weird too because back in the 1960s at least there was something to fight over at least back in the 1960s if you were gay you said okay I don't have my rights there's something to fight over or your black and say I don't have my rights true there's something to fight over or you're female and you say well feminism hasn't hasn't done what needs to do yet there's something to fight for but right now country's pretty good like thinking things are pretty good for the vast majority of people in this country put aside the economics for a second because people always fail or rise in economics it just happens but in some of that is natural and some of that is stuff that's fixable but one thing that is certainly true is that the notion of a governmental invasion of rights against any of these groups this is not something that is commonly happening it's not that the government is cracking down on black people or Hispanic people or at this point even gay people and yet there's this level of anger that feels like riots in the 1960s I want to talk a little bit more about that in just a second first one makes money so first we're gonna say thanks to our sponsors over at so these days you can get practically 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stamps calm enter that promo code been guessing to get that special deal all right so we're talking about sort of the levels of chaos and I have a theory so my TL laid out for you so my theory and I don't know where you stand religiously are you agnostic atheist religious more agnostic than anything I grew up Catholic and I abandon it when I was a young boy I went to Catholic school and that cured me so here here's my theory my theory is that everybody who's broken down to tribalism because it used to be that we were a larger tribe meaning that the way that you the way that you defeat local tribalism is by creating a larger tribe that everybody feels a kinship to and a membership to so in the United States you had people who've had tribal kinship to state governments and then after the Civil War that basically went away because the federal government stepped in and stopped slavery through through war making power and then people felt a general kinship to the federal government you were American now he wasn't that you were Californian or you're a Texan you were now American and the same thing goes back to biblical times where you have you know all of these various tribes you had the tribe of manasseh and the tribe and the tribe of the fryin and but they're the Jews right there there's a bigger tribe that eats them and it used to be that the tribe for America was called America right and that tribe was was bonded by a certain set of Creole values values of individual rights values of personal virtue that these things had to be combined you had to be a good person to your neighbors but at the same time the government had no right to come in and take your stuff and force you to be a nicer person so you're the idea was that you voluntarily were going to be a nicer person to your neighbors because you thought that was the right thing to do but it wasn't the government's job to come in and force you to be nicer to your neighbors because that would be fistic and overbearing and tyrannical and that's gone away because people don't feel like they have to be nice to their neighbors they and I think part of that has to be connected with lack of communal institutions that you know I'm not saying everybody has to go to church but people who are in churches tend to get along better with each other in the church than people who are outside the church and people inside the church doesn't mean that you got to pick a church but it doesn't mean that we have to have some sort of communal institutions and right now we are savagely tearing apart each of our communal institutions up to and including things like the fell or suddenly things were we would bond over that like Super Bowl Sunday was a bonding time for the country and now we can't even bond over that we can't find over anything right now because all of these credo values have been dissipated by our own personal malevolence toward each other I think that's a great point I think it's a great point too about the benefit of religion is that you do have these ideas and values that are shared amongst this community and group and when you are an atheist or an agnostic I mean you don't really have that group other than like what you're what you're getting from a lot of atheists you get this really hardcore progressive ideology that is in many ways like a religion and I think there's there's probably some real merit to what you're saying and the Robert Putnam had makes this point in in his book Bowling Alone he talks about the this this new fascination with diversity and the diversity is our strength and this this whole line and he was a big believer in this Robert Putnam the this professor of sociology is big lefty and and he says that that diversity was our strength was his guiding kind of notion and then he did the research into it what he found is that as diversity of a census tract increases the only thing that he found that increase our protest marches and tv-watching that's the only thing that actually increases in a particular area based on ethnic diversity he said the only area where he could see that ethnic diversity actually made things better was in the context of a broader group so in the Army for example then ethnic diversity is great because then you get a bunch of people who are fighting for the same purpose and the guy next to use your brother doesn't matter if he's black or white you see this with people who you talk to her in the military all the time when they talk about people of different races in the military this is usually the way they talk about people of different races in the military which is very different than the way people talk about race in the United States more broadly said you also see this in churches but communal institutions have have declined so markedly that the only way I think that we're gonna have be able to have a system where we can all live with each other is to reestablish some sort of some form of communal talking with each other even if it's just forums like this one where we're talking with each other and you know we if we did this live we'd get thousands people to show up just to hear us talk to each other even those sort of communal institutions need to exist otherwise we're going to completely polarize mean I think it's one of the dangers of the anti I love the internet I've been living on the Internet you make your living on the internet but one of the dangers of the Internet is that it's all personal to you you don't actually have to go out and be with other human beings I hide behind the screen and tweet nasty things at each other yeah you also can find this group of like-minded people and you share an echo chamber that's it's another real issue for confirmation bias I think what you're saying makes a lot of sense and I think that we do need we do need community you know and I think the more people like you and like Sam Harris and Eric and Brett Weinstein people who are open-minded people who are willing to discuss things politely with people and not shove their ideology down other people's throats the more we exchange information with each other the more this idea of being able to communicate like this it becomes popular and I think there's real benefit in that I think there's real benefit in these kind of podcasts style discussions because of that because you can sit down with it with a person that maybe doesn't share the same opinions with you and you can talk things out and maybe disagree maybe argue but be polite to each other and realize that a lot of these ideas that we have we we have these predetermined notions of the way we think things should be and if you don't fit with my predetermined notions then there's no something wrong with you it's never just examining these notions and finding out where these ideas coming from and why am I so married to them and what is the solution to make everybody comfortable is there a solution Kenny and can we stop demonizing people that disagree with us I think that the principle that I think also unites every and this is why everybody's getting labeled conservative really yes because everybody in that we've been talking about here in the end actually does believe in personal responsibility yeah please and taking responsibility for your own actions and you can be on the left and still believe in taking responsibility for your own actions but it seems like so much of the left has dumped out of that and you're seeing that increasingly on the right - I think that a lot of President Trump's appeal during the during the actual election cycle is him saying I'm gonna come in and solve all your problems and my own expense of your own damn problems I think the only way your life is going to get better is if you solve your own problems because there are very few people who had their problems solved for them who actually are able to have a successful life in the aftermath of having all the problems solved for them ya know that's a very good point yeah you know why are we all considered conservatives I mean Jordan Peterson is an interesting example too because as much he calls himself a classic liberal you know people have a hard time deciphering what that is they don't even bother looking it up and he is more so than I think anybody in that Cole group is getting attacked he's getting destroyed right now his words are getting taken out of context his positions are getting distorted even in debates that during the month yeah and they Kathy Newman well that was my goodness that was amazing did you read the New York Times profile on Jordan I read on a little bit of it but it was a hit monk that piece was so astonishing that my favorite part of that piece is there was a part of that piece where they suggest that Jordan Peterson is in favor of what he called enforced monogamy yeah so they enjoyed their suggestion was that Jordan actually wants to shackle women to men it's like you were dude like use Google like it's it's an anthropological term yeah it's talking about the difference between biological monogamy and socially constructed monogamy that's how he's talking about yeah but the left is so out to destroy him that they're willing to take him out of context at any level it's just nuts well he's also willing to engage with people and discuss things that he's talking to reporters that are looking to get him and he's openly discussing intellectual ideas and and and and puzzles like how do you fix it I don't know maybe it's enforcement aagama like this is not this is like a weird way of engaging with the press but he's he's so comfortable with these idea puzzles and and bouncing them around and using them almost as intellectual exercises that'll do it publicly with someone who is looking for flaws in his armor but this is what you do so well by the way on your show and I was trying to explain to somebody why your show is so popular because it's it's unique thing what you do and what what I said to them is that when I look at you as a host or when I look at you as a thinker you're somebody who's taking people along and intellectual journey and you're taking the journey with them it's like being on a road trip of ideas with you on your show do you think that's a pretty good description of what you do it's what I try for in a way just I want to know how they think it enriches the way I think when I have smart people on and I go through their thought process I feel like I get a little rub from that I I understand the way they're viewing the world with their completely different life than me I think there's there's a great value in that and I think that's one of the things that people get out of the podcast is they're getting the same thing that I'm getting well while I'm sitting there talking to these people to these people so what so what's your big plan here like you can continue what you're doing obviously but where do you think you are in in five years there's no plan there's no plan to get here there's no plan to stay I have zero plan I mean I might abandon it I don't know I might I might decide people are too crazy it's difficult I really don't know golf hunting in the wilderness yeah I'll probably just just just get a shack somewhere and just bow hunt I don't know I really have no idea where where it's going to go but I am enjoying the fact that because the podcast is popular I can get really interesting people on like Howard Bloom or Jordan Peterson or you or all these fascinating people and have these great conversations and I've really enjoyed conversations it's taught me a lot about the the way to communicate with people allowing people to talk actually listening to what they're saying engaging them on their ideas not just waiting for my time to talk which is what so many people do I mean it's it's also led me led me to understand how rudimentary most people's conversation skills are when I'm watching people even in like really important meetings just talk over each other and disregard with each other they're saying there's no like there's a lack of like solid communication skills that I think you really foster on a podcast and these these conversations that we have I think one of the best things about them is that you're getting an insight and to how other people think and it allows you to examine the way you think and you by just by virtue of listening to this person through your headphones or in your car you're comparing your thought process to their thought process and I think ultimately that's what we're trying to strengthen the way we view the world and and and strengthen our clarity and and take in as much information as we can and see that information for what it truly is not what we want it to be so in that journey what you're doing in you have a very wide variety of guess I know I've gotten flack for a lot of the guests that you've gotten on various sides including flack for having me on your show how do you how do you perform the gatekeeper function how do you decide who is just not worth having on your show or is there anybody who you think is just not worth having on your show I just I like talking to people you know I mean if I want to talk to someone I want to have on my show I'm gonna like I told you I'm gonna have Ted Nugent on my show that's probably gonna be the most push back other than Alex Jones if anybody that I've ever had but I don't think it's my job to not talk to people that I want to talk to I think it's my job to even if someone if I want it I mean there's got to be some horrible people out there that I would never want to talk to that I just don't like the way they speak I don't I don't like what they stand for and maybe Ted's one of them I don't know I have to sit down and talk to him but as long as I feel that I'm interested in having a conversation with that person I'll air it and look there's a lot of them out there I mean I do three hour podcast and I do four or five a week you don't like one of them good don't listen to that one I mean I have ones on with MMA fighters and I'll get like people are like oh I hate those ones so well I said okay let me just take those and I'll have a separate podcast I'll label them the MMA show the JRE MMA show so now you know you know if I have cat Zingano on or George st. Pierre we're gonna talk about fighting for a lot of the time and then if I have on Jordan Peterson or Sam Harris or whoever else I might be interviewing Robert Schoch are you we're gonna talk about different things and you know you can like it or you don't like it but there's plenty of people that like it so I don't care you know you're again you have that fu money say you're in good shape time cares I think just but having that the the wherewithal to understand that if you're enjoying it if you like what you're doing that's contagious you know these conversations interesting conversations are contagious like I am interested in people that are engaged in interesting conversations and when I listen to podcasts and I listen to people discussing things and I know that they're really locked into this conversation it's fascinating to me I mean and we don't get enough of that in this world we are dealing with you know you're in offices you're in cubicles you're dealing with human resources and there demands on the the type of things you can discuss and what you can get in trouble for and most people for at least eight hours out of their day they are locked down with this rigid conformed way of communicating and speaking and it's very frustrating it's very frustrating and it doesn't represent your thoughts it represents these patterns that you're expected to follow in the world of business and and commerce and you know office space you know of politics and I just think it's very very frustrating for people and it's not natural and I think that's one of the reasons why people yearn for uncensored conversations well I mean that's what you're gonna get if you go to the Joe Rogan experience and it's it is amazing if you haven't listened to it first of all if you're listening to this I'm sure you've listened to Joe show but if you haven't go check it out to the Joe Rogan experience Joe thanks so much for stopping by [Music] the venture Pierrot shows Sunday special is produced by Jonathan hey executive producer Jeremy boring associate producers Mathis Glover and Austin Stevens edited by Alex Singaram audio is mixed by Mike Carroll Mina hair and makeup is by Jessica Oliveira and title graphics by Cynthia and Gullu the Ben Shapiro shows Sunday special is a daily wire for word publishing production copyright Ford publishing 2018 [Music]
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Ben Shapiro speaks as if he's trying to win a debate determined by how many words you get out of your mouth.

πŸ‘οΈŽ︎ 43 πŸ‘€οΈŽ︎ u/Jechacas πŸ“…οΈŽ︎ Jun 03 2018 πŸ—«︎ replies

Ben Shapiro seems to be one of the most controversial people on this subreddit. Can people describe (as objectively as possible) why it is worth/not worth listening to him and getting his opinion?

Personally, I put him smack dab in the middle between "objective" and "hack" which I guess classifies him as an "ideologue"; meaning he will try to back his ideology generally with whatever information he can find but won't necessarily back his party with anything they do. Would love to get other opinions though.

πŸ‘οΈŽ︎ 39 πŸ‘€οΈŽ︎ u/timbuktuw πŸ“…οΈŽ︎ Jun 03 2018 πŸ—«︎ replies

I like Joe, but I can't stand Ben.

πŸ‘οΈŽ︎ 75 πŸ‘€οΈŽ︎ u/National_Marxist πŸ“…οΈŽ︎ Jun 03 2018 πŸ—«︎ replies

Ben’s fundamental problem is his inability to process what others say. He physically hears them, but he’s almost Sarah Palin like in his inability to absorb information (I did not watch this specific interview).

πŸ‘οΈŽ︎ 5 πŸ‘€οΈŽ︎ u/[deleted] πŸ“…οΈŽ︎ Jun 04 2018 πŸ—«︎ replies

He's a complete hack, insufferable, dishonest, willfully ignorant, arrogant, etc.. But... the guy is effective. He's pushing his agenda and influencing people, unfortunately. I have to say, his fans are the most obnoxious willfully ignorant dipshits on the internet. They don't respond to clear arguments as to why he's wrong, they respond with "DEBATE HIM"

πŸ‘οΈŽ︎ 12 πŸ‘€οΈŽ︎ u/Jamesbrown22 πŸ“…οΈŽ︎ Jun 04 2018 πŸ—«︎ replies

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I saw the video pop up in my youtube feed, I clicked in a random spot. "IQ blah blah blah" and I close the tab.

I like JRE becaue Joe talks to interesting people (one third of the time) and he is a people's person and make the conversation amicable. But I don't think Joe "If you didn't suffer when you were a kid you are boring person" Rogan is that interesting.

πŸ‘οΈŽ︎ 2 πŸ‘€οΈŽ︎ u/YaLoDeciaMiAbuela πŸ“…οΈŽ︎ Jun 04 2018 πŸ—«︎ replies

This is really funny, rich even. Sam often complains about being misrepresented and having his arguments taken out of context. This thread is a burning man of strawmen regarding Shapiro.

πŸ‘οΈŽ︎ 2 πŸ‘€οΈŽ︎ u/FranklinKat πŸ“…οΈŽ︎ Jun 04 2018 πŸ—«︎ replies
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