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innocent woman the Karen Lucchesi story a crooked attorney and a fool for a judge did their best to ruin her court-appointed trustee still everything she had an innocent woman convicted because she refused to lie and say she was involved in a crime just to take a plea bargain Fran Brian mom friends and baseball legend Frank Lou Casey fought for Karen's freedom and her dad lost his health it literally broke his heart shipped to a maximum-security prison for invoking her First Amendment right freedom of speech her sentence vacated by the Supreme Court and she still served 72 of a 78 month sentence $29 paperback Karen believed that Americans were innocent until proven guilty but are we merely guilty until proven innocent purchase innocent woman but Karen Lucchesi story @ww karen Lucchesi calm
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Keywords: jail, prison, women, false, wrongful, convictions, innocent, woman, man, The Post, guilty, framed for a crime, money laundering, federal, plea deal, inspirational, wrongly convicted, bestseller, arrest, book, slave labor
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Published: Thu Apr 12 2018
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