Google Stadia Will Cost HOW MUCH?!

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what if I told you there was a way you could play The Witcher 3 while a 32 year old Google exec wearing a backpack from zoomies your face well as Tesla plays deep cut Dave Matthews Band what if I told you there was a way you could have the experience of playing Doom while Bill Cosby makes you a cold drink what if I told you that tomorrow you could have the experience of playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey with more stuttering than an indie dev on an e3 stage I actually brought him with me that's right at Google we are bringing you a new way to have your face well a giant company steals your money you thought the 2013 III Xbox one was bad wait till you hear about our proprietary I spy our new system you can call carmen sandiego we got up game where everything you do gets reported to the NSA kids you just not wait to get your pre-order in welcome to two tall desk where today we are talking about the absolute worst thing to be excited for in the history of gaming but we have to talk about it because I'm seeing a lot of people being excited for the absolute worst thing to be excited for in the history of gaming today we're talking about Google Stadium what if people haven't noticed is maybe one of the worst ideas a large company has have when it comes to triple-a video games since triple-a publishers there's been a lot of news coming out about Google stadia but one big piece of news came out the other day that has since been kind of confirmed that tells us exactly what Google anticipates Google stadia be let's start with the basics for those of you that don't know Google stadia is a new game console coming from the greatest company in the world to ever make video games Google it's an all streaming console and what that means is you won't technically have a console it's really just a streaming service where you can stream your video games for those of you that are familiar with PlayStation now it's the same idea except well there's more games than the puppeteer and old Toy Story tie ins no offense to Sony but if they bark dikaya give us PlayStation outside a backwards compatibility can't wait to hear about how we're gonna have to play our ps4 games next gen yeah we're all for backwards compatibility we really are here's the good news we bought a new technology it's called do-it-yourself bondage so now to play your ps4 games on your PS 5 you have to tie yourself up and watch every fifty Shades of Grey movie which by the way we own and we own that we did that house us but Google stadia is being viewed by a lot of people as the future of gaming and let's talk about that for a second for the entirety of this generation most people believed that there would not be another traditional console generation that streaming video games would be the future and that streaming video games would take place here and now before this generation remember the last generation was supposed to be the last console generation I want to make that abundantly clear to people excited about Google stadia saying this is the future get over it that was the case last time - remember there was not supposed to be a ps4 Xbox one it was already supposed to be an all streaming future it's seven years later it's still not at all streaming future this hype train these people that weren't there last time don't understand that this is just a cycle every single generation for the past two generations which admittedly is not enough to say the words every single but moving on has said the same thing consoles are dead and now we're realizing once again that consoles aren't dead with the future launch of the PS 5 and whatever or Xbox ends up naming the next Xbox god knows it'll probably be some obscure color or Xbox one again because they've really run out of ideas so let's talk about what Google stadia is the new news and why Google stadia is not going to work like at all first off let's get the obvious out of the way first Google stadia will operate on a subscription-based platform there are two options for future stadia buyers there is the base and the pro now it's really important to notice the difference between the base in the pro these subscriptions are dramatically different the base gets you up to 1080p get your no free games it basically allows you to use the service the pro gets you up to 4k and gets you free games the pro is $9.99 a month the base as of right now is free now you might be saying well that's great it's a free service wonderful absolutely not if you don't understand what Google is doing here just look at bit harder than you already are they are capping your resolution and your ability to play these games like they exist within their servers on the free model now what does that mean that means that google has every incentive to continue to talk hold the base model to get you to move up to the pro model that's going to exist there is no way that this company does not further restrict the realities of the base model to get people to move to the pro model more importantly if they are capping the resolution of the base model before hitting the pro model what that means is is that they can move around with this reality all they want they can tell you you're getting 1080p capped you down lower and continue to tell you you're getting 1080p knowing you'll notice the difference equality and knowing it'll push you to move up to the pro this is a terrible idea in a terrible subscription plan this is basically here's a trial version here's the real version let's see how we can get people to get off of the trial version stay D has no interest at all on you signing up for the base model period Google stadia under this pricing structure is like going out to Vegas paying for a high-priced escort you get her back to the hotel she takes off her wig and it's Jimmy Neutron trying to charge you for a brain blast and another 15 dollars every time you want to get a whiff of his hair it's not a good deal and you might be wondering well where's the hair with feet Tyler I don't understand it's just $9.99 or free no it's not because the subscription model that cost $9.99 you know the one they're going to push everybody towards constantly and let me just make a little seance like prediction here I am going to predict that the base model will probably not exist for much longer than six to eight months we have seen this with a million different services it's always free to start until it's no longer free to start we always see these amazing deals these amazing prices look at movie passes I have a streaming pass and it's the same thing these companies want your money they want to get you in first but they want your money but let's get to the nitty-gritty the new news and everybody kind of assumed this but now it's been confirmed you are going to pay full price for every single game you buy our Google estate now yes I know Google State is going to have a PlayStation Plus like system or you can get a free game every month that's amazing III really enjoy paying to get a loop box essentially it's my goal in life to have every subscription service charge me money to get a random thing I don't know if or when I want every single month I love it except I don't and the fact that I have to pay full price for every game on top of a subscription fee creates a different kind of math doesn't it if Google stadia cost ten dollars a month right let's just say it stays that price let's give Google the benefit of the doubt it stays at ten dollars a month forever a base-model ps4 right now can eat you I don't know 225 250 maybe so it would take two years of Google Stadium right to hit that price of a base-model ps4 now let that sink in in two years Google stadia will cost the same price as a base-model console now obviously this does not apply to the launch of the next consoles but let's just keep this going in seven years Google stadia will cost how much I can't do math the NBA was useless there $840 it'll cost eight hundred and forty dollars over the course of a traditional console generation you will pay eight hundred and forty dollars for Google stadia Pro you know the one that lets you play games of 4k which is going to be a baseline feature of every next-gen console to play games and the quality that the baseline next-gen offers it's going to be eight hundred forty dollars for a console generation that's probably going to be twice the cost of most of these systems a year for they launched twice the cost and then you have to pay full price for your games on top of Google Stadium now some people might be saying well what if they don't have the upfront cost for a console that's wonderful that's great then Google stevia's nine hundred dollar cost might make a little bit of sense but it doesn't now let's skirt past that issue right let's faster pricing in the ridiculousness of paying a subscription on top of full price yeah that's like going out of Netflix then charging you five $10 a month then going oh you want to watch night school starring Kevin Hart first off died don't at all but if you for some reason do want to punish yourself yeah really like 20 more dollars man I know you paid the subscription fee but hey you gotta make that money no one would use that system and I don't know why people believe it's going to be acceptable for games what people don't seem to be talking very much about is how Jimbo from Des Moines Iowa is not gonna be super stoked to sit down and try to play Cod on his epilepsy simulator for 12 hours you dog 12 year olds with mics and modern warfare 2 or bad wait so you get a hold of Jimbo after he spent 14 hours of his day milking the cows he and his wife and sits down and tries to play a game at 6 FPS online dude's gonna be Sam Ward you've never heard of and more importantly he won't continue to play Google stadia according to Google you need around 30 megabytes per second of download speeds to play a 4k which I have news for you is not going to be the reality now let me throw you listen when I was in a dorm which was not that long ago I was not getting 30 megabits per second I certainly wasn't getting 10 megabits per second reliably I've been in apartments in New York they can't get 30 megabits per second I've been in homes in Florida they can't get 10 reliable megabits per second but that's not the point is it because Google stadia is going to require a lot more than 30 megabits per second on an average connection to stream in 4k you'll be lucky to stream a movie in 4k at 30 megabits per second this is like what your PC tells you that all you need is a John Deere tractor engine to run battle for bikini bottom and you plug it in and you're sitting here staring at what's basically a slideshow a spongebob and sandy digging at it can't believe the remastering that came the internet connection you're going to need to make this reliable it's probably a lot higher than both of those things especially at 4k and even if you are talking about hitting 30 makes per second for 4k there is no way that 50% of this country is getting those speeds you're not getting them in Iowa you're not getting them in Montana and Kansas and as much as we joke around about these states millions of people live in these locations the middle of the United States the Midwestern United States parts of big states like Florida in we are not getting these speeds which makes Google Stadium borderline useless anybody to go we'll just plant 1080p well why would I do that why would I do that when I have a generation of consoles that I can sit put a disc in and play it for K whenever I want and let's get to the final problem what is a problem you don't own anything you buy on stadia stadia is selling you a piece of gum and then on your way out the door asking for it back you're paying full price for games you are never going to own you're not walking into Best Buy and walking out with a $60 disc you're not walking into Game Stop and walking out with a $40 used disc you're not walking anywhere to get anything other than if the conversation of games on ership doesn't start here it's never going to and it needs to first off games preservation if we're going all streaming how is that gonna work number one number two forget that forget the high and mighty overarching goal of preserving games let's just talk about the fact that you will not own any of yours you're paying $60 essentially for a virtual good you're paying $60 for something you're not ownership of they are held on Google's and if your account gets banned you're not playing anything these companies have a right to literally take away your purchases to lock you out of them whenever they want now imagine Google Stadium where you don't even have the option of owning your games we don't even have the option of only the things you purchase does that sound good to you you're gonna pay $10 a month and $60 forget to tell us month do the free version to 1080p you're gonna get the free version of Google stadia and then pay for things that aren't yours ensure you could argue well they're not mine on PSN either and they're not mine on Xbox one either that's absolutely true the difference is they could be and they'd be like what if they come with exclusives yeah I'm super stoked for Google's first party exclusives they have a wonderful track record with video games can't wait for their exclusive version of Just Dance 45 where all of your gameplay is uploaded the servers for intelligence agencies to watch and track it's only a matter of time until people's homes are being raided because they accidentally mentioned a Bomberman franchise while having her shirt off dancing to some Hannah Montana it's not the best of both worlds anymore is Google stadia is the absolute worst example of a large company thinking they can step into a space and rip people off I don't care if streaming is the future the future is clearly not now these speeds the realities of the internet across this country the prices the structure of these things make zero sense they make no sense in this climate it's that Google City has no competition Microsoft Xbox Nintendo are still making games and consoles I can't imagine why somebody would pay to stream games when they're paying for the games as well when they have a console that they have access to here here here and here I reached for you guys if you want to take I don't know your xbox one on a plane or your ps4 on a plane I'm pretty sure the PS 5 and Xbox whatever blue are going to have a system where you can do just that Playstations already fiddled with it for years with that rest in peace Vita and Remote Play we're not that far off there's no reason to go with Google here and for those of you sitting there sampled they might have some great games I okay sure that's 50 years secretly moonlighting is the other half a little lame he's been missing for his whole career that's right he's not actually four feet tall I'm the rest of them dumb but now maybe more than ever I am incredibly curious about what you guys think do you believe that there is some sort of merit to Google's stadia do you believe that there is something here that's worth playing and I think more importantly would you ever give your money to a streaming service in a climate where new systems exist where systems that you can go to tomorrow exists does Google stay they have a chance to take your money under any and all circumstances is there a scenario where you give them a piece of the pie really quickly I also want to mention on my Twitter I've been putting out videos on Twitter gaming videos to concept that doesn't go on YouTube it's on Twitter if you want to follow me on Twitter I never mention it but yeah they found me on Twitter at clean prints game I actually put gaming videos over there too I'm gonna put up one talk about stadia tomorrow it's just stuff that doesn't go on you two bits short little things like two minutes long but their videos so yeah you can hit follow on Twitter over there if you enjoyed this video hit the like button over here it helps a lot a lot more than you know also hitting subscribe helps a lot more than you know in this climate where nothing's going right hitting subscribe means a whole lot hitting the bell means even more by the way that actually works I guess for what I hear that actually helps people get the videos so if you had a little bell you'll actually be notified when I upload a video which is really cool like it's a feature that works on the platform that's it that's incredible so hey please subscribe a little bell to get more of this action whenever I upload them I'm not gonna tell you when I don't know when so you take that but for whatever it's worth yeah hit I put the Twitter at the top a comment down below under the read more section if you click a little read more I put Twitter there and it said a nice time guys I'm out you
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Trashing things is where most game reviewers make their views so we tend to see people regurgitate the same misinformation or pointless talking points when it comes to Stadia. I'm giving Stadia a shot knowing it can absolutely fail but knowing that it is worth the risk for me.

Funny enough, it's hilarious to see how many game reviewers were trashing the Nintendo Switch before it even came out.

👍︎︎ 11 👤︎︎ u/quokkahead 📅︎︎ Jul 03 2019 🗫︎ replies

Can we stop boosting them then?

👍︎︎ 14 👤︎︎ u/smiller171 📅︎︎ Jul 03 2019 🗫︎ replies

I watched it so you don't have to.

This is quite ranty but maybe that's the guys style. Took a while to get into the actual points of view.

He does acknowledge the free tier but believes it will only be free for a few months before charging people for access. He is also of the opinion that for a free tier the quality of service is not adequate as it only supports 1080P. Although no comparisons are presented to validate the point of view. An argument is made that the Base service restricts players to entice them to pay for Pro. This seems to contradict his opinions on Base becoming a paid subscription. Familiar arguments are made for game ownership over a streaming service.

In terms of cost he makes the argument Stadia is more expensive over consoles because over 7 years Stadia Pro would cost $840 - twice that of a new console. Not sure why the thumbnail refers to $900? He does not include the cost of a PS+ or XBox Live subscription in the comparison nor does he factor mid-life upgrades or replacement costs.

He does not make any arguments for convienience or game technology advantages.

👍︎︎ 8 👤︎︎ u/ValhundOmega 📅︎︎ Jul 03 2019 🗫︎ replies

Jumping on the hate bandwagons = views = money.

👍︎︎ 6 👤︎︎ u/Kroneta 📅︎︎ Jul 03 2019 🗫︎ replies

OK, if people are going to be upset at least be upset for the right, factually correct reasons.

  1. It's not a console, it's a service. It's video game SSAS. GSAS if you will.

  2. Of course government agencies are watching. That's not different than any other service. What kind of meaningful data do you think they are even looking for?

  3. Google has never made video games before.

  4. "Goodle Stadia is not going to work at all" you don't know that. Do you think that comment even makes sense.

  5. No free games, on base? Why would games be free?

  6. Stadia Pro doesn't give you free games. No one said that. SOME games are discounted on Pro, but not free. It will probably emulate the OnLive model.

  7. "Stadia Base pushes you to pay for the Pro model" Yea, it's a business. That's what businesses do. Offer a free portion with the option to upgrade. Capitalism. Also, I would bet money that gets upgraded over time.

  8. Base is not a trail version. Trial version suggests a limited time of availability. That's not the case.

  9. "they don't want people to use Base" If they didn't want people to use Base, they would not have made it.

  10. "Free to start" is usually a promotional campaign. Again, this is the base model, not a promotion.

  11. "These companies want your money" No shit

  12. "Stadia will cost $870 over 7 years" Of course Stadia Pro will cost money over time. On traditional consoles you still pay the same price for the same games. But with Stadia don't have to pay to play online or use multiplayer. Do you want to pay $500 AND full retail price AND for cloud saves AND for online play? Or just $10 + games. There are also lots of people that simply can't afford the upfront cost of a console, or simply just don't want to pay that damn much. But his response is basically "fuck off poor people"

  13. Comparing it to Netflix is incorrect. It's not a Netflix model, it's not comparable. Apple and oranges.

  14. 30 MegaBITS, not MegaBYTES

  15. Obviously a rural connection isn't going to work. No one said the service was for everyone. ISPs will adapt.

  16. He doesn't know it will need more than 30 megabits. Unless you are an experienced network technology professional, no one has the credentials to speak on the topic.

  17. Average speeds in Iowa: 38Mbps. Average in Montana, 12Mbps, Average in Kansas: Most people are in the KCMO area, where Gigabit Fiber is everywhere.

  18. "According to Ookla, the forerunner in internet speed tests, the average U.S. internet download speed now clocks in at a whopping 93.98 Mbps, as of June 2018."

  19. "Why would I only play at 1080p?" Because are plenty of people that do. Parents, working professionals, kids on a budget, etc. No one denies consoles and PCs will still be the "flagship" experience, but it isn't the only experience. Lots of people are just fine with 1080P

  20. "You don't own anything you buy on Stadia" Not true. You own the games just as much as you own Steam games, which I have never seen one disappear. The Last Remnant was pulled, but I still own it and can still download it. "According to Google Stadia boss Phil Harrison, you will be able to keep your purchased games in your Stadia library even after they've been removed from sale." You don't own your Netflix movies, you don't own Spotify songs. Discs are the past.

  21. "Paying money for a virtual good" Like, almost everything? Buying a DLC isn't any different. When was the last time you paid for something with cash? That's virtual, and sure you can go to an ATM but who does that anymore?

  22. "If your account gets banned, you're not playing anything" Not any different than any other service. Not even including gaming.

  23. "No reason to go with Google" Sony and Nintendo are not infrastructure companies. Google is. If any company can do it, it's Google.

  24. He doesn't know they won't have good games. That's a person personal taste. HE might not think they are any good, but his is not the only opinion.

👍︎︎ 3 👤︎︎ u/[deleted] 📅︎︎ Jul 03 2019 🗫︎ replies

Who even cares it's frickin CleanPrinceGaming

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/Peeaakaayy 📅︎︎ Jul 04 2019 🗫︎ replies

I'll wait to see for myself, but it's still worth being cautious of this service. Next gen consoles will probably be leagues ahead of this service, but only time will tell.

👍︎︎ 1 👤︎︎ u/GruvisMalt 📅︎︎ Jul 03 2019 🗫︎ replies
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