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welcome to John Harmons CPA and accounting and tax firm servicing the greater North Texas area our mission here at John Harmon CPA is to earn the respect and trust of all our clients by providing professional and timely services that exceed their expectations with our highly knowledgeable team of CPAs and tax professionals our goal is to empower every client to become tax efficient while building lifelong partnerships and here is Don Harmon himself to tell you more hello I'm John Harmon I'm a CPA here in McKinney and we serve as a Keeney Frisco North Texas area I've been in the tax business now for over thirty years and I had my own practice now for eleven years starting off small keep growing now we have a staff of fifteen employees when I first graduated from college my desire was to find a way to help people here at John Harmons CPA my desire I had one as finishing college is still true today my name is Kevin Dyess I'm a CPA met John back in 1993 when we both started to work for a tax software company I've been involved in the tax business for approximately 33 years back in 2014 is when I joined the firm John Harmon CPA I didn't realize when I was joining how much my values were going to align with the firm and everything that they do they put their clients first and they always have will focus on you as an individual you're not an object to us you're an actual individual we're trying to find ways to help you from somebody has to several w2's they're just moved here to the business owner they own seven or eight entities in multi states we were able to help either one and we do have everyone here at John Harmon CPA our clients our family we pride ourselves on excellent customer service in developing long lasting relationships it's not just preparing a tax it also involves figuring out what is the right structure for your company do you need to be incorporated or not what's the right time to be incorporated what's the right amount of salary to take to make sure we're being most tax-efficient under the current tax law we have your back we're constantly reviewing the tax laws and we're staying refreshed on the material so when you come in and you sit down we can review your situation we can explain to you how it affected you we can tell you what changes you need to make to take full advantage of the tax laws and we can just make sure overall that you're doing what's most tax-efficient for you a few years ago I needed to outsource our financial matters or hire an internal CFO service that I've received from John Harmon his staff has been absolutely the most impeccable that I've ever had they've essentially taken all of our financial planning all of our accounting all of our bookkeeping all of our long-term planning and tax planning and taken it to a point where we don't have to internally worry about their customer experience that we get from John Harmons CPA is best described as really being treated like family which i think is very unique in this space especially at the size and scale that we are well if you know anything about being an expat the first thing you would say is it's a tax nightmare and it definitely was and I received a nice letter I call it a love letter from the IRS and I panicked wondering who's going to be able to help me with this and then I remembered John Harmon CPA and I called John and not only did he take care of that letter with the IRS he also took care of our taxes the entire time that we were in the Middle East John Harmon was quite the savior for me at that time for any small business owner operator that's looking for a solid reliable and very knowledgeable financial planner as well as tax firm I would highly recommend John Harmon and his firm I'm Daniel Rogowski I partner with John Harmon CPA I'm a financial advisor as we work with John's clients to help them on things like financial planning and investment management and retirement planning you know making sure that the financial side of their life is working well you also have the opportunity to sit down with your CPA and they can go through the tax implications just the opportunity to have your CPA and advisor in the same room is really beneficial to your long-term financial situation need to make sure that whatever we suggest for the client in terms of the salary they need to take the amount of tax they pay lines up with a strategy that they have also created for themselves and for retirement and in-state mining with Danny and there's a reason that they've been awarded for 11 straight years best CPA here in the McKinney and prosper and Frisco area it's the level of service that they give to their clients we are so client focused that we continue our relationship year-round we're constantly looking at everything that you're doing everything that you have going on and making sure that you're doing it correctly not only for tax efficiency but also for your own financial well-being all of the staff members here they do what's in the best interest of their clients they really sit down they get to understand your situation and look for every possible deduction and credit to bring down the amount of taxes that you're paying surprise them and we can spend 15 minutes and maybe save you thousands of dollars and you can just do it with the moving numbers around it's most rewarding thing is when people come back and say you guys really saved me a bunch of money we are honored to serve the best clients and we welcome you to join our family [Music]
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