Ben Shapiro LIVE at University at Buffalo

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Published: Mon Oct 08 2018
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The Q&A was fabulous. One kid got wrreecckkedd by Ben.

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Fast forward to 57:00 for full exchange. 58:09 is where the quote below is at. The set up and question essentially revolve around divorce rates increasing from the 1970s onward because of feminism, as opposed to women being able to provide for themselves and therefore seeking divorces. Ben points out that isn’t likely because women would be becoming financially independent AS they were getting married. The conversation concludes:

Shapiro: β€œIf you’re richer you tend to be married longer on average. People who are poorer tend to get divorced more often.β€œ

Kid: β€œWhere did you get that, uh, statistical trend from?β€œ

Shapiro: β€œThe Census Bureau.”

Kid: <looks away, walks away>


I believe this may be one of the sources Ben is citing.

The economic well-being of those who experienced a recent marital event differed.

Women who divorced in the past 12 months were more likely to receive public assistance than recently divorced men (23 percent and 15 percent).

Women who divorced in the past 12 months reported less household income than recently divorced men. For example, 27 percent of women who divorced in the past 12 months had less than $25,000 in annual household income compared with 17 percent of recently divorced men.

Similarly, women who divorced in the past 12 months were more likely than recently divorced men to be in poverty (22 percent compared with 11 percent).

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