Ben Shapiro Destroys Hillary Clinton

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Trump goes against Hillary was it because he was the best possible candidate was it because Hillary was just the worst possible candidate on the left she was a garbage candidate I mean not just a bad candidate blaming garbage dumpster fire began to think if Biden runs in 2020 I think it was I'm not sure the rock hasn't cleaned everybody if he runs so listen if you do not know this face you don't turn on the television you don't watch Instagram you don't watch YouTube you pretty much don't watch anything linked to politics because the man sitting next to me has got a very interesting story I'm gonna tell you why we're sitting with Ben Shapiro today I was with Dennis Prager a few months ago and I was with the Jerry Springer and the conversation went into politics everybody all these people invited me to pack you got to get Ben Shapiro you got to get Ben Shapiro you got to get Ben Shapiro so we did for some of you that do not know who this man is let me give you a little bit of a background on a bench Shapiro one he graduated high school at 16 years old okay apparently was a five to one 20 June yrs what I just found out about him he became the youngest syndicated columnist in America at 17 years old okay he graduated from UCLA at 20 years old I think bachelor's in political science and then you go to Harvard Law and you graduate there at the top of your class then you start a consulting and a law from consulting company yourself and you go to bribe art and our daily wire and now you are to know he's the number one conservative podcast around the world do not spend for your buddy don't you have you on valium in here with us so Ben let's get right into it I have one simple question for before we even get into all the other political questions your brain moves a million miles a second you're just gonna it's gonna saw like and when I watch your eyes so many thoughts come out so quickly but it's so perfect like perfect melody when it comes out have you always been like this since you were a kid yeah I always was able to articulate my thoughts relatively clearly and I think it's gotten better as I've gotten older I mean I hope I don't speak the same way I did when I was 2 but so it's been a speech contest when I was in third grade so it's not it's not a speech contest so were you the kid that you always debater your mom and dad mom I don't know if I agree with this that I know my were you that nothing that I got along with my parents really well okay I still get along with my parents really well they'll about a mile away so so how did you form your political beliefs was it parents was it schooling was it the teacher was it a mentor how did this come about for you it's mostly parents O'Connor that's because my politics I think are more an outgrowth of values than they are of my desires to talk about tax rates I just I think that the stuff that really matters is the is the value based living that we all do and so when I was young there are a couple of rules in the house one of them was that if you made him as he cleaned it up and the other was that if you were not working hard and we're doing your job and that those two things are gonna make you a conservative I mean if you believe that that responsibility lies with you and that effort is the key then I think that you're going to end up probably in a more conservative frame mud just because it's a very meritocratic basis for living and also you know even though as a smart kid I know there's a lot of people out there of course Martin I am for sure I mean I went to a junior high in North Hollywood called Walter Reed that had a highly gifted program they give you an IQ test to get in and I got it right and get in about like a thousand points there were kids there who had significantly higher IQs than I did but I just knew that I was gonna have to work harder denied it and now you you know Google them and a lot of them are in jail a lot of it is effort based and not IQ based and I think that's true for most most folks have you always been somewhat competitive have you always been a pretty competitive kid I mean obviously you have two kids your family now but I'm someone you were coming up will you competitor only competitive one challenged I think this is interesting I'm not looking for a competition I'm not looking to play games with people but if somebody starts to get competitive then then I get committed somebody challenges you you don't you don't add all back down you go back yeah whether it's the Pierce what was a Pierce Morgan interview when at that time everybody was talking about gun laws gun this gun that and you address them whether it's a another one that you were sitting next to somebody and she put her hand on you and she tried to stop me yeah that was pretty interesting I was watching that but it's very easy to watch you it's amazing it's very interesting watching you and you just kind of see you know you sit there you hear them then you come out with an argument and all of a sudden they're backed up they don't know what to say then you go back again and then the conversations go into a whole different direction then they're calling names you have a interesting way of debating different topics that you go through with people so here's a question for you that I asked Prager as well as Jerry Springer so you said your parents you grew up knowing you have to pick up after you you made a mess or cleanup and then you have to work hard yet to learn about hard work all that stuff and your family what if your parents were Bill and Hillary Clinton who would Ben Shapiro be today hard to say because I'm not sure they were ever in the same house at the same time but aside from that Chelsea seems like a nice young person I mean IIIi think that you know those those values should be something relatively Universal my big problem with Bill and Hillary Clinton just as human beings is their focus on victimhood and politics for their own political gain if there's a real problem my guess is that when they raise their own children when there is Chelsea they're probably teaching a lot of those same values because I think all successful people of any stripe have to abide by those values I don't think that those are political values again I think that if you're successful in life you have to abide by those two simple rules you got to clean up your own mess and you got to work hard and so if you are successful then it's a pretty good shot that somebody along the way taught you those guys because they're very few people who leave message for others or are lazy who do really well in a free country so here's what I'm asking a question from you man so both Jerry and Dennis gave two different answers the question is a big part of when I study how we form our opinions political opinions right you'll see a trend with if a kid grew up in a family loving family the kid you know kid typically follows parents of philosophies belief system and then if you know mom and dad were really loving or something was even deeper then it becomes a crusade some of them become true believers you've read some of the books on true believers you're obviously true believer Jerry's a true believer craigers a true believer you've got a lot of these guys that are true believers right but what if truly what if your parents were not billon he wrote Hillary let me pick another president that was democratic what if your parents were Jimmy Carter what if your father was Jimmy Carter very good to you everything would you still be as big of a libertarian as you are today as big of a conservative as you are today I mean I hope so but I don't really know I mean I I assume that you know the experiences the people have gone through shaped their politics but I hope that ID wise up to Jimmy Carter's interventionist ways I think that liked it was a brilliant guy by the way a very smart a car is very IQ very high cute guy but but his values are completely wrong when it comes to politics because well he is I think personally an honest fellow I think that his belief in interventionism in the free market Springs from his own belief in his own brilliance I think that again one of the things that going back to that second rule about effort the 1/1 the corollary is that rule is that no matter how naturally smart you are that's not enough you actually have to go out and and work for yourself what that means politically is that no matter how smart you are you're not smarter than the crowd so if you are the smartest guy in the room you're so much smarter than all the other people who argue in the crowd put together and I think that one of the problems you see with both Barack Obama and Jimmy Carter both of whom are very smart guys is this belief that I'm the smartest guy in the room therefore I know what how to do everybody else's job and that means that I get to centralize all power and myself and I can order society better than everybody else is ordering society go yeah I haven't I know enough about myself and I know enough about other folks to know that even if I am smarter on a pure IQ level than somebody there's a good shot they know a lot more about their particular business than I know about their particular business so again the reason why I asked this question I'm asking it from everybody here's why I'm asking this question because I think the biggest challenge for Charlie Kirkus while I was with Charlie Croker I think he was in Dallas we were sitting down talked and he says you know I'm running this you know the organization turning a phenomenal job I mean Charlie's gonna be somebody in politics yeah Charlie I don't know if he's gonna run for office pray he's gonna do something amazing right for a guy his age but here's what I post them I said so look I'm at the hotel I'm walking Ron everybody here seems white he says that's not true I said really how many people you have here says I have a thousand people here I said how many are african-american hurt or Hispanic he says we have a 20-6 african-american and 22 registered Hispanics I see you're 95% white that's the math right you are majority white he says but what's your point I said this is my point to you so what it seems like is the following because look if if your answer is true as to you having the same political beliefs as your parents so is Jerry so is Prager then what is the solution to somebody who isn't to help convert that person because to me when I watch it okay I watch and I say okay CNN MSNBC MSNBC is true they'll come out and say listen we are left not arguing it this is who we are obviously a couple guys they have their that's not Joe some of these other guys maybe they're not fully left CNN tries to play in the middle but you know they're not there to the left Fox yeah right everyone knows a stealing one that's mainly right but if the job is conversion not necessarily giving birth to a bench Shapiro that grew up in that family the job is conversion yeah that's what we have to work on because when I look at some data here's what I notice in 1960 68 percent of african-americans voted Democrat okay 1960 68 percent 1964 it was 94 percent now we know why that is at that time right now it's 88 percent of african-americans they vote Democratic on the Hispanic side Latino side it's about 66 percent for Clinton it was about 65 66 percent right you look at this data if our job is to get up there just kind of talk about what we believe in crush all these debates and make off points oh my gosh she killed it all this but no one's converting right and it's just entertainment yeah right so what what do we do to help others and then I'm not talking as an elite ahsoka already about I'm just talking purely how are how can you help other people form their own opinions when they don't have the luxury of being raised in a family like maybe yours or maybe Jerry's or cragars that they pretty much took the values and principles that their inner self I mean I think that the key is that everybody is an independent human being and you have to think as an individual so that's why I say you know no matter which house I grew up in I'm sure they would have some impact on me but I hope that as time went on I would learn from life experiences and then I'd start thinking as an individual not just as my parents kid and not just as my my wise husband but but and not just as you know a Jewish guy but as somebody who actually believes as an individual in particular points of view and I said I think you're starting to see that I think the identity politics of the left is starting to crumble a little bit because it's become so restrictive you know this belief that if you are a member of a particular racial group that you no longer are allowed to think outside the box or if you're a member of a particular sexual orientation you can't think stuff that other people don't want you to think a lot of folks are starting to find this really restrictive and galling and insulting and they're starting to think okay well maybe I'll take a look at some other stuff for myself and when their folks not just like me but obviously people like Jordan Peterson or so Harris or Dave Rubin and people who are all over the map politically but who are saying listen it's time for you to take a look at the data on your own and figure out for yourself what you think that's an empowering thing I'm not telling anybody what they ought to think I mean I'm telling them what I think but you you're a grown-up right you can make up your own mind but that's the point you are growing up and it's your job to make up your own mind it's not your job to follow what your parents told you or what your racial group says you ought to do you think a motivation to want to step up and want to learn is higher or lower today and why I think it's growing I think that I do think I think that anything that is whether you receive it for a while and I think it's growing now because again the political correctness of the left is so restrictive and so irritating and so nasty that people are just reacting to it so you saw a story this week about a white girl who put on a chinese-style dress for her prom which was getting beaten up on the internet for put it for cultural appropriation I think a lot of people on the left look at that they go really like this is what we're gonna be now we're gonna be that if you're white you can never wear any sort of dress from another culture or if you're black you can't wear any sort of thing from white culture like it's it's so irritating and so maddening that people are saying I don't want any part of this anymore like if I'm gonna be boxed into the things I can and cannot do by this group of cultural arbiters who tell me what's appropriate and what's not when I'm doing stuff that is completely inoffensive and really not inappropriate in any objective sense then screw that I'll just I'll go out and I'll start reading for myself I'll start thinking for myself that's why I think you see again that there is this growing crowd of people who are following this set of voices that has risen up in the last three or four years really and my friend Eric Weinstein comes with the intellectual dark web and I think that that's basically right again we all disagree about politics we just agree about basic questions about God but that doesn't mean that we're not all reading from the same hymnal when it comes to you got a thing for yourself and you got to make up your own mind based on the data that is in front of you so you think we're more divided today than before in the past I think that one more divided certainly now that we have in any time in the last 35 years go you go back to the 60s probably 60s and 70s so let me ask you this since we're on this topic here before we transition into the next topic so if 88 percent of African Americans are voting Democratic why do they vote Democratic why is 88% we're not talking 60 percent so 88 percent I think there are a couple of reasons for that one that the media have done an enormous ly powerful PR job on Republicans suggesting the Republicans are all white not only are they all white they don't care about you and that's why you know the Democrats are widely perceived as caring about black folks even though the cities that they govern have actually not done very well more a lot of black folks living in those cities as Kanye West is pointing out and he's right about that you know I think the other reason is that Republicans tend not to talk a lot about morality and politics they tend to talk about talk about effectiveness in politics they'll talk about an effective tax policy and if you're sitting there going yeah my life isn't fair then how does that appeal to you so I think that that's another factor and then finally I think that there there are a lot of folks who are growing up impoverished this is true in every community but there's disproportional poverty disproportion of poverty in the black community so we're speaking about the black community if you grow up in poverty and you grow up where everyone around you is they're not a lot of fathers in the community they're not a lot of people who are off the government welfare system then when someone comes to and they say listen this is a meritocracy you don't have to be on welfare you can let these see the big house in Beverly Hills you can live there you look at them like they're crazy because no one you know has done that right it sounds like a mythical thing like why would you think that literally everyone in your neighborhood gets the you know maybe maybe out of a job because of you know history or because of circumstance or because of growing up in an impoverished area whatever the reason is and your and someone's telling you well you can have that three million dollar house one day it's like well you sound like you're selling me a bill of goods right this is why I've said for a long time I think what needs to happen is the private industry needs to go into a lot of inner cities and start actually creating scholarship programs and some companies are doing this and saying to black kids for example listen you're 15 years old yeah I know that you think that they're not a lot of opportunities are going to a crappy public school you feel like they're you know they're not a lot of dudes around in the community whore modeling great behavior just as a percentage so here's what we gonna do you get good grades you get into a good college and we will sponsor your college with the scholarship program then after done with college then you work for a company for three years right and that's and so now you're creating a system where people are either dependent on capitalism or they're dependent on government better they should be dependent on free-market capitalism then they should be dependent on government because again it's not anybody else's fault if somebody puts a check in front of you're gonna take it regardless of your race there's not a racial thing if some puts check in front of me take the check so are you the question is what kind of check is that gonna be is that gonna come from private industry or is that gonna come from a redistribute of government program that says it has your best interest at heart who cares about you but what is that what is the deeper deeper issue for a cook I'm half Armenian half of Syria yeah and if you know if you know about Armenians Assyrians or Middle Easterners they typically vote Democrats right okay and so you'll sit there and there's this same there you'll hear by the way it's it's blacks Hispanics Armenia Middle Easterners a lot of them right jusers but that's right that's very strange about the will change as well so in and then it's you know Democrats care for people Republicans care for their pockets richer sayings and by the way here's here's the thing it's so subtle and so effective that it sticks somebody says you know what I I just my mom told me for years always we'll Democrat because they care for the people Republicans only care for the money right so someone says that what's your safe to that and which answer to that is they obviously don't care for the people because the impact their policies has been dramatically terrible they're they're raking it in are you raking in it really how's your life is your life dramatically improved because of the Democrats in your area you keep electing if the answer is no then maybe they don't care that much so you notice that what I'm not doing is saying no no we do care because once you engage in that conversation somebody says I don't care about you you don't care about me and you say no no I really do the conversation is already over right if you're in a relationship and your girlfriend says to you you don't care about me anymore you say no I really do care the relationships done right there's no way you're convincing her that you care it's just not happy yeah the only way that you can the only way that you can combat this politically is by saying you know the people who you say are caring we're actually not caring because the truth is that in politics nobody really cares that much about you right ok the Democrats don't care about you the Republicans don't care about you no one cares about you I'm honest enough to say listen here's what I care about I care about my immediate family I care about my circle of friends and then the rest of you I want to leave you alone right and that's good it's good that I want to leave you alone I don't care enough about you to try and stop you I don't care enough about you to try an input to try and somehow infringe on your rights I don't care enough about you to think I can control your life my job is to get people out of your way and to get everybody else out of your way so you can do what you can do and then it's your job to succeed okay you're asking anybody else to solve your problems I'm not gonna solve your problems you're gonna solve your own problems Democrats are lying to you when they say they're gonna solve your problems they're not Republicans are lying to you and they say they're gonna so I probably want that though why do that why do they like that why is most people like that I mean most people like the idea that somebody's gonna come in and solve their problems for them and if you haven't grown up in in in in a community that suggests that it's your job to solve your own problems and suggest that you know where there have been two generations of heavy levels of dependence on government programs then it's easy to equate that with caring I don't blame people for that I mean that's like you say that again you say that to anybody you say I'm gonna take away you know your Pell grants to a bunch of colleges and they and they say oh that's terrible how could you do that my Pell Grant you don't care about me well my answer is you're right I don't care about you neither do the people who are giving you the Pell grams people giving you the Pell grants don't care about you either they just want your vote I care about you enough to say listen you're on your own go major in something that's gonna make you some money right don't take $120,000 in loan and go major and lesbian dance theory or something they're gonna make it I'm gonna make a lot of wonder right exactly like why won't you go out and get a loan from a private bank because they know they're gonna have their money back and that would actually be better for you but that's your decision it's not my job to sponsor your life you ever heard of Fame you know economy that's better when Democrats are president yeah that's that so statistically speaking that's true but it is also statistically speaking true that when Republicans are in Congress of late the economy's done better I mean since 1994 you get the entire Clinton boom so you can't really it it doesn't match up quite that easily it's otherwise you have to attribute the the beginning of the economic downturn of 2008 2009 you have to say that the first year was Obama's fault also like when does an economy become the president's first of all I'm not of the opinion that policy unless there's a heavy policy change is really what drives the economy I don't think that tax cuts necessarily make the economy boom or tax increases necessarily make the economy spiral down I think there are long term effects but they're a lot more subtle than we pass the tax cuts of the economy's booming or we pass a tax increase the economy immediately tanks I don't think that macro government policy is usually large-scale enough remediate enough to make that sort of change so so logic emotion left promote you know votes more emotionally would you say right promotes more logically I would say that I would take conservative thought is more logical than leftist thought but you know as far as individuals voting I think most people turn to vote emotionally right and left so then based on what you're saying is you know if a marketing agency wants to hire a marketer you got a you got a hire a Democrat instead of a Republican because Democrats are better marketers and Republicans are no question I mean if it were just about policy then I presume most people would vote Republican because I think Republican policies work better but if it's about you know what face you're presenting to the world Republicans suck at this we're all goons are awful Democrats are constantly saying again it's we care we care they don't care they're bad people there it's always character attacks from the left on the right it's no you see it's Paul Ryan and he's explaining why we need to restructure Social Security yeah good luck with that Democrat lasted eight minutes right exactly you got Joe Biden out there saying that that Republicans want to put y'all back in Chains and you have Paul Ryan saying we want to restructure your Social Security which one of those messages do you think is gonna be more effective so let me ask you do you go to the point where if you want to go against a great marketing group you got a play to their same you know a tactic well of course you have to use a certain level of emotionality when you're marketing on mass but my goal is to what I do is to try and move people logically enough that we can sort of better ourselves in this way because I think that I'd like to live in an electorate where we actually have reasonable decent arguments about the stuff of that attacking each other personally but if I'm running a campaign when I would I use character attacks and and personal attacks and emotion of course because that's the way you win right but that's not my job my jetha that's why I would prefer to do my job than do that job right in the job that I'm in I prefer not to make character attacks and instead have conversations with people on the other side and we either come to agreement or we know but at least our positions have been clarified it's tough to do when when when everybody else is doing it you know when when especially like even for instance look at Romney Romney ran terrible marketer oh yeah terrible marketer right say good person never drank 65 years all this stuff in you know he comes out with my twenty nine points to making the economy better and people can't even handle one point that 129 points and he got a Trump comes out and he says make America great again simple and you have probably the most qualified guy to become a president was Jeb Bush he started day one with on or forty million dollars father brother grandpa me the whole nine and there is no charisma at all right to get any of it done and the marketer ends up winning so so it so if that's the case that's the case this kind of goes and and I'm gonna come back still to the part on on voting when you said somebody's got to take the initiative to want to learn for themselves if marketing works and take us back to social media today like where we are right now with social media today so Kanye West comes out in Kanye West says what he says right and he says hey I'm a free thinker you know this is how I'm thinking and then John Legend's sends him a message says begin very I don't know if you saw that part of text that John Legend saying be very careful you know teaming up with the Trump because of this and then he says using my family and my following and my fan base is a and my legacy fear tactic and then challenge and says since you're posting my text online I just want you to know which other was very to see that writer you can see the side of John Legend that maybe you didn't see because sometimes it's complete opposite I can't talk to you I can't believe any supporting him so are we going in a direction and again I asked this from some other people as well are we going in the direction where the person with the biggest following who could controls the biggest follow and say four years from now eight years from now 12 years from now a 36 year old guy's got a hundred and ninety three million followers he's gonna come out and become a president just because of his following are we kind of going in that direction where decision were there okay so then so then let's transition to this question if that's the case do we have a problem with our current voting system well I mean I think that we have a problem with our mentality I'm not sure it's a question of the voting system meaning that which is which is easier to adjust I mean you really think that here's what I mean what's the alternative well no here's what I'm asking do you think you know this whole thing about one parent when when people get into their 30s and then you'll say you know this next generation coming up they're kind of lazy they're not hard work yeah alright when I was their age you know I would climbed you know to school it was snow both and you know all this stuff but you keep hearing it and hearing it and every generation says that about the prior generation as if their generation was the hardest-working generation so to me there's a part of it where it's like oh my gosh people are so lazy now this is a cyclical cycle that would be gone for thousands of so if that's the case and you're saying I think it's a mentality do we really think systematically percentage-wise this mentality can be dramatically changed or do we need to just say look if we go this direction start your political campaign at 16 years old let's make sure in the next 20 years you've got a hundred fifty million followers and say some radical things go make some videos go do that stuff so you can become a president twenty you know thirty-eight tomah's gonna be that's why I go to the voting system so are you are you currently with the way our voting system is are you comfortable with the way our current voting system works more or less amande it's it's the worst system except for all the others so this is really system except for the a as Churchill said yeah I mean democracy is not a completely flawless system for sure I mean none of the founders thought that it was no the Asians thought that it was no doubt about it I mean you know and there's a lot of people nowadays that are coming out you know how there's this whole new wave of I don't want to have kids I don't want to buy a house I'm a minimalist all this I'm not doing this anymore right but there's also community that's getting bigger that's saying I'm not voting anymore because my vote doesn't count your start to hear some people say that my vote doesn't count do you agree with that do you agree that you know person's vote doesn't count statistically speaking it doesn't but I mean in terms of how you impact others it obviously does so I think persuasion like a dinner at the house of my wife kids family if I'm having a conversation about how to vote for that can possibly go to Nassim Nicholas Taleb he he has a new book out called skin in the game and his basic premise is that if you're not showing you have skin in the game then no one's gonna take you seriously so when it comes to voting that's the minimal skin in the game that you can show somebody is I voted for acts or I'm going to vote for acts that you actually you know did the minimum amount of driving to the polling place and doing that that at least shows the the people around you that you care a little bit more about politics then you're just jacking off over the dinner table so I think that that's that's the W about the truth about the dinner yeah that would be unpleasant it would go viral on YouTube though right you can be President so let's let's transition into a Kanye what do you think might would not transition yes what do you think Kanye is doing you think you think what Kanye is doing is marketing or you think what Kanye is doing is really what Connie is going through currently today so I'm not gonna try and retain his mind because that would be absurd I'm not sure anyone can read Kanye's mind got tweets about fur pillows and antique fish tanks like I'm not gonna I'm not gonna go there but I will say what I think is good about it right what I think is good about it is that he is yeah as I said before breaking free of this identity politics straightjacket that's been put on everybody and he's saying listen I may not know everything right now and I don't know everything right now but I'm out there to learn and I want to hear differ a lot of different perspectives I thought that the the rap that he did with Ti and this is not my stuff right I don't listen to rap in it but I thought that wasn't quite the hip-hop could exactly look at me I'm so gangsta but it's is it with an A with an ER I don't know in any case the fact that he did that rap with Ti where he's going back and forth with him and then at the very end he says okay we're gonna stop it here and then we're gonna have a discussion you know go out and discuss I think that's really good stuff I think it's really good sorry I think that I think that the best thing that Kanye could do right now is to continue to just hit that point over and over and over not to go out there and play pundit because I don't think he's qualified to play pundit but for him to say listen I know what I don't know and what I don't know is most things and you don't know most things either and so for you to say that it's your job to tell me how to vote because of the color of my skin is absurd right that I think would be great like I think the what Konya should do if our economy is business manager where I have them do is sponsor a major convention where it was just that it was just a bunch of people from left and right all getting together and having panels and discussions and call it Kanye Khan right and just have it and have it be you know an open door policy where anyone can speak about anything I think that would be great for him and I think that'd be good for the country actually have you proposed that to Kanye I have no I think we got to make a short clip of this and posted straight change he's very creative but he listens you know he listens to Candice he's he's listening to people that are responding you know he's listening to people that are proposing ideas that may you know cannot tickle his mine into saying this could actually lead to me learning more I almost see him from what I seen I don't know whether it's real or not but what it seems to be very real is his level of curiosity yeah that part to me I think it's very sincere and I think more than anything else we need more people to be very curious so let me wonder why is UC Berkeley so much in love with Karl Marx Communist Manifesto what is this editor guy named Adam Smith welcome Nations what was that all about so we need more people to be curious to be wanting to see what's on the other side so let's talk about Trump a little bit I mean obviously when Trump was going this is nothing new you you've had to you had to talk about this before you weren't a big supporter of Trump and you were not going on saying you know go vote Trump I think the biggest remedy for Hillary yeah yeah so the biggest names in the marketplace that were going against them names was you and it was a BEC right there was a lot of them but Beck was going against there yeah who said that they weren't gonna vote for him I think that what I did say during the election campaign over and over and over is hear all the flaws of them hear all the reasons I'm not voting for him but if you do vote for him I totally understand why you support Hilary Clinton like I get I get the arguments and I find them somewhat convincing but I didn't find them wholly convincing you know they if I if the election were held today I probably vote for him whoops the election was held today so for reelection and me I beat that so that's a whole different story so so let me ask you this panel started day one who did you think was gonna win Republican I'm talking 15 when when the when when they first did you think I thought the day the highest likelihood is probably Rubio I back to Cruz in primaries but I thought that Rubio is most like Christie bullied him a little bit at one session when they went back you know sometimes it's really important I think that was a very unfortunate when Christie did that helped the Trump but I thought it was kind of a there's a political murder-suicide met Chris you know young way took out Rubio and then he was done that so he wasn't exactly yeah Trump goes against Hillary now obviously I've read so many different things about this thing was it because he was the best possible candidate was it because Hillary was just the worst possible candidate on the left so there's some of both I would say the heavier part lies on Hillary being the worst possible candidate in the history of mankind ever in all of eternity in any possible university was the worst candidate and the reason do you really believe it up she was a garbage candidate I mean not just a bad candidate a flaming garbage dumpster fire of a candidate I mean that's it like she they and the proof of this is that she lost Donald Trump like I don't know how it's possible to lose a presidential election to a guy with a 40% approval rating and his height right so is it so it wasn't like Trump was wildly popular and people were showing up in mass numbers to vote for him he wanted fewer votes in Wisconsin than Mitt Romney did in 2012 he won the state Romney lost the state why because Barack Obama actually won people in Wisconsin no one showed up to vote for Hillary it was enormous you just sue yeah okay you say that one more time since 2012 Romney won Romney won the same number of votes as Donald Trump Romney went slightly more actually than Donald Trump in Wisconsin lost the state of Wisconsin Trump won the state of Wisconsin no one shows up to vote for Hillary Clinton that's amazing right no it people despised Hillary Clinton and I think for good reason she was a terrible candidate and I think she's a she's a horrific ly corrupt human being but it's so that's part of it right she ran a horrible campaign she's incredibly unlikable like they keep showing polls now as unpopular as Trump is showing that if they ran a reelection campaign now Trump would beat her again right so it's not it's not a fluke so there's that as far as from being the best candidate I think in some ways that one in 2015 October 2015 I gave a speech at University of Missouri and this you know before any of the primaries have started and I said I think that maybe the only person who can beat Hillary Clinton might be Trump for a couple of reasons one because a lot of Republicans are in this strat their strategy was if I can peel off 10% of the Hispanic vote and nothing can peel off 5% of the black vote then maybe I can eat my way to a victory whereas Trump strategy was basically if I eke out 2% more turnout from the white vote than I went right his strategy which is what he did in Michigan in Pennsylvania in Wisconsin in Ohio he basically said here's our base it already but really heavily for Romney now I'm just gonna get the turnout up in that particular group and then I can still win the election by winning a little bit more of a group I already have as opposed to trying to peel off a large percentage of a group that I don't have right the Rubio strategy would have been go after Hispanic community try and get that 65 percent down to 58% for Democrats try to get the black vote from 88% Democrat to 84% Democrat and you win right Trump's was like okay I know I'm gonna lose this many Hispanics I know I'm gonna lose this many black folks instead I'm just gonna get my white percentages up a little bit and I'm going to get turnout up a little bit so his strategy was largely geared toward that and I think that that was a smart strategy just demographically speaking the other thing is that Trump had a unique capacity to avoid the kill shot and the reason for that is because Trump is as I said many times a mud monster right the guy is made of mud there's just so much mud on him that if you throw more mud at him it doesn't even show up it's like black socks they never get dirty right so the Trump was black socks in this election it didn't matter what you did to the black socks they were still black whereas Hillary Clinton every ounce of scandal that was put on top of her it showed up yeah the media are trying to portray her as cleaner as clean as the driven snow and then every time Trump would flex some dirt on her it would really show up she would collect her and be like whatever and made it her what are you want right it made no difference and that's why I was so stunned that that his lawyer was paying a hundred and thirty thousand dollars to stormy Daniels because why like if that had come out he probably won more votes like it wouldn't have hurt him in any way they Trump the other things that Trump was willing to play dirty right in a way that Romney was not in 2012 and McCain was not in 2008 Trump was willing to play dirty so Trump is a hammer and as I said many times throughout the election cycle he's a hammer in search of a nail sometimes he hits the nail and when he does it's it's just political magic sometimes he hits a baby right so you just don't know whether he's gonna hit a nail babies when he hits a baby we oh my god that's just terrible I kept that but when he hits a nail you're like wow he's the only guy in the world who would actually take a hammer to that nail good for him but that gives him an edge he can get away with anything Ryan I mean he said the certain base like itchy and said of himself he says I can go out there right now you've heard of the truest thing he said he could've shot somebody on Fifth Avenue who'd had the same number of motors no question no question because Hillary was that off-putting and also because Trump you know who he is you know quantity so let me ask you look when Barack Obama was done after his term of eight years was he at a point I mean it he would still love people like them it was not like his policies produce anything that was out of the ordinary ously we went into debt or trillions poor okay but still he was liked he was loved it was he'd run for a third term II would have won this is not like my question would be to follow it if Biden would have ran I think that would one that's the point okay I'm with you there but I think if Biden runs in 2020 I think it was so you think he's gonna win if we runs in 2020 - I think the odds would have to be in his favor for a couple of reasons Biden runs 2020 he beats Trump I think that that I'd be surprised if not again III go and put money on excite of money in the last election right I put my money where my mouth was and I lost a crapload of money because I bet on the CEO do that on the stance man don't give odds how much you do how much of the conspiracy do buy into the fact that Clinton's had a meeting would Biden to tell him not to run did you read up on that at all yeah so what I do buy is that they went to Barack Obama and they said to Obama that we're going to use some of the money that we gather to help pay off your 2012 campaign and also that you know I mean I'm obviously gonna win the nomination don't back bite and I think that I think there was really more about Obama backing buy and then it was about the Clintons so yeah I believe that even took place well there's no question that Obama probably should have backed by Denis in the primaries and probably Hillary and Bill wind him and said here's all the reasons why you shouldn't back Biden that Obama refused to support Biden in the primaries and that was it provide how much different would have things been if Biden ran he would want I mean know if he is president today how much I'm what would have been different than what had been different I think that you wouldn't have the tax cuts which I think they're quite good I think that you wouldn't have the the foreign policy which is a lot better than the Obama foreign policy I with regard to Iran you wouldn't have ever guard to the new alliance building in the Middle East but in Saudi Arabia Israel Egypt Jordan you wouldn't have the you wouldnt have the movement of the embassy to Jerusalem you wouldn't have harsh measures in Ukraine against the Russians you wouldn't have you wouldn't have a domestic policy that was cutting regulation this is this is why I say that I didn't vote for Trump last time but pretty good shot at vote from this time because I had three worries about president Trump going in and my worries were one that he wasn't gonna govern conservative because he had no record and not only did he have no record he was all over the place during the campaign so he'd say things like Obama cares the worst is just terrible and then he would turn around he'd say universal health care for everyone you be like okay well which one of those is it because he got a pack and then so I was wearing his policy that worries been largely alleviated at least in the first year and a half because he's governed the conservative like more conservative than anyone I can remember he's given us corset she's given us a bunch of a bunch of appellate court justices like all of this stuff is really good my second worry is that he was gonna soul suck the Republican Party meeting Republicans we're gonna stop being conservative and they were instead going to look at Trump as a thought leader on issues like free trade or like Russia or on his kind of vulgar personal behavior I don't think that's really happened so much I think that people voted for him because they wanted the policy and because they didn't like Hillary Clinton and I think that if somebody who were classier as a human being or to run for president and be popular enough they follow that person too so I think that that that worries been at least partially alleviated and who knows it stands watch I think some people make excuses for his bad behavior I think know a lot of people on the right to make excuses for him which I don't agree with I can praise his policy and still think that he's kind of a heel when it comes to his personal behavior and not kind of a heel when it comes to his personal behavior and then there is a you know number three which is him poisoning the well with a lot of young people and I was really worried that he was going to become as the face of the Republican Party this toxic figure standing above the entire conservative movement and any time I try to convince somebody people go Oh we'll look at Trump I mean he's you're back in him and he's the worst and I still worry about that but I think the damage has largely been done already so him being reelected would not exacerbate the damage it would just be a continuation of what's already happened so most of the damage happened when he was elected in that respect so a lot of my worries about him being elected have either been alleviated or they have or they have been obviated by the fact that he's already the president so so sounds like you're going to be as a you know you're gonna lead us political campaign 2020 the president wants somebody out there on the campaign trail calling the he'll personally but here's a question for you is your president without Kelly Conway yeah yeah no no no if if he didn't bring Kelly on Conway on his team was not that person who moved the ball near abandon it really yeah I don't give a lot of credit to Killian covers it wasn't the messaging Trump didn't change okay Trump was the same Trump in the primaries I think she schooled a lot of these CNN and MSNBC host when she would sit down was watching and her persuade me I think Kellyanne said is good at her job but I don't think that you know I don't think things radically interest in Conway is not on the campaign I think that the presidential race is between the two candidates and Trump won so it's more about Trump anybody else so you're saying right now you're not obviously not willing to put money on it but you're saying right now 2020 bite and runs he's probably gonna be winning yeah you'd have to say that probably just by the data I mean it's again he's got a much higher approval rating Trump is personally unpopular and also Trump he emits this feeling of chaos all the time you're probably just going to a basement for two years and just let everything calm down and cut out the Twitter and just you know sign a bill every so often go to his rallies of all people that he likes then he would then I think he'd be enrolled at shape but here's here's the thing I've said this to top members of the administration between 2000 and 2004 george w bush had to pick up 11 million additional votes in order to win in 2000 he lost by 500,000 popular votes in 2004 he wins by about a million and a half he has to pick up ten million votes between 2000 and 2004 do you know a person in the United States who did not vote for Trump last time who's gonna vote from next time aside from me rather there's there's not a ton of people who are out there who have been convinced to vote Trump now certainly not 10 million certainly not 12 last time no no no no no it's the Fluke East election American history oh this is a popular vote by 2.5 million he's gonna have to pick up 12 to 13 million votes in the next election cycle in order to win are there 12 to 13 million voters who are going to show up to the polls and vote for Trump when they either didn't vote last time or argA or voted for Hillary Clinton I find that very hard to believe because again he is not somebody who's winning people oh now it's a binary race right so that means that I can say that in a vacuum but it's possible if they run some illa Kamala Harris or Kirsten Gillibrand somebody really off-putting then Trump could win but if they run Biden Biden is a known quantity people are relatively comfortable with a very easy both sides by the way well there's a lot more comfort I'm not coming with him I think he's terrible but it but but there is a sense of we've seen this guy before so if he runs again it's like okay back to stasis back to normalcy I think he'd have a heavy advantage in a run against but it's going that by the way that he think it's like 53:38 right now but the polls showed Hillary was supposed to embarrass Trump and Trump should have just left and gone to China for six months true well I'm just staying there try not roots in the national polls showed that she was gonna win by anywhere from three to five points she won by three so the national polls were actually right it was the state polls that were really skewed so when I say the national polls showed no Biden embarrassing Trump again that could change worth three years out but the I do place more credence in national polls could have a broader sample size and because the the sample is spread out over a wider possible area you don't have quite as much room for error as you do in these state polls it's gonna be it's gonna be interesting what are the chances of Elizabeth Warren I think that she could win primaries but it depends on who else runs in the primaries so she's got the Hillary Clinton problem which is that thirty percent of the base of the Republican of the Democratic Party in primaries is minority is black and that means that if Kamala Harris runs against Elizabeth Warren a lot of Democrats vote for Kamala Harris and a lot of black votes vote for the honors and that that's a problem right it's the 2008 race all over again basically then you've got Obama versus Hillary Clinton with it was before and playing Hillary Clinton and we know how that ended right so how about how about this whole thing about rock you know Oprah Winfrey the whole story you're hearing about remember we talk about worship and rocks got a massive massive followership and the guys probably I don't know how many Republican or Democrat right this is this is the real question if you ran as a Democrat he has to embrace the Democratic base isn't going to embrace him unless he embraces certain principles right they would have to embrace he'd have to go like full pro-choice which I don't know where he is on that issue because there's not a major Democratic politician it was not he would have to engage in a certain amount of intersectionality which I don't know if he's willing to do I mean in the past he's talked about running as a Republican so I'm not sure whether he actually would run as a Democrat but if he ran as a Democrat he won the primary he'd creme Trump I mean I don't think that'd be a close election at all actually because again he's much more popular because he's must want to like a bowl by far yeah by a monitor the rack doesn't cream everybody if he runs in the rocket and by the way he's a pretty he's a pretty he's a pretty astute dude he's a pretty astute dude that was a word I was gonna use he's a pretty astute dude he's not a lightweight no I mean he's you know I don't know that he's studied up on on founding ideology but he knows how to handle himself publicly for yes and the other question is does you want that life you know cuz his life's gonna change really I mean his life is so much better now that it would be if you have why would he want that money it's it's a pretty tough life I mean honestly and also the campaign is really tough like who really wants to wake up your kids at home for a year and then just be out on the road every day for a year that's that's a really rough lifestyle that's another thing that you didn't bring up the one of the things I think Trump also you know when you were watching Facebook lives you saw Trump doing three four five six days no question his work ethic for a man at sixty nine years old oh yeah is insane to think about a person with us and everybody knew that it was BS when his doctor wrote that and that no no he the healthiest person who ever lived where he's gonna live to 180 years old and all this but you watching her on TV and you didn't have real serious doubts about his health because he was all over the place whereas Hillary Clinton they were no wheeling out of an ambulatory care every five minutes and then she was collapsing into bands and so the it did give a feeling that he was a more vital personality than Hillary no question yeah so anyways I mean we're gonna have to wait and see what's gonna happen between now and then so a question for you going back to what we were talking when he said mindset right we have to we have to change the way the mindset is thinking you know people have to go out there and think different way and challenge themselves as a person who runs a business I've 6,500 agents around the country for the United States what I notice and I try to get my guys to be thinking about this as well you will learn pretty much everything about politics by running a business here's why a person who complains the most typically does the least it is so weird our top performers who do the most complain the least okay and it doesn't matter what's going on a complainer always finds a problem in anything that we announce there's always something that we did wrong or something and on the complete opposite side you know 11 quarters on our top-line revenue keep speeding the progress you have these guys that are getting better and strong and all these other people are coming up so to me I grew up a welfare kid myself I grew up in Glenda I know you're Burbank I'm a Glendale kid so I want to Glenda school in that community saw a lot of welfare you saw a lot of section a you saw a lot of those things going on and I couldn't stand it I hate it food stamps I hated lunch tickets I didn't stand it at all so so today running a company there are four things that really infuriates me one is the entitlement mentality I'm entitled to XYZ victimhood mentality self-pity and blame and from urine what are your thoughts on that that's one two what can be done about that for us to be able to shift somebody's watching and saying you know what I can't believe you're thinking this I can't believe you say this some people are true victims some people are really going through this you know why can't you just stop talking about this kind of stuff you don't understand what people you grew up in this one so many people yeah what do you say about that so what I always say to folks is show me the evidence of where you're being victimized by a particular person so I can fight that alongside you or get your nose to the grindstone right you can't you can't just claim generalized victimhood you can't just claim generalized white privilege you can't just claim that there's something out there in the ether preventing you from succeeding you have to show me which policy is preventing you from succeeding or the person who is standing in your way who's preventing your success and then I'm on your side because I don't want to see that person stop you from doing anything you want to do either but if you don't have any of that and it's just you saying that your life situation sucks well buck up I mean get over it like most people throughout history have had life situations that suck I'm lucky I've had a really nice life I've had a really nice pretty easy life but that's not true my grandparents and probably not true your grandparents it's not true of most people's grandparents or great-grandparents and so the bottom line is and even for people who you know have lived a relatively easy life it's not like they've gone through a period they haven't gone through periods that were really rough I mean there's no question that there's been stuff in my life I don't like to talk about my personal life very much but there's been stuff in my life that certainly been very difficult and that doesn't mean that you know I can blame that on society nor should anybody else I mean bottom line is as I say if I had a slogan you know aside from the facts don't care about your feelings if you solve your own problems because most problems are I can't solve your problems for you and either can society you can solve most of the problems that are in front of you and you certainly can't complain about society victimizing you when you're not making the most basic decisions in order to prevent yourself from being victimized right if you're somebody who got pregnant at 17 and had a baby out of wedlock that was a bad decision right you made a bad decision there and that's a consequence you're gonna have to bear now the question is gonna make a series of good decisions to help get yourself out of that hole and make sure the introduce you all the time right or are you gonna sit there and complain that America's an unfair place because as a single mother you have to face so many more obstacles of course you have to face so many more obstacles there's a decision that was made that has some obvious ramifications in the real world and that's not to say they are a bad person it is to say that a bad decision is a bad decision regardless of who's making it as I'm with race it has nothing to the class right anybody who makes a bad decision is going to pay for that bad decision in one way or another so make good decisions and then you're gonna have less to complain about as a general matter so here's a question for you I don't I'm not gonna draw it out I'll just kind of say it and see visually maybe we can paint it so do you think a system gives birth to a mentality meaning a system gives birth to victim enter mentality entitlement self pity blame or do you think it's ingrained from the individual again let me go a little deeper in this I'm gonna go a little deeper into so this makes sense q do you remember when unemployment checks are at 24 months like I was four years ago five years ago and people get it you could get on employment check oh this guy you don't understand he can't find a job though economy sucks the market sucks and if we have to extend it from 12 months for to 18 months to 24 months and then the moment the unemployment checks stop they started applying for jobs that all this other stuff was taking place right how did you get your jobs six-mile well I don't have a check coming in right so do you think a system gives birth to victim had mentality or is it the individual that thinks that way I mean I generally think that it's it's systems and cultures that ingrained victimhood mentality so I think that there are obviously government incentives to believe that your victim in some areas like welfare for example I think that there are cultural elements to to victimhood mentality and again this is cross racial if you read hillbilly ology by JT Vance he talks about you know white communities in in kind of the Appalachia area where there's this victimhood mentality and grain but I've been screwed something happened to me and it's been handed down generation to generation that you've been screwed by the society at large and it comes from your parents yeah and then there are some people who are just you know predisposed to being complaining you know there's some biological evidence and it's not racial in nature at all but every individual I mean you know this in your own life friend you know people who you know who've been you know kind of unhappy since birth and people who are just born happier there is some truth to that absolutely so there's a look at each individual to determine what was the impact on the victimhood mentality of each of these particular factors but as an overall statement as society that keeps promoting a victimhood mentality and and giving you credit and kudos more you claim your victim the more we sympathize with you and the more we feel bad for you the more stuff we give you that's certainly not going to inculcate a sense of responsibility or self-worth fair enough so so so what about the fact that you know sometimes you hear I'm Armenian we just had the Armenian Genocide April 15th I don't know if you follow you know Armenian Genocide is Syrian Genocide Greek Genocide the whole thing with the Young Turks back in the days and no the Ottoman Empire took down a total of 1.5 million Armenians I think it's 750,000 Greeks and 350 thousand Assyrians it's a number in that range and so the Armenians you know they go on a March and they talk proudly about wanting to just make this a day that had happened America to accept that this happen a lot of different countries actually his Germany Brazil France many different countries have said this event took place right America hasn't done it allies would with turkey that hasn't yet taken place first murder sure it is real shred yeah the countries that have not yet America should Israel should why do you think they haven't yet is it specifically the foreign policy decision I assume that it's just they they feel that they're allied with the Turkish government and air21 who is in fact an Islamist is is spending in you know he's basically threatened that he's going to cut off military communications with particular countries if they if they were to support the idea that there was no Armenian Genocide although obviously there was no president has yet you know said it and obviously Barack Obama said it as a senator I think an O for Genesis I think it's a foreign policy issue more than it is yeah the more I every every place I read about goes back to the relationship with Turkey and they have to keep it strong and all this other stuff but anyways the point I was going with this was the final you'll hear sometimes people say we don't understand that my generation went through slight the slavery my family went through slavery you know my family went through this my family went through that although it is true what I see sometimes is and I'm curious to hear your thoughts is clinging on that as the reason why I'm not winning today I'm not winning right day because my family went through this my generation went through this and you don't know what it is to have a blood that went through this what are your thoughts on that my feeling is that pretty much every group in history has been victimized at one time or another and some of the more recent than others right in the Jewish community went through the Holocaust significantly later than the black community went through slavery but that's the question is not where your grandparents victimized or where your parents victimized or even were you victimized the question is what are you going to do now all right forget about history forget about like what happened yesterday what are you going to now to fix your life and if you don't have a plan to fix your life right now if your plan to fix your life right now is to say yesterday I got mugged that's not a plan right and if you're and if your plan is to say my grandparents got mugged that's certainly not a plan right so so there's no question that there's been historical injustice the question is what are the obstacles to your success right now if there are legal obstacles to your success then we can work together to remove those because I think every good hearted person wants to see if there is racist legislation on the books that wants the unbraced its legislation go away and we can all fight for that that's great but what decisions are you making in your own life do you have a plan you have a plan or is your plan basically to say that until society changes you can't change your own behavior I mean that's that's a real Marxist trope right I mean the Marxist ideology suggests that in society that defines the individual not the other way around that you can't better yourself because society restricts you in every way even the language we use is patriarchal and capitalistic and all this kind of stuff and so we have to transform the entire society by leveling it and then we'll have a brand new humanity that's not real okay human nature is human nature it's always been human nature and always will be human nature and that means you're gonna have to work within the confines of human nature but the way to better yourself is to recognize those confines and then to work on the things that are wrong with you now I don't know a single person who's worked on bettering themselves who hasn't actually had a better life than they started with I know a lot of people who have worked on veteran society who have exactly the same or a worse life and they have anything whatever they were trying to that why do you think you think it's a nature thing because it just focuses on trying to change other people instead of myself yeah it's easier I think also because it makes you feel like you're making a difference in the world right it gives you a sense of purpose it gives you a sense of I'm changing the world right when you're 17 18 you want to change the world you don't want to say okay how do I change myself you know how do I make myself a better person that's it's a pretty religious worldview honestly the the self-betterment general view and it's pretty secular worldview the the whole gotta change the world around me and we're gonna fix the world and the world has to be fixed it's his time as Seoul says the quest for cosmic justice it's a lot more romantic the quest for cosmic justice then the quest to you know work two hours longer at the Macdonald so you can take that money and then and then create a college fund like that's it's not quite as romantic have you ever done anything together no time so very sorry this is one book was a reason was it reason or a reader I don't know what it was here's a book where was some of it to Marcus Aurelius meditations where he talks about all these different areas of life and I thought it was incredible so fantastic I mean have asked me for years if I could select any person in United States to be president who would it be and I always a soul soul soul I am a die-hard Milton Friedman fan and it was great seeing these two guys when they were going at it back in the days with the real debates the Buckley's do ya medalie mean you could see some of that stuff so to finish up with your thoughts you wrote two book I mean you've written a lot oh yeah I think you've written seven books in your last one was a New York Times bestseller bullies right yeah oh yeah yeah so so so let's talk about the the brainwashed one about the educational system and then let's talk about the bully's want and then let's wrap it up from there so brainwash you wrote this book I think the title uh title utilizing doctrine America's high universities in doctrine American youth so talk about that a little bit so the college system unfortunately is not built for actual inculcation of skills except in certain particular areas so if you're in the stem areas then maybe they're teaching you a skill set that you can use like my wife was an neuro psychology major neurobiology major and she's a doctor so that was obviously teaching her to become the predicate for a doctor I was a Poli Sci major I'd learned anything right it was a complete waste of time the only thing as good for was credentialing so then I could go to Harvard Law School the same thing is true in a lot of liberal arts and those liberal arts which originally were designed to sort of broaden your worldview and make you think in a new way it's not really about that anymore a lot of professors are using these sort of little indoctrination centers for their own particular political point of view and that's what that book was about it was about the fact that so much of higher education is a stacked with this with even in the syllabus with a particular political worldview that is that is of the left I mean there's almost universal condemnation of the right on college campuses I think part of that is again you have a bunch of very smart people who are sitting around talking with each other and they think okay if we rule the world the world would be a better place and part of that is also that there's a self-perpetuating system in academia where in order for me to get a PhD I have to find a professor at the University to sponsor my dissertation well if that person is on the Left they're not gonna be sponsoring the right wing dissertation so you're almost appointing your own successors once you have a bunch of left wing professors who are at the top of the ph.d them the next round of professors are almost universally going to be members of the political left let me ask you our professors out of touch of reality I mean a lot of them are I mean a lot of them aren't working in the in the real world a lot of them are they're getting $150,000 or $200,000 salary for talking about ideas that have been obsolete for 100 years so that's that's not you know it's not a great way to stay in touch with with current would you would you put them and a billionaires kid in the same world as in you know when you have you've been so out of touch with what really takes place at the in the world but you speak and everybody's like oh my gosh but this person is a professor but this one's a bit you think there's a little bit of that elite nurse going on there's no question there's an elite mentality and when I when I first started at Harvard Law that we had a big event and Elena Kagan is now in the Supreme Court was the Dean of Harvard Law and we had this big event as 500 students are open in class and we were in this beautiful room I'm trying remember which Hall it was but it was this gorgeous room and it's and we're all sitting there and she turns to all of us and she says listen you're here now the competition is over because I don't worry about competition with each other the competition is over you're here you guys are gonna be ruling the universe you're gonna be you're gonna be running the Supreme Court gonna be running Congress you're gonna be running the presidency if the people in this room are gonna be running the world and I just thought to myself why Wow like why like as we scored well on the LSAT like so that but that mentality is pretty prevalent at a lot of top universities professors it's interesting I was at Harvard Business School during the first or a Clinton Trump debate and I was there for their OPM program I don't know if you're the owner president management press like a three week program you stay in campus so I'm asking all the professor's hey so which way you lean politically and you just listen to everybody how much they were bash and Trump the entire time right so then the night comes where everybody's gonna go out and watch the debate and we're in this one hall I don't know it was a the chow hall really high in cha Hall by some gentleman named Chow I actually was actually chow so we're sending 200 people there then if there was five people that were rooting for Trump yeah that would be a big number oh yeah I could not believe Alex universe how many people were all Hillary and I think some of that is because of the policy and some of it is there is a cultural disdain for Trump because Trump is obviously you know I won't say the Trump I think Trump's a real Hayek you got I don't think he's a real high IQ guy and there's a real intellectual think or you don't think I do not think I think that I think is a real intellectual elitism at a lot of these or even went to Wharton you don't put him as a high IQ guy no I mean have you seen a tweet I mean no I think he went to Wharton because his daddy was Richard yeah the higher IQ guy Wow no I mean I've said this over and over I really don't think that he said you know so he's a dummy but I don't think that he's I don't think he's like oh would you consider 140 Aikido no no no no no no I'm not saying that but would you consider him like a if you have to have one of them being a wartime general based on strategies who would you choose him or Obama strategy strategic well I think I think Obama's better strategist in the mid room I think a better political strategist than Trump - I think I think Trump's a better puncher but I think I think Obama's a better strategist it depends you need a general who's gonna run you know you need a general for a full frontal attack to run somebody over a peck Trump you need somebody who's gonna you know figure out a couple of clever flanking maneuvers you probably pick Obama but I wouldn't want Obama as commander-in-chief let alone a general so yeah you know they doesn't quite fit I don't want another water bomb anywhere near our military so so let's talk about you the other book you're you're one you read some books brainwash bullies I'm sorry bullies yeah I want you want you talk about that a little bit I mean the basic thesis of bullies is that the left has decided that they no longer want to take part in serious argumentation that prefer to slander your character so if you are a if you're a pro-gun person it's not that you're a pro gun because you have certain principles and those principles differ from anti-gun people it's that you hate children you don't care if they're dead children if you are a person who doesn't believe that the welfare state is a good thing and you're thinking that it promotes a victimhood mentality and you think that it makes people dependent on government it's not because you care about people it's cuz you hate poor people and this has been the left consistent line of attack for years and years and years and years it's only exacerbated in recent years it's gotten a lot worse I think and rizieres I think that's why you're seeing a backlash now because now if you if you so much as breathed the wrong way the left declares you a bad person and untouchable and and applau and once you throw enough people out of the out of the window by calling them deplorable you find that there are more people outside the window then inside the inside the tent and then you've got a problem on your hands I think that's what's happening to the left right now if the Claire so many people are out of the realm of reasonable discussion and it's like five of them who are left in the realm of reasonable discussion you have to be somewhere in the in the Bernice and Barney Sanders Tana he Coates for Hillary Clinton triangle if you're in that triangle then you're fine that triangle then we can't even talk with you you're a bad person that's amazing to me that's amazing to me I actually think from watching it from the outside I think the level of accountability is higher today with the media than before there's a bit of a threat there's a bit of a let me be careful what I mean you just watch a lemon is a little bit more uncomfortable you watch the guys on MSNBC there are a little bit more comfortable uncomfortable than they were before it's like we can no longer just say a propaganda type of a thing and it's gonna be fine someone's gonna come and call us out tomorrow Bobby we talked about Trump and Twitter I think Jack Dorsey he needs to send a love letter to Trump because Trump brought so much value to Twitter stop at a point when Twitter was no one really knew where Twitter was going to weather became what it is after Trump because that's where I gonna I wasn't there before but now it's a new center there you go to a website every morning I wake up and see what the news cycle is by checking Trump's Twitter feed you guys it's the most exciting one so been three books that changed your your way of thinking three books that had the most influence on you what would you think well not much some one lesson my Henry Hazlitt which got really good kind of slim primer on on economics quest for cosmic justice by solo and the Federalist Papers so those would be the three off the top I mean aside from the Bible obviously cuz I grew up with that but the bet three that I picked on my own would be it would be those three very cool okay so bend your handle on Twitter's at apt Ben Shapiro just Ben Shapiro the way it is so while you're watching this whether you agree or disagree and if you like that idea he brought up with Kanye West by the way I kind of thought that was a pretty fun connieyc on and and and Ben is one of the ones that goes there send Ben a tweet at Ben Shapiro and let him know what your biggest takeaway was from today's interview and if you like the idea with Kanye West's also put the handle at Connie or whatever Connie has handle is we'll put it up here on the screen as well put both of them together push Konya to watch this interview maybe he's gonna reach out to Penn to do something with them again brother thanks I really enjoyed it thank you you
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