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that like biologically a man is a man and a woman is a woman I was just wondering what you see the detriment of society like why we can't like let a transgender like woman be called she or something because it is a lie let's put it this way call me crazy but I find painting menstrual blood on your face off-putting it's just not my thing I mean I can I think there's a reason why these many of these women will die single it alone but but don't worry they'll have their eighty three cats to comfort them let's talk about the perks the white privilege supposedly confers upon you so she says the author here she says that perks that are conferred upon you by white privilege include things like when you go to the grocery store and you get a band-aid the band-aid is your skin tone serious is what she says right then for those who live in the real world this is also called the free market because most of the people in the country happen to have a lighter shade of skin and if you want to sell more band-aids than you are going to market to the group of people who buy more band-aids but no this is white skin privilege another example she uses and she says that if you go to a hotel that the the hotel shampoo works better with your hair if you're white than if you're black I don't know how she scientifically tested this but in any case this is again if this is as far as white skin privilege goes I can tell you nobody should use Hotel shampoo because it's gross his style of dress we talk about white privilege with regards to style of dress okay seriously this is nonsense if there there's no white privilege with regards you style of dress because here's the reality if you sag your pants if you sag your pants and somebody says to you pull up your pants and you're a white guy nobody says a word if you sag your pants and you're black and somebody says do you pull up your pants you will be called a racist would you like to know why there's a disproportionate poverty rate in the black community because there is a disproportionate single motherhood rate and dropout rate in the black community as much as we can talk about white privilege the fact is that the single motherhood rate in the black community in 1960 was 20% today it is upward of 70% unless you are going to argue that racism in the United has more than tripled in the same period of time that the civil rights movement had its great successes this is nonsense the poverty rate among two pair of black families in the United States is seven percent the poverty rate among white single-parent families is twenty-two percent what happened to the white privilege why isn't the white single mother richer than the black two-parent family well because single mothers are not richer than two-parent families end of story I saw a lot of headlines on the way here about how is gonna cost $600,000 in security for this event and that is not to to me I mean I'm not the one out threatening to break windows it's not due to you you're here listening it's due to the auntie feh hard left morons who are out there breaking windows and I do want to say one thing which is that in a city as left is Berkeley if you're gonna blame me for the six hundred thousand dollars in spending on security you're all canes Ian's think of all the jobs I just created now this lecture is titled say no to campus thuggery that's the title of the lecture because of an Tifa and the wave of violence that has engulfed this campus since earlier this year they say on this that the problem is not campus thuggery for those you countess's know Ben Shapiro the problem is not campus thuggery the problem is fascist intellectual thuggery in the service of the Trump pense fascist regime well to believe this you have to have your head so far up your ass you can actually see your colon firsthand let's define a few terms first of all fascist intellectual Thugga really start with fascism what exactly is fascism what was the term that gets thrown around a lot by people who have never read a book okay fascism is the phenomenon whereby people believe that they have the capacity to RAM their beliefs down your throat at the point of a gun or say the points of a baton or by throwing Molotov cocktails that's what fascism truly as fascism is even more of a tactic than it is an ideology it's sort of vague in terms of ideology you've had people on the Left who are fascist and people like Stalin and then you've had people who are on the European right like Hitler who was fascist who's actually closer to the traditional American weapon it would be to their traditional American right but I've been spending my entire career standing up against fascism and the idea of an overreaching government that uses the power of the gun in order to compel people to do what they want and Tifa is fascist I am NOT a fast closure I am a socialist and so so much for the tolerant right eye so my question is about here right right well don't worry so my question is I've seen your videos I've seen you at other universities here talking about the immorality of socialism and what do you do you focus on socialism as a idea of wealth redistribution you know taking from the rich giving to the poor taking from whoever giving to whoever but what but I think that ignores and that misses the point of what many socialists myself and many of my comrades see socialism as being and in fact what we see as integral the debate of whether how how much to reduce reweld is a separate debate altogether but the fundamental tenets of socialism is control of the means of production by the workers the idea that a worker is entitled to the full product of their labor this is manifested in the real world in the example of worker cooperatives employee owned businesses and so on so setting aside any notions of wealth redistribution some are already asked about that what is so Amuro about believing that a worker is entitled to the full value of their labor especially given that such the enterprise is organized in such a way have been shown to be more effective than traditionally capitalistic aliy organized businesses okay so I think we have to separate out a couple of strands there number one if you're going to talk about the efficacy of workers owning the means of production are we talking about the government owning the means of production are we talking my workers owning the means of production because if you're talking about the government that is wildly untrue the last statement that you just made that it's effective when the government owns the means of production generally everything blows okay that that's that's actually the story of Cuba that is the story of enough's whele the democratic socialist countries of norway are generally not owned accepted well Norway is an exception in which the government owns a lot of stock in various companies but those companies are run along free enterprise lines they're not run along redistributionist lines actually and they also happen to have a massive sovereign oil well fund but if you look at countries like like Denmark for example they're still enormous private ownership for business this is true in most of the most of the Nordic and Scandinavian countries anyway and when you if you're talking about you know workers owning a business together and for I mean I am a worker at my company I own my business with another person who owns the company with me and a couple of investors the investors have sunk their labour which they made money from right is just a is just a tangible trade for labor and they took that money and they invested it in us so I'm like his Bill Gates not a worker at his own company he invented the company so I'm and and I'm also wondering how the worker is not owning his own labor when he freely chooses to alienate that labor in exchange for pay like that my problem with socialism is that it is essentially somebody subjectively deciding the value of your own labor the beautiful thing about the free market is that you don't get to subjectively decide what your labor is worth right you can't go major in something useless and then come to me and say I want a hundred thousand dollars a year for my useless major so I can dig holes in the ground right that's that we all recognize that's stupid but the labor value of theory which is I mean the value of labor of theorem it's been a long day the the the labor yes the labor theory of value my goodness the labor theory of value which is that the amount of work you put into something dictates the value of the thing as a bunch of crap if I spend all day making mud pies outside that's an awful lot of work it's also completely useless the way that you actually determine the value of work is by trading it for somebody else's work in a fully voluntary fashion so if you're asking whether I'm ok with for example private sector unions workers get together and they go to the owner and they say we want more of the profit margin sure as long as you're not kneecapping somebody right but if you kneecap somebody then I don't approve of your means anymore if you're asking me if a bunch of workers decide to get together and form a joint stock corporation of course that's how most corporations are for most LLC's are formed this way it's a couple of guys who get together banned their labor together it's like two guys and then after it grows they decide to hire other people so we need to be very specific when you talk about the the ownership of the means of production are you talking about my version cuz that's called capitalism are you talking about where the government owns the means of production and/or crams down on voluntary associations rules as to the means of production I'm actually I'm talking about about neither I don't I reject state socialism personally what I'm referring to is specifically for example the term givens worker cooperatives the most prominent example the hmong we're going corporation in spain owned the the there is no investor or a capitalist group that owns profits when the company turns a profit that profit is distributed among the workers some 80,000 employees it's a wildly successful corporate I mean is it a voluntary Association is there any cramdown happening no there's not then good it's capitalist that's not that's not that's not socialized so there's a video that's going around the internet getting all sorts of play about income inequality income inequality is the stupidest issue income inequality means nothing right I mean I'm I have a lot of income inequality with Bill Gates but I'm doing pretty well and I don't care that Bill Gates is doing really well the only thing we should all care about is that there are poor people we should figure out how poor people can do better and not how to make Bill Gates less rich but what but this video is going around and saying here's a poll of what Americans think the wealth distribution should look like and here is what the wealth distribution actually looks like and I watched this video in bewilderment and young people loved it and I watch this video and bewilderment saying who told you that you get to tell the universe how wealth is distributed right who told you that you have a moral se as to how wealth is distributed it's immoral it's evil it's wrong you're going to have to steal people's labor from them but people are not told this and so they think that their own subjective vision of what reality should look like should govern what reality actually looks like and it's only later after eighty years of communist failure that they realize oh that and hundreds of millions of people dead that they realize oh that was a bad idea I will pre empty eat [Music]
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