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and so your job is to not be silent so here are 10 rules for fighting the levies or practical rules for debating folks on the Left I try to be practical because I know that you know you'll hear a lot of speeches about ideology and philosophy of conservatism but there are fewer people who talk about the tactics and strategy you should use in dealing with folks on the left and if you are still who will tell you actual practical strategies as opposed to how to how to discuss the politics of the issue so here are practical strategies that you can use the first strategy is more mentality when you are in debate with somebody on the left before I even get there why should you debate somebody on the left and when should you debate somebody on the left the truth is you shouldn't always debate people on the left you know when you're on college campuses they're really only a few reasons to debate anyone on the left in the first place the first is the you are forced to under the rules of the classroom for some odd reason the second is because they're serving you food which is a high likelihood and they're going to spit it in unless you talk politics with them and the only other reason is if this is well if the person happens to be an honest leftist you found the one honest Weston American congratulations it's unlikely so the only other reason that you should ever have a conversation or be friends with anyone on the left is in night and be friends if you are in public in front of a large audience and then your goal is to humiliate them as badly as possible that is the goal of the conversation the goal is not to convince the person the goal is not to make friends with that person you know if you want to make friends with the person there's a whole different conversation you can have but the conversations that are going to make the most difference on campus are the ones where you're in public in front of large groups of people or with a camera nearby and your goal then is to make these people look as bad as possible to unmask them before the world that is the goal which sounds harsh until you realize that that's what they're doing to you each and every day that's what they're doing on CNN that's what they're doing at MSNBC that's what they're doing to all the Republican candidates what they didn't all first the first three debates we're all about trying to make Republicans look bad try to make conservatives look bad that's the goal to make you look like a bad person you have to go in with the mentality that you're going to hit them first and you're going to hit them hard and they are not going to get up and so that's the first the first lesson okay you don't wait to be hit you don't wait to get aggressive you assume from the outset that you're going to be aggressive and then if you're a little over-aggressive then you back off but you go in aggressive better to be too aggressive at the outset than the opposite and that takes us to the second rule which is you must frame your opponent this is something that people on the right don't like to do because by make sure we're sort of nice gentle easygoing folk with families and lives and this is not our first priority this is why the left wins so why did Mitt Romney lose in 2012 right this is a good example of framing your opponent why didn't it Romney lose in 2012 Mitt Romney lost in 2012 we had computer programs Orica died on him he had various bad get-out-the-vote strategies he made some boo-boos the real reason the Mitt Romney lost in 2012 is because Mitt Romney basically characterized Barack Obama as a nice guy who was incompetent and Barack Obama characterized Mitt Romney as an evil Darth Vader piece of human debris Barack Obama basically said that Mitt Romney was the guy who would put dogs on the top of cars Mitt Romney was the guy who was going to in the words of Vice President Joe Biden put y'all back and change Mitt Romney was the fellow who was going to specifically fire you so that a few years later you would lack health insurance in your wife would die of cancer right that's who Mitt Romney was Mitt Romney was a bad guy Mitt Romney and for those of us who are who are not leftist this seems bizarre because Mitt Romney is actually one of the more vanilla people on planet earth but you need the implication if you talk to folks on the left the idea is that Mitt Romney was a bad man he was a bad mean man and from the write the perspective on Obama is that Obama he wasn't really a bad mean man Obama was just a guy who's not very good at his job so if you're just in voting you don't know much about anything and remember always remember your audience you're not talking to the leftist you're talking to the people watching you talk to the leftist right to those people in when they went into the ballot box to vote they had to decide do I vote for the guy who is mean but competent or the guy who's really really nice and has the best intentions at heart but just in that greatest job and people in the United States tend to vote for nice but incompetent / mean but competent any day of the week so the goal of the left is to characterize you as mean and nasty and corrupt and evil and you know this if you talk to people on the left the first thing on any topic that they will say is that you are a racist a sexist a bigot or a homophobe that's not an argument that is a character attack it's a character assault they're saying you are a bad human being and thus I can say whatever I want to you now that's why the calls of white privilege are a character attack on you right they don't even have to prove you're racist just by the nature of you being white or be non-black or even if you are black and conservative you're a beneficiary avoid privilege like ben Carson it's okay to call him a beneficiary of white privilege even though he is not you know that all of this is okay because your character is flawed because your character is what they can attack you so your goal is to attack their character and this is something people on the right get really shy about and we don't like to do it because it's not nice what's up do it because the truth is that when you say things like you're a racist without evidence you are a bad person and the way that I learned this lesson pretty well or at least taught it relatively well as how many of you saw the debate that I did with Piers Morgan about three years ago and gun control and a little bit viral and and IO and in Piers Morgan had been pushing this notion that anybody who disagreed with him about gun control didn't care enough about the dead kids in Sandy Hook I did this debate with him on national TV about a month after the Sandy Hook elementary massacre and so we start off the debate and literally the first thing that happens is he said he says to me you've said I'm off the rails why do you say I'm off the rails and I said piers I say you're off the rails because you stand on the graves of the kids at Sandy Hook to promote your political agenda and he collapsed I mean there's nothing he could do he clutched it his pearls and he said how dare you and and and I said well I've watched your show I know that that's true and he again he said how dare you I told that's not an argument right I've seen your show it's true the reason that you couldn't come back is because he was so used to attacking the character for the person sitting across from him and he wasn't used to the idea that now he was going to have to defend his own character for making allegations that were utterly false so if someone makes a false allegation about you if they dump racist sexist big and homophobe on you the first thing you should say is your jerk right you're a jerk and what makes you a jerk is not that I just think that you're wrong on your politics what makes you a jerk is that you're leveraging evidenced allegations against people specifically to promote your political agenda that makes you a jerk and that's okay you can do that and in fact you keep it you can even open that way right it's ok you don't have to respond that way as long as you know that they're going to do that you can call out the tactic before it's used that's point number two third point you need to frame the debate when I mean by this is that the left is great and framing the terminology of the debate and how these debates are going to be held and the right terrible at it so for example the million student March right they're out there marching right now and they say we want free education education is right not just for the rich and white right this is their little chance which of course comes as a shock to to no one that it turns into a race thing because everything turns into a race thing so what the idea is to frame the debate as education is right now you now you're on the other end you have to explain why education is not a right ray you should reject that that framing of the debate the debate is not whether education is a right because obviously it's not I mean education is not a right anymore than housing is right nothing is a right that you have to steal from someone else right bottom line is the only rights that you have our rights that exist in the absence of you stealing stuff from other people and I don't have a right to your services I don't have a right to your money I don't have a right to your car I don't have a right to your wife I don't have a right to any of these things right what I have a right to is you leaving me alone right but you don't have to you'll even have to go there right once they say education is a right people automatically their minds they just wind rain warrants people though rights are good so rights are good and they say education is right that means education is good and you want to deprive these poor kids of education instead of arguing education is right you should ask a very basic question why is it okay for you to steal other people's money what makes you morally superior that you get to steal other people's money when you say you want a free education what you're really saying is that you are owed my money that you get to steal my money for your own lesbian dance in every major and guess what you don't you're useless major in ancient Greek economics is of no concern to me and not only that you are a morally deficient human being remember all of less ism is based on under moral superiority them feeling like better people than you you take that away from them they've got nothing so if you say to them you know it is morally deficient to steal from people it is more like decision I mean this was actually my objective you saw did any of you see the Neil Cavuto debate yesterday oh there's a girl from the million student March was on Neil Cavuto and she clearly had no idea how the economy works or the English language or fundamental or fundamental punctuation anything and so she's there and Neil Cavuto is asking her where do you think all this money's coming from I thought okay well this is sort of useful because it's clear she doesn't know what she's talking about but it wasn't useful in the sense that nobody who is on who's on the fence came out of that on on Kabuto side because the premise was still her premise her premise was it's okay to take money from the 1% when people say you know the 1% will pay for it the answer shouldn't be well the 1% won't be able to afford it because that's assuming their morality it's okay to take money from a 1% the answer should be what makes you think it is okay to steal money from people period do you just get to rob people's houses is this your thing right you're allowed to ask that question today for clean you need to spot inconsistencies in the left argument select rarely if ever they're getting actually more consistent now so they're coming out as communists that they are but usually the left argues from a position of not full communism it's actually harder in some ways to argue with Bernie Sanders than it is to argue with Hillary Clinton it's pretty easy to argue with Hillary Clinton because she's wildly inconsistent every leftist position holds an internal inconsistency all of them because if they took it to the logical extreme the left will never take a tone positions to the logical extreme because their positions are so offensive and terrible so the vast majority of Americans know the obvious example that comes to mind for me on this one is when you hear people like President Obama say he wants common-sense gun regulations right or Hillary Clinton common-sense gun regular that's all we want common-sense gun regulations and then you say okay well what do those look like and they have no answer and usually they say something like the assault weapons ban right one of us won't ban assault weapons today okay well you want to ban assault weapons because theoretically this is going to minimize murder correct well then why is it that there are twice as many assault weapons in the country right rifles and long guns in the countries there are handguns and yet there are about six to seven times as many murders committed with handguns as long guns but you don't want to cut you don't want to get rid of the handguns and you can see their eyes glaze over because the inconsistency is so glaring because the truth is what you want them to do but your goal here is to force them into a consistency right you want to force them to admit that what they really want to do is take all the guns which is what they want to do that's what the left wants to do the left wants all the guns the left wants Australia Great Britain they want all the guns and the minute they admit that they lose the argument because this is a country with 300 million guns and 200 million there are sins with guns so there's the idea that there's going to be you know a huge swath of Americans who buy into this is just not true so spot the inconsistencies and we can do it in any of their arguments right you can do it what Carly Fiorina did during the debates about Planned Parenthood was great because it shows the inconsistency of the left they say they're pro-choice and they say that it's a moderate position to be pro-choice and then I mean I honestly I wish that she had actually just brought a picture of a baby at 27 weeks and said Hillary Clinton wants to kill this wants you to be able to kill this please explain why right it's being consistent to you're pro-life or pro-choice Rijn but you're okay with killing this right you can if you show them the inconsistencies in their positions people resonate to arguments about hypocrisy and the left are hypocrites unless they go full-scale and if they go full-scale they're extremists fifth point you need to force them to answer questions so when I say be aggressive what that really means is asking them the questions the left loves to ask questions and it's usually questions like why do you hate gay people right it's always questions like so you hate black people right or how much do you on a scale of one to ten ten being Ku Klux Klan and one being John Birch Society how much do you hate black people right and and your job is to force them to answer questions about their own philosophy because the truth is especially on campus most people who consider themselves less actually aren't they don't know what they're talking about they've just bought into whatever they're hearing around them so they can go to all the cool kid parties and they can be part of the tolerant and diverse majority right they can be big they can be part of that free exchange of idea and and so it is it is vitally important to get them to answer questions because at a certain point either they will start to examine their own premises or the people who are watching will start to examine the inconsistencies that they're seeing among among these various positions a 6-point don't get distracted so this is this still happens some but but a little bit less now since were so so many years away from bush the usual distraction tactic of the left was if you have said anything about obama ever the answer was but boorish as you start yelling it didn't matter what you were talking about and matter the topic i just start they start yelling and and and like Linda Blair and the Exorcist Greenbaum it would start flying out of their mouths and they would just shout wash over and over until they collapsed in a stupor and then their fellows would would clap and tell them they've won the argument so and and well the right has an unfortunate tendency to follow people down rabbit holes so Ted Cruz who I love yeah I think Ted Cruz is a great candidate I think that you know he has flaws of the candidate but he's a very solid conservative he did this the other night in the debate and and it it is kind of his fault since I know people had told him not to do it but he was asked very specific questions about his tax plan by Neil Cavuto and he forgot that there was an audience and he just started getting very specific about his tax plan and even I who am very into this stuff my eyes glaze over and I was lost when you're arguing with people on the left it's even worse what they will do is they'll throw out red herrings usually the most common red herring in here is gay marriage always because this is a topic on which the Left feels comfortable it doesn't matter what you're talking about they will throw out either gay marriage or abortion or birth control right these are their favorites so Hillary Clinton at any time you say we want smaller government Hillary will say well except for abortion let's talk about abortion right which has nothing to do with anything because I'm also in favor of big government for prosecution of murder when it comes to criminal law there's nothing wrong with a government enforcement of criminal law that's the whole question on the table but the the idea here by the left is always when they're in trouble they distract when they're in trouble they throw something against the wall it's okay for you to say we'll get back to that issue later if you want to discuss george w bush's record in Iraq and not Obama's with regard to Isis we can do that later I'm happy to talk about that later but why don't we actually talk about the guy who's in office let's talk about what's happening now like we can also have a conversation about Woodrow Wilson's policies towards the Russian Revolution but we'll save that for later right well let's talk about the topic that we're talking about right now you have to pin them down is trying to argue with leftist they stick and move it's like it's like trying to nail jello to the wall they're they're constantly just moving around they're very slippery okay the the seventh point is if you don't know something you're allowed to admit it you're allowed to admit it so usually let this don't have a lot of facts in their tiny brains but they usually have one and it's usually one that you don't know because it's completely irrelevant to anything right it's some topic that they studied as their as their thesis in philosophy their third year philosophy thesis and it's it's some minut point of leftist philosophy that you've never heard of or some fact about colonialism that they're dragging up from a from a Howard Zinn book that they read four years ago and you don't know what they're talking about and it's okay for you to instead of you trying to you don't have to know everything in the world no one knows everything in the world I mean really and and so it's okay for you to say you know I haven't heard about that I'll check it out you know after I confirm that I'm happy to talk about that but you know I don't know enough about that to really have this conversation it's perfectly okay to do this it's actually a crucial mistake that so many presidential candidates make I can see presidential candidates and they feel like they have to answer every question that's asked to them and so they'll say things that just get them in trouble right even in debate they'll say things that gets him in trouble Donald Trump did this when he was when when he was on with with Hugh Hewitt and Hewitt asked him about the the all codes for Roche that and and he and he immediately thought that that she what was talking about the Kurds and he started talking about the Kurds does he know anything about the all codes force right so he started sounding idiotic because you didn't know what he's talking about he would have been better off to say that's not an issue on which I've studied up but that's why I have experts like you here to tell me about it right you're okay doing that you don't always have to pretend that you know everything that there is to know it's a good life will is actually really good marital rule as well eighth rule don't get sucked in by the paradigm okay so so many of us you know we're right-wing we're conservative we're Republican em and we all love Reagan for example right love Reagan Reagan is great I love Reagan too okay so one of the things that the left will do and you'll see it on immigration for example is the less will say things like well how could you be so hard line on illegal immigration when Reagan signed into law amnesty in 86 right the idea is that Reagan's one of yours and so you have to defend him no matter what you have to defend the paradigm you must defend the paradigm you don't have to defend the paradigm you're allowed to say that Ronald Reagan got it wrong because I'm not one Ronald Reagan in my opinion got it wrong you got a lot of bigger things right like taking down the Soviet Union right his economic policies were right but like everybody else he was a flawed human being and he would been the first to admit it and the same is true for George W Bush this is actually very important because they'll bring up Bush a lot your to say George W Bush was wrong right you're allowed to say the george w bush's second term was kind of a horror show because it was kind of a horror show you don't have to buy into everything that your side did because it's not a team's politics it's not really a team sport politics is about individual philosophies and is your individual philosophy glitter is it bad and this is why for example i consider myself a conservative first and not a republican republican is just the party that has the candidates for whom i tend to vote but my principles are not republican principles they're conservative principles and should the republican party move away from those principles and i won't vote for that particular candidate you don't have to buy into whatever paradigm you are being pushed into by the left hey that's just a general rule ninth ninth point of argument and this is what this is one that's kind of fun that you can use it's fun parlor trick to use with leftist you have to talk to and that is let the other side have let the other side have meaningless victories and what i mean by this is then you'll have conversations with people on the left and they'll say certain things and not to find their terms and their goal is to make you argumentative on every point so that you look like you're extreme and they'll say things and then you feel the need to argue with them if you only need to come back at them because they're so long on everything and they are but if you give them a point that's almost meaningless then you can sometimes box them in so for example one of their favorites is oh they love using terms that don't mean anything right they like saying things like are you in favor of immigration reform is a good one are you in favor of immigration reform and the tendency is to say no i'm not in favor of immigration reform it's your hard core on immigration you can also say sure i'm in favor of immigration reform what kind of immigration reform are you talking about so for a second they feel like they won and then they didn't because you take it away from them and asking them for four definitions right they do some climate change to say do you believe in climate change are you a climate denier they no I don't deny the climate it exists right do you believe in climate change well yes I mean the climate changes what are you talking about would you like to get more specific now what person do you know for example what percentage of human activity is responsible for the rising climates you have any clue what we would have to do in order to minimize human activity so as to go back to the amounts of car we're being sent into the atmosphere before the Industrial Age that's something that you're willing to how many people are you willing to let die how many people are you willing to impoverish based on lack of carbon-based fuels how many people are you willing to let suffer in order to do that in the third world by the way because those are the people who are going to suffer if they're not using carbon-based fuels if people on the Left are very fun and they have this kind of rosy picture of what it would be like to go back in time they would still get to keep their iPhone but they'd go back in time if they if they really want to go back in time there is a time machine on this planet it's called an airplane all you have to do is fly to the third world and you just went back about 70 years in time right and the fact is they don't want to live with that so you're allowed to give them these kind of minor victories where you where you say oh yeah I'm sure a climate change but then then you hone in right because they feel like they're on their home turf and then you flip it on them and it's a really fun little trick okay final point when it comes to arguing with the left and defeating them and this is body language really council walk body language is huge very few Republicans actually understand the necessities of body language one of the reasons Marco Rubio is so popular right now is because his body language is tremendous he's got really good body language he's always very open he's always very upbeat he doesn't look like he's upset or angry up there well Jeb Bush by contrast has the worst body language of any candidate in the field Jeb Bush looks like Kermit the Frog in desperate need of laxatives and and whenever he's on the stage it's just he's so I mean his campaign slogan honestly his campaign slogan should be awkward exclamation point because is it because he's just so awkward up there I mean regardless of what you think of his policy he is not good when he's on these debate stages this is one of the things that Republicans need to understand is the image actually matters so today I'm dressed really poorly normally addressed a lot better didn't have time to get up to the nines today but people when I changed my haircut after I did the Piers Morgan interview because there were a bunch of friends I had in Hollywood and I said your haircuts terrible and you look like college Republican president no offense and the and so I actually had to pay a stylist to come in and redo my hair and redo my wardrobe because I was going to be on TV a lot and this sounds stupid because it kind of is and this is how America works also right the reason that Donald Trump is actually continuing to do well is because regardless of what you think of him and my own take on him is that he's a buffoon he's Donald Trump is great at TV he was from mendacity because he spent years doing it right he's faint years being on reality TV he's fun to watch if you just turn off the sound on the debate one time and watch the debate the only one that you'll be watching is Trump who I've didn't and he's really amusing I mean I've described him as fat lion like he kind of sits in his cave and you poke at him and you poke at him and nothing happens then he poke him one time too many and he saunters out and kind of sways then he eats your face but he's but but Trump is he's got an image and he presents that image to the world everybody has an image they present to the world and this is the left is better at this than the right so the example that I typically like to use is back in 2008 Barack Obama and no you should all be old enough to at least remember this although you're probably kids because seven years ago the you remember Barack Obama speaking at his DNC and he comes out descending from the clouds and it literally had mist machines right across the stage and he comes out descending from the clouds and behind him is the Greek pantheon you remember all of this you got the big Greek columns and he's got sixty thousand people in the stadium they're all going nuts and they're all taking pictures with their cell phones and all it's flashing I mean it's like a jay-z concert it's unbelievable and it's great I mean terrific TV and then he gets up there and he says all the nasty BS that were used to hearing from him for the last seven years and he pretends that he's a good guy and everybody buys into it cuz he's a celeb right and this makes sense because if you recall the person who was doing his voiceovers was Tom Hanks and he had an oscar-winning director doing all his videos right he really took the stuff seriously and then you went over to the RNC and there was John McCain and John McCain sort of toddles out there and he's and and he and John McCain is an older guy and he also has physical infirmities from his time in Vietnam so that's a he has that against him just imagistic Lee to start but then they decide for some odd reason that behind him they're going to put a green not like a green-screen like Lord of the Rings green screen we're going to project something cool there'll be like military we'll have pictures of him from his past and aircraft carriers and military imagery no we're just going to have a lime green screen on national television for 20 minutes while his old man talks into microphone it looked like he was going to shoot a pornography in the San Fernando Valley and it and you contrast that with the with the magic of Obama and there was no contrast if you're just the person who's watching this on TV it looks like one group has their stuff together and the other group totally does not okay so this is true for you there are certain images tick things that you can do that are that are very easy you just the biggest one is open body language right so no fists none of this we all tend to do it everybody does it you tend to when you take you tense up during conversation your voice tends to rise keep your voice low this is actually what's driving Donald Trump insane right now is that Ben Carson is almost inaudible all the time I mean you you have to check whether his microphone is on when his microphone is on and so Trump who was at he's like a spinal tap 11 on the scale of 10 and but but and Carson is just I mean he's so taciturn that it's impossible for Trump to handle and he can't he can't do anything about it right so you had Trump going nuts last night like purely not to be getting a hit did you see who saw have you seen clips from his speech last night Trump he gets out from behind the podium and reenacts being stabbed in the belt it's wild so he does that hey he did that last night in Iowa after calling Iowan voter stupid for giving Donna for giving ben Carson the lead and and then ben Carson did what he does best which is he ticked off Donald Trump beyond all human measure by saying that he would pray for Donald Trump this is how images fix and body image can be your friend if Donald Trump is going to be aggressive then you just be passive you just be passive just what we're just here to have a conversation you can say the nastiest thing is going to be super passive about this and and you can get away with it so long as your body language is not nasty and aggressive so body language does matter I mean Bill Clinton was the master of body language for a variety of reasons and and he and one one of the one of the things that he learned he and he friend with people to do a lot of this stuff like you'll see Rubio using some of the same hand motions so so Clinton had the hand motion where instead of instead of pointing at people he didn't do the bill oreilly finger of truth which is I'm strong and I know better than you right this attacker it's it's it was instead Bill Clinton doing this right the elevator button push right because he's convincing you and he's strong but he's not too strong right he's just trying to wheedle you and Bill Clinton had several different types of he is the master of this he had several different types of handshakes he has the handshake that's just for people who he's who he is meeting in passing writes a regular handshake and then he's got the handshake for people who he might hit up for money later which is he he grabs the hand here and then the other hand goes on the forearm he has the one for people who are already big donors he goes to the shoulder and then he has the one for Clinton foundation donors from Zimbabwe and that's like all the way up to the neck to almost a hug and then he has one for Monica Lewinsky and that's totally different so so body language body language does matter in all this so those are those are your ten quick lessons hit first frame your opponent frame the debate spot inconsistencies and their arguments force them to answer questions don't get distracted if you don't know something admit it don't get sucked in by the paradigm make sure make sure that you let the other side have a meaningless victory or two so they feel like they're accepted and then and then use good body language at all times the bottom line here is that every time you walk out now if you're going to be a conservative and you're going to be a fighter every time you walk out is a fight there is no such thing as a nice moment from here on end now there are some there's some people who find this off-putting it is tiring from time to time so make sure that you actually have you know a life outside of this but the fight can be a lot of fun if you're aggressive and if you have fun with it and if you let this stuff roll off your back you have to make it fun if it's not fun it's not worth doing and fighting bad people and people with horrible ideas is fun and it is worthwhile there's not a cause that I think that's out there that's better on earth and one of the mistakes conservatives have made I think with young people is telling them that what they're really fighting for is just capitalism in a better way of life and it's not fully true it's true it's not fully true what you're fighting for is a higher cause and that higher cause is freedom and liberty and the concept of the universe in which Duty exists in actions have consequences and the people who you are fighting don't and they're not just wrong the people who are fighting believe in evil concepts leftism is an evil concept communism is an evil concept and you're going to hear about this all this weekend these are not yet these are moral issues these are not just economic issues does not just we all get along and we have the same vision for the future we don't have the same vision for the future Hillary Clinton has a very different vision for the future than people on the right Barack Obama clearly has a very different vision for the future than people on the right these idiot protesters these mental midgets over at University of Missouri have a very different idea of what the future looks like then everybody on the right end it's a nasty vision of the future and it's a gross and racist vision of the future these Mizzou students complaining about racism you saw this the other day they banned white students from their safe space the KKK fully endorses these safe spaces they had say spaces that were both separate and equal no one actually said to them what had I don't know what this is what the the water fountain situation was like over at Mizzou after in these safe spaces but it's just it's demonstrative of the fact that the left has awful awful values and so fighting those awful values is to me the highest calling that you can have in politics and if it's a fight worth having it's a fight worth doing right thanks so much [Music] [Music]
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