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Maybe now, I think that's the Wizard of Oz Julia There is so much power obviously the tricks in the riskiness Some people are just dance crews and some people are just acrobats. You have the combination of both you shiny very very proud Do you know what these guys reminded me about They're actually we all have the best job in the world and to see your enthusiasm Really just taking it in that your honor and in America's Got Talent stage These are times I believe when we probably need each other cuz trust me we need you And I hope we can do something in return back for you Thank You. Saul most always Put your hand on My heart, my heart is beating at a rapid pace that I haven't felt before As a former athlete right, it's 30 of you guys on that stage 29 29 That's round 30 sound better. I Know the practice time it takes I know the sacrifice it takes I had this saying that whenever I hit a big shot whenever I hit a game-winner whenever it was one of those moments I Jumped up on the stand and I said this is my house and today on this stage This is our house Six plus that Maris and Wawa I know you Don't come Very happy to be back here in Los Angeles Actually just flew in from Indiana and boy are my arms missing Well--that's United for you People always want to underestimate me because I have this disability people underestimate me all the time I had a woman come up to me after a show recently and she had some questions She was like oh oh, oh, okay. Okay, okay Can can you drive? And I was like, yeah. Oh good for you. Good for you good for you making it happen Can you read And I was like well, not Braille but I'm on the road a lot. So I'm not in these towns very often So they don't really get to know me, you know, I'll show up in these towns and I'll mess with their world and I'm out Drive thrus were probably the worst that drive threes really bad. Like this is not in the training. I Went through a drive-thru a couple weeks ago. And as I was leaving the woman signed, thank you to me We had been talking like we've been talking the entire time That's how I got food so now I don't know if it's just a quirky thing that she does or if she thought I might have all the Disabilities and she was just covering her bases Thinking about dating again thinking about dating I am a single I'm single. I'm a single man cut Not for long apparently because for me it's really hard to date girls cuz they're always like No Don't know what that's about I think would help if I could dress better. I think that would help a lot So I would love to dress better, you know wear a nice button-up shirt with a collar I could reach that'd be awesome But I can't wear a shirt like that. It's too dangerous Cuz here's what happened Sam put on a nice button-up shirt. I wanted to look Fantastic for the ladies in the house tonight The problem is if I don't take one of you home with me Well, I'm sleeping in a button-up shirt Because I can eat everybody except for that top one then I'm just going to be running around the house looking like a crippled cholo Just a sadness tape flapping in the wind behind me. I'm looking for scissors so I could cut it then I remember I'm not supposed to have scissors under ideal conditions. Let alone near my jugular So this is what you get All right. I'm right Emily you guys. Thank you so much Those round one was all about the beers but this is judges cut we're moving up in the world So it's time for a cocktail and Julie and you get to decide what it's going to be Please take this cocktail list have a look there and just think of anyone. Okay, and so you can't change your mind Please just take that into a nice big circle around your choice. Simon can see but don't let me see Okay, once you done put that down so you can remember that. My assistant is going to get back to that very shortly Oh and by assistant, I don't mean you know the beautiful lady in a sparkly, red dress That's a little outdated if you ask me, I think my assistants is a little more up with the times her name I made the dress myself Five Seri this outfit is humiliating and completely ugly The dress how does it feel to remove the ladies clothes for the first time in three years? How do you even know that your internet history makes it very clear Anyway, it's time for some magic right Simon Please name any number between one and ten seven seven. Thanks, gorgeous Now the burly man with the chiseled good looks and the incredible triceps. Oh, that's definitely Howie Yes, that's the one sorry Dwayne's name any suit hearts clubs spades or diamond arts hot So that would be the seven of hearts. Now what? Great. Check this out Amazing there it is your card folded up How do we know that's go on take it This is the I'm due to lose my mind Let's get to the good stuff, okay Julianne what is the drink that you are thinking of what trick are you thinking of tequila sunrise nice choice coming up Yeah, okay, I guess that kind of looks a little bit like a tequila tequila sunrise No, no, this means nothing unless this actually tastes like a tequila sunrise Julia Can you please give us a taste and let us know? Is that a tequila sunrise I? Smelled it first So much From the kitchens shop. I will show you now It's not a perfect situation to be honest as Family on fine. Oh I'd put this off long enough All right, yeah, mr. Deejay Thank Simon do you understand so far? Yep, I've got it okay We chose to go to the mall We got be on the ground we're bringing it again As one forever vana You're trying to get home Yeah Don't try this at all where anywhere Welcome to your It's finest standing up on my own two feet It's conversation incoming easily and darling not always getting late I Think that we could do I Can't be On my mind To see you stay with needs, right? Cuz there's so much wrong there be so much Going on outside It's kind of cool I said what you think it stinked is everything that we have see and everything not really wanna be we're not gonna be fun He's honest. He's what we're gonna keep So we stopped a bit early. Look if every day thief has don't hurt not super here It was all a bit blurry, but everybody told the cicada word assignment says that was a toss their sons a dog I totally diluted wanna see already. Absolutely We're going back to schools and saw sweet bird we came out feeling what did we win? What does that mean? It's gonna change everything You
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