5 Theories About The Universe That Will Blow Your Mind

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advancements in quantum mechanical theories and new technologies that allow us to better perceive our universe and understand the answers to questions we never believed possible to answer seem to be developing every single day as research scientists work to provide us with new insights and revelations to our universe that break the boundaries of what we ever thought was possible these findings will often spawn new theories and Enlightenment's that will cause even the most stoic of people the need to sit back and collect their thoughts in order to come to terms with theories that are so mind-blowing they are often groundbreaking in their own right so today we will be visiting five theories about our very own universe that will absolutely blow your mind we exist inside a black hole the Big Bang has been a scientific discovery that has led countless physicists and research scientists scratching their heads since its first appearance when scientists pointed their sensitive measuring devices towards the sky and picked up on the large quantities of background radiation of the universe that helped to paint an enlightening picture as to the original moments in time that our universe began more questions began popping into their heads than could be answered the most significant question seemed to be the most recursive if the Big Bang created the universe then what created the Big Bang this was a question that would go unanswered for many decades and many others attempting to abandon they thought altogether how can we see what happened before anything ever even happened this thought would soon change after mathematicians would make a strange comparison between the Big Bang and an unlikely celestial body that was still regarded as nothing more than theory black holes now the theory behind black holes was more than just shrouded in mystery and it was not until a man by the recognizable name of Albert Einstein helped humanity to realize that space and time are interwoven and connected in something we refer to as the fabric of space-time interestingly enough the mathematical theory of mass then being able to stretch and distort this fabric similar to that of a rock resting on a cloth led to an innovative idea relative to the limits of this distortion it was in the math that scientists believed that if the mass of an object grew to a certain size this would cause the fabric of space-time to stretch and the mass although finite to be compressed into a zero dimensional point with no volume creating a singularity or as we commonly refer to as a black hole with a gravitational force so great that light itself couldn't escape it of course initially many scientists believed that an infinite density was impossible and that such an occurrence in the math was an obvious flaw that worked to prove the legitimacy of general relativity and that black holes could not possibly exist of course this would come to change in time as better technology has allowed us to observe the effects of gravitational distortion and the large supermassive black hole located at the center of our galaxy but an interesting comparison was made between the nature of black holes and the nature of the Big Bang in the meantime it became obvious to quantum physicists that the math completely added up that the Big Bang appeared to be the inverse perspective of the black hole leading many physicists to believe that the creation of our universe very well could have been the creation of a black hole and that existence and the stretching of space-time as we know in reference to the expansion of our universe could mainly be us existing inside of a singularity could it be possible then that we are merely a product of an outside aging universe and that the original creation of our universe was from this event further evidence is provided when plotting out the 4th dimensional graphing of the time line of our universe that shows a growing expanse from a singularity stretching out similar to an infinite density could stretch the fabric of space-time leading many more scientists to find this theory to be a legitimate answer to the question of the Big Bang an infinite loop the world of infinite in mathematics have led to a tremendous amount of insights when discussing aspects of conceptual math none more so than the advancements made by Georg Cantor and fellow great mathematicians this had however led to many complications in the world of real world applications relative to the concepts of infinite a sphere in this regard could be considered an object with infinite points on its surface and when the math is worked out correctly one could in perfect mathematical theory create two perfect spheres with the same mass size and density of the original sphere this is referred to as the Banach tarsi paradox and though many scientists had initially regarded the concepts of this application as impossible in the real world the math was right it was not until many decades later that numerous researchers had begun noticing strange theories coming to light the CERN Institute during its testing of particle collisions and sub atomic particles breaking down began noticing a creation of more particles than initially started with in fact a paper had recently been published believing that not only was the Banach tarski paradox applicable in the real world but that many of the calculation errors and research at CERN helped to prove that this phenomenon was already naturally occurring if this research is correct it could mean that the traditionally held theories of the laws of conservation of energy could be entirely incorrect and that new particles could be cloned from existing particles naturally this alongside the existing mind-blowing theory that we exist inside a black hole could very well mean that every time a new black hole is created a universe imperfect copy of our own could be created as well this could very well mean that we are stuck in what appears to be an infinite loop as the universe forms and dies countless times and falls into a black hole and restarts all over again of course since the very laws of the universe our unchanging this would mean that all of the factors relative to creation would stay the same and ultimately create a universe that will play out exactly as our own could it be that you have seen this very video over a trillion times already regarding new theories it could very well be possible multiverse theory one startling revelation made by quantum physicists that has converted even the most optimistic individuals into nihilists is the concept of the multiverse Theory when pondering the mathematical implications and probability of the universe forming as well as other theories in regard to dimensional mathematics physicists began positing a thought experiment forward why did our universe form with these specific rules with these specific numbers and laws of mathematics scientists believe that the odds of this occurring are so astronomical that is far from probable that every variation of every possible universe exists to allow such occurrences what is even more interesting is that researchers believe they have evidence of the multiverse theory occurring in the natural world given the complete probabilistic determination of quantum mechanics and its properties such as Heisenberg's uncertainty principle and the formation of virtual particles this could very well mean that every possible variation of every universe and every decision ever made could more than exist and could potentially one day be explored philosophically this idea could lead to new outlooks of nihilism and absurdism that may lead people to discuss the meaningful implications of decisions if every possible decision exists infinitely throughout the multiverse making nothing unique meaningful or even significant in any possible way last Thursday ISM continuing this idea in regards to a thought experiment put forth originally as a joke but now proven to be a legitimate point of debate last Thursday ISM explores further the absurdist crisis in regards to the multiverse theory and it's mathematics it states that everything that currently exists in the universe and that the universe itself was merely created last Thursday one could attempt to argue that there is inherent proof of time existing before this point and that the universe has indeed been around a lot longer than that but any evidence provided is not objective proof and is rather subjective interpretation if you have a video recording of a time before last Thursday one could argue that the device the data and everything merely popped into existence to give the illusion of the universe having been around much longer than it actually has this could be a counter argument for any point raised against the philosophies of last Thursday ISM which could include video evidence sensitive measuring equipments natural phenomenon occurring actions and even your own memories what is all the more mind-blowing about this theory is that it mathematically works given the concepts provided in the multiverse theory of every universe of every possible variation popping into existence it could very well be the case that our instance of space and time was merely created last Thursday and any other evidence to argue against the fact could merely have been popped into existence as well this concept ultimately argues that only the here and now is real and that only you could ever know that you exist this ultimately begs the question is anything we have ever experienced actually real or the product of a universe that just popped into existence last Thursday [Music] given the mind-blowing theories we are quite certain that your mind is teeming with questions when it comes to the nature of ourselves and our universe be sure to share your answers and questions below in the comment section and let us know what is racing through your mind thank you so much for watching and be sure to stick around to help grow our community and help us to work to solve these unexplained mysteries [Music]
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