30 Year Veteran Salesman Tries to Take Me Down!

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okay Carol thanks for your patience on the Civic you picked out um first to us to color correct equipped just the way you said it had to be equipped all right we've worked hard to put together a fair proposal however we understand that you're the judge and jury when it comes to fair we also know what happens if you don't think it's fair you get up out of that seat you walk back through our two front doors you jump in the car you hope you never drive again and you leave that's why we make fair MSRP 25 Oh 30 now the splash guards this will be the best investment you make over the next four or five years this will keep your vehicle's paint intact down both sides it will double triple quadruple the cost when it comes to you get money back by selling it for trading it the pinstripes make it distinctive there's your total investment our discount of seven hundred and fifty dollars your trade we love it we'll buy it for fifteen nine fifty please recognize this when you trade the car to us this is the amount of cash that stays in your pocket instead of going to the state of Georgia so you add this to this and that's seventeen twenty five there's the difference dot fee filing fee your taxes after you pay off there's what you're financing now recognize this each time you decrease your term you save yourself a pile of money the difference between this and this can be over three thousand dollars in interest that you say each time you increase your term your payment goes down so with your initial investment of a thousand dollars your payment's six twenty nine two six thirty nine that payment may look high but here's what it does for you saves you three grand allows you to pay it off quicker you build equity faster you have the freedom to trade or sell it sooner at seventy two this payment is comfortable and flexible it's comfortable because it's two hundred bucks less it's flexible because you always paid off early without penalty and enjoy the same benefit you got up here this payment right here is the best of both worlds the payment significantly less there would be 48 you save more money than you ordered 72 circle an initial the payment that works best for you okay that right there will get you new civic ready for delivery no I want anything mm Elizabeth okay Carol the fact that you won $18,000 for your trade is evidence that you are perfectly normal human being everybody the trades a car in once more for the trade I want more for a trade so that's not a problem we understand completely other than the trade value everything else works fine nothing else stops you from taking the civic home today correct okay well you're going to go I don't believe it but when I show you the math you're going to discover that we're not that far apart okay you won 18 and quite frankly that's a great number we hope that the vehicle can be worth 18 or even a little bit more make no mistakes or whatever research you've done is good we'll buy it for 16 950 give me a favor here I'll take 18,000 subtract 16 950 for me would you please 2050 okay so it looks on paper like we're 2050 away the fact the matter thousands it no 2050 no oh I'm sorry so what's the number thousand fifty well that's the problem because it's only 15 nine fifty we're willing to buy all so it is two thousand finished my bad there you're good with math though I appreciate that but we're not 2050 apart because remember punch in 2050 there then subtract one zero seven seven 973 okay so it looks like we're 973 dollars apart but in fact we're not even 973 go remember your back bumper okay for us or anybody else to get $18,000 for that vehicle we're going to have to fix the back back back bumper otherwise your car's in great shape we love it so if it only costs four hundred and seventy three dollars to repaint sand do whatever needs to be done to replace the bucket would be over a grand but I don't think we need to replace it that means we're five hundred dollars apart however if you decided that it was worth five hundred bucks make no mistake five hundred bucks is a lot of money if you decided it was worth five hundred dollars to you to sell that sucker yourself in order to day team well the first thing you'd have to do is what anybody has to do before they sell a car and that's detailing when's the last time you paid for a full detail mmm about a year what'd you pay two hundred bucks okay um your car's got hardly any miles on it you don't need to do much else but you would need to service it okay so I'm going to guess a lube oil and filter would be about forty bucks and okay so if you just invested two hundred and forty dollars because you got such a great car that would still only net you three hundred and sixty dollars if you got eighteen grand for it let me ask you this careful is it work went through all that for three hundred and sixty bucks or can I go ahead and get your new Civic ready for delivery I'll just need your okay right there yeah but I'm not going through all that I don't get my team this time okay don't blame you bit um would you sell it yourself to get 18 just so okay like and you know what that may be the right thing to do and if it is Carol I'll help you okay what I mean I help you I'll give you the odometer statements you'll need I'll give you the title of the paperwork you need to transfer the title I'll do all that for you because it would be in my best interest to help you sell it okay but let's take a look what you have to go through and then you make the call as to whether it's worth it cool cuz it's all about the money is all money and let's face it the difference between 15 950 hei Taylor for 2050 bucks I know what I'd do I'd sell it myself okay I'd like to help you right there because the ad is key the ad drives phone calls the more phone calls you get the better off you are you don't want to put any number in there except your cell phone number you don't want to take a chance on voicemail because voicemail here's what happens so he's looking for car they dialed they get voicemail then hang up they go to the next car because they're looking at probably a list of 75 or 80 Subarus okay so make sure that the ads good and you answer all the calls if you get 200 calls which is a good at by the way there'll be a hundred who make it through to you there'll be 50 who are interested there'll be 25 who will make it a point to come and see you in W 12 to show up okay happens to everyone themselves the car happens to us all the time so you will spend some time waiting for people who don't show up you know what for 2 grand it's worth it um once you sell it and you will in fact you'll sell it more than once you'll sell it once twice three times what do I mean happens does happens to everybody so one comes in they buy it and shake your hand they look you in the eye and they say they'll be back because a car in that price range it's going to require financing you never hear from them again Carol okay they see something else so they can't get the money they don't have the common courtesy to call you but you will sell it it will take you takes us 45 to 60 days to sell a used car the chance might take you that long term made sure on so you will make another payment all right hold that thought but you will sell it once you sell then you don't want any more phone call because no one ever calls you up after you sold them a car and thanks you for it they call you up because they want something fixed and so you may want to change your number but if you do sell it you're going to make some money let's find out how much money um you want to discount the Civic didn't you yeah you came to a retail car store you're going to put this call on the Internet you can have lots of people looking at it people that go on the internet looking to buy from a private seller are they looking to pay as much as they can are they looking for a bargain going on you think they might want to discount you know think about this Carol just for a second you've been doing this for 35 40 days you've had more people not show up and you can shake a stick at you sold at once but no money's come through I'm finally a nice young couple comes by by the way you want to make sure you ride with everybody the easiest way to steal a car Network is not to go out after midnight with a slim jim is to get up on Sunday morning make a pot of coffee light a cigarette peruse the health or the classifieds pick up the car they want to steal and go they go you invite them over they show you a bogus driver's license give you a fake hundred dollar bill so ride with everybody which arrives a nice couple they come back they say we love it I mean you've heard that before they say look go we'd like to pay you right now seventeen thousand two hundred and fifty dollars in cash which means they're asking for a seven hundred and fifty dollar discount the same thing that you asked us for is there a chance you might take that 17 thousand to fifty cuz it's a lot more than we can pay you know you just tell me no this is telephone 90 I do want to ask nineteen yeah you just veges okay okay great nineteen now you're at 305 up get you out - 19 - to UM take your 18 to 50 that's cool so you take 18 to 50 which is $1,300 more that we can pay you right or 14 not 14 that's $1400 I'm sorry that's $2,300 or that we can pay word 16 950 you're 18 - 5000 - here 120 120 120 100 out whether we can bail you that's a heck of a deal because now you're 20 100 bucks up by the way you've also put your car on the Internet at a higher price than any other Civic on there so it may cut down on your phone calls but you know that's okay you're $2,100 up remember the tax credit you lose it now your thousand 23 oh that's pretty good money but you made another car head and ship and it okay so now you're eight five from eleven six now you $668 up but you had to do a little change and you have to detail it now you're gone from twenty eight dollars up is it worth taking the next 45 days it kind of your life to come a car salesman for four hundred and twenty eight dollars Carol or would you rather have us do all the work and you take delivery be civic no I don't want to tell my wife I didn't get the money that she said I posed of you well you can do one of two things and you can take all of this paperwork home - it goes to remember yourself we can fight me over for dinner and I'll be happy to do it for you you don't want anybody 75087 key screw you man it's great good there tell the truth the umpires I sail you what that's called that's called selling you know it's not called selling how about we split the difference
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If anyone is confused by the YouTube title I'll explain:

  • The person who uploaded the video is the guy talking/the seller
  • Carroll, or the buyer, is the guy with 30 years of experience as a salesman and is trying to take down the guy who uploaded the video.
  • This video is "role-play" and not an actual sale
👍︎︎ 152 👤︎︎ u/Policeman333 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

usually its not the salesman who does this, its the closer or sales manager. hes making the customer give his own numbers to deduct from the trade value. if the closer sees you're a person who doesnt know crap about cars, then they will take advantage and give inflated numbers for repairs and such for your trade. its always best to bring someone who used to be a salesman or even a smooth talker to compete with the closer.

your best weapon against a dealer selling you a car is to walk away if you dont like the numbers. that sales manager or floor manager will see that you've been with your salesman for over 3 hours and most likely will make the numbers work for you if you take home the car. they dont want their salesman to lose out on selling a car after they just spent 3 hours working a deal. if they dont try to bring you back in when youre in the parking lot then youll probably get a call in the AM from the floor manager telling you that if you come back in they will give a heavy discount.


👍︎︎ 65 👤︎︎ u/NachoFirme 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

This is why "big box" car lots like Carmax are good for the layman who doesn't know much about cars. You may be getting a higher markup, but you don't have to wonder eternally if you got ripped off royally. You know you got ripped off a little bit and that's okay.

👍︎︎ 17 👤︎︎ u/meatpod 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

Do it all via internet sales. That's how I buy my cars now. Unless you absolutely need and want to buy a car from the first dealer you visit TODAY, there is no reason to ever be in a situation where you have to talk to a man like the one in this video. Here's how I've bought my last 4 cars:

Figure out what car you want, go to any dealership and test drive it to make sure it's the car you want. Don't bother sitting down with the salesman, tell him you'll get in touch with him, give him your contact info and have him send you a price. This price that he sends you will be ridiculous.

Let's assume we're doing a 2016 Mazda CX5. Let's also assume you're not terribly picky on colors or trim.

  • Go to Google and look for all the Mazda dealerships within 20 or even 100 miles of your location. It's usually worth the drive to save a few thousand dollars.
  • Go to all their Contact Us / Internet Sales pages, fill out their form and tell them you're looking for the CX5 with this trim and in these colors. Avoid giving them your phone number - tell them you are only doing this via email. Otherwise they'll call you and you'll have to keep track of all these details on pricing and trim on 100 pieces of paper scattered throughout your home and work.
  • They will all start writing you back, some sooner than others. Start a spreadsheet and keep track of their responses. You will be amused and aggravated when several dealers continually try to sell you different cars or completely misread what kind of model/trim package you want. Those dealerships won't be in the running for long.
  • Chance are they're going to be offering you terms based on financing ($380 a month for 60/72 months) vs the price of the car ($28,000). Keep reminding them that you want the price of the car (or just do the math yourself). You'll get emailed plenty of PDFs with MSRP written on it, which you can ignore. You don't care about MSRP, you care about the price they can sell you the car.
  • Keep pitting them against each other. When Oak Grove says they have a White CX5 for $28k but Downtown Mazda has a grey CX5 with the sunroof for $27k, tell Oak Grove and see what they can offer. You may not care about the sunroof, but Oak Grove may also have one in Blue with 6 way heated seats for $27k.
  • Do this for a week straight and eventually you'll have only a couple of dealerships still in the running.
  • Pick one of those dealerships based on their location / reputation / Yelp reviews about their service department, etc. Do your homework on them.
  • By now you're very familiar with the internet sales guy that was assigned to you. By this point he knows you're a bit of a pain in the ass and he knows he's not going to make much off of you, so he just wants to seal the deal and stop checking his email and answering your endless price / trim questions.
  • Figure out from him the exact price out of the door, including tax, title, and other fees. Ask for a breakdown of those fees. If they include anything negotiable ("Documentation Fee" is a popular one), get them to reduce or remove it. If they won't remove or reduce this fee, tell them to reduce the price of the car.
  • If you're leasing the car, get them to roll everything into the payment. There's no reason to pay anything down for a lease unless you absolutely need to get a monthly payment within a certain amount. If your lease gets stolen or totaled your insurance will pay for the car but you'll be out anything you put down on it.
  • Let him know you're coming in on Saturday morning to pick it up and you're bringing a single check already filled out with the amount, any deviation you're getting back in your car and going to Downtown Mazda because they were probably within $200 of his price anyway. Tell him to get as much paperwork filled out as possible because you have to be somewhere at noon. You don't want to sit there all day waiting for him to fill out paperwork that he can do on his own time.
  • Since you know the price of the car, you should already know what your monthly price will be as all the loan information is available online. There may be some deviation based what % their finance department offers you based on your credit score, but it shouldn't be significant. This is assuming of course you've chosen to go with the dealer's credit company and not your own credit union. Always arrange for financing ahead of time if you can, that way you can use the credit union's % against their % and negotiate more.
  • Inspect the car and compare the VIN when you get there to what you've been quoted. Any issues (car not as clean as you want, any detailing work they missed, etc) give them a chance to fix it but still be prepared to bail if they don't. Get a full tank of gas out of them before you leave.
  • Any deviation from the price, give them 5 minutes with the back office to fix it, and then grab your stuff and bail and go to Dealer #2. This is actually the only time I've had dealerships not sell me a car, and it's usually over something like $150, usually as some sort of fee they won't budge on and forgot or neglected to tell you about. You don't want to be sitting there for an hour for them to come down $150 on a $28,000 car, so that's why I make a bit of a show packing up my stuff and then telling them I'm giving them 5 minutes to sort it out. You can always come back later - they'll gladly sell you the same car tomorrow for the same price. You don't want to be stuck on the spot calculating the pricing difference between Dealer 1 and Dealer 2.
  • When you get ushered back to the finance room, read everything carefully, and notice how nice and friendly they are with you. This will change as soon as they spend 20 minutes going over all the extended warranty stuff and you keep turning it all down. I've had finance people flat out argue with me about how "it's not my car, it's the bank's car, and I need to protect it". You have already done your homework and have chosen a car at least partly based on it's reliability and warranty. Then once they realize they won't make anything on you, much like the internet salesman, they too will do whatever they can to get you out of their office as quickly as possible.
  • Don't drive the car off the lot until it's yours. I don't know why dealerships lately want me to "take it home for the night, stop back tomorrow and we'll finish up the paperwork". No thanks, I'll stop back when I have enough time to get all the paperwork done.
  • Optional - Inform the other guys who email you after you already bought the car that they weren't quick enough and need to check their email more often.
👍︎︎ 46 👤︎︎ u/decker12 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

Could hardly watch. Why does buying a car have to be like this? They are their own worst enemies. Buying a house is less crappy. Jeez.

👍︎︎ 41 👤︎︎ u/37nskby 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

I'm a sales manager at a fairly large dealership.

The way this salesman talks and his mannerisms would stop me from even sitting down with him. He goes for a hard close every time and is terrible at faking empathy.

There is so much information out there to make the process easier on the buyers nowadays, there is no reason to start at sticker and haggle for hours. Edmonds.com will tell you exactly what a dealer owns a vehicle for and what the current incentives are based on your zip code.

The worst thing a buyer can do it go to a lot uneducated, for them and for us.... Uneducated buyers are often unrealistic in their expectations and don't realize MOST dealerships price competitively off the bat. If they do buy a car, they feel like they were taken advantage of.

I'd encourage anybody in the market for a car to visit /r/askcarsales and read the FAQ before posting a question.

Most dealers have Internet departments that will negotiate a deal with you before you even step foot on their lot. I know I'm more comfortable making big purchases at a slower pace. I would encourage anyone who feels the same to start by finding a vehicle you like, e-mailing the dealership and going from there.

👍︎︎ 16 👤︎︎ u/Apositivebalance 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

As a former car salesman, I had a guy in my dealer that was like this and we had training classes with him. It did help a great deal in sales, but I really felt like slime doing this to customers. This was the reason I left that job. I just went home everyday without a good feeling.

👍︎︎ 15 👤︎︎ u/mrsheikh 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

Was expecting 'Cringe' - loved him

👍︎︎ 18 👤︎︎ u/Pindar80 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies

If I listened to that when trying to buy a car, I'd be very confused and nervous.

👍︎︎ 5 👤︎︎ u/t0f0b0 📅︎︎ Jan 19 2016 🗫︎ replies
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